Haziran 10, 2020

Locked Out

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Locked Out
I’ve been at my new job for about 6 months. It’s a new/old job as I had been the Building Chief for 4 years ten years earlier when it was Occupied by the Social Security Administration. I left before they moved out and worked for a few more years until I retired at 55. Getting called back was un-expected but the Building was Empty now and privately owned. It’s a 1.4 Million Sq. Ft. Complex on 17 acres that has 2 five story office buildings connected by a bridge and a 17 story tower!
After I had gotten my legs used to walking so much and gotten familiar with the daily operations of the few occupants located only in the parking garage and loading docks I saw opportunities all over and around the building! Being a Transvestite and an Exhibitionist with a massive Empty building with no direct supervision and no other co-workers to play in is a Dream come true!
Within a couple months I had made a dozen videos of me inside and outside in sexy clothes and had been to all parts of the building. On this one occasion I learned a valuable lesson, It was to be my most daring video yet! Outside the North Building Main Entrance at Noon in downtown Baltimore!
I was dressed in a red sheer thong bodysuit with garters and red thigh highs, my black over the knee 4″ boots, and a sheer black, knee length sweater dress. I went with a blond wig and red lipstick to finish it off. Any sunshine at the right angle, and it was a bright sunny day, and you could see right through it.
I checked my phone security app and made certain the alarms were off, touched up my lipstick and lit a cigarette, started my camera and went out through the propped open the inner and outer entrance doors from the lobby to the courtyard. Most people know the building is empty and don’t expect to see anyone around it but the homeless of which there are several, in several locations around the 17 acres. I walked about twenty yard over and sat near a group of trees on the ledge surrounding them and enjoyed my cigarette. While not hidden by the trees it güvenilir bahis did make it hard to get a direct view of me until you were driving or walking directly in front of the building on the street. I was enjoying myself and even walked around some while checking out the landscape crew across the street. As I put my cig out I noticed several black men walking on the sidewalk who had seemed to notice me as I heard one same “Damn, look at that bitch”. I made a beeline for the door and made it inside vestibule and was relieved to be safe inside. I gathered my camera and put it in my purse back inside the lobby. As I turned back to make sure the outer Vestibule door had locked I heard the inner door behind me close! My Purse with the keys and my phone were lock on the other side of the door and the building only has 2 ways in! If I at least had the keys I could walk around the corner, about 100 yards to the North garage roll-up door. However since I don’t have keys I need to use the South garage entrance which is Three Blocks and manned by VA Security! I stood in the vestibule for several minutes gathering my nerve and planning my route. Making sure most of the buttons were buttoned on my sweater dress I opened the outer door and began my journey.
The first thing I noticed was the amount of traffic as I walked down the steps from the courtyard. I made the right on Greene St. and had 100 yards before I got to Mulberry. I was walking pretty fast and as I got to the corner and turned right because I saw the group of guys from earlier across the street, I didn’t think they had noticed me yet. This was the scariest part of the journey as I was unsure where to cross Mulberry as it has 6 lanes merging right when it gets to my building. About 100 yards from the corner I noticed the traffic had slowed enough for me to cross and at a tit bouncing pace I made it!
What I hadn’t noticed is that I had caught the attention of those guys again. I still had 200 yards just to get to MLK Bvld, then 50 yards to Saratoga, türkçe bahis then 300 yards to the Security Controlled garage entrance! I couldn’t have walked faster without running or drawing too much attention, but I did glance back and saw them following me. I was nearing the crest of the hill when I saw a section of our fencing around the property had some missing bars. They had gotten to within 20 yards of me when I cut through the fence and had started with cat calls and offers!
A slight wobble in the soft grass before hitting the sidewalk and they were right behind me asking if I was gonna make it ok. I didn’t really want to talk, so I quietly whispered I was ok, thanks. They instantly knew I was a transvestite!
At this point I was on a sidewalk heading to Saratoga with the overgrown Daycare playground to my right and a ramp leading down to the lower level emergency garage exit. The guys kept trying to engage me asking me to turn around and talking about me as if I couldn’t hear them. Asking where I’m going and what I’m doing around here! I knew I couldn’t let them follow me all the way back up the street to the garage entrance or the Guard would definitely notice me trying to sneak back in! I couldn’t get caught like this and have to explain it to the Guard or the Owners!
As I got close to the top of ramp and hidden more from the street by the trees I stopped and turned to politely answer them. I started with Hi I’m Kristy at least for today. Nice day out for a walk. One directly asked why I was out here all dressed up so sexy? I told them I was out for a smoke and got locked out. That got a good laugh and then I was asked locked out of where? I hadn’t said that part, or that I worked here and didn’t want to. I lied and said my friend was meeting me on Saratoga to give me my keys back, hoping they would be satisfied. I was feeling confident this would work out ok and as I turned to go one of the guys grabbed my sweater dress and pulled it to the side enough for them to get a good view of my güvenilir bahis siteleri thong covered butt! Next came the comments, wow bitch I bet you’d love some of this BBC in that pussy! I said Sorry guys I can’t play right now and one guy on my left has his cock pulled out right there! Come on bitch suck it! I told them I can’t do that here, we’re right off the street anyone can see! Slowly they had gathered around me and had herded down the ramp to the point of being out of direct view from the street. While the one only seemed to be egging the other two on and never touched me, the other two had their hands almost all over and in me! I couldn’t help it I was getting so horny and grabbed his cock. It was hot and he let out a sigh as I slid my hand on his 8″ shaft. He was already hard and it only took a minute before he came on my thigh! The second guy though wanted more than a hand job so I made him move closer to the gate out of view. He dropped his pants and shorts as I knelt next to the garage gate and took his 7″ cock between my lips. While it seemed like forever and I did enjoy it I was so glad when he finally came until he pulled out and shot the last spurts of cum on my face! As soon as he finished he pulled up his pants and all three went on their way!
I was relieved, slightly shaking, and had cum all over my face and on my thighs! I had one tissue, no make-up or anything else to fix what I’m sure was a mess! I also had to make it the last 100 or so yards up Saratoga ad get in the building when the guards head was turned.
It took several minutes to compose myself, clean up as much as possible and finish my journey. As I got close to the garage gate I noticed both were open at the south entrance and the guard was busy checking a car. I made it in and with a quick left headed for the stairs and unused upper level. I made it back to the Lobby, picked up my purse and camera then headed to my office to check out the video I made before I was locked out. Also since we have 64 Security Cameras around the building I wanted to see how many caught my walk. Imagine my surprise when I catch the Indoor Camera view of the emergency exit and it has a perfect view of the blowjob!
I sure hope the Security Company we use doesn’t monitor these cameras too closely!

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