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My sexual addiction came at a very young age. I was finally able to experience the opportunities and pleasures of women. Now i hadnt yet had sex with a younger female, but that didnt bother me not one bit. My ficherst being a distant relative but thats relative but thats another story, along with three teachers and 2 female couches, i must say sex was ecerything i could have hoped for and then some. Well, high school was done and over with. All my fiends still had their high school sweethearts and i had no one.
I got a job as a secirity officer and a mutual coworker buddy of mine said his wife worked with a really cute goth chick around my age. I was like finally…i can experience the pleasure of a younger female. Well things were going good but still no sex. Her family accepted me and eventually told sme the trufh that she was a user. Eventually i saw how it was goong down nut yet still stuck with the abuse snd wad only because my soon to be ex chick’s mother caught my attention. Her name was Gale. She was a white female with long blonde hair, had that mature kind of curves that complemented her beautiful pawg ass and gorgeous tits. No matter what she sleays wore the same thing when i went over, blur blue Jean shorts and a shirt tied in the front to hold them pups of hers .
She was always telling me thay i can truly truly fo better than her daughter. I would look Gale in the eyes snd agree thst yes I could.
One morning i het out of work ( I worked graveyards) and went to take her, my soon to be ex out for a breakfast date. And of course surprise surprise broad took off with her real love interest. Her mom Gale was there on the porch eating for me dip shoe up. She felt really bad for me and invited me inside. I was so hurt and bummed out by her actions i just wanted to go do something stupid. Gale sat me down in the living and as per her usual, tried to comfort me. I told her thats its really complicated cause i was hoping to have sexaul relationsby now. Not that sex wad i wanted from her daughter, but the dryspell i was suffering was unbearable.i told her I really really wanted sex. All my friends ever do is tell me how they fucked their girlfriends. I told her i need to fuck! I am sooo horny i could my dick starting to get hard. I then sropped the bombshells that I was even thinking about going down the street to the whores and prostitutes of Leopard but Gale talked me out of it. ” That’s something you really dont want ro do Ashe. You will truly regr…” She stops talking cause right then and there for the hundredth time she catches me looking at her breasts. She calls to me and then I realized what I was doing. Im so so güvenilir bahis siteleri sorry Mrs. Gale, which was what i called her.
Yeah I blushed and was beyond embarrassed, but I decided fuck it why not go for broke. I then proceded to tell her of my love and fetish for older mature women. Than in truth thats whom I would really enjoy fucking. She casually proceeded to ask me some more question from her curious prospective like… did i have a lil crush on her. A small part of me kind of figured that she already knew but justed to hear me out on it.
” Well Miss Gale…let me put it like this. One day i came over to your house and no one answered. I had gotten out of work and wanted to see if anything was needed. I came around back and i heard the shower head turn on. I glanced to see who it was and it was you. I was like holy fuck! I was taken away by your beautiful curvy naked body so I i got closer. I got an instant hard on cause i love to masterbate. As i watched you shower, running shampoo through your golden locks and then grabbing the bar of soap and cleaning your body, soapy suds all over your breasts, then you washing that big nice ass of yours. I pulled my cock out and started stroking it for you. God id give anything to be able to fuck your brains out. To eat your pussyand suck on those tits. Then stick my cock and fuck you doggystyle while my hands grab on to those wide hips of yours pulling you to me as I thrust you . After you finished showering, you dried up and went to your bedroom and threw yourself on your bed naked. At that I came all over your wall. I zipped up, got in my vehicle and drove hack home. I wanted to rinse off, lie naked in my bed and masterbate over and over imagining having passionate sex with you. Before i left town I stopped at a gas station and grabbed a porn magazine. 40something is what it was called so i could jack off to that as well. As soon as I got in showered, jumped on my bed and opened the magazine. Low and behold, the first the first nude mosel looked exactly like you. I just fucking jack off yelling Oh Gale… Oh god i wanna fuck you so bad!!! And ever since then I have had fantasy after fantasy after fantasy ox fucking you.”
She was just totally taken away by it. “Wow, I’m shocked. So many of my daughter’s male friends or boyfriends come over and never see me like that. They all call me mom. But you…your the first young man to tell me any of this.”
“Well Miss Gale im not those k**s as i see them.”
“So then if you don’t mind me asking but do you like my daughter? ”
“Like her yes. She’s beautiful and I know she gets her looks from mama. Getting tired of her shit youwin oh yes. In truth i really come over here so i can look at you and fantasize about you.” It was then that i saw her eyes look towards my zip line and saw the ragging boner I had. ” Ill be right back. I have to make a quick phone call.”
“Ok…I’ll be here.” Im the type of individual who does not like to hear other people’s phone conversations so I ckised my eyes and started grabbing my erection think how i would love for her to ride me. A little after that I hear her coming back inside the living room. ” I just got off the phone with Mark ( Mark is her husband and my chick’s dad). ” You see Ashe my husband and I have an open relationship. He fucks with his female coworkers and i go run off with men frlm the honky tonk salons. But we have a set of guidelines. For me, 8 cant fuck with none of my daughter’s male companions. However we see you differently. I told Mark that our daughter ditched you for the actual guy she likes sbd that you wanted to gown the street to get a prostitute. So i made a proposal and he agreed.” Then she gets up and walks to the front door. I wonder whats upl. She closes the door and locks bith locks. Then she lookd at the doir and says ” My daughter is such a fucking stupid moron. If she cant see that your a good man and dosen’t take care of your beeds, then mama will.” She turns her head towards me and hss a big o’ grin on her face. Then she sttsrts walking with a nice sway about her. Stands in front of me. Looks at my hard erection. Then proceeds to undo ger shirt. She takes it off andcher h7ge beautiful breasts hang down all in front of my face. Then she unbottons her shorts and them with her panties pulls them down and takes them off. Gale Is standing completely naked in front of me. Then she proceeds to straddle me my ragging boner grinding up on her nice wet hairy pussy. Her arms around me and minevatound her waist. ” From this day foward Ashe…Im yours. I want you to fuck me sll you want. It has to be during the day when everyone is out cause they dont fey back till 5. Until then, you come here every morning and we’ll fuck as much as we want. Now…ive never been with a Latin man. Your so handsome. And when you see mark, hivebhim a big hug and tell him thank you cause he said your the only exception he’ll make for our rule. From 6-5 he’s giving me to you. So take me, fuck me, have me. Im yours. ”
We start oissing like crazy. ” Don’t worry about pre ejaculate. Ivwant you yo come in my pussy. I want you to um on my tits, on my ass, I wanna swallow your cum and go ahead and cum on my daughter’s favorite pillow. ” In sends youwin giriş my ckothes are off. Im suckling on Gale’s tits as she’s rubbing my cock on her vag. She slightly putsmy tip in and she moans so good. My god she’s beautifully tight. Then more goes in and the sensation is felling better and better. I grab her ass and pull her all the way down snd theni stRt to slowly thrust up and dien still sucking on her tits. ” Oh yes , judtlike that baby. Dont stop. Keep fucking mama like that. Im your whore. Oh god i cant believe im having you oh God God Ashe fuck me. So we went at it for like a good thirty minutes. I pull out and tell her lets go to your daughter’s bed. I wanna taste that juicy pussy of yours and be grabbing your ass and i want you to suck my cock k and play with my balls. I take her by her hand but have her lead so i can see her ass bouncing. Then I lay on the bed and then she climbs on top stadles my face and then leans over and starts sucking my dick. There we are, indulging in a beautiful 69. Her slurping sounds grom her mouth as she is sucks gets me going thst i nut sll up in her mouth and she still keeps on sucking. Then she explodes snd i engulf her pussy juices. After a goid long while she gets up and rhen straddles me abd starts riding riding me. The bed starts to rock, she’s screaming my name. and I hers. Hair syarys to get pulled and i spank the living hell out of her. Then i get on top of her and give her the o’ in and out. ” Your no damn burgin I can tell you that.” ” Its my love and passion of porn that im utilizing to gi e you tjebest sex i can. We both come again all over my chicks bed. ” Lets go rinse off so we can fuck in the shower. We enter the bathroom and get down and dirty in there. After about another hour give ir take we take a breather but i tell Gale don’t put any clothes on. While im there i wanna see her naked and enjoy the sights. She smiles and does so. Im watching the tv and she picking up the living room. She loves to bend over in front of me. After a good few minutes of that my dicks is rock hard. I go behind het get on my knees and start eating that pussy.
We fu9 k for another hour before we call it a day. Tomorrow babe be ready cayse when i get out of work im coming to fick you like there’s no tomorrow.
We ended up keeping this going for a out a year. Even when i stopped dating Gale’s daughter i was always welcomed. It even git to where i would join Gale and Mark. Wr would split roast her. My favorite thing was having her om her knees sucking both our cocks.
Eventually the party had to come to sn end and sadly they got divorced. I ran into her son and told me her whereabouts more or less. I drove to her place and knocked on her door. She opened and saw me, pulls me in, starts shoving her tongue down my throat as i rip her clothes off and we e been fucking fir the past two months secretly. I told her she’s always going to be mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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