Haziran 13, 2020

My Fucked Up Family, by Fridagirl

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My Fucked Up Family, by Fridagirl
Alison left home for college at nineteen and only keeps in touch through the telephone. Strange to say, she never speaks to dad.
I think it all started with her, the isolation from moving from the city to further North and in the wilds. I was fifteen when she left and starting to feel the loneliness and the sudden affection from daddy. Mother was heavily pregnant with my future sister and had decided to be nearer the hospital back in the capital with our relatives, leaving myself and my k** brother to cope with the work, during the summer break.

Danny was two years younger than me, and starting to get curious about girls, including me, not that I bothered he was becoming sexually interested, I know I was when I was even younger, taking baths with daddy and having what is considered inappropriate fun, never realizing my father’s interest in both his daughter’s well being, meant filling in when mother was sexually dead to him.

I had Jenny over from the city, a friend from school and she was like myself, outgoing and always on about boys, so when she got to meet daddy, they just hit it off and she would disappear with him, into the shed and do what girls do with men looking for a bit of slap and tickle.

‘I’m fucking your daddy’, she confessed to me before heading back to the city. ‘He’s like a wild a****l when he get in you’, she whispered as I lay silent wondering if it was alright for girls our age to be doing such an adult thing.

Two days before she left we were having a bath together when daddy burst in on us, I don’t know if he knew we were in the tub, but he was drunk and wanted to pee. Jenny jumped out and grabbed him, shrieking and laughing and as he spun around, his penis was out and he was peeing everywhere, as I sat watching.

‘You need to get out of the bath and mop this floor’, he said to me and he stood staring down at me, waiting, while Jenny, tried to kiss him. When I stood up his eyes were allover my body, I think it was the first time he had seen all the changes in me since my puberty a few years back. My body was full figure, voluptuous, my breasts heavy, natural, and with a swing that teased and tantalized, illegal bahis daddy knew in an instant he had a replacement for Alison, and relief for mother, only I did not know about daddy and his eldest daughter, but was soon to find out.

I never even tried to cover up as I walked towards the door to retrieve the mop, daddy reached out and cupped my full breast and pulled me against him, ‘Take a fucking photo of my beautiful daughter’, he cried as Jenny reached out for the Polaroid camera and shot off a couple of snaps.

We splashed water and mopped as daddy came back with Vodka and Orange drinks for us, that night I listened and watched as daddy and Jenny had their fling, she was face down on the floor and he was atop of her, both were naked and I, with the Polaroid, Emptied the film cartridge, and tucked the photos in my jewelry box, for use later on when I would lay them out in a matrix and scan them as I got into wanking myself before going to sleep, they really were dirty photos.

After that night it was as if we had come to some agreement, I would be taking a bath and daddy would say not to dump the dirty bath water, as he was going to use it and take a bath, and we would have this awkward changeover, where for an instant we would be together standing naked facing each other and then he would pull me to him and we would embrace as his cock hardened against my thighs, and we would go into this ritual dry humping until I could feel his semen running down the backs of my thighs, as his cock had worked its way into my crotch and was hard up against my wet pussy and just sticking out from behind my arse.

Bath night became synonymous with sex for me, I knew every time I took one, daddy would expect some sort of sexual release.
One day I had been out walking the shoreline and climbed a hill to this old Pill Box, once used during the war to face off any invasion.
I had started smoking by then and had lit one up as I went up to the door at the entrance, and pushed the iron door to go inside. When I got in I was surprised to find a sleeping bad, a primus stove and unopened canned food and in a corner a pile of nudie magazines, it was for my untrained bedava bonus veren siteler eyes, a wanking den for a guy, but who I wondered?

I thumbed through the magazines, daring the guy to walk in and catch me looking at his stash, I was making my mind up to start fucking and soon I found myself masturbating to what appeared to be anal sex fetish magazines, when my father walked in and caught me.

This was his hideaway, and I soon learned this was where he took my older sister to have sex. Initially she allowed him those favours because she was just as curious as he was wanting to have her. He told me this as I listened with interest, remembering I had been caught fingering myself, it all seemed to mesh together and we finished up satisfying each other, except what he wanted was anal sex, because he feared my getting pregnant, as Alison had and mother got very angry she was not on the pill, and like me, she did the anal stuff with him for nearly five years.

My first time was more like badly needing the toilet as I was very wet from my masturbatory exertions, but as I went to meet him once a week, he was right in there, fucking my arse, and he seemed to enjoy more the less wet I was and hearing my whimpering as daddy fucked my arse hole.

Mother had given birth to yet another girl and when she came home Danny my brother was mesmerized when she breast fed baby, I could see Danny was not used to seeing a naked breast, even more so when mummy’s nipple turned bright red as our baby sister sucked on it.

She saw this too and teased poor Danny, ‘I still love you too baby’, she crowed to him and Danny blushed. One afternoon I had returned early from school and just caught Daddy being breast fed by my drunk mother, how could she fail to see his erection, as she smoked and he sucked, by now our baby sister was bottle fed and I soon found out mother and Danny had these private breast feeding sessions, only she was not producing milk, she just loved having her tits suckled.

I was wanking as was Danny, and I knew he was spying on me, so I let him look, it was a cheap thrill, it did not cost me anything, he was my brother and I loved yatırımsız deneme bonusu him and there were no other girls around for him to fuck, so I felt as his sister, I would be his masturbatory outlet, when the time came for him to be brave enough to want me.

I always slept nude and was so then night he came into my bedroom to confront me, ‘I saw you with our father’, he blurted.
I felt my heart almost stop, I was scared he had been around the Pill Box but thankfully he had seen us swapping baths.
‘I have done nothing wrong in letting daddy use my bath water’, I protested my innocence, and then demanded to know how he saw us, and accused him of spying on me taking a bath.

He was just wearing his boxer shorts as I sat up slightly in bed letting him see my naked breasts. ‘What do you want from me Danny’, I asked him quietly, yet tenderly?
His response was quick short and violent, he reached out and tore the duvet from the bed and left me completely naked in his eyes.

I lay watching his eyes run aver my naked body, ‘Is this what you want little brother’, I asked, deliberately bending one knee upwards and outwards to open my crotch for him see me, I was watching his cock for a reaction, preferably one that could lead to him fucking me, and when he just stood looking down on my naked body I got up, went over to him and pulled him close, enjoying the heat from his body and the stiffness of his cock pressing against my pubis.

I pulled him towards the bed and lay down with him, kissing him tenderly while my hand sought his hard cock. He was on his back and I alongside him on my side, gently running my hand along his full length.
I groaned as I mounted him, ‘You need to start fucking baby brother’, I moaned as I eased him inside me and started to hump him, more for my own neediness than his, but within minutes his inexperience told as he cummed inside me within minutes, and I lay perfectly still until he finished ejaculating and slipped from my wet pussy.

‘Was I your first’, I asked him, as if trying to soothe his hurt ego for cumming so quickly. His answer shocked me, ‘No, I have been with Alison’, our older sister, she had come to bed to him after daddy had fucked her for consoling, hugging him she finally realised he had gotten excited at her brazen nudity, lying alongside him, and simply did the decent thing, she fucked him, just as I did, now both he and daddy were enjoying the free pussy Alison and I proved the man of our family.

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