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Dad’s Little Room – Part 5

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Dad’s Little Room – Part 5
Part V

By: Q12Dad

(m/m m/t mast oral voyeur inc)


It was John’s son Nick! He was in the house calling for Sam. They both
stopped what they were doing, John’s cock slid out of his father’s mouth and
Sam stopped jerking his cock.

Sam said, “Wait Here, I’ll go see what he wants.” Sam put on his bathrobe
and went out of the room. John started to put his clothes back on and
listened for any voices. Sam came back a few minutes later and said that
Nick came over to talk to him about school and sports. Sam always went to
Nick’s games and they used to talk about it from time to time.

Sam told John to relax and wait till he was done talking with Nick, then
they would finish what they started. Sam left John in the small room and
went out to talk with Nick in his bathrobe. John knew that his father didn’t
have anything on under the bathrobe and remembered what his father had done
to him in the kitchen just the other day. He wouldn’t try to seduce Nick
would he? No, Nick is too straight, John thought.

John looked down on the bed and saw the photos Sam was looking at earlier
and in the pictures his father was sucking the cock of some other guy. All
the photos were of Sam sucking off big hard cocks, some were even black
cocks! Big black cocks. His father was jacking off other guys’ cocks and the
cocks were coming all over his father’s face and chest. One even showed his
father sitting on another guy’s lap with the guy’s cock all the way up his
father’s ass and his father’s hard cock was being jerked off by the other

It was very hot looking. His father’s face showed that he was thoroughly
enjoying himself and his cock was as hard and hot as ever. John’s cock
started to harden again looking at the pictures so he started to stroke
himself through his pants. A wet spot quickly formed from the precum leaking
from his cockhead. John heard voices on the other side of the wall and it
sounded like his son Nick. What was he doing in his father’s bedroom?

John went over to the little peephole that was in the wall and opened it. He
could see his father and Nick talking in the bedroom. He could hear them
too. Nick was sitting on the bed and Sam was standing by his dresser. John
heard his father say, “So Nick, you need to start wearing jock straps all
the time now. It is better for your health and such.”

Nick said, “I know Grandpa but I don’t know what kind to buy or anything.
Could you help me, I am too embarrassed to ask my Dad about it.” John
couldn’t believe it. His son was asking his father about jock straps! John
knew that if Nick started asking too many questions his father would start
to get horny real fast especially after having just been sucking John’s cock
and jacking off about ready to shoot a load.

John watched and listened as his father continued, “Nick I’ve got a couple
different kinds of jock straps that I use. You can take a look at them and
see if one of them might be what you’re looking for.” Sam reached into his
dresser and pulled out a handful of jockstraps. They were all different
colors and some were smaller in cup size than others and some had g strings.
He handed them to Nick and Nick started looking at them while sitting on the

John saw his father look over at him through the peephole and winked at him.
John knew he was up to something and the thought bahis siteleri was starting to interest
John. What was he thinking? Is he gonna watch his father have gay sex with
his son. Could he seduce young Nick right here in front of his eyes?

Nick started eyeing one jock which was white and looked worn. “Did you wear
this one a lot Grampa?”

Sam said, “Yeah that’s one of my favorites. It fits real snug and feels
great on my cock and balls.” John looked at his son who turned completely
red and kind of giggled nervously. “Go try it on yourself, Nick,” Sam said
to his grandson. Use the bathroom right there. Nick took the jock with him
into the bathroom and a few minutes came out with his pants still on.

“It feels pretty good to me Grandpa.”

Sam said, “Well let me see it on you to see if it fits right.”

“Gee grandpa, I dunno I feel kind of strange showing you.” Nick hesitated.

“Oh, don’t worry about it; I’ve seen lots of guys in jocks at the gym.” Sam
replied reassuringly.

And other places too! John thought to himself as he watched his son start
tugging at his belt. My God is he going to strip to his jock right here in
front of his grandfather? If he only knew what his grandpa would be
thinking. Nick started to slowly slide his pants down his legs and the jock
came into view of Sam and John.

Sam said, “It looks like a pretty good fit to me. Turn around.” Without
thinking Nick turned around not realizing that there wasn’t really anything
to see except his bare ass. But he followed his Grandpa’s order anyway. Sam
nearly gasped when he saw his grandson’s naked ass framed in the straps of
the jock. Sam remembered seeing other guy’s asses in the same jock many
times before and the things that happened as a result. His cock started to

Sam walked up to his grandson and turned him around by the shoulders. He
looked at him and said, “You really are starting to fill out everywhere
aren’t you?” Nick blushed and said the weight lifting at school had helped a
lot. “It sure has!” Sam said, “But you fill out that jock pretty well too
boy. I thought I filled it out pretty well but you fill it out even better.”

“Geez grandpa, you’re embarrassing me, can I pull up my pants now?”

“No,” Sam said, “Take ’em off and look at yourself in the mirror, so you can
really appreciate what your hard work has done to your body. You should be
proud of it.” Nick slowly pulled his pants off the rest of the way and moved
in front of the mirror. He looked at himself in the mirror with the
jockstrap on and was suddenly shocked at the image. He thought to himself,
“Here I am with my grandfather’s jock on standing in front of him nearly
naked. What am I doing?”

Then he looked at his jock pouch and realized that he did fill it out pretty
well. He turned sideways and then turned more and looked back at his ass in
the mirror. He lifted up his shirt to get a better view.

Sam said, “Take your shirt off too.”

Nick pulled his T-shirt over his head and now he stood in front of the
mirror with only his jock on. His ass was naked for his grandfather to see
fully. Nick flexed his muscles in the mirror a couple of times and liked
what he saw. He had been working out a lot and didn’t realize the results
until seeing himself in this full length mirror with just a jockstrap on.
John could see his son’s whole body in the mirror through the peephole and
he couldn’t believe how much he had grown bahis şirketleri in the last couple of years. He
really looked pumped. John couldn’t help it but his cock started to harden
while watching his son. He thought it must just be because he was just
getting his cock sucked by his own father a few minutes ago and he was still
very horny.

John looked at his father and saw him rubbing his cock through his bathrobe
while looking at Nick in the mirror. He could see that his father’s cock was
getting hard and if he kept rubbing it, it would start to show.

His father said to Nick, “Looks pretty good huh Nick?”

Nick said, “Yeah, I’m glad my work has paid off.”

Sam walked over to Nick and said , “Let me see how that jock fits around
your crotch and reached out and grabbed Nick’s jock pouch.”

“Grandpa! What are you doing?” Nick asked, visibly surprised.

“C’mon Nick, I just want to see if it fits you right.” Sam started slipping
his fingers along the edge of the jock strap next to Nick’s balls. Nick just
watched his grandfather’s fingers, figuring his grandfather wasn’t going to
hurt him or anything. In fact, it did feel kind of nice. Sam’s fingers
traced the edge of the jock strap down until he came to where the straps in
the back met the pouch in the front, under Nicks balls.

Sam could feel the fine hairs of Nick’s balls sticking out around the edge
of the jock, and he lightly combed the hairs through his fingers. He saw
Nick’s cock twitch in the pouch and knew that if he kept it up Nick’s cock
would grow to fuller proportions. He stuck his fingertips under the edge of
the jock strap and touched Nick’s balls. Nick was starting to push his hips
out toward Sam’s and Sam knew then that Nick was turning on to his touching.

He took the opportunity to cover Nick’s cock with his hand and asked him,
“How does the jock feel around your cock Nick? Is it holding it good and
tight? It needs to be tight to give you proper support.” He could feel
Nick’s cock start to harden as he kept his hand there just holding it.

Nick mumbled, somewhat nervously, “Yeah, grandpa it feels fine.”

Sam noticed the tip of Nick’s cock was just starting to peek out the top of
the jock, so he started to lightly rub the hard dick through the fabric of
the jock. Nick’s cock head started to grow and extend above the jock strap.
Sam said, “I think you may be too big for this strap, Nick.”

Nick looked down to see his cock sticking up out of the jock strap and
gasped, “I’m sorry grandpa, I don’t know what’s happening, but I can’t help

Sam moved his fingers up to lightly touch Nick’s naked cock and rubbed the
veins sticking out. He kept this up while Nick was watching and soon Nick
was moaning and pumping his cock into the hand of his grandfather. Sam
noticed Nick’s cock hole was starting to open and soon a big drop of precum
oozed out of the slit and dripped down the side of his hard cock and onto
the jock strap.

“What’s that coming out of my dick grandpa?” he asked.

“That’s called precum, Nick. It comes out of a guy’s hard cock when he gets
real horny and it makes for a really good orgasm when the guy cums. Is your
cock feeling hot, Nick? Do you want me to stop rubbing it?”

“No,” Nick said, “it feels really good. But should we be doing this? It
seems wrong somehow.”

“Well Nick, we can stop if you want, but personally I’m getting really horny
playing with your hard, hot cock and I don’t illegal bahis want to stop until I see your
cum come spurting out of your hard dick all over my hands.”

Nick couldn’t believe the words his grandpa was using but he knew it was
making him hotter than hell. Nick put his fingers in the straps of the jock
and started pulling it down over his hips, slowly revealing the full length
of long hard cock to Sam’s and John’s watchful eyes.

John couldn’t believe what he was seeing through the peephole. His son was
pulling off the jock strap which had been worn by countless other guys
before right in front of his grandfather, who was now fully stroking Nick’s
hard cock. Precum was now flowing fully down the sides of Nick’s cock and
Sam started working it in to his strokes making Nick’s cock greasy and

Sam was really getting hot now seeing his grandson’s fully nude body with
hard hot cock leaking precum all over his hands. John was getting very hot
watching this ordeal and had to stand up and open his pants and pull them
down so he could set his now rock hard cock free. He started stroking in
rhythm to his father’s stroking of his son’s cock. Nick looked down and saw
his grandpa’s cock sticking out of the front of his bathrobe and couldn’t
believe the size of it.

“Grandpa your cock is so big!” he remarked.

Sam looked down and noticed his cock had gotten rock hard, so he loosened
his bathrobe and dropped it on the floor now standing nude before his
grandson with a rock hard cock pointing at him. “Yea Nick, my cock got
really big playing with yours, cuz it wants to cum as bad as yours does.”
Sam moved closer to Nick and brought his cock into contact with Nick’s erect
cock and started rubbing it into the precum covered Cock head of his

Nick was groaning out loud now. “I can’t believe how good this feels
grandpa. I never knew my dick could feel so good. This is so hot I’m hornier
than I’ve ever been in my life.”

“Yeah Nick, you’ve got a real hot cock there. Let’s make our cocks cum real
hard together.” and Sam moved closer to Nick and grabbed his cock with his
free hand and started stroking in long fast strokes. John was mesmerized by
the sight of his son and father getting so hot and horny pumping each
other’s hips into each other and moaning and groaning in sexual lust. They
were both sweating heavily and there cocks looked like they were gonna
explode any second.

Then Nick saw his son reach down and grab his grandfather’s cock in his own
hand and start stroking it for him. Sam let out a groan and started yelling,
“Yea Nick stroke my cock, harder, faster, pump it.” Nick loved the feeling
of his grandpa’s cock in his hand. It was so hot and precum was flowing out
the tip in steady streams coating Nick’s fingers and making his hand slide
easily up and down his grandpa’s long hard cock.

“Yeah grandpa, this is really hot, I love the feeling of your hot cock in my
hand. Pump my cock grandpa, pump it harder, I’m ready to cum.” They both
started moaning louder and louder and stroked each other’s cocks faster and
faster until all of sudden, Nick screamed out “Ohhhhhhhhh, I’m cumming!” Sam
looked down at Nick’s cock and saw a long stream of white jism spray out and
up straight for his face. It hit him right in his open moaning mouth and
that made Sam cum right then.

They both shot huge loads all over each other, coating their hands with cum
and stroking each other’s spurting cocks and groaning out loud, pumping
their hips frantically in and out of each other’s stroking hands. They both
fell back on the bed in exhaustion with each other’s cum all over them
smearing it between their bodies.

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