Interviewing a Monster; I.E Cryptid #1

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“So, I was an upper rib cage connected to a head at that moment. Um, well, normal humans would call me thing. Or monster. But I prefer. Cryptid in the human tongue of English. Has mysterious ring to it.

Also, I have no name you humans can pronounce so I’ll call myself… Gene. Why not. Genes a simple yet strong name among you humans.

Anyway, don’t worry about your protagonist I’m fine. Slowly growing back after a few different species in crime chopped me to bits thinking it would kill me. Almost worked. If I hadn’t scrapped together enough tissue and escaped before they BURNED the rest. But that’s in the past! I’ll simply consume them. No tonight is one of those little pen, house? Pent, house? Letters? Yeah one of those. It started after I chopped up and jumped off a roof with some tissue I managed to form cartilage supported spider legs. Landed on the ground and just jumped into the car that was next to me’s open window.

Landed in a laundry basket. The car moved and of course us being must stay out of sight. Meaning they wouldn’t follow. And I could stay safe as long as I stayed hidden. So of course I buried myself in the clothing. I had to see who the human was of course. After all, it’s been a while since I’d given any human a proper scare, or you know. Taste their bleeding flesh. Happened to be a Latina girl. Maybe twenty five, give or take a year. She had full pouty lips, high cheekbones and one cute and strong jaw line. And her rack? I mean they were nearly popping out of her tank top. Even in the back seat I could see them curve ahead. Anyway she brought me ‘I’ ‘E’ the laundry basket inside and tossed me in a corner with a bunch of other floor laundry next to her bed. I found that a bit rude actually. At least it smelled clean. After all I had been having a bit of a rough night. The day was fine. Got high with a bunch of addicts. Ate one of them. Got more high because him. Great day. But the night was not going my way. So angrily looking like some mix and match of an eighties zombie and basket case, I began to regrow my teeth. I was very angry until I saw her take off her black yoga pants. Throwing her hips side to side. The way they gripped her hips those thick thighs. Then they was she bent over giving me one big heart shape in the moon. I suddenly became focused on one goal. I slowly began to turn bits of bone into cutting ornaments. Cutting through to all but the last layer. She had to sleep sometime…

After her pants were gone and she lifted that black thong that snapped at her sides with a full round ass and those runners thick thighs. She slipped on a pair of cotton pink and white laced booty shorts. But I didn’t expect her to not fall back on her bed. She walked towards her huge pile of clean clothes after having throw her yoga pants into a surprisingly bigger stack of dirty clothes, and turned around… and that’s. When it got good.”

Gene eyes that went from a murderous, lustrous intent to pure surprise. It seemed this human had accidentally set herself up on a silver platter in the monsters mind.

He tried to snap back into focus until he watched the girls butt expanded as she began to fall back, bending at the waist.

The way her shorts stretched. Before Gene could take it all in his vision went dark and he could feel her ample ass in his face. He knew he couldn’t do anything yet. Not until she was asleep and he could strike her dazed and confused. In his state that’s all he truly could do.

The girl inhaled deeply and began to stretch out with a large satisfied smile on her lips.

She gyrated in her stretch becoming lost in her own little paradise while pressing and rubbing her butt directly against Genes face.

Gene fought every instinct he had, but couldn’t resist nodding his head up once.

Feeling his nose slide from between her lower slit to her ass a little.

His eyes popped open hoping he didn’t alarm her.

But she seemed to moan a little actually.

It didn’t seem she noticed him however she did begin to slowly gyrate more.

Gene couldn’t help himself as his head began move ever so slightly.

Angela was lost in her own comfort and fantasy.

However was feeling turned on.

It almost felt like.

Something izmir escort bayan just touched her pussy.

She originally slid her hand down to feel if there was anything there.

Until she slid her fingers past her privates.

With a slight gasp she made a reverse action pulling her hand back slightly.

With a little more pressure.

She knew it was just her detergent bottle but rubbing her butt and lower half of her pussy rubbing against it as she was rubbing herself felt so good at the moment.

Genes appendages slowly spread, slowly ripping the one layer of fabric. Slowly exposing his jumbled face and torso to her thin shorts thighs and tight slit that rubbed over his face.

Her moans began to louder, the smell of her juices began to permeate his nose.

He sniffed deeply slowly shoving his face into her crotch. Stopping when she stopped gyrating for a moment.

Angela’s mind went through a myriad of things at that moment.

But quickly settled on her clothes shifting, and she just moved onto the plastic container of detergent.

She relaxed herself back down beginning to stroke her wet slit again.

Almost exactly where she left off her breathing rapidly became short and cut again. Two fingers rubbing circularly at the top of her pussy.

She rubbed against what she believed was a plastic container, thinking at the moment; it’s just moving because it’s in an odd position.

Genes face was buried deep between her ass and thighs. He almost couldn’t help but rub her face and lightly lick at the creases of her tight bindings of her soft tone flesh.

Delicately catching the fabric of her booty shorts. Slight tears and rips.

They all began to connect into one hole as she gyrated.

So lost in her pleasure, completely unaware of her extra stimuli. She began to take slightly longed gasps inbeween her soft breaths. The hand cupping her left breast slowly worked its way up her shoulder, her neck and through her hair.

She didn’t even notice the beings flesh connect to the flesh of her crotch pressed around his face. His nose and face, slowly rubbing himself against her pussy lips through a wet satin thong, and her round soft ass cheeks.

She finally had enough of the slow work through the fabric. She lifted her hips slightly, and slowly, slid her thong over the soft flesh of her ample butt. Slowly lowering herself unknowingly back onto the dry near carcass of a cryptid monsters face.

The creature closed his eyes slowly opening his mouth feeling her soft silky and slick slit touch his lips.

Knowing an injury like this he could actually die, the being decided at that moment that he wouldn’t try and eat this girl. Just try and enjoying her for as long as possible.

Her moans grew louder and her gyrating began to increase again.

He knew it was pressing his luck, but his tongue slowly crept out. He tasted her wet pussy as her folds hit the sides of his tongue. He began to fall into his own world as his tongue began to extend forward. The tip beginning to flick. Her moans began to evolve until she gasped and snapped up. She gasped in horror and spun around.

“Wait! Wait! Wait! Don’t scream!” The creature growled in a deep guttural voice.

Her eyes widened in terror, staring. In shock not sure how to react.

“Listen, I don’t always look like this. It is very possible I could be dying-“

“Dying! What the fuck!? How are you not? How?! What the fuck are you?!” She muttered out in confusion.

“Listen. There are things in this world you can’t understand. I happen to be one. But beside that. Just breath. I won’t hurt you.”

“You? You won’t?” She asked hesitantly.

“No, listen here tasty cheeks, as I said, I’m dying, and didn’t expect to be in your basket. But when you fell back with those beautiful thighs, and your gorgeous round onion butt. I decided this would be the best way to go out. Come on. Give this old cryptid one last joy before it dies cruelly and cold, and alone.”

Her mind was running through equations none of which made sense but came down to two feelings.

One was her fear and doubt in a monsters words.

Second. Her horniness and kink for buca escort danger and fear.

In a more shy and vulnerable voice, “and how do I know you’re telling me the truth? That you won’t just eat me whole?” She asked, slowly sliding one knee across the other, her upper thigh rubbing across the other. Biting a single nail, her pouty lips hugging her teeth firmly exposing her whites just barely.

“If I wanted to do that, I would’ve done it when you first laid that deliciousness on my face. But I do plan to eat you.” He replied with a devilish smile, teeth like thick talons as a long tongue wriggled out. “But I think there is only one way to tell.” He teased.

“Oh?” She said innocently, “and how is that mister cryptid?”

“To come over here and sit yourself back down. Let me taste you in full.”

“Well, how will you be pleasured, don’t exactly… come prepared.” She asked the skeptic of her mind coming into play.

Gene realized this girl had no clue of the transformative property of his species.

“Oh I’ll get pleasure. Come here. Come get your seat. I promise you’ll find out.”

Her mind ran through so many ways this could go wrong. But couldn’t deny to herself, she was super excited. That she wanted to fuck this creature. Her folds were getting wetter with every counteractive thought of danger.

She smiled curving a bang out of her face slowly moving forward with gentles sways of her hips. Her fingers gliding up her thighs and tracing the thin bottom of her thong. Standing over the being she slowly turned round pulling her tank off.

She waved her hips to and fro slowly letting her lower half cover the beings face.

The creature felt the soft forces of her flesh graze his face with more pressure as his tongue went into her wet pussy.

She felt the soft fat tongue delve between her succulent folds. She felt it go a full four inches wriggling. She gasped once in pleasure until she felt the tongue go deeper, and deeper. Inch by inch it crept further as all the wriggling muscles of the tongue twitched and squirmed inside of her she took a longer gasp gripping random assorted clothing in her fists rotating her hips. She exhaled deeply as she took another gasp, the tongue felt as if it was as far as it could comfortably go. It was collapsing in on itself inside of her. The folded up end of the tongue slithering around itself like a balled up snake.

She arched her back sitting fully on its face for a moment supporting herself with her fully outstretched tensed up arms.

With rapid shallow breaths her breasts jiggled as her fist got tighter and she lifted her body up in an explosive orgasm.

Utilizing the opportunity the thing turned itself upside down with spidery appendages to be nose first for her clit.

Then those same spindly legs morphed into small octopus like tentacles. Tiny mouths and jabbing needles for tongues, sprang out gripping her around her shapely thighs. Slipping around and between the crease of her wide hips and thighs, pulling her back down.

She gasp throwing her head into the air, her eyes rolling back trying to muster the words “oh my god” but couldn’t get past the first couple of syllables. Skipping the middle she skipped into “gah, gah, gahhhh…. duh! Uugh! Ugh! Fff-uu-ckk”

Her hips twitched trying to gyrate as this tongue was going almost fully in and out of her feeling the tentacles slowly slither up her body.

One going directly up her spine went under her sports bra wrapping around it pulling as it. She gave a sharp inhale at the force of the tug but it only seemed to excite her more. The tentacle was busy rubbing against the bra. All of the small mouthes biting and tearing at the fibers until it snapped forward and off her chest.

She gave a breath of surprise, her chest feeling free.

The tentacles worked their way up her slim frame working themselves around her curvaceous borders of her breasts. Until a couple found their way up the centers.

Ones top slowly wrapped around the woman’s right deeper toned perky nipple. The mouths on the gently moving tentacle stabbed her hard nipple with their sharp tint tongues.

Her breathes began to stabilize as his tongue slowed down but still pumping izmir escort rhythmically. The other center tentacle slithered and creeped over her other nipple. Each mouth taking a moment to nip and bite at it as the tentacle moved past.

Her breaths climbed higher and higher again.

She could feel the pleasure rising in her. Her breathes more constrained as the pressure of her next orgasm built.

She gave a defensive grunt of excitement as she leaned forward, elbows and knees on the floor. The barely a torso was wrapped around her buried face deep in her pussy and thighs.

Gene felt it time to pleasure himself now. With much of his collected tissue and pulling back a few tentacles. He formed a phallus shaped tentacle while making a few spider like legs that clung her her firm yet fleshy bent over hips.

His tongue went in hard again. Continuing in a fast succession. The phallic tentacle scoring from under the gored remains of its rib cage, swiftly glided between her ass cheeks. The long shaft sliding up and down her tight hole.

“Come on, you fucking monster. Waiting for my permission? Fuck that little asshole like the real monster you are!” She taunted.

She felt the thing growl on her pussy. Felt it’s growl reverberate all the way through it’s tongue.

She moved her hands back spread her ass cheeked putting her face into the wooden floor.

She felt the long shaft slide back until she felt the big meaty tip stop like the head of a hammer at her tight little hole.

She knew this was going to hurt.

The way the pressure felt, the way it was squirming at it.

She really hoped it did hurt.

She wanted it too.

Her eyes popped open with a light but sharp gasp, as the head got half way through. It pushed further as a pained satisfied moans escaped her lips while it pushed through her. She felt nailed into the floor between this tongue launching inside her and this new fat phallus burying itself deep into her asshole. Her eyes rolling back trying to say anything feeling the two penetrating forces rub against each other inside of her speedster by only layers of flesh.

Pulling in and out as her whole body was shaking.

The stimulation from her nipples riveting into her pleasure, her whole body tensed up.

She didn’t even notice a. Second phallic tentacle sliding between her soft cleavage tightly pressed against the floor, and rubbing against her pouty lips.

She body convulsed once violently as she grasped at the floor. Her fingernails clawing at the wooden floor as a powerful orgasm overwhelmed her.

She gave sudden and loud outbursts of moans trying to control her cumming. Her mouth open and circular in the shock. That’s when the second phallic tentacle from between her breasts moved into her mouth.

She seemed surprised at first until she felt the slick feeling a long tongue and a hard cock in her pussy and ass.

She fell face first back into the floor, sucking on the member while stroking it with her off hand.

Her hips moved as she was penetrated deeply. Busy in the front with a long tentacle going deep into her throat.

The creature groaned. He felt his teeth graze the soft folds of her slits lips. His cocks pulsing, begging for release. To explode inside of her holes.

It wanted to hold on but then he felt a pressure build up around his tongue. Him a flash he slid his whole tongue out which was followed by her groaning harshly with his duck halfway down her throat. Followed by her pussy gushing over his open mouth and face.

The monster gasped and roared as he came, one phallus exploding deep in her asshole, pushing her limits just a little bit more by going a bit deeper as a second spray of cum was released into her ass. Matched by the other phallus unleashing a river of cum down her throat. She eagerly swallowed as her cheeks went red.

She collapsed on the floor panting and heaving.

The last thing she remembered was passing out on the floor.

When she woke the thing was gone.

But she knew it wasn’t a dream.

“So anyway that’s my story! I had some other fun that week as a barely function upper torso with no arms. After I grew everything back I did visit her again though. Mmm. The things I did to her then. The noises I had her making. Like making music. Anyway. This is just this cryptids story. Call me Gene.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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