Haziran 10, 2020

fantasy and desires 3

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fantasy and desires 3
Hello everyone fellow writers readers of eroctic stories fellow porn lovers.

its me again!! yes… auntie norma 🙂 as you all know if you’ve been keeping up with my stories you know about jake and my self…. ok.. lets cut to the chase’.

well this is what should be the third of the story three in one and asking for fantasy and now…
so as you know if you have read all the stories combined between my nephew and my self then you know that he said yes and as well as Shelley…

so now I am going to tell you what happened and how.

Well for starters again I messaged her on social media..

A-N: hello Shelley, so I talked it over with jake and he’s up for it. he said yes.

So now all we have to do is sit it up. Do you still have our address?

Shelley: I think so.. but if you like you can give it to me again. Just to make sure…

A-N: ok…

Shelley: so when do you want to do this. What’s the plan?

A-N: well, we’ll send you a plane ticket around trip. You can bring what you want. And when you arrive we’ll go from there.

Shelley: oh goody.. can’t wait..
been looking forward to it since you asked me to join in.

A-N: I have to be honest’. So have I.. why do you think I asked you.. other then I don’t want tuzla escort bayan anyone to come between us well your hot and I really loved our weekend together..

Shelley: oh my.. goodness.. is it just me or is it getting hot in here..
what are you wearing?

A-N: just my robe nothing else. Jake just left to work.

Shelley: oh really..nice.. what kind of robe is it? I’m actually not wearing anything at alll…

A-N: damn your bad..
I don’t I have a lot to do today..

Shelley: come on… what’s the worst that can happen.. you will enjoy it.. he won’t know if thats what your worried about….

A-N: well if you put that way it’s completely wrong..

Shelley: ok ok.. let me put it like this.. it’s not cheating if we’re not in the same room…or touching..

A-N: I don’t know.. I want you but I dont want to cheat on him…

Shelley: it’s not cheating.. silly.. your there im here… plus I want you too.. infact you got my pussy throbbing…i’m getting wet for you..ever sense you mesaaged me about threesome I can’t stop thinking about you both..

A-N: really now.. what if I told you my nipples are aroused.

Instinct, lust, desire and passion overtook any sense of responsibility or conventions

Shelley: lets turn our orhanlı escort bayan webcams on’ lets watch each other as we cyber and satisfy ourselves.

A-N: what hell.. why not… let me take you to my room I have a desk there too.. where jake does most of his work too late at night..

off I went.. I requested to video cam a brief darknew then waalaa she appeared right before me..

we turned our cams on we see each other as we wave hello with a big smile…
She was completely naked and I was in my robe.

Shelley: thats no fair i’m naked here and you have your robe on.. take it off honey…

A-N: ok..

and I did.

Shelley: oh my you look amazing.. look atchu look at those beautiful breast of yours…you weren’t k**ding they are nice and perky..
A-N: look at you not bad your self.. nice and firm and perky..

Shelley: do you want to masturbate together?

A-N: yes please

thats how it started, she touched her self I followed along.

Shelley: would love to hear you moan darling.. how you feeling Ahh..

A-N: i’m… ahh, good…

moving our hands with out stopish around the clit opening my legs as much as I possible could for her to see… I wanted to feel more the image of that beautiful woman on the other side aydınlı escort bayan of the screen put me hot AF Shelley lifted her pelvis so that I could see better. She impacted me when she entered two more fingers in her vigina and continued masturbating. You could clearly hear our moaning.

A-N: i’m cumming…

moaning more and more her movement exceeded the more and more went along.

Shelley: cum for me darling don’t contain your self feel free to feel the satisfaction of cuming all over me luv…

as I let out a scream of satisfaction. She opened the lips of her vigina that let a little shot of water.

Yes… yess- I entered one finger and proceeded to go up and down my pelvis to feel more sensation. She was now looking at me with out a blank in her eyes as she smiled I contined on my clit in one moment I got to a beautiful climax.

AHHHHHHH_ she did it.. I went from trying to detain my self to having a wonderful orgam.. my legs quivered weakened I just layed there on the chair with my legs spread open…

Shelley: did you like it?

A-N: of course (smile)

a sound of the door bell ring interrupted..

Shelley: hey luv I have to see who’s at the door if I can get rid of them i’ll be back if not see you soon..

A-N: I guess.. no worries you can text me and we can get back in here..

OMG.. I was already thinking of pursing with out jake.. well its just online and I will tell him all about it and we are going to have a threesome..

I will continue with the finale of this journey of fantasy

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