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It started innocently enough. I write for a living, and often do interviews for various story ideas. This time it was for a series of short stories depicting the world of the gothic set, so called vampires and the like. If I got enough information I planned on turning it into a full novel. I interviewed dozens of young people, some simply into the whole thing as a way to shock their parents, others truly living the lifestyle.

Then he came. Tall, lean, powerful, beautiful. His hair was down to his firm ass, jet black, shining in the waning light of the setting sun. His eyes were a startling shade of green, glowing from his clean shaven, pale face. He spoke with a voice soft as silk, deep as the ocean. I was shocked at the tingle that ran down my spine. I am well past thirty, sliding rapidly towards forty, a BBW… leaving off the second ‘B’ in my own opinion. Hair once a vivid red, now mostly silver and eyes of a muted green. He looked at me that first evening as if he knew me… knew my inner most secrets. He was young, twenty-five. Yet he seemed so wise, as if bearing a very old soul.

We talked for several hours, me at my computer typing away as he answered every question I put to him. He sat in a chair beside me, serene, looking almost amused. After he left I had to masturbate several times to ease the surges of passion left in his wake. I was embarrassed and confused. I had not been with anyone in some time, men do not flock to the door of a fat lady… but never had simply talking to a man affected me so profoundly.

Days past, I was lost in my work, creating images of their world with my words. Imagine my surprise when the phone rang and it was him… calling to see if he could come over for a visit. I said yes, not bothering to hide the surprise in my voice. I worked for a short time after that, then went to try and relax in a hot bath. I found myself using scented oils, letting my waist length hair dry naturally and leaving it loose. I bahis firmaları felt like a pretty young girl, awaiting her date. I dressed in a mid-calf length dress of soft black velvet, no shoes and to my own amazement… no panties or bra. I chided myself for being a foolish woman but I could not stop the pounding of my heart as I heard his boots on the front steps.

He smiled at me, reaching out to touch my cheek gently. “I missed you” He said and leaned in to kiss me, lips warm, soft. Before I could react he was taking off his leather trench coat, revealing a metal mesh shirt and tight leather pants, a chain of shining metal acting as a belt. I was stunned and said as much. “Why did you kiss me?” I asked as he guided me into the living room, hands strong and warm on my arm.

He smiled and sat beside me on the sofa, one finger trailing along my velvet clad thigh. “I have been dreaming… of you in my arms, moaning as I made love to you… begging me for more when I tied you to your bed to tease you until you weep with need. I like large women, older ones rather than younger… I love the wisdom in their eyes, the rich tones as they cry out from the pleasure I bring them. I have been waiting for the one… the one that would make me dream….”

I was enthralled by his voice, by the touch of his hand on my leg. He kissed me again, tongue teasing mine as his large hands caressed my breasts. I moaned and melted into him, shaking hands gripping his shoulders. He lifted the hem of my dress, teasing up my inner thigh slowly. When he reached my wetness I cried out softly, legs opening wider for him. He pressed two fingers into me as his thumb rubbed my swollen clit. I was not aware of my body image as I usually was during sex… the rolls of flesh, the stretch marks… the scar from an emergency hysterectomy. All I was aware of was him, his hands, lips, voice. I climaxed violently, screaming out his name over and over.

He smiled as he helped me kaçak iddaa to my feet. His erection stained against the tight confines of the shining black leather and as we made our way to the bedroom he walked behind me, pressing against my buttocks. I was dizzy with desire, nipples taut, wetness flowing from me. His hands with their sharp black nails grasped my waist as we walked, lightly digging into the material of my dress, pressing against my skin. He undressed me with gentle care, kissing, caressing my heated skin. When he laid me onto the bed he took off his chain belt, and silently wrapped it around my wrists, attaching it to the metal frame of my king-sized bed with a small lock. I trusted this man… why I didn’t know. He brushed his fingers over me lightly, teasingly. I was moaning, writhing as he left not an inch of me untouched.

He lowered his head to let his silky hair trail over me. I was wild now… moaning loudly, hips rising and falling in hopes of being touched. He whispered in my ear softly. “Not yet… wait my dream… soon.” He undressed in front of me, muscles rippling like a young god. His erection sprang free, long, thick, beautiful like him. He traced patterns on my skin with his nails, leaving red welts as he pressed just hard enough to make the pain part of the intense pleasure.

“Please!” I begged. He kissed my neck and then moved to suckle my nipples, nipping and flicking them with his tongue. He spoke not a word as he kissed down my body, biting me and leaving small dark passion marks behind. My body was on fire, a thin sheen of sweat covering me. He, on the other hand was calm, cool, his pale skin not even flushed. Only his eyes and his erection betrayed his need, his desire. Those glowing eyes seemed to fill his face, gleaming with an other-worldly light. His erection twitched, a clear drop of pre-cum peeking out from the tip.

He licked the out lips of my womanhood lightly, then paused. He slid from the bed and ignoring kaçak bahis my cries of frustration padded into the bathroom, moving with animal grace. He came back with my razor and my shaving gel. He set them on the bed and left again, returning with a bowl of warm water and a soft cloth. He shaved me gently, pausing once in a while to tease my clit.

It was so erotic to feel the cool metal of the razor gliding over my flesh, to watch the rising passion in his eyes as he left my skin silky and bare. He wiped me clean with the warm, wet cloth and after putting everything away he came back to me and smiling, lowered his head between my quivering legs. His tongue probed me tenderly at first, teasing, exploring. Then he nipped at my clit lightly, making me jump and moan. When he thrust two fingers inside me as he sucked hard on my clit I wailed like a mad woman.

He brought me to the edge and stopped, positioning himself over me. With one hand he took the lock key from the bedside table and released my hands. Then with a moan slipping past his lips he thrust into me, sheathing himself fully within my aching wetness. He nipped at my lower lip before whispering. “Show me how good it feels….” I dug my nails into his back and slammed my hips upwards, nearly sobbing in raw pleasure. He sank his sharp white teeth into my shoulder as he moved over me. The pain blended with the pleasure and I thought I would pass out from it all. But I didn’t, instead I writhed and thrashed beneath him as he drove me into one earth shaking orgasm after another.

When he finally climaxed he cried out my name reverently, shuddering and moaning. He lay atop me, panting softly as he held me tightly to him. I stroked his soft hair gently, mind unable to form coherent speech. He raised his head and kissed me, looking into my eyes. “I will move in tomorrow, I will help you write by making your words into art. I will never leave you or need anyone else… you are my dream.”

It is three years later. He sits beside me, pencil in hand as he draws my words. He looks at me and smiles, pausing to place a kiss in my naked breast. No one understands our world, but that’s okay… it’s our dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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