Haziran 13, 2020

He who waits.

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He who waits.
Lunchtime comes and my Daughter and her mates slip away from school for soda and sandwiches at our home. My god, they sure are good looking 6th formers. One of the girls,Kathy really does something for me. Wow, what a cute face and looking fit and cute in her neat uniform.
I can,t help but imagine her bouncing on my cock or peeling her panties off and rimming her. Sadly it will have to remain a fantasy,one that enhances my edging sessions when she has returned to class. I carry that image for years,I have even used it while screwing my Wife. Fast forward eighteen years and who turns up renting a house two doors away, yeah it’s Kathy. Fuck me she’s looking as fit as fuck. Apparently she has split up with her partner and making a fresh start.
Being the perv I am I start looking out for her at every opportunity. Just a glimpse of her sets my cock tingling. Within months we are pretty friendly and my Wife suggests I help her when her car doesn’t start one day. That opens the door to opportunity. Is she falling into my lap or is she after me. This smiley, sexy,yummy mummy of two starts having a lot of problems around the house and calling on me. She is really chatty and friendly, always close by when I am putting right these little problems which soon become apparent are manufactured by her.
On a weekend my Wife is away she rings me asking if I could pop over and re tune her TV. I tell her it should be easy enough to follow the on screen prompts but she goes all helpless woman on me,acts dumb and suggests it would be better if I did it.
I turned up, she let me in and she looked stunning. Imagine it five,five 120 pounds blonde hair and gorgeous fuck me blue eyes. She had on a figure hugging pretty floral dress, tights and smart heels. I told her she was looking good and asked who the the lucky guy was. Her reply was like an electric shock right through my body. It’s you!
Without another word she moved in closer and gave me the güvenilir bahis siteleri most delicious and sensual kiss. I pulled away. For years I had dreamed of a moment like this and now it happened thoughts raced through my brain.
She must have seen I was a little stunned, took me by the hand and led me to the couch. She handed me a glass of wine and sat opposite me.
We talked of her early visits to my home in her school days, how she thought I was a lovely man then and having got to know me as an adult had come to fancy me in a, older mature man kinda way. I had to confess I quite fancied her when she used to come around in her little uniform.
We were soon opening another bottle and the chat became more suggestive. I knew then if the chance arose I was going to fuck her that night.
Where are the k**s tonight? She has two young Daughters. Oh they are with their Daddy for the weekend. That’s cool is all I could say.
More wine flowed and I was getting as horny as fuck. I went and sat beside her expecting to play the softly softly long game but she just came out and said I want you to take me to bed. I need a man tonight. She rose from the couch took my hand and led me upstairs. Once in her bedroom we turned to each other and I pulled her close to me and let her feel my erection through that fuck me,yummy mummy dress. We kissed,deep french kissing. God, how am I twenty two years her senior here, embracing this beautiful,mature woman. She soon found my crotch and started running her fingers over the material. I too was exploring her silky thighs in her sheer tights which I soon discovered were hold ups after all. We still stood facing each other looking into each others eyes without a word as I traced around the edge of her panties and over her labia.
I gently eased her back onto the bed,pulled up her dress and traced my way up both thighs with my tongue. As my tongue reached her panties I could smell her sweetness tipobet and easing my tongue under the edge of the panties introduced my tongue to her sweet,sweet pussy. She was murmuring and sighing. I eased her up off the bed and slid her sexy Lacey powder blue panties down over her thighs and removed them.
I got onto the bed and we went into some lovely deep french kissing as I traced her clit and pussy lips with my fingers. She looked a little shy ,embarrassed even. Maybe she had imagined this for years. She got up onto her elbows and told me it was her turn. I quickly lost my jeans and trunks,sat up on my knees and let her get her first glimpse and feel of my hard cock. After a few strokes she picked the pre cum off the end and then began to explore my shaft with her tongue. Before long she was wanking and sucking it in a way I had never known before. God, you beautiful creature where did you learn to give head like that. I controlled myself for a while but had to stop her. I am a one pop guy and this had to last. I was in heaven this night.
I would have loved to fuck her as she lay in her dress but tonight I have to have you naked. So I roll her over, unzipping the dress ,kissing her back and neck as I go. My hands are caressing her small sweet breasts and teasing the nipples with the palm of my hand before gently easing her onto her back and admiring her slightly flushed face and her smooth skin as she gently wanks my cock.Her pussy is a delight. Beautifully trimmed and glistening inviting me down to perform the art of cunnilingus on her.
I still cannot believe that this is happening, many years of dreaming such a time and it’s actually happening. She opens her thighs for me and I start by kissing her inner thighs before picking the length of her labia like my favourite ice cream. I start gentling tongue probing the hole and before long I am giving her as much tongue as possible. Her cunt is so warm,wet and moist I tipobet güvenilir mi just have to bury my head in it. Before long she is clamping my head between her thighs begging me to stop as she will come. This is it sweet,sweet Kathy come on my tongue and face for me. She starts to writhe and suddenly reaches a prolonged climax. Fuck me, that feels good to do that to her.
After a pause and a sip of wine as she gathers herself I tip a little wine over her left tit and proceed to lick it off. I repeat this with her other breast in my mouth. She starts to play with my cock again and it isn’t long before it’s fully erect and bursting again. She pulls me off the bed and kneels before me slowly wrapping her lips around my cock. It really is sensational.This beautiful,pretty,petite blonde kneeling in front of me looking up into my eyes as she wanks and sucks my cock.
Oh god Kathy I have to fuck you soon or I will blow my load over your face. She has such a peachy smooth ass I want to doggy fuck her. She bends over the edge of the bed and I give her some finger play getting closer to her sweet ring as I go.This doesn’t seem to bother her so I lower myself to my knees and kiss her ass cheeks moving in closer.As I close in she spreads herself more,I can see she is playing with her clit so I go for a good rimming. God she seems to like this and buries her ass deeper in my face. I cannot control myself much longer so get up and finger tease her pussy before easing my cock into her. This girl can fuck she backs onto me and I am balls deep in her. Will she take a finger up her ass.Should I try. I keep fucking her and spit on her little ring and gently play around her asshole.She is pretty stoked up so carry on the more I fuck her the more she seems to want and at that point she takes my finger right up her ring piece. This tips me over the edge and I cum, shooting hot spunk up her sweet,sweet pussy.

Fuck me what have we just done, my daughter’s friend the schoolgirl that was. We collapse onto the bed and I just hold her in my arms and she strokes my chest. Not too bad for the first one was it she says!
Seems there will be more jobs to do around here. Hope the Wife goes on her weekend away again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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