Haziran 9, 2020

daddy take what he wants

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daddy take what he wants
mommy just left , thinking he was here to help me with my math assignment

i was in my pijama my ass on the kitchen table arms pulled in my back and getting ass lap the second she left

”come here boi , i told you to be a good student ”

slap slap slap

”i told you , you little boy need some discipline, told yo to get ready for that quizz, you little boy need a daddy to teach you to get better ”

ass slap on the table pijama down getting slap hard by the black daddy

”oh you not gonna get away , today you learn to be a good boy”

slap slap slap

”you gonna be a better boy now?”

”yessss ahhh plz stop”

”ahhhhh ahhhhh waitttttt shittttt ahhhhhh”

”you dont give order, never , im the one here to teach you , you understand boy, you better start to understand or that cute ass wont let alone”

his finger pumping in

”ohhh plz stop”

realising too late i was again telling him what to do

”oh no oh canlı kaçak bahis no im sorry , im sorry i wont tell you to do anything”

a 2nd finger teasing me open spitting on my hole , fingering me ass up on the table my face on my failed quizz papper

”you dont understand , your too stupid, you gonna take that toy inside you next time you tell me what to do”

dropping a pink cock toy infront of me

2 fingers in my pink wet hole
i was feeling helpless, his fingers pumping in me

”that is better, alright where is those sheet”

stopping his fingering tapping on my ass gently

”good boy, now what is the derivative for of a cosinus”

i answer right and was feeling his thumb circles on my cherry, gently no fucking just nicely rubbing it

i answered the 2n question and i was wrong

i felt the fingers back pumping in my wet ass making me try to asnwer right

and i did his finger getting out

”good boy, see you know the pinbahis giriş answer”

”maybe i wont endup having to use that toy”

”be carefull, next question boy”

the toy was right over my hole

i could feel the tip being move on my wet hole

he gave me the question and i was right

i felt relieved the toy back on the table

”good boy, you see how good you can be, next question”

i answwer right his finger just rubbing my crack and hole calling me a good student

”your mom gonna be proud if you get good grades”

i answered the next question wrong and he was back fingering me with his 2 big black fingers

”bad boy, get me the answer, no thats not it, thats really not it”

tap tap tap tap

his 2 finger all in his hand flat taping my ass when he push in all deep

tap tap tap

”no thats not it either”

”kiss my cock and ill give you an clue”

pull toward the edge ass up on the table his bbc out

”kiss pinbahis güvenilir mi it if you need a clue”

tap tap tap

i coudnt find it

i got closer to it , and i kiss his big black meat

he gave a clue sliding his head in my mouth

pumping his cock inside a couple of time

before getting it out

and i answered wrong again even with the clue

his cock just got back in my moaning mouth

tap tap tap

”stupid boy, think think or ill shove that toy in you until you learn ”

i coudnt find the answer

the toy was lubed in my mouth

”suck on it and think ”

”still cant find it, too bad”

i felt the toy get in and moan i was sorry

it went all in and i felt my hipse pull on my mentor

i look back and he was in me

the toy in his hands

his cock out pumping in my ass smilling

”stupid little boy , moan boy, moan my cock in you”

pumping in my tight hole , ass up moaning and taken so right by the black daddy

hitting my boy spoy with his big cock so well

so expert in sliding his bbc inside my tight fuck hole

he unloaded in me, holding me deep feeling him make his mark

he was pulling my pijama up, my lil hole fill of his baby juice

and i was left alone

mommy back an hours later

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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