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Becoming a Cuckold

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Becoming a Cuckold
It all started about a year ago when one night I brought up the idea of sharing her with another man. It was the beginning of me becoming a cuckold. I had mild fantasies of being one in the past, but as time went on my feelings for it only grew stronger. The thought of being another man’s cuck, while he fucked my wife senseless in front of me and ordered me around had my cock bursting from the seams. Some men get off by being dominate and controlling, while others like myself want to be humiliated and embarrassed. It is different for everyone, but I now knew where my place was.

It took time before I was actually ready to make it a reality. My wife and I are in our forties and had been married for more than twenty years. Our marriage was rock solid, but after all these years something was missing from the bedroom. We still loved each other very much, but our sex life had become much too predictable. We needed something to bring back that magic between us.

I began to think about all the different possibilities on why our sex life wasn’t the same anymore. The more I thought about it, the more I had come to the realization that my cock wasn’t enough for her. I knew my wife had talked about how a few of the women at work bragged about how they love being with a man with a big cock. My wife acted like it wasn’t that important to her, but I really wonder if that was true or not. I knew as the years past her orgasms were less than stellar. I now contributed the fact that my cock wasn’t doing anything for her anymore.

During the past year I began initiate conversations with different men online. One of them was with a young man named Nick. Nick was a young twenty eight year old entrepreneur who made money by an unusual way. He would find willing husbands who wanted to share their wives and then fucked them hard with his big cock. He would then cam it live for a fee to thousands of horny men and women across the universe. He told all of them up front of the arrangement, but most of them didn’t seemed to care. All the husband wanted out of it was to see his beautiful wife fucked hard right before his own eyes.

I found Nick to be quite invigorating, and very arousing as he talked about the different scenarios he had been involved with. I couldn’t believe how many wife sharing experiences he had, and just the thought of total strangers watching on got my cock hard. He said business was good and he was always on the outlook for another wife he could fuck. He said lately though, that there was a huge interest in cuckolding. His customers were ready to buck up to see an innocent husband bow down in humiliation and embarrassment to see his wife get taken and control in front of him.

Nick told me about a few of his tales from the past, but it was the cuckolding ones that grabbed my attention. He was extremely excited to talk about it and share his knowledge on it. He told me about a couple he had met about a year ago. They were very similar to my wife and me, and that the husband was looking for someone with a big cock to fuck his wife while he watched. He said he fucked the guy’s wife senseless that night with his big cock making her cum numerous times on camera, but that was only a part of it.

Nick then went on to tell me that later that night he began to cuckold the husband. He said the husband was so turned on that night that he made him suck his wife juices and cum from his cock shortly after he was done fucking her. I now felt a surge of arousal like never before. My cock throb hard as he went into more detail. He told me that the husband sucked his cum and his wife juices from his cock for a good ten minutes.

“Did he want you to cum inside his mouth?” I asked.

“I think he did, and I could easily have done it if I wanted to.”

I now wanted to hear more, and Nick went on to tell me a few other juicy bits. He said a few weeks later the husband and wife showed up at his apartment. He fuck the guy’s wife hard once again and ended up cumming inside her. He then ordered the husband to lick and sucked his wife’s just fucked pussy sending her into another mind blowing orgasm. This again was on film and had huge ratings. Nick said it progressed from there to the point one night that he ended up jacking off all over both of their faces. He also said that the husband was so into being cucked that he ordered him to always call him Master when addressing him. He went on to say that their arrangement went on for a good six months before they each went their separate ways.

My cock couldn’t take it any longer and I began to cum hard right there in front of my monitor. Nick’s exploits had me thinking about how I wanted to be just like that last husband. The thought of being humiliated and embarrassed in front of total strangers had made my cock throbbing with excitement. A few days later I brought up the idea of Nick cucking me along with my wife.

He asked, “Are you sure about this? You do know what the deal is right? I am in control and you have no control over the situation at all. You will be embarrassed and humiliated.”

I replied back, “I know, but the adrenalin rush I feel right now is so powerful that I can’t no longer control myself.”

“Alright then. I want to see pics of your wife naked right now. Send me a pic of her tits along with her ass, and most importantly of all her pussy. Do it now!” Nick ordered.

My body shook nervously canlı bahis şirketleri while I gather I few pics of my wife. I told Nick everything about my wife and me, including the fact that she was a virgin when I met her and that I had been her only partner in life. I can’t explain the feeling I was going through that minute as I nervously gather up a few juicy pics of her. A few minutes later I sent them off to him and waited for his response back. My wife is still very sexy for her age and doesn’t look anywhere her age. Her breasts are big and all natural, while her butt is perfectly rounded and extremely sexy. At 5’5 and 140 pounds her body was made for sex.

A few minutes had passed when I anxiously got a replied back from Nick, “From this point on I am in control over you and your wife. You will do what I say. You got that cuck?”

“Yes!” I sent back.

He went on to say, “I want you to bring your wife over to my place Saturday night. I want her to wear something sexy like a dress. She is not to have sexual contact with you at all. That is very important! If you or your wife don’t follow my rules then there will be severe punishment. Do you understand these rules cuck?”

“I do!” I replied back.

This was the beginning of me becoming a true cuckold. A few days later my wife and I went over to Nick’s place for the first time. He had a small home he owned off a darken street. The street was deserted except for a few cars. My wife was extremely nervous, but also had the look of excitement embedded on her face. The thought of doing something so taboo had her extremely aroused even though she wouldn’t admit to it. Once inside Nick’s house he pushed a piece of paper in front of me and said, “Sign it cuck!”

This gave him immunity if anything would ever come back at him and gave him the right to film us anyway he chooses. My hand shook as I signed it a few seconds later and gave it back to him.

I said, “I thought we had a deal you weren’t going to do any filming?”

Nick smiled and didn’t answer me back. I quickly began to worry and I began to get cold feet. Nick then turned his attention toward my wife. She looked hot in a dress and I could see Nick salivating over the chance to fuck her. She had that soccer mom look on her face or even the mom next door look. This made her even more inspirational for Nick to fuck. Nick quickly shuttle my wife off to his bedroom leaving me all alone in the living room. A few minutes later he returned and said, “Take off all of your clothes cuck!”

I tried to slow things down, but he pushed along the pace of things. A few minutes later I removed my last article of clothing and that was my boxers. I am a very fit guy, but Nick instantly noticed how small my cock was and began to berate me in front of a hand held camera. The thought of actually being film for hundreds or even thousands to see had my small cock stiff as a board. Nick then said, “I want you to sit down on this chair.”

I sat down on a chair in front of a large television set. Nick secured my arms and legs to the chair and I now wasn’t able to move. I was helpless and Nick told me, “You will watch your wife get fucked right here on the television along with thousands of others. You can watch your wife get fucked, while watching yourself in the lower corner of the screen. Paying members can scrawl messages along the very bottom of the television telling you what they think of you and your wife as she gets fucked. They can comment anyway they like and you will be at their mercy.

“Please Nick, I am beginning to have second thoughts about all of this. Please!” I said to him.

“Quiet cuck! You already signed the papers and I am expecting a huge audience tonight. There is no turning back now. Don’t worry, by the time this night is over you will enjoy every minute of it.” Nick replied back.

A few seconds later a buddy of his walked into the home. He followed Nick into a spare bedroom and a few seconds later the television set in front of me turned on. There I was for all to see naked and secured to a chair, while my wife was shown sitting alone on Nick’s bed waiting for him to return.

Nick returned to his bedroom a few minutes later leaving his buddy to work the equipment. He walked in with no shirt on and my wife asked him, “What’s going on?”

“It was nothing. A neighbor stopped by for something and left. Your husband wasn’t sure if he could watch so he is out in the living room. He told me to go on without him.”

Nick had a slight accent and was a good looking young man. He stood 6’2 his body was extremely tan and sculptured. His abs were made of steal and his chest didn’t have a single hair on it. He was all business and he began to seduce my wife right there on camera. A few minutes later Nick began to work down my wife’s dress. Her bare naked tits were now visible and that was when I notice messages scrawling across the bottom of the screen. I felt a wave of adrenalin shoot through me as they began to call me all kinds of different names. I felt embarrassed and humiliated, but it only made my cock throbbed that much harder.

Nick continued to seduce my wife and he slid her dress down to the floor. She stood there unknowing with her butt pointed directly at one of the cameras for the world to see. The comments on the screen were now about her and how Nick was going to fuck her so hard that night she wouldn’t be able to youwin walk. They called her a milf and said she didn’t stand a chance when Nick was through with her.

A few minutes later his hands began to roam about my wife’s body. She was getting hotter by the second and soft moans were heard coming from the television. Nick slid his hand down into her red panties and began to finger her now aroused clit. My wife began to squirm and she threw her arms around him. Her tongue was now buried deeply inside Nick’s mouth and he slowly work down her panties down around her ankles. Her beautiful body was now on display for all to see.

Nick then whispered into her ear, “I want you to get down onto your knees and suck my cock.”

My wife slid down in front of him. She unhooked his belt buckle and slowly worked down his pants and briefs at the same time. Nick’s cock popped out in front of her face and my wife let out a loud sigh. Nick’s cock was beyond big. It was thick and had to be close to 9 inches in length. I instantly felt a wave of passion come over me like never before. I knew it would be soon and my wife of twenty years will feel the cock of another man for the very first time. I began to have mix emotions and things were now out of my control. I was secured to this chair unable to move as I waited like the rest for my wife to be fucked by Nick’s large cock.

Nick now slid his huge cock into my wife’s mouth. Her mouth barely covered the circumference of it and it grew even bigger in size. Several minutes later Nick picked my wife up and laid her down onto his bed. He climbed on top of her as several more messages scrawled along the bottom of the screen telling me that she will never be the same again. Nick grabbed my wife’s legs and pulled them wide part. He moved in between her legs and now had his hard cock against my wife’s wet pussy. My wife’s pussy was swollen and aroused and seconds later Nick slid the head of his cock in between the lips of her wet pussy. She instantly held tightly onto him and she began to moan out as she felt his cock slip deep inside her.

Nick fucked her slowly at first giving my wife the chance to get acclimated with a strange cock, but after several minutes he began to fuck her with more vigor. Her moans picked up and she began to cry out, “Oh god! Oh god, your cock is so big!”

Nick now pounded his huge cock into my wife and she was on the verge of a powerful orgasm. She began to scream out seconds later and her body began to go into convulsions. She hadn’t cum that hard in years, and Nick stared down at her and said, “Did you like that baby?”

“Oh god yes!” my wife moaned out.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No! Please don’t stop! Please!” my wife cried out.

Nick taunted me on video telling me how much my wife was loving his big cock. A short while later he had my wife climbed on top of his cock. My wife slowly lowered herself down onto the shaft of his cock. She began to moan out once again as she moved herself up and down the shaft of his cock. A few minutes had passed and my wife was on the edge of cumming again. She began to move herself fast and furious on his cock and before she knew it she screamed out into a very powerful orgasm. Nick continued to ram his cock hard up into for the next several minutes as my wife cried out loudly.

Nick now spun my wife around on top of his cock. She brace herself with both arms down onto the bed and began to move up and down onto the shaft of his cock once again. The camera angled gave a close up showing his cock sliding in and out of my wife’s pussy. It showed the lips of her cunt being stretched to their limits as they wrapped tightly around the shaft of his cock. The messages were coming in rapid formation now telling me what a slut my wife was and how much she was enjoying Nick’s big cock.

A short time later Nick had my wife get onto all fours on the center of the bed. Her face was directed toward one of the cameras in the room. He mounted himself back behind her and pushed his huge cock back into her a few seconds later. My wife screamed out, “Oh god! Oh god!”

Her face was buried down into the sheets as she cried out, while her arms covered the top of her head. Nick slid several inches of his cock deeply into her at will. Nick then reached forward and grabbed each of my wife’s arms pulling them back toward him. My wife’s head had come up off the bed and Nick began to ram his cock hard into her. She felt every inch of his huge cock as he pulled her body tightly against his.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she cried out.

The sound of pounding flesh filled the bedroom and not long after my wife screamed out into an earth shattering orgasm. Nick continued to fuck her hard from behind for a good fifteen minutes. My wife could only take so much and Nick squatted back behind her ass. His legs were positioned on each side of my wife’s ass and he pushed his cock back into her once again from behind. He slipped both of his hands into my wife’s mouth and held her face up off the bed, while she began to cry out. She now had every inch of Nick’s cock buried deep inside her. A short time later my wife screamed out into another intense orgasm. Her body shook violently on the bed while Nick was on the verge of cumming. Seconds later he grunted out loudly and his big cock began to explode inside my wife’s pussy.

A few minutes later he pulled his cock from her pussy and let youwin giriş go of her worn out body. I watched as it fell harmlessly down onto the sheets. She was exhausted and still trembled from the pounding she had taken. Cum now trickled from her pussy and down onto the sheets. She didn’t have a care in the world at that point as he fucked her good and hard like no one else ever had done before.

Messages now scrawled about the screen in rapid form. They were extremely favorable and some call it the best fuck they had ever seen. There were even more cheers for me to clean off his cum filled cock. Nick then suddenly left the room and came out into the living room. He stood next to me as cum still slithered down the shaft of his cock.

“You want to clean my cock with your mouth?” he said.

I was still restrained and Nick pushed his slippery cock up against my lips. I tried to fight my restraints at that point, but it was no use. Nick then forced his cum covered cock into my mouth. I tasted his cum as he made me spend several minutes sucking on his cock. He then pulled his cock from my mouth and began to pound it up against my face.

“That’s a good cuck!” he said.

I felt embarrassed and humiliated as I stare down at the messages scrawling across the screen. I was called several names and put down to the point of breaking. My cock throbbed even more with excitement and I didn’t know much more I could take.

A few minutes later the television set went dark and his buddy Nathan came out of the spare bedroom.

“Wow Nick! That was so fucking hot! We had a huge audience tonight! Damn I am so horny right now.”

Nick then looked over to Nathan and said, “Why don’t you go into the bedroom and fuck his wife.”

“Heck yeah! ” Nathan replied back. Nick had let Nathan fuck a few others in the past, but none were as old or as hot as my wife

“Make sure you turn the cameras back on. I want to give our audience a real treat tonight. This is going to a night to remember. I want this cuck to watch his adorable wife get fucked again by a young college man.”

My cock began to throb once again and I pleaded with Nick to let me go.

“Please Nick! My cock is aching and I can’t take it any longer! Please let me go!” I pleaded.

“Your wife and you are mine to do with what I want with,” he replied back.

Nathan headed off and seconds later the television set came back on. I watched as he walked into the bedroom and quickly got undress. Nathan couldn’t had been any older than twenty or so and he was out of his clothes in a matter of seconds. He wasn’t nearly as big as Nick, but his cock was still good size. My wife still lay there on her stomach recovering when Nathan walked over toward her. His cock was already hard and he flipped my wife over onto her back. He pulled her over to the side of the bed and rammed his cock deeply into my wife. She instantly began to cry out, “Oh no! Oh no!”

She pleaded with him that she couldn’t take anymore, but Nathan ignored her requests. My cock throbbed and I felt another surge of arousal come over me. I heard my wife scream out as young Nathan fucked her good and hard with his cock. Several minutes had passed when my wife began to scream out once again.

“You want my big cock! Tell me!” Nathan said to her.

“Oh god yes! I want you to fuck me harder!”

Nathan now pounded his cock into my wife as she screamed out into an extremely powerful orgasm seconds later. He continued to fuck her hard for several more minutes and that was when Nick told him on a speaker, “I want you to cum all over her hot cunt!”

A few minutes later with my wife’s legs hanging over the side of the bed, and spread wide apart, Nathan began to moan out. He was ready to cum and yanked his cock from my wife’s swollen pussy. He pointed his cock directly down at her quivering cunt lips. Seconds later his cock began to go off. He shot several streams of cum all over the lips of my wife’s pussy. He covered it in cum, while my wife lay there still trembling on the bed.

Nick quickly released me from the restraints and said, “Follow me cuck!”

I followed him into his bedroom and he led me over toward my wife’s body.

“Get on your knees and lick Nathan’s cum from your wife’s pussy! I want your wife to scream out into orgasm while you lick her cunt.”

I got down on my knees at the side of the bed. My wife’s pussy was hung slightly over the side of it as Nathan’s cum ran down underneath her body. Nick spread my wife’s legs wide apart and said, “Suck your wife’s cunt!”

Her pussy still quivered and I reached out with my tongue and began to move Nathan’s sweet nectar around with my tongue. I began to clean some of her pussy up while thousands watched on.

“Lick it all up cuck!” Nick said a few minutes later.

I was forced to clean every last drop of cum from her red swollen pussy. My wife was quickly on the verge of cumming when I felt her legs tighten up around my head. I licked her pussy aggressively now and seconds later she screamed out into a very intense orgasm. My cock throbbed even harder now and Nick made me jerk myself off a few minutes later. I came hard and I hadn’t had an orgasm like that in many of years.

A short time later Nick asked if I was jealous that my wife had been fucked by two men instead of one. He reminded me that my wife has had three sexual partners, while I had only her as my only one. It was like a game to him and I left a short time later. He told me as I left to return again the following weekend because he had something very special planned for me. I now left wondering what that plan was. I guess I will have to wait and see.

All I can say is that you live only once.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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