Haziran 8, 2020

Institution very naughty girls.

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Institution very naughty girls.
I will begin ,this story about myself Lucinda Holm and my friend Amber. This story is based on the situation we got locked into.
Firstly I can not name the institution involved or of senor staff ect will be different to their actual name. I will make mention of some celebrity associates by initial .
This intuition is based in England but has powerful members , influence world wide .

Money wise it goes into billions. I am only briefly touching on this as it would take pages and pages to fully explain its function and capabilities.

To begin with all I knew was that myself and Amber ended up here after being set up.
We where accused of stealing from shops a church honesty box. Along with breaking entering, possession of d**gs for distribution .Possession of pornography, public exposure.

Admittedly the indecent public exposure is true as myself and Amber did it as a joke.
We showed our bare bottoms near a busy road and ran away though a nearby park we did this three times..

That’s how, when we got caught . At the police station woman senior detective informed us of the stuff that’s was supposedly found at out flat and the charges
We where told A new government second chance house took selected recalcitrants if they qualified.

We wanted to sign for this, as were made to understand that if we did. No charges ,No publicity No two years girls borstal school, no criminal record etc
.Firstly we had to be interviewed ,assessed, to see if we were suitable.

We waited at least an hour then this very well dressed stern looking lady from the institution came to interview us.
She introduced herself as an assistant governess.
Own teeth any serious illness, infections or alleges. Were her first words.. I said no as did Amber
.She responded
Well I have seen your medical reports all kaçak iddaa is in order there .
However these reports on your disgusting lewd behavior even make me blush. Just look at these disgusting photos. I just looked shocked , Amber started to stutter.

Those photos were really hard core take too long to describe them as there were at least a hundred.

One showed a girl with a pleated skirt pulled up getting fucked with a huge dildo.
A girl in school uniform getting sucked out these were the tamer ones.

Their was also a (photo shopped one of myself and Amber ) showing out bare bottoms in a church.
WITH Amber holding the church collection box ,that we were supposed to have taken.

What have you say for yourself was her next question.

No no not us stuttered Amber
The governess snapped back. Not you, deny every thing do you.
Just look at these photos did you not know the church had a video camera installed to record just such incidents
. Can you imagine their shock, when they discovered not only your theft of the collection box ,but the lewd act behavior that you displayed in the church.

Of course in reality nether myself or Amber, had even been inside this church.

When I thought about this later I wondered how did these people manage to expertly photo shop these photos in such a short time, I also wondered why…

I kind of guessed that they had original photos of when we had been showing our bare bottoms at the road side.
The Governess continued.
.Please don’t start lying it just insults me more , makes me wonder if you have any remorse or suitable for the program.

Of course we were worried about getting charged the publicity, girls borstal, criminal record ect.
We are very sorry both myself and Amber said as one.

Very well she said at least that’s a start. Now what other thoughts, habits canlı bahis secrets do I need to know about.
Nothing really we answered.

NOTHING she snapped, don’t start ths lying deceptiveness with me now, all this lewd filth running around showing your bare bottoms, even in a church and you say nothing.
I want to know how many times you masturbate in the course of a day .Do you do it hard or soft how many boys or girls have you masturbated.
.How many other times your have shown your bottoms. Everything or I cant even consider you for our program .
Panicking we lied .
Yes we have masturbated a lot three four times a day at least.
Yes we masturbated a boy made him cum a lot and cry. YES we fucked him with a large carrot. Yes we showed our bare bottoms at least twice a week.

Now we are getting some where said the governess I have recorded taped your admissions .Later we will get you to write everything down
As for now we can accept you into our institution
.Fortunately for you we specialize in correcting very naughty girls.
All that remains is that the documentation is signed by myself, the magistrate senior detective as witness ,and of course your signatures.
It was some two hours later we found ourselves in the institution. Showered ,shaved , processed .and wearing the weekend uniform.
This was a short tight dark navy blue gym slip white blouse type shirt with tie very tight navy blue knickers long thigh length socks with a black seam.. Black canvas shoes.

We were assigned our own room that was basic with a large wardrobe with different uniforms hanging in it ,also a long list of instructions regulations. I was looking at this when I was distracted by this voice from the doorway
Don’t worry about that now you have at least a week as I am to access you during that time. My name is Abigail.
Surprisingly bahis siteleri she was an attractive girl about my age, only she was wearing a wardresses uniform black jacket white shirt dark navy blue tie short tight black skirt black satin shiny stockings black high heel shoes a belt with hand cuffs hanging from it ,and a name tag on her jacket.
She was very friendly just ask me anything you want .Don’t worry I am not on staff or a proper wardress just have to wear this as I access you so that you know its all official.

I felt I could confide in her and told her how myself and Amber had been set up.
Don’t ever, ever repeat that she answered. Every girl in here was selected long before they were set up.

In Your case the prank of showing your bottoms just played into their hands. You were selected because you are both exceptionally pretty and have good firm bodies.

Believe me even if you had not signed anything you would have ended up here.
You both were selected and watched for weeks ,before being set up.

There are two girls in the so called very serious offenders rooms.
One is supposed to have set fire to her step parents house with them in it
There was a fire at her step parents house, luckily they got out
Rhonda did not set that fire. It was made to look like she did. She had no alibi, seemingly concrete indisputable evidence was produced implicating her as the person responsible. along with some other things for good measure.
Even her step parents think she set the fire and tried to murder them, for inheritance.

Why because they had her in their sights she as you have seen is drop dead gorgeous with a super hot firm body..
That’s why she was selected and set up.
So selected members of this institution who have leanings in that direction can listen to her scream, watch her writhing, twisting in just bearable agonies. Sex wise they will get long sessions on fucking machines.

Same thing with the other girl Rothshell.
She is supposed to have stabbed an elderly man she was looking after.

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