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Gwen: The Pregnant Pissmop

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The story of a lover and scarvesGWEN : THE PREGNANT PISSMOP

(This is the fourth of a series of five stories and I would recommend you have read them before this. Thank you to everyone who has sent me feedback on them, it has been very positive I have tried to include a few suggestions).


It was a brisk spring day as I walked in the Park. It was mid-afternoon and the sun shone brightly on the path that I and Gwen were walking along, hand-in-hand. Yes, that Gwen. Gwen, who I had dated and been dumped unceremoniously by in High School. Gwen, who years later I had paid tiny fees to humiliate and turn into one of my video ‘pissmops’ (along with her beautiful younger sister, Sarah).Gwen who, it had dawned on me was addicted and incredibly turned on by watersports and humiliation. Gwen, who six months previously I had fucked and impregnated on screen at the conclusion of a film. Gwen, who was now heavily pregnant and who, I realised, I was falling in love with more than anybody I had ever met before and who felt the same for me.

Yes, I reflected life was good just now and looking like it could only get better. We were at the furthest reaches of the park and with it being a weekday and well after lunch it was relatively deserted. With birds twittering at us as we passed we headed in contented silence towards the old stone building that lay 200 yards further on at the conclusion to the path.

It was an old style public toilet block. They were outdated now, replaced by cleaner, more sanitised, less daubed by graffiti ones replete with a guard (usually an old bulldog of a woman reading a dog eared paperback!) that you had to pay to use. And they say progress is a good thing! As we drew nearer the black holes that represented the entrances to both the male and female side seemed to grow and become darker and darker. I knew from previous visits that the male block had a row of five cubicles, each in various states of distress and a long, tiled, once white, urinal trench. It would be the male side we would be entering today. Already inside should be my cameraman and he should have the lights all set up for a super show. We passed Mike (my helper), on lookout for any unwelcome visitors about 50 metres from the block but as I said, it was rarely used nowadays so that was unlikely.

Gwen was super radiant this afternoon. She had allowed her gorgeous horse chestnut coloured hair to grow longer again (after I had shaved her bald almost a year previously for a film) and it lay spread out across the bare skin of her neck and upper reaches of her back. She was wearing a voluminous summer pregnancy dress decorated in bright coloured flowers.

She was looking and feeling better than ever as we approached the foreboding stone building ahead. With a quick, furtive glance around I led her by the hand inside and immediately we were surrounded by the colder atmosphere and the cloying, sticky aroma of decades of piss going through this building. Were it not for the arc of bright light the cameraman had set up at the far end of the building by the urinal trough it would have been dark and gloomy but the fact was those self same lights meant that the cubicle nearer the entrance were shrouded in even darker shadows.

Gwen hesitated slightly; I could feel her tense up a bit. I squeezed her hand in reassurance and she smiled at me and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. She would be fine.

Essentially what was going to happen was that Gwen would strip naked and kneel down next to the urinal trough then a succession of men would come in and unload their full bladders over her. After that the blocked drain in the trough should be nice and full and she would make a big show of drinking greedily from it. The whole scene would be all the more kinky and erotic for the fact she was pregnant. We had advertised on my company website for our fans to contact us to get the opportunity to piss on a pissmop and had had a very strong response. We sent out the time and place they should be there and here we were waiting for our first fan. It was 2.30 and they were each spaced five minutes apart and had their invites to show to Mike outside to get entry. If they were early then they would wait inside the building so as not to attract undue attention.

With just the camera man and me there, Gwen tugged the dress up and over her head, handing it to me. I took it and took a minute to admire her body. Her chest was even more magnificent now that she was with child, her large, natural bahis firmaları breasts that bit more fleshy and suckable. She was wearing neither bra nor panties today so after kicking off her white training shoes she was stark naked as she knelt on the discoloured cream tiles in front of the urinal trough. She looked up from the hard floor and met my eyes and I couldn’t help bending and kissing her on the lips as the camera rolled behind us. Then we heard the sounds of shoes clicking on the hard floor behind us.

We turned to view the newcomer and saw immediately that this was likely the first time he had come across a naked woman in his life. He was your stereotypical nerd, anorak, thick glasses, pretty much what I had been when leaving school. He had claimed to be 25 online but looking at him 21 was more likely. As I pointed the way to Gwen and she looked up smiling I told him “You know what to do son.”

And that he did know, though he nervously fumbled with his zipper before whipping out his cock. It was stiffening by the minute, a problem I found when dealing with amateurs and he stood only a couple of feet away from Gwen and began straining. Far all his straining nothing was coming out and as we encouraged him to relax and take it easy I heard more steps behind us, god, a backlog already! Then just as Gwen opened her mouth to no doubt further cajole our first fan on his cock suddenly jumped into life, sending a powerful spray of yellow piss all over her unready face and a fair dose into her mouth. She coughed and spluttered at her salty mouthful and dipped her head involuntarily and he splashed the last of his piss payload into her previously perfect hair. I turned to find contestant number two watching the sight in awe and already releasing his dick from his pants.

The first guy finished up quickly and shook the last drops out on Gwen’s already saturated face then seemed to get real embarrassed and couldn’t get out of there quickly enough. This second guy seemed much more relaxed and confident, he was tall and dark skinned and looked to be mid-forties and almost as soon as he had his dick in hand he was spraying my lovely Gwen with his nectar. He was a natural at it, gushing his urine evenly over her features, hardly wasting a drop, the liquid spilling from her face into the ceramic trough below her. She gave him a piss-addled smile as her thanked her timidly and left.

In all that afternoon we had twenty three ‘visitors’ of all shapes, sizes, ages and colour. They were all men and without exception I believe they all got their rocks off pissing over Gwen, I know I did watching it unfold before me. There were several no-shows, to be expected I guess, but with the light receding outside I instructed Gwen to get to work on the trough before we had to go.

Gwen had a dreamy, happy look across her face as she stooped forward (her heavy breasts rubbing along the piss coated tiles) and as the camera took in this video golden moment she dipped her head toward the trough. It had filled up nicely with the pungent yellow liquid and our blocking of the drain had worked a treat, hardly letting a single drop escape. This time Gwen wasn’t to drink it down but she would be doing plenty more. Her saturated hair hung around her face as her chin hit the surface of the piss stream and she opened wide to take a large mouthful of it. She closed her mouth holding it in there and resumed her kneeling position while the camera focused on her smiling face. She parted her lips slightly and what a breathtaking sight to watch the captured piss course steadily from her lips and trace a path down the contours of her curvy, pregnant body.

It dribbled down her dimpled chin then dropped down to her sternum before coursing through the valley between her two heaving breasts emerging at the bottom and flowing steadily over her distended stomach, pooling in her belly button before continuing to her crotch. The stream of urine continued until it hit the short bristles that constituted her pubic hair. Really it wasn’t until the full mouthful that Gwen had taken made its journey over her body before there was sufficient liquid to force its way through her bush and mingle with her pussy lips before dripping suggestively back onto the tiles. All together it was the most perfect and beautiful sight I had every shot and I stood transfixed as Gwen dipped her head four more times into the trough to repeat this process.

One the next mouthful I told Gwen to keep the piss inside her mouth kaçak iddaa and rather than allow it to escape from her mouth as before to tilt her head back and to spit it up and out of her mouth, similar to a whale expelling water though it’s blowhole. She spat her mouthful up as far as she could and the spray splashed back onto her upturned face tremendously. I had her do that a few times and contemplated dubbing the song “Raindrops Keep falling On My Head” onto the soundtrack.

I could see that Gwen was beginning to tire so I quickly moved to the final part of this video. From my pocket I pulled out a pair of white cotton panties and threw them to the kneeling Gwen.

“Gwen, I want you to dunk them in the trough, get them nice and wet now.”

She followed my instruction and seconds later she had in her hands a soggy, wringing pair of not-so white panties.

“Now slip them on honey, you can wear them home.”

With a cheesy grin upon her face she slowly rose to her feet and fitted her feet into the correct holes and in slow motion for the camera pulled them up her beautiful legs and pulled them tight around her ass and pussy. It was getting dark outside now and we quickly got packed up and Gwen flung her dress back on. Believe me, she wore those soaking panties all the way back to the studio.

We left the park hand in hand and I reflected on how our relationship had grown and changed since Gwen had first re-entered my life and I had taken such glee debasing her on film. What I hadn’t realised, and I don’t believe she had either, was how much she revelled in that treatment. Our shared fetish for watersports had grown beyond that of a way to make me more money.

The irony of today’s shoot was that it should have been Gwen’s sister, Sarah, in that public toilet (and believe me we had a few more extreme things arranged for her!). Gwen had to step in and save the day when Sarah pulled out last week. That in itself is a story worth recounting……..

Two weeks earlier and I stood chatting with Gwen on the set of my latest film “Pissmop Latreen”, she was just helping out and watching as only weeks earlier we had decided she should call a halt to her career as a pissmop until she gave birth to our child and felt she could return. Her stunning younger sister (who was equally as perverted and turned on by watersports and humiliation) was starring in this film. It was a pretty simple affair, we had modified a toilet so that it fitted perfectly around Sarah’s pretty face. Her naked body lay on mats under it and the base was carefully supported. You lifted the seat and looked down upon the forehead, eyes, nose and mouth of Sarah and then urinated into it. The base was sealed perfectly and Sarah had to gulp it down like the piss guzzling bitch (her own words) she was.

This was to be a special video as I had arranged for the pissers to be all women, which I thought was a nice twist to proceedings and I found the cast from many of the previous pissmops I had used in my films. We had special constructed lighting and camera’s inside the bowl to capture Sarah’s treatment and things were set for a great film. There were ten girls in total and one by one the were filmed walking up to the bowl, taking down their trousers/skirts and squatting down, the view then cut to inside the bowl and one by one they pissed on Sarah’s clear, smooth features. Feeling daring she had her mouth open as the girl above her started pissing and usually the stream hit the mark and disappeared down her throat. Of course some missed and her face got a nice soaking. Each of the girls as they sat over Sarah would play either with her nipples of pussy as well.

Unfortunately the last girl to go was Betty. Betty was a big girl and I had shot a specialised film called “Chubby Pissmops” with her and it hadn’t sold too great. She had been back onto me wanting to do more shoots as she wanted the cash but really I wasn’t too interested. And of course Gwen and Sarah had come along to grab my attention. Betty had pestered me a few times at the offices and during one such encounter when I was out had fallen fowl of Sarah and the two had a pretty hated name-calling argument. But nobody had thought to tell me about it, so I had no qualms in hiring Betty for this shoot and poor Sarah never knew who it was lowering her ass onto the toilet seat.

I think Betty had loaded up on curry and prunes and ice-cream beforehand and indeed when I watched the film back she was looking a mite uncomfortable kaçak bahis as she walked towards the bowl. Sarah had no idea who the girls were and lay there with her mouth open hoping to catch the next stream of piss as Betty sat down with some satisfaction. She took a firm grip of Sarah’s erect nipples and began twisting them roughly as we started hearing worrying rumbles from the bowl. Following several further hideous noises it became clear what was happening and we rushed to pull Betty away but it was too late and as we pulled her away and looked down at Sarah, it was a pretty gross and disgusting sight.

So for now Sarah was taking a break and had no wish to make further films and Gwen had stepped into the breach to save the one.


Three months after we finished the film in the park Gwen gave birth to a baby boy, Mark. I was a father and couldn’t be happier. I grew even more attached to Gwen and knew what I had to do.

So it was that another three months on and I was strolling through the same park hand in hand again with Gwen. Mark was with Auntie Sarah and we were enjoying the Autumn morning sun. I think we both realised that we were in love and we made our way slowly through the park in companionable silence. Suddenly she squeezed my hand hard and looked up at me and said.

“Oh, I need a piss!”

We were miles away from the toilets and besides I think I saw a gleam in her eyes that I was starting to recognise (and like). Tugging me urgently by the hand Gwen half ran, half trotted off the path and into the trees and bushes. The thought of watching her take a piss here started getting me hard. We came to a small clearing a small distance from the main path and Gwen obviously couldn’t contain herself any further and in one practised, fluid movement she hauled her jeans and panties down and squatted over a square of cement next to a drainage cover. She could easily have pissed onto the soft ground but I think she wanted to do it on the cement to watch it dribble and pool and stream over it, I must admit I wanted to see it as well.

Within seconds of her squatting there I heard a burst of noise from between her legs followed immediately by the unmistakable noise and smell of fresh piss hitting cement. Gwen looked up and had the biggest smile of relief and pleasure that I think I’ve ever seen on anyone’s face. Our eyes met and together we traced the progress of her piss across the flat surface and streaming off it and into the woodland. It was too much for me to take, I whipped down my trousers and began to masturbate as she continued this long piss.

Gwen was getting off on the scene as well and she looked up through eyes squinting in concentration to barely whisper to me “Piss on me, piss on my face.”

I wanted to keep tossing myself off but damn this was about Gwen and instead I began to force my cock into a position where I could urinate. It was a struggle, my body tried to change but it was a while after the last drops had fallen from Gwen that at last a thin steak of yellow burst from my cock and fell just short of her face, instead splashing a dark spot onto her plain red top. After that the dam burst and a huge deluge of piss burst forth from my cock to spray right over her smiling face.

From there was no stemming the intense flow of my piss as it hit Gwen’s face and sprayed over her mouth, her nose, her eyes and her hair. She took some into her mouth but the majority of it flowed over her chin and ran down her shirt leaving a dark trail all over it as throughout Gwen met my stare as if goading me on to piss harder and more. I couldn’t keep it going forever though and as the yellow stream reduced to a slow trickle Gwen bent forward and took my penis in my mouth to fully catch the last few drops of my urine, sucking them in gently as I looked down into the big, unmistakable whites of her eyes.

It was such an intensely erotic moment for us that I couldn’t help but fall to my knees before her as she released my spent cock from her mouth and holding her eyes with mine I spoke in a voice trembling.

“Gwen, my love, I’ve grown to care for you more than anybody I’ve ever met and feel it must be that we spend the rest of our lives together. I want you in my life forever, I want to be your husband, Gwen will you marry me.”

I’m sure there were tears forming in the piss that covered her eyes as she nodded vigorously and spoke the word “yes” even though no noise came to my ears. Ecstatic I leaned forward and pushed my lips onto hers and kissed her piss soaked lips as hard and as lovingly as I ever had any in my life.


One more part to come, entitled “Gwen: The Pissmops Wedding & Honeymoon”. Thanks for all votes and comments.

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