Haziran 11, 2020

Mother in law training

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Mother in law training
My 60 year old mother in law was teaching me how use my cock. She had me strip bend over the stuff chair, then used the leather belt on my ass until I was cherry red. She love to hear the slap of leather on my ass. Each stoke was like fire, smackkkkkkkkk my ass would tighten, smackkkkkk noooooooo ughhhhhhhhhh yelling. My ass would jerk with each hit, my cock hard from the pain. I could hear her start to breath hard. When I looked over my shoulder I could see her cotton white underwear under the silk robe. The crotch was damp from her excitement seeing me suffer.

“NOW pull your ass open wide…..” I reached around taking my sore cheeks slowly pulling them apart. The cool air was hitting my anus feeling open and exposed. She had a thin rod in her hand. It would fit right between my cheeks and on my asshole. I heard it swish thru the air then like fire right between aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh ugh ugh trying to catch my breath. No please stop pleaseeeeeeeee I begged. She took her time with the rod and sometimes between strokes she lube my cock to keep it rock hard. I was bent over the back of the stuff chair with my legs wide, hands pulling bahis siteleri my ass wide open. She would stop the rod then tease my cock, slowly rubbing the oil up and down while my ass was on fire.

Then push a finger up my ass while her hand gripped my cock. ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh I was so close. The stimulation in my anus sent waves of pleasure as she open my ass. Combined with pain my bruised anus from the rod. Made my whole body tense bringing me closer and closer to the edge. With that she stood up laughing at my bodies response, “Now we teach you how to FUCK, she said pulling me up by my cock.”

Then up to a wooden horse with a fake pussy tied to the top. It was one of those tubes with the silicone pussy and lips. It was just at the height of my cock. “Push your cock in that cunt. HARD” I rammed my cock into the center deep. Ohhhhh it felt so goooodddddddddd total around me holding me the lube making it slide. aghhhhhhhhh so smooth with the lube on my cock oh ohoh.

“HOLD STILL she yelled.” I stood there waiting my penis throbbing the tight slick fake pussy holding me pulling ohhh ohhhhhh. Then she pushed a finger up my ass bahis şirketleri UGHHHHHHHH feeling my sore anus open to her probing. I Yelled trying not cum oh oh mmmmm breathing hard holding the cum back. She started to push her finger in and out. Jamming it in the slowly circling wider opening my aching ass. I was trembling with tension. ” Don’t cum you prick or I will whip your balls”

“Now I am going to teach you how to use that hard cock as she pulled her finger out of me. Bring your cock out all the way until the head is just at the lubed pussy lips” As I pulled back very slowly the lubed silicone pulled on the skin of my cock….. ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss it was throbbing waiting to push back into that wet tight walls. That is when she brought the ridding crop hard across my ass, smackkkkkkkkkk. Screaming as my red ass stung forcing my hips forward the tip of my cock pushed into the pussy. Two more quick strikes, swat swat sent my cock in deeper into the fake pussy.

The combination of pain and slick silicone suctioning on my dick was making my body jerk. She grabbed me pulled me out before I could climax. My cock was stimulated canlı bahis hard jumping so close, near on the edge. She screamed ” You dick and brought the crop down on the head of my cock SMACKKKKKKK.” You could hear the leather hit the end still wet from the lube. I dropped to the ground hold my hard penis yelling as I started to cum HARD ohhhhhhhhhhh noooooooo. She kept using the crop on any expose part, up and down my cock, my balls, as the cum shot all over.

She laughed and smiled down at me as I was covered with my own sperm. “That was your first lesson. Now get on you knees open wide. Now pull down my panties. I did as I was told looking right at her wet white hair pussy covered from her excitement. ” I want to cum 4 times while I whip your ass.”

I push the tip of my tongue deep into her as her pussy lips open. I could feel my tongue slide up into her as her pussy opened. She started to moan ughhhhhhhh mmmmm mmmmm as I nibbled with my upper lip on her clit. My mouth filled with the taste of her juices. She started to cum as I used my tongue to ram up into her.

So I reach up with both hands and grabbed her nipples. Pulling while she screamed, yyesss yessssssss twist them harder. She came hard agheeeeeeeeeee deeper she yelled” Her juices flowing down my lips, nose into my mouth. She was using the crop on my ass over and over. ” THAT’S ONE SWAT SWAT SHUCK MT CLIT AGAIN…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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