Şubat 21, 2021

My First Time

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I have always imagined being dominated by another woman. I could never see myself actually going through with it, but the thought of a hot, young woman telling me exactly what and how to do everything she wanted me to, I have to admit more than turned me on just a little bit. I had no idea that one day this slut fantasy of mine would come true.

I have a group of girlfriends that I hang out with on the weekends sometimes. We rent “chick flicks,” eat pizza, talk about the men in our lives. You know, typical girl stuff. One weekend a while back, my friends and I were going to get together to hang out at Lori’s house. Lori is a relatively new addition to our group, but she is co-workers with a friend of mine and has become a great person to hang out with. She always gives super advice and knows what to say to make everyone feel really great. As it turned out, I was the only person who showed up for our Friday night movie at Lori’s house. Everyone else had a last minute commitment or booty call they just couldn’t, or didn’t want, to get out of. This little turn of events worked in my favor as Lori gave me a night to remember.

We went ahead and ordered some pizza and sat on the sofa watching a movie Lori had rented. I guess my week had been a bit more stressful than I realized and I yawned during a slow part of the movie. Lori immediately picked up on this.

She patted my leg and said, “You look tired, Phoebes. You want to call it a night?”

I really didn’t want to go home to my empty house, so I replied, “No, I’d like to stay a bit longer, guess I’m just not into this movie too much.”

Lori looked at me, winked and said, “Well how about we spice things up a little then.”

The next thing I knew, I was sitting on the sofa watching a porn movie with Lori. I was immediately turned on as I have always been a huge fan of porn movies. I was able to play it cool until the lesbian scene came on. I tried desperately not to show signs of being turned on, but I kept crossing and uncrossing my legs, noticing the increasing wetness between my legs.

Lori obviously noticed this too, as she smiled over at me and whispered, “It’s hot, huh?”

I giggled a stupid school girl laugh as I said, “Yeah, I love to watch this stuff. casino şirketleri Especially when it’s two girls. I guess I’m a bit curious.”

Lori looked at me with a renewed interest. She asked me, “What do you think of one girl dominating another?”

I was speechless. It was like she knew my fantasy without me saying a word. “It’s a huge fantasy of mine,” I struggle to get out.

She moved closer to me, put her mouth next to my ear, gave it a little lick and whispered, “There’s no time like the present to make your fantasy a reality.” I was in total and complete shock. She began undressing me, telling me not to be nervous. “I know what I’m doing,” she said. “And don’t worry, I’ll tell you what to do too, my little slut.” I immediately groaned at her words. No one had ever called me their slut before. Lori definitely knew how to get me going. She smiled an evil grin and grunted at me, “Get started, slut.”

I started by kissing and lightly biting the insides of her thighs and the back of her legs. I worked my way up closer and closer to her pussy, biting harder as I got closer to her dripping lips. Once there, I paused a moment to take in her scent…I wanted to savor every single aspect of the moment. Then I stuck out my tongue and gave Lori one long lick from clit to asshole. She moaned and shivered, letting me know she liked what I was doing, so I did it again. I licked slower, but harder this time, forcing my tongue flat and stiff, taking my time, savoring the taste of her juices against my tongue. The flavor was overwhelming for me as I’d never done anything like this before. I pressed my tongue down onto Lori’s clit, lingering there a moment before continuing my path to her tight little asshole. Right before my tongue reached her starfish, I paused, wanting to tease a bit. But instead, she turned her head around to me and commanded me.

“Lick my asshole you little slut. Stick your tongue in my ass NOW! And call me your mistress, you whore.”

I responded, “Yes Mistress,” and immediately shoved my tongue in luscious Lori’s ass.

I loved the taste of her ass and continued to lick, suck and tongue fuck that glorious asshole. Her moans became increasingly louder which made me crazy with desire. I moved casino firmaları my tongue back down to my mistress’ clit and began to lap at it with my tongue. Her pussy was dripping with her love juices by now and I eagerly tried to lick up every last drop. Lori’s body was shaking with anticipation of her orgasm. I reached a hand back to my own pussy and found it to be dripping wet as well. I wanted so badly to feel my mistress’ tongue on my clit, but I didn’t dare ask. It finally got to be too much for me to hold in and I caved in to my desires.

I whispered to Lori, “Mistress, I would love to feel your tongue on my pussy. You have made me so wet. Could you please lick me? Please, Mistress. I will do as you wish.”

My mistress smiled that evil little smile of hers and said to me, “Lay down on the bed, bitch. Let me show you how to really lick some pussy.” I obeyed her command and as I was turning around to lie down, she slapped my ass and yelled at me, “Now, you little whore!”

I dropped to the bed and looked at the beautiful woman in front of me with awe and adoration. Each time she degraded me I fell deeper into her spell. She had a hold on me that was unexplainable.

She immediately started lapping at my pussy like a lioness who had gone w/out food or water for days. I started thrashing about on the bed as she darted her tongue in and out of my cunt hole and rubbed tiny circles around my clit. Lori smacked my pussy hard with her hand and commanded me to “Lay still, bitch!” It was so hard for me to do as she asked, but I knew if I continued to move the punishment would be severe. I was so close to cumming and I wanted to fill her mouth with my love juices. She began using her long, delicate fingers to fuck my ass. My mistress started with two fingers, not even warming me up for them, just ramming them into me with rough force. The pain of it made me move back a bit and she looked up at me with amusement in her eyes. “What’s the matter, Phoebes? Is that a little too rough for you? Don’t you like my fingers in your little slut asshole?”

“Oh no, Mistress. I love it. Please don’t stop, please. I’m begging you,” I respond.

“Good you fucking cunt, then lay there, shut up and let me do with you as I wish.”

I güvenilir casino did as she requested, as hard as it was for me. I wanted to make her happy, so I tried to lie perfectly still. My mistress continued abusing my ass with her fingers and sucking my clit. All of a sudden, she was on top of me. In one swift move, she changed her position so that her pussy was on my face in a deliciously tasty “69.” I moaned so loudly to have Lori’s pussy and ass back on my tongue. She told me to lick her until she came and I greedily obeyed. We continued licking, sucking and fingering each other. Both of us were thrashing about wildly on the bed, so caught up in the moment. I wanted to cum, and begged her to allow me. “Mistress, I need to cum. May I please cum for you? The things you are doing to me are too much. I can’t hold back much longer. Please, Mistress.”

But she told me not yet. “Don’t you cum yet, you little slut. You will wait until I am ready.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I strain to get out of my throat.

“MMM, that’s what I like to hear you cum slut. Now lick that clit. Stick your fingers in my pussy and ass and make me squirt my juice into your mouth.”

I hungrily did as she commanded, wanting nothing more than to taste her cum and know that I was the one responsible for pleasing her. She mercilessly licked at my pussy and shoved her fingers in and out of my ass. The pain was delicious and I loved every minute of this. I asked for more. “Please make it hurt, Mistress. I deserve to be punished. I deserve for you to treat me like the slut I am.”

She replied in her deep, husky voice, “That’s right you fucking cunt. You deserve for this to hurt. You deserve everything I give you, slut. Shut up and eat my cum.” Suddenly, I felt her body start to tense up and she groaned at me, “Cum for your mistress you little slut. Let me eat your cum. CUM NOW!!!!” My orgasm hit me with more ferocity than I had ever experienced before. My body bucked on the bed uncontrollably and hers did the same. I could hardly breathe as she pushed her pussy down onto my face, smothering me with her ass. She grinded into me as she rode out her orgasm. My face was covered in her slick, tasty juice and I tried to lick up every last drop. It seemed that we both came for an eternity. Neither of us wanted to let the waves of pleasure end. She rolled off of me eventually, reached over, tweaked my nipple and said, “Not bad for a first time, slut.”

Thanks for the inspiration, Mistress Lori. You have shown me the way…

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