Haziran 8, 2020

Manscape Yep Shaving your Package

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Manscape Yep Shaving your Package
Have you thought about shaving your cock and balls but weren’t sure how to go about it? Maybe your partner is pestering you to shave them but you’re too scared to try it, let alone have someone else do it for you!

Although there are people who prefer their man hairy there are millions out there who love to see a man make an effort to shave himself especially if he wants his partner smooth all the time!

Well, fear not, as I’ve been doing mine for a long time and I’m quite an expert at it! I thought it was high time to sit down and share all I know about the art of shaving yourself without the fear of badly cutting yourself!

1. What To Use

I usually use a Gillette Mach 3 (even women use them on their pussies!) and a decent foam or gel. The Gillette range is quite good, but you can use whatever you normally use on your face. Some good moisturizers for men or even Johnson’s Baby Lotion for aftercare will help your balls feel silky smooth and help calm down any shaving rashes!

2. Getting Prepared

OK so you’ve finally decided you’re going to take the plunge! You want to go from wire wool balls to smooth baby skin meat monster!

Just like when shaving your face, start by heating a face cloth or small towel soaked with water (you can do this in a microwave for say 30 seconds) and d**** around the area you want to shave and leave for a couple of minutes to heat and open up those follicles! While you are waiting get the sink filled up with hot water and drop your razor with a NEW blade kaçak iddaa into the water to get nicely heated up.

Next cover the area you want to shave (I usually go from belly button downwards!) with your choice of shaving foam/gel. If you don’t have any handy, regular soap works just as well but doesn’t cover as thickly as foam or gel.

3. Cock

The first rule is, DO NOT RUSH! Take your time: there’s no need to thrash about like Zorro, just go nice and easy!

If you have a full head of hair down there try to trim back as much as you can with a pair of scissors as this will make the actual shaving much easier! There are two techniques that I find helps, one for the cock and the other for the balls. If you like to be smooth from belly button downwards then start there and work down to the base of your cock. Find in what direction you need to shave, i.e. up, down, across to the left or to the right, as people vary in which way their hair grows! Always go “against the grain” as this will get you smooth much faster. You’ll find you’ll need to unclog the razor after every 2-3 strokes as the long hairs get trapped in it: just pick them off in the sink with your fingers (don’t worry about the hairs clogging; we’ll deal with this later!)

When your midriff area is smooth and now you can start on your cock if you have hairs growing on it. Obviously playing with your package like this can make you hard, which is a good thing for shaving the balls, as you will see later, but for your cock try to stay soft. Grip the end of your perabet giriş foreskin with the tip of your thumb and forefinger and pull it taut so that the hairs will be more exposed and easier to shave. Again you’ll need to find what direction is against the grain. Unlike shaving your face you will find you’ll have to keep adding more foam/gel as you will have to go over the same area a few times. Even when you think your cock is smooth, add foam/gel one more time and slide your fingers up and down your shaft, and you’ll probably find the odd one you have missed. As pubes are thicker then head hair you’ll easily feel it. Keep repeating until you are satisfied your cock is smooth.

4. Balls

Remember I said being hard helps for shaving the balls? The reason for this is that when your cock gets hard your balls tighten up more, and this makes it easier to shave them rather than trying to shave a crinkly sac! So go ahead, get your now smooth cock nice and hard!

Again get your balls all nicely lathered up and prepare to do a bit of bending forwards! Hold your cock upwards and towards you as you do one side of your balls, it can also help if you can cup whichever ball you’re not shaving in the same hand as your cock and squeeze the skin taut to the one you are shaving. Again find the direction against the grain and proceed to cover the area with foam; as with your cock you’ll need to go over the same area more than once.

You will notice where the base of your cock meets your balls, it will feel hairy, perabet güvenilir mi so just pull your cock to one side to get at this rather awkward area and you should be OK!

If you’re thinking “but what about the hair at the back of my balls near my ass?” this is where you will have to keep looking right between your legs! I always find strokes TOWARDS your ass several times will shave this area quite nicely; all you need is some patience and perseverance! Again, keep lathering the balls up and feeling them until you can feel there are no hairs left sticking out.

All right, you’re all nice and smooth and it feels good huh? Go and have a look in the mirror and admire yourself! No longer is your manhood hidden in a forest of hair! Now just wait till your partner gets a view of it!

The hairs in the sink? Just pull the plug and let them collect on the drain guard, then pick them up in one big hairball, wrap in toilet paper and flush them!

5. Aftercare

Now you have a lovely smooth cock & balls, what’s next? Try a bit of talc around your package and maybe also a moisturizer or aftershave balm for men. This will help to soothe any shaving rash you may experience, but mostly I find this doesn’t happen to me! After a week or so you can feel a bit prickly down there so it’s best to shave again; once you get rid of your main thatch it’s easier to maintain when it’s just stubble!

6. Do’s & Don’ts!

Do use a new blade when you can!

Do take your time and don’t rush!

Do keep it lathered with foam/gel when shaving!

Don’t use an electric hair clipper: it will nick everywhere!

Don’t put aftershave on after shaving! (unless you want to be stuck to the ceiling!)

7. Disclaimer

Shave at your own risk!

8. Since your cock is rock hard you might as well rub one out.

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