Haziran 13, 2020

JEAN, Not Your Normal Nun Story

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JEAN, Not Your Normal Nun Story
This Is Based On My Own Personal Experience:
Because I Had Discovered The “Adult Book Store/ Theater, And Basement Row Of “Glory Holes”,
I Had Skipped A Few Sunday School Sessions. The Monsignor Decided To Make Me Do Some
Penance. If I Agreed He Would Not Involve My Mom. I Immediately Agreed. If I Stayed Out Of
Trouble I Was Allow Allot Of “Freedom”. He Ordered Me To Be A The Church Every Saturday
Morning To Help Clear Out & Clean Up The Basement. I Had To Be There At 8am.
When I Got There I Went Through The Backdoor And Immediately There Was A Door To The
Basement. I Opened The Door And Went Down A 20 Step Stair Case. The Basement Was Huge.
At The Far End There Was A Small Table And A Couple Of Straight Back Chairs. Also, There Was A
Small Very Dim Light. As I Walked Toward The Light I Could See A Nun Was Sitting At The Table
Reading. It Was “S- – – – r Jean”. She Was Wearing The Usual “Robe & Habit”. Jean Was In Her Mid
Twenties And Even Without Make-up Her Face Was Beautiful. Later, I Would Discover She Was Just
Five Foot Tall And Weighed Just Barely 100 Pounds. Also She Was Very Athletic, (A Real Hard Body).
Jean Was Cheerful And Told Me That There Was No Set Time Limit For Finishing The Basement.
I Asked When The Rest Of The Help Was Going To Arrive. She Laughed And Said That It Was
Going To Be Just The Two Of Us.
We Started Moving Stuff All To One Side And Sweeping & Cleaning As We Went. The Time Flew
By And Before I Knew It, It Was 3pm. Jean Apologizes For Keeping Me That Long. I Told Her It Was
Not A Problem. We Agreed To Start Again Next Saturday illegal bahis At 8am. As Soon As I Left The Basement
I Discovered I Had A “R ageing” Hard-on. I Couldn’t Stop Thinking About Spending That Much Time
Alone With Her. On Several Occasions, In The Process Of Moving Stuff We Were Touching Each Other.
On My Way Home I Stopped Off At The Adult Theater And Let Some “Old” Guy Suck Me Off.
All Week Long I Kept Thinking About S- – – – r Jean And “The Basement Project”. Saturday Arrived
And I Headed For The Church. I Got There At Eight And Went Straight Down Stairs. When I Got To
The Bottom, Again, There Was Just A Small Dim Light. It Was Back At The Far End. As I Approached
I Could See That Jean Was Sitting On The Edge Of The Table. As I Got Closer I Could Also See She
Had Her Robe Pulled Up And She Was”Finger Fucking” Herself. Her Eyes Were Closed And She Was
Breathing Really Heavy. I Was About Ten Feet Away So I Could See Everything. Jean’s Whole Body
Began To Shake And I Could Tell She Was Having A Massive Orgasm. By Then I Had My Cock Out
And It Was As Hard As “Prison Steel”. Before Jean Had Stopped Shaking I Moved Forward And
Dropped To My Knees Between Her Legs. I Pushed Her Hand Aside And Replaced Her Fingers
With My Tongue. She Was So Hot She Was Powerless To Stop Me. I Licked, Sucked, And Deep
Tongue Fucked Her Beautiful Dripping Wet Pussy. I Kept Her Orgasm Going And She Rewarded
Me With Three Huge Mouthfuls Of Her Hot Cum. Her Cum Was Silky Smooth And Tasted Like
Nothing I Had Ever Tasted. It Was Amazing.
I Don’t Know How Much Time Had Passed By The Time It Was Over. perabet I Stood Up And Went
Over And Started Moving Stuff. In A Few Minutes Jean Joined Me. Her Face Was Flushed
And She Had A “Wild” Look In Her Eyes. She Grabbed My Arm And Said She Didn’t Know
How I Had Gone Down On Her And Caused Her Not To Even Have To Clean-up. I Told Her
She Tasted So Good I Just Couldn’t Stop Or Leave Any Of Her Cum Behind. While We Worked
She Said: “Nobody Can Know Or Find Out About This”. I Told That I Fully Understood. I Also
Said I Was Aware Of The Seriousness Of Our Secrecy. And Promised Her My Silence.
We Finished At Noon And I Was Ready To Leave. Jean Said That Before I Left She Wanted
To Relieve Me. I Told Her That I Really Was In Need. I Also Told Her That I Had Been “Rock”
Hard All Morning. I Unzipped And She Dropped Down And Took My Whole Cock Into Her
Hot Wet Mouth. She Immediately Start Sliding Her Mouth Up And Down My Shaft. It Only
Took A Few Minutes And I Started Shooting My Creamy Load. She Took It All And Didn’t
Miss A Drop. Jean Said That Was the First Time She Had Ever Tasted “JIZZ”. She Also
Said She Loved How It Felt Feeling My Spurts Hit The Back Of Her Mouth And Tongue.
Again, All Week Long I Couldn’t Wait For Saturday To Arrive Again. When Saturday Arrived
I Was At The Church At Eight Sharp. Jean Was Already In The Basement. She Told Me She
Had Discovered Something She Wanted To Share With Me. She Took Me By The Hand And
Lead Me Back Behind And Under The Stairs. There Was A Door That Opened Into A Room.
It Was A Studio Apartment. It Originally For The Full Time perabet giriş Janitor Which The Church Had
Stopped Years Before. It Had A Large Open Room, A Kitchenette, And A Full Bathroom.
She Said That We Should Get Undressed And Get On The Bed. In Less Than A Minute I
Was “Buck Naked” And Laying On The Bed. Jean Laughed And Called Me Her Eager
Beaver. At First We Just Laid Together And French Kissed And Shared Each Other’s
Tongues. It Was Amazing And I Almost Came. Then We Switched Into The “69” Position.
I Lost Track Of Time But I Know I Caused Her To Orgasm At Least Three Times. Finally
Jean Said She Wanted To Feel Me Inside Her. I Told Her I Couldn’t Wait To Feel Her As Well.
As Soon As My Cock Head Found Her Pussy It Slid All The Way In And I Was Balls Deep.
I Told Her That I Couldn’t Hold Back. She Told Me To Let Go And Fill Her Cunt With My
Creamy Load. I Lost Count After 8/9 Pulses. I Started To Withdraw Only She Held Me
Inside Her. She Asked Me To Keep Going Which I Did. I Couldn’t Believe I Stayed Hard
And For The Next 30 Minutes Or We Continued To Fuck. When She Told Me She Was
Ready To Cum And Started I Could Feel Her Wetness And It Caused Me To Shoot My
We Rested For A While And Started All Over Again. When We Finally Finished And Got
Ready To Leave It Was Four O’clock. We Had Done Nothing But Suck And Fuck. We Agreed
That From Now On We Would Fuck & Suck As Soon As We Got There And Then Again
When We Had Finished Work. It Took Four Months Worth Of Saturdays To Finish Cleaning.
The Mon-senior Couldn’t Get Over The Job We Had Done. He Was Very Pleased. Fro
Then On We Would Meet In The Basement Every Wednesday And Saturday. We Were
Together For Four Years, Until I Graduated From High School. That Summer She Got
Reassigned To Missionary Work In Costa Rica And I Joined The Service. We Never Met

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