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Good Neighborly Living

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Good Neighborly Living
Good Neighborly Living

By: Londebaaz Chohan

This new couple; John and Lilly moved next to my house about 2 months ago. First there was a bit hesitancy but soon the ice melted and we were good friends. John had just graduated from college and married his class mate from college and I was about 3 semesters behind in graduating from the very same school they had graduated from. They were happy to know that instead of wasting my lottery win money; I paid my college dues and tuition fees in advance and with rest of the money, I needed no loan or mortgage and I bought this 2-bedroom house, which I had been thinking to rent out the unused bedroom to the 2 of the college boys who could easily be settled in the one big room; other than the one, I was using for myself. It did not take long for Lilly to get to run the area mall and spend all day shopping, the most unwanted and useless items.

One Saturday, when Lilly was already gone out of home; John saw me in the back yard and asked me to come over; if possible. He said he had cold beer in the fridge and also had the big bottle of Beefeater Gin along with a JW Black bottle of scotch. “We can sit here on the patio and shoot the breeze”, he said. In about half an hour, I went over and John greeted me. He was wearing a tight pair of shorts and no shirt. I did not want to stare but he looked like he had just been riding an exercise machine, he was so sweaty. His abs were tight and I could even see a huge bulge pushing out the groin area of his shorts. Naturally, John got me excited a little.

As we stood in the living room, holding our beers, John stood quite close to me, making me a bit nervous. Just casually, John asked me if I was still looking for 2 college boys as my tenants and I answered in positive. To this he asked a kind of strange question, “Have you always thought of sharing with other men”, He asked.

I did not understand him. “What do you mean”, I asked.

“You know, man to man, sharing each other”, he answered with smiling, dancing eyes. Then he put his bottle on the table and put his arm around canlı bahis şirketleri my waist. I was almost frozen on to the floor. He leaned a bit and kissed me gently on my lips. I was shocked and could not quite decide what to do. I could feel his tongue, trying to pry open my mouth. I opened my mouth and our tongues touched each other. From there on, it was all robotic and fast. He pulled me to him with his arm already around my waist, as we were caught in hot kiss and grinded into my crotch. I could feel my cock coming to life very fast in my pants. After a few moments, John broke the kiss and pulled back from me and hard pulled his shorts down to the floor. His cock came out. It was straight and erect. Then with no words but kind of in a hurry; John pulled my shirt over my head and then with a flow, worked my pants and then the underwear to my ankles. There we were; both standing face to face, with our cocks at attention very proudly. I remember, John had to pull me down to the carpet on top of him.

Our stiff cocks were kind of in a sword fight and rubbing eagerly with each other. Once again, John found my mouth and we were kissing. I simply was just like a zombie and could not figure out, what was happening; I could not figure out why my dick was hard or how hard was it. Suddenly John spread his legs and as I was on top of him, my balls slid down fast and my cock moved right between his ass cheeks. As we shared a kiss and our bodies moved, my cock head rubbed up and down his channel. John quickly put his legs around my back and started rubbing his needy, hungry area at my hard meat. There was nothing secret, what John wanted me to do but I just could not bring myself to doing it. Sensing the situation, he reached down, held my shaft and brought it directly to his opening.

“Help me, Jaxon; Please do it. Push it in”, he was pleading me.

With that, I simply could not stop myself and pushed my hips into John and felt the tip of my cock head slip and enter his ass. O’ fuck!! John was tight and it took me a while to be into his ass to the hilt. He canlı kaçak iddaa was hot like a ready oven and my bone was in for roasting. I could sure feel his ass muscles groping and gripping me tight and in an attempt to avoid harsh gripping, I did what was obvious and started thrusting in his manhole. John was screaming so loud as I ponded his ass that I thanked Lord, with each thrust that we were alone. After taking a brutal thrusting for about 5 minutes, his hole did loosen a bit, he released his legs from around my back and pulled them to his chest. I pushed his legs further up, raising his hips and his ass in the air for me to get in easier. Now I took hold my cock shaft and hard pricked his hole once again, continuing to fuck him like a pig in heat. We were both moaning as we fucked there on the living room floor. I was using long strokes, only making sure that my mushroom shaped cock head stayed inside John, before I just rammed in back instead of slipping out of his hole. I drove far deeper into his rectum, over and over like that. I surely had never experienced a woman’s pussy as tight as John’s ass, making me fuck him relentlessly with a rough and raw passion.

It must not be more than 10 minutes but surely felt like an hour; I fucked John on the living room floor. I was sweating, I was gasping, my balls were hurting after repeated slapping against his ass cheeks for over a 1000 times, making me feel that I could not hold much longer. My cock was trying to get out of control. I ended up thrusting in John’s tight oven for an ass, a few times more and then erupted like a volcano of warm man seed bursting like a fire hose in power and force. John felt my gummy, viscous, hot offering and accepted it with screams of joy and pleasure. Somehow, I just could not stop thrusting in him and kept going like a warrior bull. For a nice finale, John’s tight ass griped me and milked me of all the juices left in the pipes, till I was limp and fell out of him. With that all of my sperm and slush came gushing out of John’s ass down to his ass cheeks.

After cleaning canlı kaçak bahis up we went to the bathroom for a wash up. As I was dressing, John sat on the sofa and started pouring Gin for him and Scotch for me in the glasses. Soon we were sitting and talking about what happened. John confessed that he had been with a couple of guys from the college and also couple of men out of college but nothing on a regular basis. For the last few months, when they were busy settling here in this house and saw me as the neighbor, working in my backyard, he decided to make a move on me. I very honestly told him that, I had a bit inkling towards the ass fucking but the fantasy was never realized until few minutes ago. This was the start of a regular thing between John and myself. We began inventing ways to be together on the weekends particularly.

As soon as Lilly shunted out for her shopping sprees and luncheon extravaganzas, we would get there at John’s place or mine; whichever we thought was more secure and safe and I fucked John for hours of multiple sessions. Rarely but sometimes we made believe certain circumstances to get to a motel room for a weekend, especially on the long weekends. John taught me many ways to make love to men without hurting much or let me say without hurting more than necessary. He showed me how to use lubes, cock rings, balls straps, poppers and much more. He trained me to fuck another man in various positions and always stressed to use the position that I preferred better and convenient for me to thrash and stroke harder and deeper in him. Of course for ass fucking, doggy style became my favorite but not to discard the John’s favorite; riding my horse or to fuck him bending against the wall or sofa. John loved to be vocal, cussing, making noise while asking for harder, deeper and rougher, faster fucking till I germinated his ass canal with my seed. He always preferred to be called as my ass whore. Many a times we lost tracks, how many loads of cum; I dumped in him making his ass raw till it was ready to be used on next weekend.

John has repeated many times to move in with me if Lilly ever got suspicious and asked him to move out and I have also given my silent and whole hearted approval to the proposal but we know to be more careful than possible.

The End. Tour comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan June 7, 2019.

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