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DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend Part 14

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DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend Part 14
DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend
Part 14
The door opened and, as we both knelt, I saw Robert, Master of the Mansion,
sitting naked on the edge of his bed. He was facing us and holding up what
looked like a cocktail. He raised his glass toward us in a salute and said;
“Well ladies, would you like to join me for a drink?”
Then he pointed at the two pet bowls that were sitting on the floor at his
I followed Suzy’s lead as she started to crawl on all fours to the
indicated bowls. Suzy drank from her bowl and I did the same. Gin and tonic. Good,
but a half a bowl full was a lot to slurp down. After we finished our drinks
Robert patted us both on the head and said;
“Very good, what wonderful pets you both make.”
He then extended his hands down to us and, still watching Suzy, we kissed
his hands and then licked and sucked each of his fingers in a show of
humiliating submission. I was loving every minute of it, wondering where this would
be going next.
Robert suddenly grabbed us both by the hair and looked down at us saying,
“Well it looks like someone got roughed up a bit tonight. You may speak
freely DeAnn. Do you think Suzy was too rough with you? Maybe I should punish
I looked quickly at Suzy but she kept her gaze straight at Robert and
didn’t look at me at all. So I replied, “No Sir, I enjoyed my time with Suzy
tonight. I love being with her sir.”
Robert then said, “Wonderful answer DeAnn. Suzy is still higher on the
ladder than you and since you enjoy being with her so much I will allow you two
some more time to interact while I watch. Suzy, tie DeAnn to the bed posts
for whipping.”
Suzy simply said, “Very good, sir.”
She stood, then pulled me up onto my feet. She got some rope from one of
the dresser drawers and began wrapping it around my wrists. Then she pulled
the rope up to one of the tall bed posts and tied it off then the other. I was
now securely tied with both arms above my head and spread out to each post.
Suzy then wrapped my ankles, leaving my heels on and just as quickly my
ankles were tied tightly to the bottom of the posts. I was tied in the shape of
a big X, facing Robert.

Robert was actually sitting so close that he started sucking canlı bahis siteleri on one of my
nipples and fingering my pussy as I stood there bound tightly to his bed. I
was getting real wet again as he fingered me and I could feel myself building
to a climax.

I started moaning, almost there when Robert removed his fingers and laid
back on the bed. He rubbed his hard cock with the slick juices his fingers had
from playing with my pussy and then he began to slowly stroke his cock
while staring at me, bound helplessly to his bed.
I had almost forgot about Suzy until Robert said, “You may begin.”
It was a second later that I felt the whip across my back.
I let out a yelp and squirmed against the ropes but Suzy knew her knots and
I discovered just how tightly I was bound. I couldn’t move much at all as
the second lash of the whip fell across my back. I sucked air and gritted my
teeth. Damn that hurts I thought but there was no way, no way I was going to
use my safe word. I needed this I told myself. I needed to explore the
world of a slave since this was, I realized, my new role here at the mansion.
Robert continued stroking his cock and watching me. The whip landed again
and again. I wiggled and sucked in a quick breath. Robert raised a hand to
Susy to stop. I thought okay, I did it. I made it through the whipping without
Then I heard Robert say, “Suzy, I really enjoy watching slave D’s tits
bounce each time the whip finds her back but I think we can do better. Go over
to the closet and pick out a coat hanger with clamps on it and a weight from
the dresser drawer and apply them to her nipples. While you at it, bring
over a suitable dildo and insert that into her mouth.”
Suzy came back with the items Robert wanted. First, she reached around and
forced a large, black dildo shaped like a real penis into my mouth. Then she
attached the coat hanger upside down to my nipples. The clamps were spring
loaded and bit hard into my nipples. As a tear ran down my cheek from the
pain she then attached a weight on the hook of the coat hanger which really
pulled down on those clamps.

My teeth were gritted and I was blinking tears back but they still ran down
my face. The room had mirrors on the ceiling and lots of them on the walls
too so I perabet giriş could see myself tied, clamped, with a big, black dick hanging out
of my mouth. I closed my eyes to the humiliating image in the mirrors.
Robert said, “Perfect. Nicely done Suzy. Now give her five more lashes.”
Once again, I felt Suzy lay the Cat-O-Nine tails across my back. I couldn’t
tell if I was bleeding but it sure did hurt. I still had my eyes closed,
tears flowing down my face and now my nose was running and mixing with the
tears. I let my head drop forward so my chin was resting on my chest and as the
last of the five strokes hit my back, I started to drool too. Everything
was running down onto my tits and I no longer looked at the mirrors.
Robert was still stroking his cock and I could hear his breathing getting
faster. I raised my head enough to look at him.
He stared back at me he said, “Make you tits swing for me slave, I’m almost
I started swinging my tits from side to side for Robert’s amusement. The
pain was bad but at least I wasn’t being whipped anymore.
Robert suddenly got up and stood on the end of his bed with his cock just
above my face. I knew what was coming next (no pun) and then he said, “Harder
bitch, move those tits harder and Suzy, lay that whip on her a few more
I was swinging my tits as hard as I could and when the whip hit my back
again I saw stars and thought I was going to faint. That was when I heard
Robert let out a loud moan and his hot sperm shot all over my face, dripping down
across my lips onto my chin and then mixing with my drool, tears, and snot
and covering my moving tits. I was a mess and Suzy continued to whip me even
after Robert shot his load in my face.
Finally, Robert laid back on the bed and told Suzy, “Enough, for now.”
The whipping stopped and I just hung there, feeling all the sticky goo
dripping off my tits and running down over my stomach.
I have never felt so totally helpless, humiliated and hurt as I did right
then. My back was on fire and so were my tits. I looked over at the mirror to
see if I looked as bad as I felt and yeah, I did. What a mess. I had
Robert’s sperm in my hair as well. He had shot one big load on me. I blinked back
some more tears and took a glance up at him, hoping this would perabet güvenilir mi be over soon.
Robert asked me, “Would you like to have those clamps removed, slave?”
I shook my head, YES.
Robert looked at Suzy and said, “Rip those off her tits.”
My eyes got big and Robert smiled. Then Suzy grabbed the handle of the coat
hanger and yanked it down, pulling the clamps roughly off my nipples.
I screamed but it came out in a muffled, gagging kind of sound and then I
did faint. I don’t think I was out very long but I came to with Suzy slapping
me in the face. Her hands were wet and sticky from the goo on my face and
the dildo had been removed from my mouth.
Suzy looked at me and said, “Well, did you enjoy your nap?”
I didn’t answer and then she scooped the mess off my tits and rubbed it all
over my face. Robert had a camera and was taking photos as Suzy humiliated
me by rubbing more goo onto my face. Then she yanked my hair back and said;
“Open wide for the camera.”
I opened my mouth like a robot programmed to obey and Suzy stuffed a couple
gooey fingers in my mouth while Robert continued taking photos, his flash
blinding me each time it went off.
Finally, Robert put down the camera and asked me, “Would you like to pee
before bed my pet?”
I shook my head and said, “Yes sir.”
Suzy said, “That’s a good idea, I think I’ll use the bathroom myself.”
I heard her in the bathroom behind me and then the toilet flushed. I was
very tired and very sore but at least this was over. When Suzy came back it
would be my turn. I couldn’t wait to be released from these ropes and get some
Suzy came up behind me and I felt something pushed between my legs. I Saw
Robert pick up his camera again and I looked down to see her holding a bucket
positioned for me to pee in.
Suzy then said, “Alright Blondie, you may pee now.”
I certainly wasn’t expecting this but, at this point, I just did what I was
told to do and started peeing. Robert’s flash lighted me up five times
before my bladder was empty. Wow, that felt so good. Suzy removed the bucket and
her and Robert got into bed and started cuddling. Pretty soon he was hard
again Suzy took him into her mouth and sucked his cock until he had another
climax. She expertly swallowed and licked him clean as I hung there
helplessly watching.
The last thing I heard before he turned out the light was “Get some rest
slave. You may have a busy day in store for you tomorrow.” Then the light went
out and I hung there in semi-darkness wondering why my husband hadn’t
showed up for me?

Continued in Part 15

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