Haziran 11, 2020

Blowing My Big Brother

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Blowing My Big Brother
Freia had never quite felt like she fit in.

It’s the nature of being a step-sibling, and it’s only amplified when your connection to the family isn’t around any more. She knew that she was lucky, really, that her “father” had taken her in the way that he had after Freia’s mother left town – he’d had no obligation to, and he’d never shown even a hint of resentment.

They’d tried to include her, they’d done everything that they could, but nothing had helped. She didn’t feel like she fit in, she’d never really felt like a part of the family. She didn’t have a place here, and she didn’t think she ever would.

So she sat at the dinner table, picking at her food, while her step-dad tried to make conversation.

“So, Heath,” her father said. “How’s that new girlfriend of yours going?”

Freia was jolted out of her thoughts, and listened interestedly to her step-brother’s response. Heath had recently started dating a girl who lived across town, a mechanic, or a driving instructor or something like that.

“Well, Dad,” Heath drawled, “It’s going well, all things considered. What specifically did you want to know?”

Freia’s Dad, Norman (or “Nord” as he was known, originally short for “Nord the Nerd”) had been extremely overprotective of his c***dren ever since their mother had died, and it had only increased when his second wife had left town. He knew that Heath, being the full-blooded 20 year-old that he was, would probably be involved in sexual intercourse, but it wasn’t a topic that he’d ever felt comfortable openly discussing.

Nord knew that his questioning techniques over the years had grown more and more subtle, so his k**s never knew what he was really asking, but somehow they’d never managed to garner any results. He decided to try again.

“Well, you’ve been dating for a week now. What have you been up to?”

Freia (and her step-brothers) knew exactly what Nord was talking about. He was always on about their girlfriends’ (or celebrating their lack of) but had never before been quite so blatant about it. Freia was acutely interested in knowing how far her step-brother had gotten sexually, for reasons that she couldn’t quite explain.

She’d always been acutely aware of just how male her brothers were…they’d always been there for her when she needed them, threatening to beat up whatever boy had just broken her heart, and always providing the hugs that only a brother can give.

Not that it had helped, she reminded herself. She didn’t fit in, and she never would.

“Well, we went and saw a movie last weekend.” Heath replied, with a quick grin to his brother. Toying with their dad had become a game.

“Saw a movie” indeed, Freia thought. She bet that Heath and his girlfriend had spent the entire time making out. It was surprisingly easy to visualize Heath making out, imagining the feeling of his tongue in her mouth, his hands roaming around her body, her hands exploring his, ending up at his…

“Sure you did, Heath.” her father replied, snapping Freia out of her daydream. He chuckled, and decided to lay off his oldest. At least for a while. At least, he thought, Freia and Van were safe. Freia had just broken up with her boyfriend, and, based on past experience, it would take her a month to get over it, and then she’d be onto the next guy. From her frequency in changing boyfriends, he was fairly sure that none of them had gotten serious. Van, on the other hand, was unpopular enough that he’d never even been kissed.

A good thing, too. He remembered Freia’s mother…she’d been a handful. A borderline nymphomaniac, she’d been the first date that Nord had been on since his wife had died so many years earlier, and they’d ended up back at her place before they’d even been to dinner. He wondered if Freia knew what a libido her mother had, whether she was aware and ignored it, or had just never been exposed to her wild side.

She’d left just three months after the wedding. If he was being honest, Nord would have to admit that he hadn’t been deeply in love with her (the marriage had been based on mutual interests, amazing sexual chemistry, and a desire to provide a family for their c***dren) but he did love her, and of course he missed the intimate times. Freia took after his wife; the same thin, wiry frame, the face with freckles and a snub nose. Yes, in his memories, his wife could easily have been replaced with Freia. He wondered if she had the same perfect ass, before realizing what he was thinking about, and carefully averting his gaze.

Nord tried very carefully to concentrate on dinner for the rest of the meal.

After dinner, the c***dren went off into güvenilir bahis siteleri their own separate rooms, supposedly to do homework. When Freia was fairly sure that everyone had gone to bed, she left her room quietly, and flitted across to Heath’s. She was dressed in the nightie that she normally wore to bed, which was pink, thin and revealing.

“Heath? Heath, are you awake?”

She pushed open the door, and as she entered, Heath hurriedly picked up a blanket, covering himself up. Freia wondered what he was doing that had required covering up.

“Freia!? What do you want? It’s late!” Heath asked. Freia noticed that he was panting slightly, as if he had been running a race.

“I just wanted to ask you a question.”

“Yes? What is it?”

“It’s about what Dad was talking about at dinner…I’m curious. How far have you gone with your new girlfriend?”

“Freia,” Heath replied, cautiously, “Did Dad send you in to pump me?” Immediately after saying the word “pump”, he blushed.

“No no no,” Freia laughed. “I’m genuinely curious.”

“Well,” Heath was still cautious, but decided to answer his sister’s query. “Not that it’s any of your business, but we’ve kissed, and that’s it.”

“You mean…she hasn’t taken care of your needs at all?” Freia couldn’t explain her sudden sense of outrage, and truth be told, didn’t really want to. If you were honored enough to be chosen by her gorgeous step-brother, she told herself, then you’d better damn well at least suck him off.

“Freia, why do you think I was jerking off when you came in?” Heath replied, throwing caution to the wind.

Freia gasped. That explained quite a lot. At the same time, her sense of outrage grew. Her step-brother, her twenty year-old attractive older sibling, was reduced to playing with himself, all because his bitch of a girlfriend wouldn’t spread her legs once in a while. Well, she reasoned, it was time to take matters into her own hands.

“You don’t have to do that, Heath!” she exclaimed. Heath grinned.

“Actually, as a male, I do. You see, if I don’t jack off at least once every few days, then-” Freia interrupted.

“That’s not what I meant at all.” Before Heath could say another word, Freia had whipped the blanket off his privates, and dived headfirst into her very first blow-job.

Freia wasn’t entirely sure what had inspired her to do this. Her brother didn’t deserve to be spending his nights jerking off, that she knew. And as the only female in the house, it was her job to take care of his needs. On top of that, she’d always wondered what giving a blow-job was like, and now she knew; it was wonderful. She couldn’t believe the sensations coursing through her body as her young tongue played with her brother’s huge cock, as it occasionally collided with the back of her throat, pumping in and out of her mouth. Her nipples grew almost painfully hard, and her cunt started dripping.

This could be it, Freia suddenly realized. This could be her place in the family. She could be the cute younger step-sister who sucked her brother off whenever he was horny. It would really help her and Heath bond, and it was definitely something that they’d have in common. She contemplated other bonding activities as her hands reached up to cup his balls. She used her hands to jack him off, and sucked on his testes for a few seconds, before returning to her enthusiastic blow-job. She couldn’t think of anything else which would bring them as close together as this activity.

Freia also knew that none of those reasons were why she’d done it. Her real reason, she slowly admitted to herself as her head bobbed up and down his dick, was that her brother was damned hot, she was damned horny, and she didn’t want any other bitch to have a piece of him. She selfishly wanted his cock all to herself.

And as she blew him, she realized why she felt like this. It was so large…so thick…so GOOD. She had never felt as horny as this before now, and as she sucked her brother off, her pussy practically gushed. She could imagine taking him deep inside her, as he pounded her all night, being fucked by her hot older brother.

Heath was shocked, as anyone would be, to find his quiet younger sister suddenly trying to suck his brains out of his penis. He had always known that his step-sister was hot, and had even been vaguely jealous of her suitors before, in the way that older brothers are. Never before, however, had he thought of her in a sexual light. Now, with her mouth wrapped tightly around his dick, her small but firm breasts jiggling as she bobbed up and down on his cock, and her nighty sticking to her sweat-drenched body, showcasing tipobet her fabulous ass, it was difficult to think of her as anything but a sexual being.

He knew, on some level, that he should stop her. But, the more primal areas of his brain reasoned, it wasn’t like she could get pregnant or anything from sucking his dick. He hadn’t coerced her into it, and she was clearly enjoying it. On top of that, his primitive brain screamed, she was good. He had been given oral sex before; his previous girlfriend had been quite proficient at it, but nothing had ever felt like this before. Freia was…she was almost godly.

After thirty seconds of such thoughts, his brain switched off, and he gave himself into the feelings coursing through his penis. It only took a few minutes, and he was thrusting forward, and shoving a fist into his mouth to stop himself from screaming. Perhaps it was the fact that she was his younger sister, perhaps it was the fact that he hadn’t cum in a few days, or perhaps it was just that Freia was so fucking hot and so fucking good at giving head, but he came that night like he had never come before. Freia, not missing a beat, swallowed it as quickly as he could pump it out.

Even while coming, Heath looked down and saw his sister bucking around. It looked like she was coming, but she hadn’t taken her nightdress off for a second, or even gone near her young cunny. She ended her orgasm at the same time as he did, but kept sucking for a few seconds, as though she wanted more.

As Freia swilled her brother’s seed around in her mouth, he stared at her, unable to believe what had just happened.

“Uh, thanks.” mumbled Heath.

“No worries” replied Freia with a grin.

There were a few seconds of awkwardness, until Heath finally broke it.

“So…what brought that on?” he asked.

“I just want to be a good sister,” she replied submissively, looking up at him with her big brown eyes. “I just want to make sure you’re happy. It’s like…it’s like that’s my role in the family. To do whatever it takes to make my big, strong brother happy.

“To do whatever it takes to get my big, strong brother off.”

Both siblings looked down at Heath’s cock, which was rapidly starting to harden again. Freia grinned, and reached out to grasp it.

“And it looks like my big, strong brother isn’t done for the night…teach me, Heath. Teach me what I can do to get you off.”

Heath didn’t say anything. He wasn’t sure exactly why his younger step-sister had started acting the way she had, but he was curious to see how far she wanted to take it. The demure tone of her voice when she told him that she was here to serve him had turned him on more than anything that he could remember, and he was determined to take her up on her offer.

Wordlessly, he gestured with his finger, and she crawled up his sweat-drenched body. He could feel her flimsy nightgown against his skin – it wasn’t hiding anything, but he took it off her anyway. He reached down between her legs – Heath had been with a few girls in his time, but he’d never before felt a pussy as wet as his little sister’s.

He was going to fuck her tonight. He was going to fuck his little sister until he got off inside of her.

Freia moaned and arched her back with pleasure. Without even realizing, she was whispering to herself, repeating a mantra over and over again.

“I’m serving my brother,” she was saying, so quietly that even Heath couldn’t hear it. “I’m serving my purpose, I’m serving my brother.”

When Heath’s finger ran up and down her pussy lip, she gasped with surprise, but didn’t stop repeating the same sentence over and over again. When she felt his finger penetrating her, she moaned with pleasure, but didn’t stop whispering, burning the words into her brain.

It was until his thumb found her clit that she allowed herself to stop, and simply embrace the pleasureable shivers that were running throughout her entire body.

Freia, at nineteen, had been with a few boys, but no one had ever gotten this far. Her hairbrush had broken her hymen, so there was no blood as Heath’s finger slowly pumped in and out of her hungry pussy, and the feelings that she had from her scalp to her toes were unlike anything she’d ever felt before.

“Oh…” she moaned, giving Heath the confidence to slip a second finger in. “Oh!!”

Unsure if she’d ever really had an orgasm, Freia wondered if this was what it felt like, the overwhelming urge to please the person giving you pleasure. While fellating her brother, she’d felt like she may have climaxed, but already this was more pleasurable.

Is it possible to climax at different levels? she wondered, tipobet güvenilir mi before her conscious thoughts disappeared and she focussed wholly on the third finger that her brother was slipping inside of her.

Just as suddenly as they’d filled her up, Freia felt the fingers disappear. She suddenly felt empty, unsatisfied, and opened her eyes to see her brother standing over her, his erection obvious and pointed straight at her.

Of course, she thought guiltily. My place is to please my brother, not the other way around.

And I think I know what would please him most…

Aside from Freia’s moans, neither sibling had said a word since Freia had asked how she could get Heath off. They didn’t need to – Freia realized exactly what Heath wanted her to do, and was just happy that it was exactly what she also wanted to do at that moment.

Without opening her mouth, Freia seductively crawled up Heath’s body. She’d never taken a cock inside her before, but she was confident that she’d be able to – his three fingers had slipped into her without effort, and impressive though his girth was, it was the length that was worrying her.

She paused a moment, and stared into his eyes. The siblings shared a moment, with Heath’s eyes radiating care and confidence, while Freia could think of nothing but the fact that she wanted to be submissive, subservient to his needs.

Freia wanted to show Heath that her body was his to use, for anything that he wanted to.

An understanding passed between the pair, and Freia began to slowly lower herself down onto his cock.

“I’m serving my brother,” she unknowingly whispered, Heath’s ear so close to her mouth that for the first time he heard what she was repeating to herself. “I’m serving my purpose, I’m serving my brother…and it is fucking amazing.”

Sensations started running through her body as Heath’s cock slowly began to part her pussy lips. It was if every part of her brain was focussed on the feeling of his flesh coming into contact with hers – she felt as though each of her nerve endings was ultra-sensitive, and she knew that few things in her life would ever rival how incredible the contact between them felt.

As Heath’s cock started to enter her tunnel, Freia couldn’t believe the tingling that began coursing through her entire body. It was as if her entire body had been working together toward a single purpose, and it was rewarding her for finally fulfilling it.

The siblings moaned in unison as inch-by-inch Freia lowered herself on top of her older brother. She could feel his hand on her back, guiding her, helping her get into position to best serve his needs. As the final inches of Heath’s shaft were consumed by Freia’s soaked pussy, he looked into her eyes to make sure that she was okay with what was happening.

Heath had expected a look of acknowledgement, confirming that everything was okay. What he got instead was a wild look of passion – Freia was enjoying the sensation of his huge dick inside of her, and she wanted more. She returned his eye contact and nodded, her features clouded with lust.

“Fuck me,” she moaned. “Fuck me like an a****l.”

Heath smiled. His sister, it seemed, was a wildcat, and he was more than happy to play into her desires.

With a single motion, Heath flipped his younger sister over, and started driving himself into her, going deeper and deeper with each thrust.

“Yes,” she squealed with pleasure. “Yes, yes, yes, yes! Oh yes! Do it!


Heath obliged, and pounded into his step-sibling with such force he was momentarily worried he was going to damage her.

I’ll have bruises in the morning. Freia thought, Totally worth it.

The harder Heath thrust into his sister, the more she seemed to love it, and it wasn’t long at all before the two of them cried out in simultaneous orgasm.

“Use me!” Freia cried as she came, her toes curling and her scalp tingling with excitement “I’m your little…sister…whore-bag!”

Heath stopped holding back, and unloaded into his younger sister.

“I’m filling you up!” he cried, “I’m doing it!’

After their intense orgasms subsided, the brother-sister pair lay back, panting with the exertion of what had just happened.

Suddenly aware of how loud they’d been, Freia decided to slip out before anyone came in to see what all the ruckus had been about.

For the first time, Freia leaned in and gave her brother a quick kiss on the lips. Had he opened his mouth, she would have followed suit, but she took her cue from him and kept the kiss short. Heath obviously found it too weird, and Freia stored that information in her brain as she left the room.

She knew her place in the family now – she was there to relieve her brothers when they needed relief. Heath realized that now, and as Freia lay back in her own bed, she started mentally concocting a plan to help her other brother Van understand exactly what she could do for him…

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