Şubat 21, 2021

Mr. Gister What a Tool You Have

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Note: This story is about a college student and professor. All characters in this story are over eighteen.

Also if you don’t like college student/professor relations or would find this story offensive, please stop reading this story and exit immediately!


My name is Matt and I’m a noob in college. It was the last day until vacation. But it was also the last day of seeing one of the most sexiest men in the world (in my own opinion).

Everyone knows I like men and really don’t mind me at all. While seems to be funny to tease though. I’m 5ft8″, skinny, black hair, and smooth. I always wanted to have a sexual encounter with a man but I never had the chance or was just too shy. I always fantasized what it would be like to get fucked by my Mathematics Professor (aka Mr. Gister).

I was in my last class of the day before storming out of the college and I couldn’t help but to think of Mr. Gister. He has a nice shaped muscular body, 6ft 1″, very smart, and good looking.

While I was orgasming inside my head all of a sudden I hear someone yelling at me in a loud angry voice. It was Mr. Gister himself!

“MATT! I ASKED YOU DO YOU KNOW THE ANSWER TO -5 + 8i/-6 + i” cried Mr. Gister.

“Nnn No sir, I don’t understand why we need to learn this on the last day,” I said in a soft but nervous voice at the same time.

“WELL Matt, maybe you should pay attention sometime and then maybe you will know. God knows what you think of these days..” said Mr. Gister in a laughable voice.

“Yes Sir” In a saddening voice. Everyone laughed. I tried to laugh to casino şirketleri making it seem to be less of a joke but when it really didn’t work. But the thing was Mr. Gister probably knew what I was thinking of. I will admit I haven’t been doing well in his class. Now that its almost vacation I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about passing the class. And I would half to make a lame excuse to my parents on why I failed that particular class.

Next thing I knew after Mr. Gister was lecturing me the last bell rang for vacation to start. After class was over and I was on my way out of the classroom to start my vacation Mr. Gister walked up behind me and simply put his hand on my shoulder squeezing a bit and said “Matt could you stay after for a few minutes after?”

“Ss sure Mr. Gister” In the happiest tone ever! HOLY SHIT! I have been waiting for this the whole year!

As the last student walked out of the classroom he turned around and yelled “IM FREE!!”

What an idiot I thought to myself.

Mr. Gister speed walked to the door and locked it.

OH MY GOD! This is really going to happen!! Me being fucked by Mr. Gister!

Mr. Gister turned around and walked toward me what seemed his body was excited but his face expression differed. More like a disappointment look then joy.

After walking towards me and up in front of me Mr. Gister had a depressed look on his face. “mmMr. Gister? Are you OK?”

“Matt… I’ve never had anyone fail as much as you have in my class” which made him even more depressed just by saying it.

“I’ve tried sir casino firmaları but I can’t focus on any of the work. Do you have extra credit I could do and send to u while on vacation? Anything sir, please I want to pass this class!”

“Well there is something you could do for me Matt… So you could pass my class and enjoy your vacation worry free!”

I look down and see Mr. Gister bulging while rubbing himself. I started to harden while stare at his bulge. I grabbed his crotch and started rubbing it for him. I looked up and saw him smiling at me.

He whispers to me “lets get naked boy! I’ve been waiting for a very long time to say that to you!”

Mr. Gister started to take off his clothes and I followed. After I was done taking my clothes and exposing my 7 inch cock I look up to see pure hotness!! He was so HOT!

Pure muscle with a thick coat of black hair covering him! And to top it off what seemed to be a 11 inch tool! In a deep voice I never heard before

“MMMMMM Matt you have a nice smooth body, just what I like!”

With my hornyness taken over I tackled him to the ground and just started to kiss him to death while playing with his dick.

“You want this in your tight boy hole Matt Yah?”

Yes Sir! In a instant I rolled over exposing my pink hole to Mr. Gister. While waiting for the tool to enter inside of me I feel a warm lube like hit me. It must of been his spit . After he had applied his fresh lube I felt a sharp object poke at my hole. Within a second I felt Mr. Gister plunge in me. A sharp pain hit me what after a minute turned güvenilir casino into extreme pleasure. I moaned out loud in a pleased voice FUCK ME HARD SIR!! Mr. Gister complied with my command. As he began to pump his cock further into my ass I began to moan loudly.

“You like it I see Matt!”

Within a minute without touching myself and Mr. Gister still fucking me I tried to hold my juice in but ended up squirting hot thick cum all over myself and onto Mr. Gisters hot hairy fit body. |OH SIR IM CUMMING!!| Mr. Gister started to pump harder and harder into me causing me to moan ever louder.


Within half a minute Mr. Gister Pulled out this throbbing cock and came all over my smooth body which was covered in my own cum. After Mr. Gister was done he collapsed on top of me which turned into kissing which seemed like it went on for hours.

With relief Mr. Gister got up and took a small towel from his desk drawer and gave it to me to whip off all of our cum mixed together on my body.

While rubbing the cum filled towel on his many body Mr. Gister whispered in my ear

“You could come over sometime to my house in the summer, and I could teach you another lesson. Here is my number.”

As I put my clothes on I smiled at Mr. Gister and he smiled back.

“Have an amazing summer Matt.”

“You to Mr. Gister!!”

I kissed Mr. Gister on the lips and ran out of the classroom in excitement.

The next day later my vacation was beginning. I called Mr. Gister on the phone and we planned a day for him to teach me another lesson during the summer. I was so excited while talking over the phone with him I started to get hard. But that’s another story to tell.

This was one of the most amazing things that have ever happened to me and I will never forget my first time.


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