Şubat 21, 2021

Influencer to Sex Slave Ch. 05

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Author’s note: This is erotic fantasy and completely fictional. The main character, Jack, is a fictional, generic social media star / influencer, and is not a real person. As always, would love to get feedback in comments and messages.

Today was Jack’s first day as a sex slave when his master was at work, and it was pretty eventful. He got a ton of embarrassing attention out in public wearing a slutty outfit, and then at the sex store the employee recognized him and played with him in the back room.

His master knew about it right away, along with his other two million followers, because the man recorded the whole thing and uploaded it.

“You’ve been a good boy today it looks like,” his master said when he came home. Jack was obediently on his knees naked waiting for him.

“Yes sir, it was really hot sir.”

“And how are you liking the chastity cage?”

Jack woke up to discover it this morning. He was blackout drunk when his master’s friend put it on him last night.

“It’s been driving me crazy, sir. I’ve been so horny all day, and it’s been days since I’ve orgasmed now even though I’ve had sex a bunch of times, and…” Jack trailed off, not knowing how else to express his sexual frustration without seeming whiney.

“What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without coming?” his master asked. Jack was still on his knees with his hands behind his back, and his master gave him no indication he should move.

“Well sir, back in my… ‘previous life’ I was trying to stay true to God and sometimes I’d hold off for a while. Maybe two months max? But it was easier when I could avoid thinking about sex. Now…”

“It’s all you think about, isn’t it slut?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, I don’t think your followers will want you to go two months without orgasming, so don’t worry. But I do think it’s important you learn how your orgasms no longer are under your control.”

“Yes, that makes sense, sir,” Jack says. He wants to ask how long he has to wait, but decides that’s none of his business.

“Okay, now get on the couch with your ass up. I want to pound a load into you before you cook me dinner.”

Jack gets right to it and climbs onto the couch on his stomach, pushes his face into the cushion, sticks his smooth ass up in the air, and waits patiently for his master’s cock.

His master sets up his phone to record the scene for Jack’s Snap story, and then proceeds to pound his ass until he pumps it full of cum, adding to the man’s cum from earlier.

“Thank you sir,” Jack whimpers into the cushion when it’s over.


“You’re becoming quite the domestic houseboy,” his master says as Jack is serving him dinner.

Jack smiles and replies, “You basically had to walk me through everything for this meal, sir.” He’s wearing just a sexy jock strap which he picked out himself for the evening.

“Well that’s true bitch,” he says, starting to dig in. Jack stands by patiently awaiting direction. His master adds, “You can have another soylent for dinner if you want.”

Jack hasn’t had solid food in over two days now, but he’s learning to deal with the dissatisfaction of it. He eats like he always does now: on all fours, ass up in the air, trying to slurp soylent out of a dog bowl in the corner of the dining room.

His master spends dinner venting to Jack all about people at the office. Jack sits there politely and nods, trying to follow along, although he’s finding his mind keeps wanders to sex. Finally the conversation turns back to him.

“So, I’m feeling pretty beat from work, but I have an idea for how you can spend your evening. Here are your orders. You are to share on your story that you are taking photo and video requests tonight, and that your only limits are no permanent harm and to stay inside the apartment.”

“Yes sir, that sounds great sir!” Jack is getting exciting thinking about being exposed on camera more.

His master ponders a bit more, “Also, I’m sure people will screenshot you plenty, but just to make sure it all gets spread online, save everything yourself and upload an album to the internet at casino şirketleri the end of the night.”

“Yes sir, good idea.”

“I’m feeling generous too because you’ve been so good lately, so after you fulfill a hundred requests you can post a poll asking if you should be allowed to cum tonight. Check it after thirty minutes and if people vote yes I’ll unlock you.”

Jack’s eyes get wide. He would absolutely love to orgasm tonight. But how would his followers vote? They may want to see him orgasm on camera again, or maybe they liked him being this crazy-horny and would keep him locked up. That was going to be a long thirty minutes.

“Yes sir, I’ll get started right away, sir.”

His master plops on the couch and turns on the TV, and Jack goes into the bathroom and takes a full-body selfie of him in his jock strap. He writes on the Snap, “My master says I’m taking requests tonight! I have to do whatever anyone and post it. Send requests!”

Then he heads into the bedroom and sets up his camera on the tripod. It’ll be much higher quality pictures than his phone, and he can still post them on his Snap story by transferring them to his phone wirelessly. He’s not even done setting up before the requests start to flow in.

“finger ur ass in that jock,” reads the first one. Jack thinks it’s not the most original, but it’s one way to get started. He lays on the bed with his legs above his head, lubes up a finger, and slips it into his hole.

As he’s doing it, he realizes this is actually his first time fingering himself. In his past life he wouldn’t have dared touch his hole (how gay!) and in the last week he’d been fucked by a ton of cocks, but never used his finger.

It feels good and starts to get his precum oozing out of his cage again, pooling in the jock strap. He records for ten seconds and then sends it to his phone and posts it.

Next up, “Suck on your big toe SLUT”

Something else Jack has never done. He sits up on the bed and pulls his foot to his mouth. His feet are kind of small at a size eight, but he thinks they look nice (he doesn’t know much about feet). He hesitates at first at the thought of putting his toe in his mouth, but the camera is rolling and Snaps need to be short clips, so he dives in. He runs his tongue all around the toe and then sucks it like he’s sucking his thumb.

He sends to his phone and uploads to his story.

“Say ‘I’m a gay homo and I love cock’ and then turn and slap your ass”

Jack locks eyes with the camera, says the line, and then turns around and gives his ass a slap. The sound bounces around the room.

“stroke your cock son”

“Sorry sir,” Jack types back to this one, “My master has me locked up. He may let me out later if everyone votes to allow it!”

“Piss all over yourself”

Jack had heard of “golden showers” before when the news broke about the president, but at the time him and his friends had laughed about how gross it was. But now this was his life. He takes the tripod into the bathroom and climbs into the tub, laying down and lifting his hips up so the piss will get on him.

It takes him a long time and a lot of focus to override years of mental training to pee outside the toilet, but finally the piss starts to flow, coming out of his locked-up cock and streaming up his chest, splitting around his neck.

He posts it and then rinses off in the shower, waiting for the next message.


Not a very actionable request.

“Lets see that buttplug up inside you again”

Jack had put the butt plug away in a drawer with the rest of his master’s sex toys (and there were a lot of them already…) so he digs through there and grabs a bottle of lube. He climbs on the bed and spreads his legs for the camera. He’s really come to know his hole and its new purpose over the past few days, and it’s easy for him to wedge it up inside him. For the last bit of the video clip he flips the remote on and the vibration starts.

The tingling sensations are washing over him again like when he was in the sex swing. He finds it hard to focus but he has to keep answering if he casino firmaları wants to get a chance to be unlocked. The next message orders him to leave the buttplug vibrating for the rest of the video clips.

The messages keep coming, and Jack records videos of himself in various poses, showing his feet again, then his armpits, and then slapping his balls for the camera. Others have him say lines to the camera, giving them shoutouts, calling himself a slut, whore, and cocksucker, and doing embarrassing things like sucking his thumb, oinking, and twerking his ass.

Jack gets into a flow, and although it takes an hour and a half, he finally uploads request number one hundred.

He’s laying on the bed, butt plug still vibrating in his ass, causing his locked-up cock to keep oozing precum into a puddle on his smooth skin. He takes a picture of his body like this, precum glistening, and posts it along with the poll. He then sets a timer on his phone for thirty minutes.

His heart is racing. He had assumed he wouldn’t be coming tonight, but now that he was given the slimmer of hope, he feels absolutely desperate. He knows the next half hour is going to drag on, so he tries to resist checking the results while he keeps himself busy. First, like his master ordered, he collects all the content he shared over the last few hours and uploads it as an album online. His follower count is going through the roof on there as well, and he admires the quantity of likes and comments his videos are getting.

It’s been fifteen minutes and he opens up Snap. His stories are getting thousands of views, more than he ever got in his past life, and people are actually watching through to the end. He flips through all the posts, watching some of his favorites and feeling his cock straining against its cage. He gets to the poll story and flips up the results. They’re pretty split, with 54% voting for him to stay locked up tonight.

He sighs, puts down his phone, and goes into the other room.

“Hey boy,” his master says without looking up from the game he’s playing. Jack snuggles up his naked, smooth body next to him, breathing in his manly scent, and watches him play.

Finally, Jack’s timer rings on his phone in the bedroom. He sprints to the other room, while his master pauses his game and lazily follows.

“Yes!” Jack screams, “They voted yes!” He’s never felt so excited.

“You’re a lucky boy,” his master says, “I assumed they’d vote ‘no’ because of how crazy horny it was making you, but we can’t disappoint your fans. Let me get the key, you get on the bed and start recording again.”

Jack’s heart is racing and his cock is trying to get hard, straining against the cage. He flips on the camera, bounces onto the bed, slips the vibrating butt plug up his ass, and waits. When his master comes back in with the key, Jack can almost hear choirs of angels singing “Hallelujah” like he’s back in church.

With a solid ‘click’ the key turns and the cage falls away. Instantly, his cock hardens up. Slowly, gentilly, he grips it with his right hand. Now that the moment is actually here, he wants to savor it. He knows he won’t last long.

“You have thirty seconds,” his master says, “I want to get back to my game.”

Never mind! Jack gets to town, furiously stroking, with his eyes staring straight into the camera.

It doesn’t take long at all before Jack is thrusting his hips high into the air, screaming at the top of his lungs, and pumping shot after shot of cum all over his smooth body. He twists and turns all around, feeling tingles spread down all his limbs.

What feels like an eternity later it’s over, and he finds himself panting heavily, with all of his limbs shaking, eyes-closed on the bed. The horny cloud that’s been in his mind starts to disperse.

“Good slut,” his master says, “Now eat up all that hard-earned cum.”

Jack feels a sense of shame rise in his chest. This was a familiar feeling, because he usually got it after giving in and masturbating despite what his church and girlfriend think about the subject. But this time the shame grows worse than ever, as güvenilir casino he reflects on all the depraved things he’s done over the past week and how it was all online for everyone to see. He’s having doubts about the promises he’s made, and then comes the sense of dread… what can he do with no money, no reputation, and his entire identity tied up in his master?

His master notices him hesitating to eat his cum and is getting impatient. “I gave you an order boy.”

Jack takes a deep breath and opens his eyes. His body is covered in cum, more than he’s ever made in his life, and it’s starting to drizzle down his sides onto the bed. He looks at his master’s intense gaze and doesn’t feel he has a choice, so with a big sigh, he scoops up a finger of cum out of his belly button and licks it up. He is starving, having only had two bottles of soylent all day, and the cum tastes really good and salty. He takes the next scoop.

“Be sexier for the camera,” his master states simply.

Jack forces himself to put on a cute smile and lick the next scoop of cum off his finger more suggestively, but he’s never felt less erotic in his life.

Finally, the entire experience is over. His master goes into the bathroom to get ready for bed, and Jack crawls under the covers naked. He drifts off to sleep wishing none of this had actually happened.


Jack wakes up the next morning to the sound of his own moaning blasting in his ears. He opens his eyes and sees a clip of his naked body getting pounded by his master from their first full-length video. The video is playing on a huge virtual screen floating in front of his face.

He tries to move but quickly realizes all his limbs are tied. He can feel that he’s naked and sprawled out face-up on the bed, but the device is covering his eyes.

“Good morning, slut, enjoying your new VR headset?” he hears his master say. The sound comes from next to him, but he can’t see anything outside of the headset.

“Um… it’s good sir,” Jack says. He tries to turn his head towards his master, but the virtual movie screen just follows him. In the movie Jack is masturbating after getting fucked and seems close to orgasm.

“I sensed some hesitation from you last night,” his master says, then pauses, waiting for a response.

“Uh… no sir what do you mean?” Jack lies.

“Don’t lie to me bitch!” *Smack* Jack feels his bare abs get hit by a ruler or stick and it stings.

“I saw it in your eyes. Don’t lie to me boy. But that’s okay, it’s normal to feel some shame after a big orgasm. I’m going to help you get over that though with some training today.”

Not wanting to get hit again, Jack confesses, “Yes sir, sorry sir it is true about last night. But I want to get better.”

“Good answer. A real sex toy like yourself needs to be willing all the time, even after cumming that much.”

He goes on, “So while I’m at work today you’re going to do some conditioning to make you a better cockwhore. You will stay mostly tied to this bed, with all sorts of videos from you online playing in loop. Every time your body is naked on camera, it’ll trigger your butt plug vibrating. Here, let me switch it on.”

Sure enough, Jack noticed the plug up his ass for the first time, and when the next video started playing (a short clip from last night of him pissing all over himself) the plug started to vibrate against his prostate.

Jack was, of course, hard this entire time.

“I’ll be watching you on the apartment cameras and a friend of yours may come by later to check on you and give you a pee break. Enjoy yourself.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir.” Jack wonders who this “friend” may be, but he’s distracted by the screen still. The video is now playing of Jack is getting fucked by the employee at the sex store in the backroom. His own recorded moans make it hard to hear his master.

“Oh and one more thing, open your mouth.” Jack obeys, then he tastes a couple drops of oily liquid plop on his tongue.

“Just some THC oil to get you to zone out and be in the right headspace.”

Jack panics a bit. He’s never had weed before. Even though it’s legal in LA, what would his church or family say?

“Have a great day!” and his master leaves him there, tied up, his own depraved porn strapped to his face, and the butt plug vibrating in his ass.

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