Garden Spot

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I was raised in South Mississippi, Near a town called Ten Mile, a town so small that if you blinked while driving through it, You missed it, literally. We were dirt poor, like most everyone else around, but there was love in abundance. My parents worked as much as they could to feed the 6 kids, I was the next to youngest.

Grandma took care of us during the day, at least those of us not in school anyway. She was the nicest lady you ever met, always smiling and always something good to eat in her house. Paw Paw, the name we called my Grand Dad, worked until late evenings around the farm, sometimes he would let me go out with him to plow the fields, teach me the way to feed a family he said.

Sometimes we would stay the night, Paw Paw would let me chew some tobacco and on a good night, I could smoke his pipe. I usually ended up puking my guts out, but I never stopped trying it. It was at their house when I was introduced to Pornography, they didn’t know it of course. And Paw Paw would’ve whupped me something fierce if he knew I had found his stash of dirty pictures in the barn.

They weren’t the kinds of pictures you see now days, they were old black and white ones, some even came from France that he got while in the War. I loved looking at them, all the different sized ladies, some had hairy underarms, and all had hairy privates. They all looked like they enjoyed being naked in them too.

I enjoyed looking at them for years until I come of age and joined the service myself, I ended up going to fight in Korea until I was wounded and shipped back home. But that was after I had experienced what those Korean women had to offer, for a price! I had a girl back home that had let me get some before I left, so I was anxious to get some of what everyone said those Korean women had, and what I was told had been the truth, they could make you feel like you had never felt before, all for less than a good meal back home.

I got back home and settled down to what was expected of me, farming, wasn’t a glamorous life, but it was an honest one. Shortly after I got home Paw Paw passed away, it was a sad day for our family, he was the Monarch of our clan, and didn’t have one enemy I knew of. Since it was late winter I kept an eye out on Grandma, going by to check up on her everyday, sometimes having supper with her, but mainly making sure she was doing alright.

She had gone through Paw Paw’s old things and asked if there was anything I needed, such as his work clothes and things. I got what I could use and thanked her. Even in her grief, she still wore her smile.

One thing I didn’t tell her I wanted, was those old dirty pictures I knew he had in the barn. I went to the barn, climbed up the ladder to the loft and found the old trunk he had up there. Opening it up, I found what I was looking for, the shoe box, filled to near bursting with his old pictures. I was tempted to open it and do what I had spent many an afternoon doing when I was younger, but I could wait.

Getting home I opened the shoe box and sorted the pictures out, starting with my favorites and going down. Not forgetting these pictures were now 15 years older or so since I had found them, but still as exhilarating as the day I first viewed them. I looked through them and was soon touching myself, taking my time, I flipped through them until I found one that I truly liked, them let loose.

Summer was soon on us, and I had been looking over some land I wanted to buy, there was one little spot in it that was a piece of Heaven for me. One Saturday I went to look it over one more time before putting in my offer on it, I liked it because not far from it was a small stream, do some swimming or you could catch a fish or two if you wanted, I did, then went to a pleasant spot and started a little fire, cooked and was fixing to eat one when I heard someone coming up on me near the edge of the woods.

It was a young lady, around 5 years younger than me, long brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a body to die for, Her light dress flowed around her, and it looked as if she was walking on air as she approached me. I stood up and introduced myself to her, she said her name was Alex, short for Alexandria. I told her my name and invited her to some fish, she accepted, we chatted about little things, we had a lot in common I soon found out, one of which was we both loved this place. I told her of my interest in buying it and a frown came across her pretty face.

“Oh.” she said sadly.

“Why the sad face Alex?’

“Well, you being a farmer, I can only guess you’‘ll plow all this up for bottom land.” Her brown eyes saddened at the thought.

“Aww, Heck no Alex, Ain’t no way I’d ruin this place for that, if anything, I’d put a lil cabin over yonder, close to the spring so totin’ water wouldn’t be such a chore. But that’s about all I would change.”

Her face brightened at the thought and said, “I always thought if I had this land that’s what I’d do myself. It’s such a piece of Heaven, ain’t no reason to ruin it.

Dang, she used the same tuzla eve gelen escort term I had about this place, I asked her why we never met before, me living there all my life, I knew most everyone around these parts.

“My family moved here round about a year or two ago from down south, below New Orleans, I don’t know many folks around here, we don’t get to town much, and ain’t much for Church going.” As she explained this to me, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. We talked a couple of hours or so, then she said she should go, I asked if I could see her sometime again, maybe I could take her to town to a dance or something.

She smiled at me as she walked away, “That would be right nice of you Walter.” And I watched her hips sway as she left. This was one of the nicest days I could ever remember having in my life, and was totally an unexpected pleasure for me. I eased on towards my Ma and Paws house, Alex was deep on my mind as I did, “Would sure be fine, having a woman like Alex waiting for me at home at nights.” I said out loud to myself . Would be fine, but I don’t think a woman as pretty as her would want a dirt poor farmed like me for her man.

The following Monday, I went in to town and saw the banker about that piece a land, banker told me the price and it was in my range. I ended up buying it that day with my Military pay that I had saved up. I walked out of that bank smiling like a Possum in a hen house, a rich man in a poor land, I even had some money left over to build me a small cabin. I couldn’t wait to tell Alex about it, I hoped she would be as happy about it as I was.

I didn’t see her there the next weekend as I was putting out stakes, laying out the site of the cabin. Was the only bad part of that day for me, Next week I started getting me some lumber and such and was soon building my new place. It would sure beat the shit out of living at Ma and Paws, wouldn’t be much, but at least it would be mine, bought and paid for, not owing the bank a damn dime on it.

I had the walls up on it when Alex finally came by, I told her what I thought about the insides should be like, she gave me some ideas and we mapped them out in the dirt as we sat there talking, her legs crossed and her dress was riding up her thighs a mite high for these times, but I wasn’t gonna complain, she does have some nice legs.

I had to get back to work building the cabin, so Alex said she should go on home, I reached down and took her hand to help her up, and when I pulled on her I caught a flash of her breast, my ole pecker popped up like a bird dogs tail when it found a flock of quail. I did all I could to hide it from her as she left. Shoot, it had been a few months since I last had me a woman, and I was in dire need of one soon.

I got to her house Saturday evening round 6 and we loaded up in my old car, got in to town and had supper at the local diner. Was a nice enough meal then we went on to the dance, when we walked in I saw all the guys eyes go to Alex, you could read their minds as she walked in the room. You couldn’t say what they were thinking in mixed company, but you knew what was on their minds.

I found her to be a wonderful dancer and even though I didn’t want too, I let some of the other fellows have a dance with her, I saw a couple of them whisper in her ear, she soon had enough of that and you could see the disappointment in their faces as they sulked off in search of another girl. After about two hours we decided to leave, I stopped by a man’s house that I knew made some moon shine and got me a jug, took a sip and smiled.

I drove to my place and we sat in the car talking about what our expectations of life and how we hoped it would go for us. I wasn’t surprised to find she had high hopes, not after know of her upbringing, one thing about being born poor is you didn’t want to stay that way. Not that it always worked out, but you had the dream.

One thing that did amaze me was Alex asked for a swig of that shine I had, she took a big gulp and almost coughed it up. I had to laugh at the face she made, she told me it was the first time she ever had any, and I could tell. We sat there talking until almost 11, before I drove her home, having just met her parents, I sure didn’t want to get them amd at me for getting her home too late.

I walked her to her door and told her what a wonderful time I had being with her and hoped we could do it again soon. She blushed and told me the same thing, I was turning to leave after saying goodnight and she called me back, she leaned on her tip toes and gave me a kiss. I got as giddy as the first time I saw those old pictures of Paw Paws when she did. On the way home I didn’t feel one of those bumps I drove through I was feeling so great. I got home and went to bed, the last thought on my mind was of her.

It didn’t take much more to get the house to where I could move in, it wasn’t near done, but it was dry and I could cook and bathe in it. I had the basic necessities there, I was fixing to get started tuzla otele gelen escort working on it again when I heard a knock at the door. It was Alex, red faced from the heat and sweaty, her light dress clung to her like a wet glove.

“Hi there Alex, come on inside. Want some cool water?” I asked.

“Sure, sounds great, thanks.” She replied as she came in.

“Whatcha doing out these ways today girl.”

“Just came by to see how its coming along for ya here. Looking mighty fine.” She said as she looked around.

We sat at the table drinking the water and she looked over towards my bunk, my gaze followed hers and damn if I didn’t see that old shoe box of dirty pictures showing from under the edge of the bed.

“What’s that?” She pointed to the shoe box.

“Ain’t nothing Alex, just some old pictures, nothing that would interes you.” I tried to hide my embarrassment as I lied.

Before I could stop her she was over there grabbing the shoe box, “No Alex, don’t open that!” I cried out, she face showed the shock at my sudden outburst, “Uh, I mean, there ain’t no pictures of anyone you know in there.”

She had the curiosity of a cat though, and opened it, a few of the pictures fell out on the floor. She bent over to pick them up and her hand stopped like she was reaching for a cotton mouth snake. I saw her eyes as she saw the pictures, then she slowly picked them up. Looking in the shoe box, she saw all of the dirty pictures in it.

I knew this would be the last time I would see her again, once she knew I had those. Not many good girls would stick around a man who looked at them. But she surprised me when she said, “I heard tell of pictures like these before, but never knew they were real.” Her face reddened as she spoke, “Dang them girls aren’t shy are they.” Then she laughed.

I had to laugh also, if for no other reason than to hide my shame and embarrassment. She never hesitated as she began to flip through them. “Uh, Alex, you don’t need to see that, come on, put em up.” I told her. She just kept her eyes on those pictures, one after another she flipped through them. I caught her breathing getting a little faster and more labored as she was about half way done looking at them.

“Dang Walter, what’s that there?” she pointed to a woman with a home made dildo sticking in her privates. “Alex, I shouldn’t outta tell you that, it just ain’t proper.”

She giggled and shocked me telling me, “I had something like that once, but my Maw found it and whupped the tar outta me, then threw it away. Told me I’d burn in Hell, if I was to use such contraptions. Said only one thing goes in there, and that’s a man’s thing.”

Hell, I was redder than an Albino with sunburn when she said that, She looked at my face and burst out laughing. “Shoot Walter, ain’t only them girls in pictures got them things, I been to New Orleans before, I’ve seen some things there that would curl your hair if this makes you blush.”

I asked her again to put them up, but it seemed she liked looking at them, almost as much as I did. “What do you do when you look at them Walter? Play with your pecker?”

I could have died when she said that, Shit, girls didn’t say things like that, from the way I was raised. “I ain’t gonna tell you something like that Alex, Shoot girl, you out not to be looking at that stuff anyway, now give em here.”

She took one and shoved it down her dress top, “Take em from me then!” She said defiantly with a smile on her face and a gleam in her eyes. I was at a loss at what to do now, I put my hand out, palm up, and asked for them once more. Giggling she jumped up and ran for the door, I chased after her and caught her as her hand touched the latch to open it. I turned her towards me and she pressed her warm, soft lips against mine, Our tongues fought to see who’s could touch more of the others.

I wrapped my arms around her and hers reached behind my back and pulled me to her closer. I ran my rough, work worn hands down her back, feeling the strength in the muscles as I reached the curve of her butt, then further down until I could grasp her buns tightly in them. I felt her grind her hips forward, and my newly formed erection was pressed on to her belly. We kissed like we would never get the opportunity to ever do this again, our hands running over each others bodies, the warmth of them as we did only urging our passion on.

I took my lips away reluctantly and took her hand, then led her to my bunk, it wasn’t like some high dollar hotel, but it would do for now. She lay on her back as I lay prone on top of her, my leg between hers, her crotch making small movements against my own. I touched her firm young breast, feeling the hard nipple in my palm, I squeezed it lightly as her breath came faster. A slight moan escaped her lips as I kissed her neck, then up to her ear, sticking my wet tongue inside it.

I unbuttoned her dress and exposed them to my view, they were lovely, not too small and firm, the pink tips waiting for my tuzla sınırsız escort hot mouth to engulf them. They didn’t wait long, I lowered my eager face to her chest and inhaled her right breast, Alex had her fingers in my thick hair pulling me closer to her breast. I ran my tongue around the edge of her waiting nipple, feeling goose bumps rise from her as I flicked the tip of it, my hot breath spreading over her chest.

She ran her hands down my back as I moved to the other breast, gently biting the nipple, she gasped when I did that, her hips moving faster, trying to burn my pants off from the friction. I stopped the lustful attack on her breast’s and pulled her dress over her shoulders, down her body until finally reaching her flared hips, she raised them to allow me to pull the dress down and finally off. I stared at her wonderful body, everything about her was exuding sexuality, from the way her breast’s stayed from on her chest, the way her stomach heaved from her breathing, the way her hips flared out from her tiny waist, down to her beautiful thick hairy bush covering the nether lips I longed to see.

I kissed my way down her body until I reached her hairy dark haired bush, I looked up at her face and saw her eyes closed as she waited for my next move. I kissed her inner legs, lightly nibbling on the flesh there as her hands returned to my hair and held me there. I licked around the nether region, making sure not to touch my ultimate goal just yet, I wanted the tease her, make sure it would be good for her.

When my thick tongue finally slid along the outer lips of her honey pot her back arched upwards and her hips pressed out, I felt the slickness as my tongue ran the length of her pussy, the slick wet lips opening with ease as the flat of my tongue pressed against it. Ales opened her legs wider giving me complete access to whatever I wanted from her, I took advantage of it and began to give her what we both wanted, an orgasm to remember.

I was amazed at how fast she began to cry out my name and how hard that girl could pull on some hair as she fucked my face, grinding her hips to my lips, crushing them against her nether lips. I never heard a woman come like she did, happy I was away from anyone so they could not hear her as she came.

“Oh Yes Walter, eat my pussy baby, make me happy. Oh shit, yes, there, right there, lick it good.” She was crying out in her ecstacy as her hands grabbed the sheets and closed tightly, bunching them up in her palms. Her legs pressed around my face as I licked her clitoris roughly, then putting my lips around it and pulling on it softly with them. Alex came once more as I continued licking and biting her pussy, Her breath came in great gasps, so fast In fact, that I was concerned she would hyperventilate.

I raised my head and glanced at her spit slick pussy, the hairs plastered on it from both her own juices and my saliva, “Shit Walter, ain’t nobody ever done that to me before, I never knew it was so wonderful.” She said softly.

I rose my body up, watching her as I did, her dark eyes staring dreamily at me as I took my shirt off, when I stood to undo my pants Alex reached over, ran her hand over the lump in them, giving me a small squeeze then undid the buttons on my jeans.

Once undone, her he hands worked my jeans over my hips and down my legs, I felt her hot breath on my hard on as she did. Raising her face level with my erection, I saw her stare at it as it bounced with each beat of my heart. Her warm hand enveloped it, the feeling was exquisite as she slowly began jacking it off as she looked at it. I saw a glimmer in her eyes as she squeezed a drop of pre-cum ooze out the end of it, she touched it with her fingertip, smearing it over the ehad of my hard on, amazed at its slickness, then she surprised me by putting her finger to her mouth and sucking it off her full lips surrounding the tip of her finger. I watched her as it happened, her eyes lit up in wonderment as she got her first taste of a man’s fluids.

Then she moved her face forward and licked the tip of my dick, running her hot tongue under the head of it as it twitched from my excitement. Her eyes closed and she put her warm lips around the head, then slid her face forward until I felt the head of my dick hit the back of her mouth. Her fingers wrapped around my hard on and worked in unison with the movements of her head as she began to slowly suck on it. For never having done it, from what I could gather, she sure did a fantastic job of sucking on it.

I put my hands on her head, feeling how soft her thick hair felt as she made love to me with her mouth, I never forced her face to me, even though the feeling was there to do so. I stood there with my eyes closed as I revelled in the moment, Only a woman in love would do such a thing in those day’s, that or a whore, and Alex was no whore.

I felt myself as the feeling grew in my balls, and told her how I felt, not wanting to do that in her mouth by surprise and ruin the moment.

She slowed down for a second, but didn’t stop sucking, the pressure was building by the second and I knew I could not last more than a few seconds more as I felt the tingling in my nuts. I forced myself to pull out of her mouth, Even thought I wanted, No, Needed to cum, I wanted to do it inside her womb, not her beautiful mouth. At least that could come later, I wanted to be inside her now!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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