Haziran 14, 2020

My very first time with a girl

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My very first time with a girl
Gee adolescent and the only sex I had ever known had been with a guy! I had my first car which brought me some bigger freedoms. Was able to go further in much less time! I met some new friends and one girl who seemed unattainable but took an interest in me, for my car! Let’s call her Kate. But I went with it and she would ask me to take her here and there I would get a peck on the cheek or a rub across the leg ever so close to that spot that would maybe get me laid for those favors, but that was it!

I figured it out one time when she asked me to take her to a house in the evening one time to get some things she had left there asked me to wait she’d be maybe 20 to 25 minutes. I was on the street in my car waiting when I heard this commotion, a woman screaming vulgarities, a door slamming, when I looked and saw a window open on the house with Kate dropping out the window naked running towards the car, carrying her clothes! The door that slammed was on the side of the house as a woman came running down the driveway with a baseball bat running after Kate. Kate slid into the car, screaming LETS GO! LETS GO! I took off as the woman in the yard threw the bat at us screaming “I’ll kill you slut for fucking my husband!” as it bounced in the street and hit the bumper, then rolled to the side of the street as I speed off, looking in the mirror! I looked at Kate sitting naked now laughing, with her clothes on the floor in front of her. I saw cum on her face, boobs, and her cunt hair! I couldn’t help but be turned on and disgusted at the same time?

She started blabbering about how this guy had been flirting with her for years. After a while told her he wanted her in bed how great it would be for both of them. But couldn’t figure out how to get time while his wife would be away? As she was blabbering I again was turned on but my heart was sinking! Kate ran on with the wife was supposed to be away several hours with other mothers at some school play that their daughter and other k**s were in. She had stayed to watch the daughter’s act and then had left coming home to find Kate’s naked ass falling out the window of her living room as the husband was trying to at least put his pants on. Kate used her panties to wipe his cum off her and threw them out the window, then dressed next to me in the car. Then offered to buy at Frisch’s Big Boy. I sat and listened to her telling me she was fucking this guy that they were in the home stretch going to town, when they heard the back door open as his wife walked illegal bahis in! Kate and the guy jumped up as the guy was cumming, his cock was spewing cum all over and on her as she grabbed her clothes, with the door being blocked by the wife opened the window to escape with her life and clothes! Still I was turned on but knew I wasn’t interested in her, well maybe?

I took her home parked in the last spot on the block to let her out, she turned and gave me the first and last kiss I got from her, her tongue tasted of cock, again I was both tuned on and disgusted! She ran to the house and I sat there in the car alone. Not sure how long I sat there when a tap on the window startled me! I looked out the window to see Kate’s younger sister Terri. Blond, blue eyes, round face, and slightly fuller body asking what’s wrong, as she had seen me sitting there after I had let Kate out? I asked her to sit down in the car and we started talking and I let out the whole story I could help but feel betrayed as I recanted the story to her. I didn’t cry but the tears rolled down my cheeks as I told her. Somewhere in the story I had leaned on her shoulder she was holding me when I was done talking I realized I was leaning on her, turning to look at her I was met with a kiss! That turned into another then another, then tongue then some groping then she put her hand on my cock which was so hard! With all that had happened tonight I let out a gasp as I started cumming in my pants! I was horrified. But she started giggling and kissed me harder but kept rubbing me through my pants until the last throb on my orgasm passed. I started apologizing, as she kept kissing me telling me IT’S OK, IT’S OK! Then stuck her tongue so far in my mouth I thought she was trying to perform a tonsillectomy! As the passion started dyeing out and the kisses became less passionate, looking in her eyes when she said would you like to go out sometime? I was like, I just lost it in my pants but, you would want to go out on a date with me? She giggled again saying hey you’re my first! I was blushing bright red but asked when? She said you have our number getting out of the car going into the house.

Police Blotter in the paper next day read:

“Neighbors called police to a domestic disturbance on xxxx of city street to a husband & wife fighting” {I was umm yeah that is the house!} It also read that the husband was in custody but transported to the hospital with some minor injuries, and the wife was taken into custody and transported to county jail. The husband’s tipobet sister had been called to take the c***dren.”

A couple of days had gone by I decided to call Terri, she was all bubbly that I called and we decided to just go out driving. I picked her up after dinner she was ecstatic about what had happened after the night I had her in the car. It seems that the house I had her sister at were friends of her parents and that the lady had recognized Kate as she escaped out the window, after getting out of jail had come straight to their house causing another police response and another trip to jail since she wouldn’t calm down! When she showed up Kate had beat it out the back door and through the other yards to be out of reach of the enraged wife. But was nothing to what was awaiting her from her parents after finding out what had transpired! Terri said “THE SHIT HIT THE FAN, THE FAN HIT THE SHIT, THEN IT ALL HIT KATE!” It seems the people were close friends of the parents, that the wives were close friends. Kate tried to blame it on the husband, to which the father said she should have had sense to stay away from the situation on and on that had gone for days they were still fighting when I picked up Terry. She gave me a kiss and said let’s get out of here.

She had said that all the sex slinging in her house had her on edge! She snuggled up to me and as I drove had been sucking on my ear which went straight to my cock! She felt it then took her hand off like she had been burned. Giggled saying not while I was driving! We drove around talking when she asked is there any place we can stop to be alone? I thought about it and knew that the boat was in the boathouse and dad was out of town for a few days. We got there the other boats were out and the place was almost a ghost town! We laid in the bed in the master cabin necking she put my hand on her boobs I was squeezing and rubbing until she said take off my shirt you dummy! I was fumbling all over the place trying to take it off. Finally I had it off the bra was a mystery to me until she just pulled it to the front unhooking it dropping it to the floor. She took my shirt off we laid bare chested next to each other I rubbed and sucked nipples for the first time in my life. I rubbed her boobs, until she took my hand putting it between her legs on her pussy through her pants. I was almost losing it right there! She reached down unbuttoning her jeans slid them down with her panties kicking off her shoes and socks with the pants and there in front of tipobet güvenilir mi me was a naked girl! The only naked girl I had ever seen was in Playboy or Hustler! She took my jeans off sliding them off as she had done hers, now I was naked with a naked girl she took hold of my cock and I sprayed and sprayed cum everywhere I thought something was broke so much was coming out! She giggled and giggled but got off the bed asking me where some towels were to clean up the mess? I told her, then watched as that cute naked ass bend over to get the towels to clean up my mess. She came back and wiped the up the bed spread with a wet towel then dried it then me and lastly her. She dropped the towels on the floor laid back down kissing me and rubbing my back. She asked Virgin? I said yes, she giggled and told me it is OK that we could get around that!

She started kissing down my chest down my stomach until her lips got to my cock and sucked it in like her mouth was its home. I again came in like 30 seconds and sprayed cum like the first time, I thought something was broke! She took it all in like a pro, little did I know. She came up and kissed me with a bit of cum still in her mouth, I didn’t flinch and kissed her back running my tongue through cum on her tongue swishing it all around both our mouths. After the kiss she asked me, have you tasted cum before? I let loose the story of being ****d, the abuse from my brother, my friends and I playing with each other and all of the sudden I stopped! What was I doing telling her this? She looked at me, all of the sudden I felt ashamed! I let out a breath then fell apart, tears came I felt so ashamed of the things I had done with other guys. I broke and cried, she just pulled me in close and held me until I stopped. I looked at her she told me it was OK and kissed me. She told me that she had been with a few other girls and there was nothing wrong with having friends get you to orgasm! She stroked me to hardness again mounted me just holding still with me in her pussy looking into my eyes, we were like that maybe 2 minutes before my body betrayed me again cumming like a firehose.

I would preform cunnilingus, suck on her clit, I would do anything I could to make her orgasm, due I was stuck in premature mode! We dated almost 2 years before I found out I was low man on her totem pole! I found out she was dating me because of my father’s status in the community. She did teach me a lot about women though. I was very naïve about women, as I was trying to keep her satisfied by oral sex and what I could do fucking her, I was sucking other guys cum out of her along with one of my friends that he and I were bedding each other. He is how I found out I lost my virginity to the community bicycle where anyone could ride!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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