Haziran 12, 2020

Humiliating Ways to Make Your Slave Masturbate

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Humiliating Ways to Make Your Slave Masturbate
1. The slave must eat his own cum. To my mind, this is a basic requirement, omitted only when Mistress is feeling merciful. Not only is it very humiliating for most men, performing such an act immediately after coming, when desire and therefore submissiveness is at its lowest level, is difficult for many. Drinking it from a cupped hand and licking the hand clean is the simplest method, but squirting into a shot glass, drink, or cup of coffee can also be fun.

2. When the slave has not come for a while, Mistress gives him a choice just before a meal. he either can expect an additional prolonged period without orgasm, or he must squirt all over his meal before eating it.

3. A variation of this was offered via e-mail after this list was first posted: The slave’s meal is the leftovers from Mistress’ meal, the plate is placed on the floor before he comes onto the food, and he must eat like a dog, without utensils or using his hands.

4. Previously, the slave has saved his cum in an ice cube tray. (For a full-sized cube, several orgasms would be needed.) Mistress has him suck on the cum cube while he masturbates. he must prove to Her with open mouth that the cube is completely gone before he is allowed to climax.

5. The slave must come repeatedly into one of those plastic forms for making a Popsicle. After it’s full, when Mistress wants to humiliate him severely, She makes him suck and lick it until it’s all gone. If they’re into Her having lovers or being served by other slaves, he must suck on his “cumsickle,” sitting in a chair with all but one arm tied up, watching Her receive Her pleasure.

6. The slave must masturbate lying on his back, with his legs raised and down over his head (yoga “plow” position) so the tip of his cock is as close to his face as possible. (Extra points if he can suck his own cock!) he must come all over his face. Place a towel under his head to take care of misses.

7. Same as above, except the slave must come into his open mouth. Mistress watches closely, and slave gets 10 strokes with the riding crop for every spurt that fails to get into his mouth.

8. Being allowed to lick his cum off his Mistress body is such a treat that it makes the task of consuming it almost pleasant. For maximum humiliation, She can require him to squirt directly into the depression of Her asshole as She holds Her cheeks apart. Then he must lick up every elusive drop. The disadvantage is that She cannot see his humiliation, but this can be overcome by having him perform before several spectators who can describe the action to Her and jeer him.

9. slave must come all over Mistress’ largest dildo. Then he must lick
it clean, just as if he were cleaning a real cock.

10. slave masturbates wearing an unlubricated condom. When he’s come,
he must carefully remove it, not spilling a single drop. he kneels
before Mistress, hands Her the condom, and waits with his head back and
his mouth open. Mistress turns the condom inside out, emptying it into
the slave’s mouth. Then She drops the rubber into his mouth. he must
suck on his “cum-gum” until all his spending is recycled.

11. slave must masturbate with nipple clamps on. If She cares to
participate, Mistress ties a thong to the chain between the clamps and
jerks on it to encourage Her slave. Of course, She forces him to keep
stroking himself for quite a while before She lets him come. If he loses
his erection, he is punished. If he comes too soon, he is punished
*VERY* severely!

12. Instead of, or in addition to, the nipple, slave must wear one or
more clothespins or clamps on the front of his tongue. After he’s
allowed to orgasm, and has eaten his cum, he must pleasure Mistress as
long as She likes with his sore tongue.

13. Next is a rapid orgasm game, best done when the slave has come
fairly bahis siteleri recently. (If not, Mistress just makes him climax once, eat his
cum, and the games continue.) slave wears adjustable nipple clamps that
are *VERY* severe at the tightest setting. he begins with them fairly
loose, but at the end of every minute he fails to come, Mistress
tightens the clamps a half turn.

14. A plastic bag or an empty two-liter pop bottle is attached to the
clamps. For every minute the slave fails to come, a certain number of
pennies is put into the bag or a measured amount of water is poured into
the bottle.
15. The slave must wear a weighted ball parachute. Weights are added if he takes too long to come. One easy way to do this is attach the two-liter bottle and fill it in stages. If his jerking off doesn’t make the weights bounce enough to amuse his Mistress, She applies Her riding crop to his stretched balls. Then he’ll dance for Her!
16. The slave must masturbate while kneeling or standing barefoot on a rice-covered hard floor, or on upturned bottle caps.

17. Once he’s gotten his cock hard, the slave must coat it with a mentholated gel or “deep heat” muscle rub. Once the rub is on, he must put on a condom and continue masturbating. Experiment to find out which varieties the slave can handle and in what quantity. If his cock is too tough for the rub to burn enough, try his worthless balls!

18. Be very careful with this one; experiment cautiously before using it in play! This is another of the “escalating pain” scenarios. slave lies on his back. An electric iron is placed on his stomach. he is given the command to jerk off at the same time as Mistress plugs in the iron. Since a very gradual increase to unbearable pain is wanted, Mistress must unplug and replug the iron repeatedly. Depending on the power of the iron, something like 15 seconds on alternated with 10 seconds off might be about right. But put Your own iron on Your thigh and check it out first!

19. The slave has as many minutes to orgasm as days since his last come. If he came yesterday, he must come in just one minute! If it’s been a week, seven minutes. If he fails, he is punished severely. A good lesson for a slave who complains that he doesn’t get to come enough! Of course, this whole thing is at his Mistress’ command, so he can’t wait for his hornyness to build up enough to make it easy.

20. Mistress rolls three dice. slave must come before that number of minutes (3 – 18) or be punished.

21. Same as above, except that slave must come *EXACTLY* at the required number of minutes. One stroke of the riding crop for every second early or late.

22. Nothing is worse than *HAVING* to come and not be able to, especially when you’ll be punished for the failure to obey. If Your slave complains about not being allowed to orgasm often enough, take one die. The number You (or he, if You wish him to determine his own fate) roll is the number of times he *MUST* orgasm. Then roll two dice. The total is the number of minutes he has for reaching each climax. This scene can range from the luxurious — two orgasms, 12 minutes for each one — to the impossible: six orgasms with two minutes for each. A variation is to use three or four dice for the second roll and the number rolled is the total time for all the orgasms. Either way, failure to make the deadline, or to come the required number of times, must be punished.

23. Here’s another way to create a challenging deadline even for a
slave who’s not been allowed to come for some time. Mistress rolls three
dice. The resulting number — 3 to 18 — is divided by the number of
days since the slave has climaxed. This is how many minutes he has to
come. Thus, if the roll is 4 + 3 + 5 = 12, and the slave has not come
for 20 days, he has 12 / 20 = 0.6 minutes = 36 seconds, to jerk bahis şirketleri himself
to orgasm. No matter how horny he is, can he do it? If not, he must be

24. Before the slave begins, he is given a glass filled with Mistress’
golden nectar. he must hold a full mouthful in his mouth without
swallowing while he masturbates. When he comes, he must swallow the
nectar before eating his own cum. As a variation, he might be required
to drink his own nectar instead of his Mistress’.

25. slave is required to squirt his cum into the nectar that remains in
the glass. Then he must drink it all.

26. slave is given a large container of nectar — either saved up in
the refrigerator, Mistress’ mixed with his own, or the nectar of several
Mistresses — and must drink it all before being allowed to come.

27. slave masturbates while lying on his back in the bathtub. When he
comes, he squirts all over the front of his body. Mistress then rinses
it off him . . . with a golden shower. The tub drain is closed, and the
slave lies in the nectar for a time while he contemplates how lucky he
is to have such a thoughtful Mistress.

28. Once again, the slave is in the tub with the drain closed — and
perhaps a very full bladder after being forced to drink lots of fluids.
he must piss all over himself, then lie in the pee while he jerks off.
Maybe he needs to lie there until he can rinse himself off with more

29. For more liquid volume to use in any of the above pee games, make
the slave piss into a “slave toilet” — a gallon glass jug with a funnel
in the top. (The wonderful web site of Mistress Patricia, of this list,
currently has a great picture of Her slave doing just this.) Save all
day, or for several days until full (refrigerate between fillings if you
do this), then pour it instead of, or in addition to, fresh Mistress
Nectar or slave piss. The humiliations of having to pee this way, and
also knowing the eventual use of the piss, are powerful additions to the
process leading up to the final disposal.

30. It’s humiliating to have to masturbate for your sexual satisfaction, particularly if you must put on a show. It’s also humiliating for a “straight” man to have something up his ass. So ass play and jerking off is a perfect combination. For starters, make the slave masturbate with a butt plug inserted. If you have a dildo you can mount on a board, have him “ride” it up and down while he jerks off.
31. For more intimacy, make the slave insert a finger of his non-active hand up his own ass while jerking off. Glove and lubricate for safety.

32. Same as above, except the slave must use the hand he normally jerks off with on his ass. The clumsiness of a right-handed slave trying to masturbate with his left hand must be seen — or experienced — to be believed!

33. If She has a strap-on, Mistress can fuck Her slave while he jerks off.

34. Make the slave masturbate while holding in an enema. He cannot release it until he climaxes and eats his cum all up.

35. As noted above, for most men, masturbation is a humiliating way to be forced to get sexual satisfaction. Even more so if others are watching. So increase the humiliation by inviting several woman friends over to observe the fun. If they’re not really into the Scene — but can be trusted to keep their mouths shut — even better. Many women are constantly pressured by their mates to have sex when they’d rather not. Even if they’re “straight,” a lot of them probably would enjoy watching a humbled male jerk off for their amusement, then eat his own cum!

36. To make the humiliation even greater, make the audience a mixed male and female one. With a little coaching, they can jeer at the slave, commenting on his useless cock, nonexistent manhood, and generally pitiful situation.

37. If Mistress is a member of a BDSM social/party canlı bahis group, She can make Her slave’s masturbation a central entertainment of the party. he is in a darkened room, spotlight on him, while he jerks off and eats the result. (No one in the group will ever take his claims to be a “switch” seriously again!)

38. Another way to increase the humiliation is for Mistress to be pleasured by another man or woman while Her slave must masturbate. Depending on their personal sex-with-others limits, Mistress can satisfyingly — and loudly! — get fucked by a lover or another slave, or receive oral worship from a man or woman. All the while, She points out to the slave that She can get pleasure from sex with other people, while he has to provide it for himself, and even then only when She is generous to allow it. Even if they have limits that rule out sex with anyone else, Mistress can use a vibrator or dildo, all the while comparing the satisfaction it’s giving Her to the uselessness of the slave’s puny cock.

39. Masturbation in each other’s presence is an excellent way for a Mistress to get Her slave used to interacting with another man. If safety concerns permit, Her eventual goal should be for two (or more) male slaves to “put on a show” for Her by stroking and sucking each other. There’s *NOTHING* more humiliating for a fully heterosexual man than to be turned into a slave cocksucker for the amusement of his Mistress and whomever She chooses to share the spectacle with — and therefore no more powerful way for a straight sub to prove his obedience and submission. To start, make them jerk off while facing and watching each other. Mistress makes humiliating comments throughout.

40. Combine the above with any technique previously described. Make them jerk off using their “wrong” hands with the other up their asses. See who can swing his ball weights most spectacularly.
41. Have a contest to see who can come first. Winner gets to worship Mistress’ pussy; loser gets whipped, then must sit and watch the other two with a butt plug up his ass and nipple clamps on. If it’s been a while since either has come, make them each come once first, to get the edge off their hornyness, then have the contest.

42. Each slave gets one of Mistress’ feet. Each must jerk off on his foot, then lick it up. If all participants are certified safe to everyone’s satisfaction, make each slave lick up the other’s cum.

43. If safety concerns limit each slave to eating his own cum only, many amusing games can still be played. The slave Mistress wishes to humiliate more must squirt on the other slave’s ass, then lick it off. Licking his own cum out of deep inside another man’s ass crack and around his asshole is even worse. Perhaps the other slave should be worshipping the Mistress with his mouth while the humiliated slave must lick his ass. What an ordeal if the cum licker regards himself as the primary slave and the pussy worshiper is only an “occasional”!

44. One slave gets himself hard, then puts on a condom (nonlube for best taste). The other slave then must masturbate and squirt all over the first slave’s cock, as with the dildo in #7 above, then lick his own cum off the other slave’s rubber-covered cock. A safe way to receive the humiliation of being a cocksucker as well as a cum-eater!

45. Once they’ve become a little more comfortable masturbating in each others’ presence (if they get *TOO* comfortable, however, much of the fun is gone for the Mistress!) the slaves must masturbate one another at the same time. Each catches his own cum in his free hand and eats it. Or, if both are safe, each must eat the other’s cum. With more than two slaves, one Mistress or a group can set up Her own circle jerk.

46. Same as above, except as a contest. Both slaves try to get the other to come; both try to hold back their own orgasm. The loser is the one who comes first. Maybe the loser has to take one stroke of the crop for every second longer the other slave can hold out. Maybe the winner gets to worship Mistress’ pussy. Maybe both.

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