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Daddy visit

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Daddy visit
Dan had been feeling rather bad since his divorce. His wife had left him for her lover. Dan had been unaware of her affair until he caught them in his own bed. At that time, she got up naked out of the bed and said she wanted a divorce because she loved someone else.

Janet, his daughter, invited him over for dinner one particular evening while her husband, Frank, was on a business trip. They sat and talked, had wine before dinner and then had an after dinner drink. Dan talked about his lonesomeness living at home alone.

He commented he had dated one girl, but quickly broke it up since they were not very compatible.

Dan said, “She was like a cold fish and told me she detested sex. That was the end as far as I was concerned.”

“I’m sorry it ended that way. You’ll find another.”

“It’s not so easy out there in the big wide world. The girls I’m attracted to are all wearing wedding rings.”

Janet quickly said, “You don’t want an irate husband shooting you, so you better stay away from married women. Although, I know some married women who want to have affairs.”

Dan quickly and jokingly replied, “Have you ever had an affair?”

That took Janet by surprise. She could only answer, “No”

Dan looked sternly at her, “Are you sure?”

Janet’s eyes were downcast before she responded, “Please don’t ever tell my husband or anybody else. I do see a man friend on rare occasions. I won’t tell you his name.”

“Why do you do it?”

“Frank is gone a lot on business trips and when he gets home, he often doesn’t want sex. I am rather frustrated at times and feel I’m missing part of my life. I love Frank very much and don’t want a divorce.”

Dan and Janet didn’t talk for a short time until Dan said, “That’s too bad. I’m in the same fix. I haven’t had sex since my wife left me. Too bad there isn’t a good way to resolve our problems.”

Janet grinned and jokingly said, “Dad, you are a man and I’m a woman. Maybe we can solve this problem together.”

At first Dan didn’t grasp what she meant, but he suddenly realized what she was saying. He said, “Wish we could, but that would be i****t.”

Janet then sorrowfully responded, “I guess that would be a bad idea. Although, I had a real crush on you when I was about twenty years old. At that time, bahis siteleri I had already lost my virginity and wanted to experiment more with sex. I often wondered what sex with you would be like.”

Dan looked surprised and loudly responded, “You did!”

Then they both began to grin at each other. Dan softly said, “It would be very nice for us to try it, but we can’t. You grew up to be my little girl and having sex with you is wrong.”

“Dad don’t look at it that way. Consider the fact we would be doing each other a favor.”

Dan thought about it for a few seconds before responding. He had always thought his daughter was very sexy looking with her very ample breasts and shapely legs. There had been times he glanced up her dress when an opportunity arose, but never considered having sex with her. He started undressing her in his mind and began to see her fully nude. He now had an erection thinking about it. She was offering herself to him. Should he?

He finally said, “I guess you are right about doing each other a favor. If we did, no one else should ever know.”

“Dad, it will be our secret.”

Without saying any more, Janet stood up to say, “Let’s go in the bedroom.”

Jim followed as he watched her walk down the hall toward the bedroom. He would soon be in bed with this beautiful girl even though he knew it was wrong. His hard erection had taken over his life right now.

Once in the bedroom he didn’t know what to do. Janet had already slipped off her blouse and broke the silence, “Dad, go ahead and get undressed.”

While undressing, he kept his eyes on his daughter. She had now removed her bra allowing her beautiful and shapely breasts to be free. He had stopped undressing while he admired her breasts.

Janet noticed him staring at her, “Go ahead and undress, you will have plenty of time to stare at my breasts and anything else you want to do.”

Jim was a little embarrassed as he quickly continued to undress. He could see out of the corner of his eyes as she slipped out of her panties to expose her bush. Now she was completely naked. He stared at her and said, “You are a beautiful girl. I always knew you were pretty.”

“Thank you, Dad, for saying that. Go ahead and finish getting undressed. I don’t want to bahis şirketleri stand here naked by myself.”

Dan was finally down to his shorts. As he dropped them, his very hard erection popped straight out.

Janet looked at it, “Dad, I see you don’t need any teasing to get hard. Looks as if you are ready. I always had to do sexy things for Frank to get him hard.”

“What did you do for Frank?”

“I had to take his flaccid dick in my mouth and work on it for a little while before it got hard.”

Dan could only think to say, “Sorry, you have a sex problem with him. I’ve never had any problem getting an erection.”

She responded, “That’s good. I like it big and hard.”

Dan watched Janet walk over to the bed, sit down on it and lean back with her legs spread and hanging off the bed. Dan looked between her legs to see her pussy. He wasn’t sure what she wanted to do.

Janet noticed him looking between her legs. She spread them even wider and pulled them up. Dan couldn’t wait any longer. He got down on his knees and buried him face in her crotch. She clasp his head with both hands and pulled his mouth into her pussy. His tongue moved up and down her dry pussy lips until his tongue moistened and spread them. Her juices began to flow as his tongue massaged her clit. She began to hunch up to his mouth as she pulled his head tighter into her crotch. Her butt was moving up and down with the rhythm of his tongue as she began to breathe harder.

Just when she seemed to be enjoying it, she stopped her movement and pushed his head back a little. She moved up to put her head on the pillow with her feet toward the foot of the bed. Without any words being said, Dan got up on the bed, put his head toward the foot of the bed. Janet reached for his cock as they rolled into a six nine position with her on top.

Dan could feel Janet’s mouth envelop his hard one, go all the way down and back up again to lick up and down the shaft and around the head. Then she deep throated him again. He felt as if he could just about cum. He had to get his mind off the thrills she was giving him or he would cum too soon. As he licked her pussy, he pulled back to focus his eyes on her pussy and ass. His mind wandered back to when she was a little girl canlı bahis and he had changed her diapers many times. Now her pussy was an adult pussy eager to enjoy sex.

Dan was thoroughly enjoying his time with her. He was barely able to control himself so that he would not cum right away. He softly said, “I want to penetrate you.”

Dan turned around thinking he would get on top of her, but she had other ideas. She said, “I’ll ride you.”

Dan laid on his back while Janet proceeded to sit on him. She raised her butt, took his cock in one hand, and aimed it as she settled down. Her pussy was slowly enveloping his hard cock. She was lubricated well enough that his cock easily slid all the way in. Her movements on his cock were very erotic and he knew he could not hold back much longer. He was holding her breasts to keep them from bouncing so much.

Dan said, “I can’t wait any longer, I’m going to explode.”

She urgently responded, “Go ahead, I’m ready.”

Her gyrations became very wild as he started shooting cum, spurt after spurt, in her. She became very vocal while Jim was loudly groaning as he filled her pussy. He could feel her body sexually stiffen and shudder. He knew he had given her a very good orgasm.

She was still gasping for air as she slumped forward to lie on her Dad’s breast. Dan could feel her erotic breathing As she laid there, he could feel her body beginning to relax and her breathing to become normal. Now he could feel his cock becoming flaccid, although it still remained in her warm and sexy hot box.

Now that it was all over except for getting up, Dan began to realize what they had done. Earlier his hard erection had ruled his mind. Now he had second thoughts. But he had yet another hard on. So he rolled her over on her knees an\d took her from behind, pounding her hard until they both cum once more.

As they cleaned up, Jim said, “That was wonderful, but we should not have done this. It was wrong.”

“Dad, don’t worry about it. You are a fantastic lover. As long as we both agreed and liked it, it was alright. I’m not going to get pregnant because I know you have been fixed.”

“Maybe you are right, daughter dear. It was a fantastic evening with you. However, it’s getting late and I need to be going home.”

“Dad, I really enjoyed the evening. Frank won’t be home for three more days, so come over for dinner tomorrow evening and we’ll have some more fun.”

“That’s very enticing. I don’t have the will to say no. I’ll be here again tomorrow night.”

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