Insatiable Rob , Eric Ch. 20

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Knowing full well that Eric’s chances, of getting the job, were good, I still encouraged him to interview. It was best for him…he didn’t think so at first, but he came around. Of course, he got the job and moved to Denver. Our decision was to move on, allowing him to make a new life; we both knew it was best, but it didn’t come any easier. I helped him pack up his life in a big truck and head west…it was hard to do. Anyway, it was probably two weeks after that tearful, goodbye, when Jay wanted to meet for coffee.

He tried to keep things light before telling me that Karen had moved in and Eric’s room became the guest room. Then he smiled some, “You know…um…well…I’ve been seeing Eric’s brother, some. I thought I should let you know. Karen likes to watch…you know.”

“Oh, I know that…that’s not something I’ll forget,” laughing some, “It’s fucking hot.”

“But yer always welcome…um…we miss you, Rob. And I think Danny’s (Eric’s brother) a little curious, too. He said he’s heard a lot about you, from Eric…and it’s all big!”

He smiled a little and paused nervously. “You’re not saying much…you okay?”

“Well, I didn’t know I was going to be offered another male threesome, that included my ex’s brother. I miss you and Karen, too, but sex with Eric’s brother would be too weird…just too weird.”

I thought to myself…how I loved fucking Jay. His ass was to die for, and my cock stiffened at the prospect. I daydreamed about kneeling behind him and taking that ass, over and over. I loved watching my dick, pump between those muscled cheeks. Fuck, it was so hot! He was hot!

I felt his hand under the table, “I sense that you have another option. What do you have in mind?”

“Um…what about just me? I’d really love to hook-up…and if Karen’s, home…I know she’d be happy to see you, too.”

I grinned, “Dude, I’m sold…I can’t turn that down. Finish our coffee and head out?”

He squeezed my thigh, “That’s perfect, Rob.” “I hope I didn’t make things awkward, with telling you about Danny, but I thought you should know.”

Well, it is awkward…but I don’t think you can avoid that. I do appreciate you telling me, but I can’t fuck around with his brother…it wouldn’t be fair to Danny. I’d be balls deep in Danny and moaning Eric’s name…you know. Eric and I were committed…and tight. Anyway, you done?”

“Let’s go.”

He kicked off his flip-flops, “Karen…Karen, you home?”

No answer came, “Well, she’s not around…we can have some fun without her.”

I noticed his shorts were stretched tight over those perfectly muscled-curves. Even though they were snug they hung low, revealing a tiny crack; the skin there was a bright flesh tone, contrasting the rich tan, everywhere else.

He dropped the shorts to reveal the beautiful, smooth ass, that you can’t help but fantasize about. Mesmerized by the firm, bubbled cheeks, I grabbed hold and squeezed; they were round and tight enough that you could feel sinewy muscle and very little fat. I started caressing both cheeks and teasing my fingers through the crack.

“He laughed, “You Bomonti Escort grab it, you bought it, dude. Fuck yeah! Squeeze it…it’s all yours.”

He laid me up against the wall and pushed his lips into mine; when I sank my tongue into his mouth, he moaned and pressed his fingers into my ass, too. “Sweet, Rob…fuckkkkk, yer good for me,” he ran his hands up over my chest, “So hot…so fuckin’ hot!”

I pressed my hands tight over his and walked him over to the couch; I pushed him back and dropped to my knees.

His dick, standing straight up, throbbed in my hands. His balls snuggled close to his body (maybe it was the draft), but they bulged inside the tight sac; the big egg outline begged for my attention. I teased with my tongue, sucking each with my lips. My tongue traced the vein and covered the shaft, before my lips tightened around it. Our eyes locked, while he gently pumped his hips.

He looked serious, “I’ve been thinking about this most of the week; you make me crazy insane. I want you in me, dude! I need you in me!”

I stood, unbuckled my belt, and kicked off my pants. When I peeled my underwear back, my dick bobbed free and his eyes locked. Within couple dozen or so strokes, a shiny drop bubbled from the tip.

He looked hungry and licked his lips, “Fuck, that’s hot…so fuckin’ hot…I need it! Please Rob! Put it in me…fuck me!” His tongue covered the tip and he stretched his lips to envelope the head. His mouth didn’t leave my dick, while he reached over to the end table (I thought he was fussing with the light) and returned with lube.

I wanted to cut loose and fuck his mouth so bad, but I knew I had to have it; I craved that hot, little ass, too much. He wasn’t alone, I guess; I needed it, too…I had to fuck that ass. His legs were pulled way back, ready for my advances and grinning, “Lube it good…it’s been a while…you know. Now, fuck me…now! Fuck me…put it in me!”

I started with a finger, spreading lube as I went deeper. When I added another, he clung tight and flexed; I thought to myself…fuck, I need to get inside that, like yesterday.

I pushed forward, rolling my hips into him, “Relax dude…I’ll take it slow.” Lust overwhelmed me, as I watched my cock split his cheeks; I pushed until it yielded to pressure of my cock and snapped tight around the shaft. When I was all the way in, I groped his cheeks and held tight. He squeezed tight on the shaft and moaned, as I started pumping. “Fuck…fuck…fuckkkkk…that’s good…that dick…Rob…I miss that big dick!”

I took it easy, until he started pushing back. He groaned. “Fuck me…fuck me harder…yeah…yeah…yeah…harder! Fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…fuck me!”

With that, I fucked harder, pulling out almost completely, and slamming back inside. My fingers spread his cheeks wider, so I could watch every inch, pumping into his body. I humped my body into his, penetrating deep into his belly. Humping into that beautiful, muscled ass, I guess I missed him, too…and I couldn’t hardly get enough.

That handsome swimmer’s-build…his Bomonti Escort Bayan chest and shoulders were something. I worked my hands over his athletic frame, grabbing hold and pulling his body done over my dick. “Fuck dude! I missed you, too…your smokin’ hot. Yeah…that’s it, buddy…uhhhh…uhhhh…take it deep…deep…deep in that ass!”

We moved together just as we had many times before; he moaned each time I buried it. I fucked hard into his moans, “Mmmmmm…yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…Rob, fuck me! Fuck me…fuck me hard!” He got louder, “Yeah, fuck me…make me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck toy…make me yer fuck toy! Mmmmmm…Danny doesn’t do this manly…uhhhh…uhhhh…fucking…a manly fucking like you do.”

Hungering for ecstasy, his body rolled with mine to meet my strokes. I gripped his dick and pumped wildly. It pulsed in my hand and he fucked back, slamming against me to capture every girthy inch he could get.

When he took over, jacking his dick, I grabbed his ankles, pushed his legs back and fucked hard.

He couldn’t hold back; the grip strengthened around my shaft and he screamed, “Yeah…yeah…Rob, fuck me…fuck me…use it…use my ass…make it a fuck toy…a fuck toy…fuck toy…yeah…cumming!” I slammed my hips against his, enjoying the tight bounce of his ass cheeks. The spasms grew, and he shot spurts of seed over his abs…it was beautiful to watch. I thought to myself…Karen’s really missing out.

When his orgasm began to trail off, the last of it slid down over his fingers. With my balls tightening and getting closer, I continued fucking my body into his. His chest muscles shuddered as he struggled to catch his breath.

He wanted me to cum and pulled his legs back against his shoulders. An intense pleasure forced deep groans from my lips, as I sprayed his insides and claimed his ass, yet again. I was still recovering on top of him, but our needs were far from sated; if anything, we craved more. It seemed like we needed to fuck, again and again, till exhaustion took hold.

“Dude, it’s creampie city back there,” feeling it trickle out.

I rolled off to let him take care of it and he came back with a big grin. He dropped to his knees, wiped ass off my cock and took it in his mouth. I moaned as he made his way up and down the shaft. He looked into my eyes and slowly eased his lips down the shaft, taking it to the limits of his throat.

He pulled back off, “Mmmmmmm…fuck, you’re nice! You know Karen’s gonna wanna watch?”

I grinned, “I know, I like this, and I miss that…too. Maybe we can get together in the future?”

His eyes grew, “Dude! Really…you want to keep hooking-up?”

“Yeah, that’s what I meant. I mean as long as it doesn’t interfere with things with Danny.”

“Under the circumstances, I think he’d understand. I mean you and Eric were seriously tight…no worries, dude.”

I pumped though his lips, increasing the pace and knowing, full well, we both needed more. I wanted to watch him lower himself onto my dick and ride. I wanted to bend him in half and pound away Escort Bomonti till he layered his face in cum. And I wanted to do it all for Karen, too.

Coming back to earth, I moaned, “Fuck that feels good, Jay…fuck”

He smiled up at me, “Ready for a cowboy ride? Maybe creampie me again?”

“Always ready. Let me sit up.”

While I lined myself up, he straddled and dipped just enough to take the head inside. “Fuck yer still tight…tight as fuck, Jay!”

The eroticism was intense; I could feel his muscle yield to my dick, as he lowered himself, to rest in my lap.

Once started, he clearly didn’t want to stop the relentless ride; riding, up and down, kept his dick, rock-hard and bouncing wildly. The lust in his eyes was unmistakable; he wanted it deep enough to feel like it was fucking through his entire body. He was slamming hard and barely able to steady himself. I tried to diminish his effort some, by humping up to meet him midway.

That went on for a long while; the room was filled with sex…moans, scents and passion. Red hot, swollen and irresistible, I finally grabbed hold of his big, meaty dick and stroked. I got a couple minutes in before his precum pearls glistened over my belly

Rob, that’s it…so good…so fucking good!’ he moaned. It came on fast…suddenly he stiffened and showered me. “Shit, cumming…I’m cumming…uhhhh…uhhhh…Rob…Rob…Rob!”

I got drenched, as if my dick had displaced or forced it out from inside.

I flipped him over to put him on all fours. I cut loose on his ass like never before; even after cumming twenty minutes earlier, I held it back and worked myself into frenzy. I knew the edging was past and couldn’t hold out much longer. “Jay! Fuck! Love yer ass…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…tight…so tight…always tight…fuck!”

“Cum inside! Fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…harder…harder! Fill me with cum! Breed me, dude…breed me!”

It was even better this time! It felt like seed was boiling up from my balls and scalding his belly. I let it all go, thrusting hard and flooding his insides like a hose. As the waves lulled, I slapped at his ass, “That is one hot fucking ass…fuck!”

When it was all over, I pulled out, withdrawing my sex-drenched dick from his freshly-fucked ass and flopping off to the side. He landed next to me, “Rob…let’s keep doing that…or please, let’s keep doing that!”

It was more than obvious he was smitten; Jay loved cock, especially mine. Whenever he could suck…ride…or fuck it, he felt like he was given a gift or a privilege. No matter how awkward or how much I missed Eric, I couldn’t say no to that.

Want to grab some dinner?

“Let me call Karen and see where she’s at. Do you think you could spend the night? She’s gonna ask…I know her.”

“I can call Tina…she’ll be okay with it. She understands how much Eric meant to me and being with you guys will be good for me…you know. But, dude, can you handle it? You won’t be able to walk straight, tomorrow.”

He laughed, “I’m good…just getting a second wind. I think it’s obvious; my ass missed you, too.

He pulled his legs back, “Look how happy…it’s smiling and that cum is tears of joy.”

I laughed, “I’m calling Tina, right now. I’ll tell her I need to keep your ass smiling…she’ll understand.”

“When she hears, Karen’s gonna love this, dude.”

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