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Beverly Taught Me

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Beverly Taught Me
Beverly Taught Me

By: Londebaaz Chohan

Although, I did not lose my virginity to the mom of one of my friends, but honestly, it was no less an experience than losing my virginity. She must be around 40, very shapely, good looking and divorced already. All of the young testosterone ravished boys dreamed of doing her; I was the lucky one to actually fuck her and fulfill my fantasy.

We had graduated from the high school and this was the day; the army recruiters were coming to school to enroll the guys for the military. I went and after being listed, I suddenly thought of my friend Mathew. He had promised to come to school but had not shown. I decided to go to his house. His mother opened the door, telling me that he was not home but she did expect him to be back soon and asked me to come in and wait. She was wearing a tight top and almost knee length skirt; looking gorgeous. I had no choice and decided to wait inside instead of hanging outside and enjoy the company of this beautiful woman. She made coffee and we sat in the kitchen talking. After about 15 minutes she got up and pulled the step stool from the little space between the wall and the refrigerator.

She asked me to change the light bulb as this one was blown. I climbed up the step stool, the stool shook a little and she quickly grabbed me by the hips to steady me. She looked up at me, noticing how my eyes were glued to her cleavage. My heart raced as I felt both her hands slip on to my ass buns giving me an instant hard on. After screwing on the new light bulb, she helped me to get off the stool and leaned forward to kiss me gently; as if trying to see my reaction and gauge my response. When she realized that I was not pulling away; she pressed her lips more firmly against mine with a soft moan escaping her lips. We stood there exploring each other’s mouths and tongues for say about 5 minutes and then she held my hand, leading towards her bedroom. My heart was racing, imagining the dream to come true.

She closed the bedroom door and made me sit on the edge of the bed. I was totally mesmerized as she stood between my legs and removed her top, making her full, firm breasts to jump and escape from the half cut brassier. Her breasts were heaving as she slowly revealed herself to me unzipping her skirt and let it fall to her ankles. Oh my God. This was like all of my birthdays and the Christmases, New Year’s rolled in one. This beautiful woman was standing in front of me in just her bra and the panties. My throat was all dried up and my cock was about to burst out of my jeans cut shorts. She quickly kneeled between my legs and started to remove my joggers and socks before climbing on to the bed and straddling my chest.

I could look between her thighs at the triangle, so taut drawn by her spread wide knees. I had the experience of an exposed pussy of one of my class mates and only fumbling and touching it but this was the real close to a woman’s naked pussy ever. She moved her hands behind her and unhooked her bra, sliding it off slowly but covering her boobs with her hands, asking me, if I wanted to see them. All I could do was a quick nod and she slowly lowered her hands from the so rounded and proud breasts with the nipples fully erect and stood out hard. She was surely as aroused as myself. I watched in amazement, as she licked her fingers and glazed her nipples with the spit to shine in the afternoon daylight coming in through the window.

Soon she moved a bit backwards and now she was straddling my thighs. güvenilir bahis She struggled a little but pushed my t shirt off me. Now she calmly held my hands and placed them on her tits. Her hard nipples were grazing my palms. Before this, I had only slipped my hand inside a tight teen bra and never actually realized how soft and malleable a woman’s breasts were. The feeling, I got by caressing those bare flesh globes was fantastic. The more, I took her nipples between my fingers and thumb; more she moaned and her head slumped backwards. Looking between her thighs, I noticed a small very damp spot appear on the front of her panties. I almost gasped as her hand reached and touched my crotch, stroking the bulge, that was about to burst out and say hello to her. She smiled as she unbuttoned and unzipped me. Her hand reached inside my shorts, her soft fingers circled around my mound.

As quickly, as I felt her hand grabbing my pole, it was not. I suddenly opened my eyes thinking as if I had done something wrong, feeling her weight ease off my thighs. She came off the bed and started tugging down my cut jeans shorts and then reaching up to hook her fingers into the waistband of white underwear; drawing it down and off too. My ‘almost’ virgin cock sprang like a cobra up alert and ready to attack.

“O’ my Lord!! What is that”. She said.

“I am so sorry, Mrs. Rosenthal”. I whispered calmly.

“You better call me, Beverly; will you Thomas”. She ordered me.

“Oh, yes Beverly”. I could hardly say.

She asked me if it was my first time and I lied feeling myself blush when I said, yes Beverly. Although I had attempted to enter a younger pussy couple of times but did not succeed or I did break the seal but then came so fast to realize the actual happening. She lay down on the bed besides me, lowering her mouth to mine once again, wanting to feel my young lips against her, the experienced ones. We kissed very passionately; her tongue slipping into my mouth and coiling itself around mine. I realized, in all my previous attempts, I had never been kissed like this ever before. Now she asked me, if I had ever touched a pussy.

What choice did I have but to say, “Not really”? I paused a little as she took my hand, guiding it between her warm thighs. I admired the velvety material of her groin skin and feeling her warm dampness on my fingertips. She held my hand there for a second before easing it into her panties. My fingers now eagerly brushing her naked pussy. She reached to push her panties down to her thighs, allowing me an easier passage. My fingers slipped inside her.

“Ahh gently, my love”. She whispered very quietly. Soon she laid back on the bed, pulling my head closer to her breasts; silently pleading me to take her nipple into my mouth. Soon I was exploring my first naked woman as freely as I could. Her hips were rising to push on my hand as I stroked her cunt.

“Thomas, do you know, where is a woman’s clitoris”; I heard Beverly.

“No Beverly, please show me”. I said it immediately because I had heard of it being the most sensitive part of pussy in a woman. She reached down and opened herself still more to me, the hood above her clitoris was easing a bit backwards, revealing the hard, slightly swollen bud.

“Go ahead, gently touch it, Tom”. She begged. “please be careful, it is the most delicate and awfully sensitive”.

MY fingertip slid along the pussy lips until it found the clitoris and I touched it. Her hips bounced as I touched her clit and I also stopped suddenly. She laughed perabet giriş and said, it was all right. It felt great as I touched her there. Now she made me lay between her legs with my face was exactly at the level of her ‘Y’; the wonderful pussy. Her sight, the damp aroma was so intoxicating that I just could not resist tasting her. I kept touching her clit and playing with her pussy while leaning forward to lick the inner thighs.

“yeah, just there”. She moaned, as I saw her body get stretched. My curiosity intensified as I felt a bit confident also. I moved upwards as my tongue traced the pussy line but not touching the pussy yet. Beverly suddenly reached and grabbed my hand and placed it on one of the boobs. Right then my tongue flicked against her pussy and I heard Beverly gasp loud while her hands held my head right there. With that I started to lick her cunt lips really hard. The wild youth in me caused her to slow me down, more than once. By now her clit was grown much bigger. I took it in my lips and sucked it ever so gently while my fingers circled inside Beverly’s cunt making her go berserk with her orgasmic spasms, producing loud noise and making me an addict of pussy licking.

As soon as she got her breath back, she asked me to lay besides her, telling me that I was a bit overzealous and rough for licking her pussy. I had the most powerful and raging, ravishing hard on as a result of immense pleasure, I had and given her as well. She announced that I had earned a reward to put my cock in her mouth, ordering me to stand up as she moved slightly to the edge of the bed. She took a good hold of my ass with both hands. I simply could not keep my eyes open as I felt one of her hand move down to cup my balls and then held my hard shaft, stroking it slowly up and down.

“Please Thomas, open your eyes”. I heard her loud and opened my eyes to look lower. I saw her mouth open and put over my wet cock tip. O’ fuck!! I was in heaven. I never had come close to this feeling in my life. She was gazing in my eyes as she sucked my cock and licked my balls. By then I had really not heard or learnt about edging, nor had I ever fucked a pussy or an ass in the real sense of fucking to have practiced to control the orgasm.

Soon it was impossible for me to endure the stirring feeling of orgasm in my balls. Beverly, being experienced could sense that I was going to shoot soon; got fucking her mouth over my dong more fervently to send me into the tail spin. I could not keep my body upright and bent down to reach and pull her sturdy nipples. Right then, the first forceful spurt of my hot sperm happened, hitting the back of her throat but I immediately pulled myself out to shower the rest slush on her tits; finally finishing with the milking moves of her hands. I could see the thick ropes of my seed all over her lips and boobs.

I was completely choking for air and fell onto the bed, as she kept slow stroking my still hard dick. I was stunned to hear her ask me, if I wanted to fuck her. I felt bizarre laying naked with a woman, almost double in age than mine and asking me, if I wanted to fuck her. Her persistently teasing fingers had me a raging hard on once again with the youthful vigor and the sexual desire. I laid, watching the naked body of the sex goddess, as she lovingly caressed my fully extended sex muscle. There was this rosy touch in her eyes and on her tits due to the sexual arousal while her nipples were standing out proud for me to nibble on them. She quickly perabet güvenilir mi held my hand and placed it between the engorged lips of her cunt, explaining me the presence of excessive dampness there that she was needing to feel my cock in her cunt hole soon.

“Come on Tom”, she opened her legs, inviting me to fuck her. I mounted her eagerly with my leaking cock marking the streaks of shiny viscous lube on her belly as it brushed there. Knowing better, Beverly raised her knees to make her open more for me. My breathing suddenly got choked as I felt her hand, hold and bring my hand to her entrance with my pussy busting meat missile in it and asked me to forward slowly but firmly. Suddenly I was completely engulfed by a warm, moist, silky glove like feeling around my cock tip, then a little more and more until all the way to the thick base of my cock. I could sense my balls resting on the puffy, fluffy lips of her cunt and sap leaking out of it. Natural took over and soon, as I started to move, she told me to stay still.

My inexperience was so obviously written on my face. Telling a teen fucker; not to thrust after already letting him enter the cunt to the hilt was just like telling a baby, not to cry after snatching his toy. She raised her head and we kissed in an attempt to take away my eagerness but I was impatient and could not hold on. I started moving again, of course backwards and Shit!! I slipped out of her but thankfully, she helped and I was quickly back in her once again and she suddenly placed both of her hands on my ass cheeks to keep me still with my hands on her sides. “Stay”, she commanded like a puppy and my total body felt the most delicious sensation of being squeezed as she began rotating her hips. With her eyes closed and teeth clenched; beneath me, she crossed her legs over my hips and ordered, “Fuck me now”.

I started moving inside her damp dungy warm pussy. My strokes were erratic but surely enthusiastic and forceful. I had ejected once already with her oral lesson but the sensation was so damn delicious that I knew, I won’t last much longer. Beverly was in much more hurry too and she slipped her hand between the joint of our bodies and started tweaking her clitoris and her nipples with the other. I could literally feel my balls dancing upwards and my juices rushing too.

“Fuck me, Thomas”. Her voice was loud but trembling. Then was it that I pushed and rammed in her and my teen sex juices jumped out of my cock hole. Her fingers were furiously ripping her clitoris off her cunt; when she commanded me; not to stop now. Suddenly, she arched her back under the influence of a spasm and almost threw mw off her as her pussy started flexing and relaxing around my cock. She was also releasing her juices now and also making a lot of noise.

As we were coming back to our senses, Beverly said, she was sorry; she just remembered that Mat had told her that he was going to see his dad and may not come back till late at night or may be tomorrow by afternoon and he would call to let her know what father and son had decided. I was really not interested in all the details but only to know if Mat would be coming home tonight or not. She asked me to stay but surely my mom was waiting for me at home and I was not allowed to call from outside and inform her of being out for another couple of hours. Anyhow, I and Beverly decided that I shall call her tomorrow morning and if Mat picked the phone, I shall know that he was home and if not she would tell me the time to be with her once again. Let me only say that, I was lucky and had another nice fucking session with Mat’s mom and learnt a lot of new things as well besides fucking her again and again and again.

The End. Thank you for your comments. Londebaaz Chohan June 2, 2019.

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