Ice Dreams

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Big Tits

It’s a lazy spring afternoon, and I’m lying on the old chaise lounge in the sunroom, having the most delicious daydream about spending the afternoon alone with him at my place. I’ve just met his plane at the airport after several months of living apart. Our first embrace, after such a long separation, has turned heads. I hear a child whispering to his mother, but can’t understand what’s being said because I am so completely immersed within his kiss. His soft lips upon mine render me incapable of thought as sweet strains of B.B. King gently fill the air from invisible speakers…

‘If you want my loving, if you really do
Don’t be afraid, baby, just ask me
You know I’m gonna give it to you…’

The short drive to my home is torturous. The sexual tension between us runs so deep that we’re barely able to complete the five mile stretch without stopping to share another kiss, another touch.

We found each other late in life, at a website where writers weave wonderfully provocative tales of their sexual escapades and fantasies. We were attracted to each other from the moment that we met on the bulletin boards – two people in their mid-40s, both having experienced many ups and downs in life. Marriage, divorce, children…yet, we were seemingly thrown together for a reason. Two souls danced upon the virtual beach that night, connecting in a magical way that would ultimately bring them together as one. We held each other close under the clear moonlit sky, and gently swayed to the honey-tinged voice of Sade…

‘When I was led to you
I knew you were the one for me
I swear the whole world could feel my heartbeat
When I lay eyes on you Ay ay ay…
You wrapped me up in The color of love’

As we enter the house, he quickly grabs me and overpowers me with deep, intoxicating kisses that make my head spin – and starts that familiar tingling so deep between my legs. Suddenly, I feel him covering my eyes with some sort of cloth. Nervously excited, I feel myself smiling as he ties it behind my head. As the blindfold robs me of my vision, it adds to my awareness of sensation. I feel myself shiver as he slowly runs his fingertips up and down my suntanned arms. otele gelen escort

Taking my hand, he leads me to the kitchen table and proceeds to bend me over it, my arms and legs spread wide apart. As he lifts my dress, I can feel the summer breeze as it dances across my bare bottom. I smell the scent of the fresh blossoms on the jasmine vine outside of the kitchen window, so sweet, almost heavenly. With a whisper light touch, he runs his hand over my ass… almost, but not quite ever touching that place where I need to be touched so badly.

“Don’t move an inch!” he says in a firm voice.

I hear him turn and open the refrigerator, and notice the familiar sound of the top being popped off a can of Coke. He’s closed the refrigerator tight, and opens a cabinet door to retrieve a glass. Opening the refrigerator once again, I can hear him filling his tumbler with ice. He pulls a chair up directly behind me, and I can tell that he’s just sitting there, staring at me in all of my naked glory. I’m getting antsy, needing to feel his touch so badly. With great anticipation I await his next move, and feel the sticky wetness begin to ooze from my cleanly shaven lips.

I hear him pulling the chair so close now that I swear I can feel his warm breath upon my skin. Softly, so very slowly, he runs one fingertip over the glistening wetness that now covers my soft lips. Then, it’s gone. Damn! I picture him smiling now, and sense that he’s really starting to enjoy this torment. A few minutes pass, and I hear the rattle of ice in his glass. Suddenly, I feel him moving a piece of ice around my bottom in lazy circles. Lingering at the small of my back, I feel a cold trickle of water roll down my crack, and it mingles with the wetness that has begun dripping from deep within me. It’s an incredible sensation, the ice cold water being warmed as it runs over my lips. Upon reaching my clit, it has just a faint bit of coolness left. I’m savoring every incredible moment in my mind. Maybe I’m enjoying it too much, for he suddenly withdraws his hand.

Five minutes must have passed while he sat silently, staring at my ass, his gaze so intense mecidiyeköy escort that I could feel him looking straight into my soul. Now he’s started lightly grazing my bottom with his warm fingertips, drawing imaginary designs in my mind. As he gently traces the trail of the water that ran down between my cheeks, I try to open myself up to his fingertip so I can feel it inside of me. Whack! One of my cheeks is suddenly reddened by his hand. I find myself having to catch my breath from the surprise, but it makes me want to feel his touch even more.

“Be completely still,” he says sternly.

‘Oh no,’ I think to myself, ‘I just blew it!’

How right I was. Ten minutes pass as I wait quietly, hoping to feel his hand on me once again. I’m so wet now that my juices have begun to run down my thighs. He sits in silence, smiling as he watches it roll… one inch, two inches… halfway down to my knee.

A familiar rattle comes from his glass of Coke, and I hear him set the glass down on the table next to me. With one hand he gently spreads my lips, and with the other runs an ice cube from my clit backwards. Now he’s drawing circles on the inside of my lips with the piece of melting ice, making them unbearably cold as the water runs down my legs. He suddenly stops, and swiftly thrusts two fingers deep within me while stroking my tight anal opening with the thumb on his other hand. Rigorously moving his fingers about, he touches every part of me and can feel how feverishly hot I am inside. God, he’s driving me so incredibly close to the edge of orgasm. I’m so worked up that I push back against his fingers, yearning for him to take me with them. Smack!

‘Damn,’ I think to myself, ‘I did it again!’

He withdraws his fingers and leaves me aching to be filled. His hand lands on my fully exposed cheeks with a resounding smack, and this exquisite torture continues again and again. I feel the heat spreading, and my ass is completely on fire now — so beautifully reddened by his loving hand.

I hear him rise from his chair, and he begins to caress my smouldering ass while admiring his handiwork. I feel him remove one hand, and hear cold türkmen escort metal clanking as he unbuckles his belt. Then, the sound of his zipper being undone becomes music to my ears.

“Please, Sir, please fuck me now!”

I hear myself sigh as he starts to torture me with ice once again, sliding it over my clit and between my feverish lips. I wonder if he’s enjoying this, feeling me become so rabid with desire. He must have sensed my need, for suddenly the ice is gone and I feel the hot, rock hard head of his cock sliding back and forth between my lips. Feeling the heat of his cock against my cold skin makes me shiver with anticipation. He pauses at my slick opening, and pushes just the head of his cock into me… then stops. I squirm under his weight, wanting to feel him push all of the way inside. Smack! That one stung so badly that it brought tears to my eyes. He withdraws his cock, and once again starts chilling my lips with the ice. He pauses to slide the cube over my clit again, and I almost scream out in agony.

“What’s the matter Darlin?” he says wickedly. “Tell me what you want.”

As if in a dream, I hear myself saying “Oh God, would you fuck me, please?”

He does nothing, and returns to his ice play. Suddenly, I’m completely overcome by the feeling of frigid ice against my delicate skin and moan loudly.

“What is it, Angel? Tell me what you really need. I want to hear that sweet voice of yours telling me exactly what you need!”

He begins probing my lips with the head of his cock again, and I want to feel that heat inside of me so badly. Teasing me, torturing me, I dream of him taking me hard and fast.

“Please! I need to be fucked so badly!”

He withdraws again, and coldly shouts “Tell me, Angel! Tell me what you really want!”

He slips a freezing cold sliver of ice inside of me, and I can’t contain my emotions any longer.

“Fuck me! Oh God, please fuck me!”

He forcefully thrusts the entire length of his hot cock deep inside of me, his balls slapping my swollen clit repeatedly as he urges me on.

“Cum for me, Baby! Cum for me now!”

Clenching his cock deep within me, I scream wildly as I begin to cum for him.

“Oh, God! Take me, make me yours!”

I’m literally shaken as I contract violently on his cock. Fucking me zealously through my orgasm, I suddenly feel his burning hot seed explode deep within me… searing me with his desire as he possesses me completely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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