Şubat 21, 2021

Bad Car

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I am in the middle of very hot porn DVD, totally naked, my cock very stiff from the DVD & my stroking, when the doorbell rings.

“SHIT!” I yell, as I stand up, grabbing my robe as I head for the door. I pull my robe around me quickly, hoping I have covered my stiff prick & yank the door open, ready to unload all over whoever is disturbing me. I quickly lose my impulse to scream, as I see who is standing there. Dark hair, stunning eyes, & the greatest tits I have ever seen. I pull my robe closer around me, trying to make sure I am covered.

“Yes?” I ask.

She looks sad & worried. “I, I mean, well, my car, it, well, I don’t know, it just stopped & I don’t know what to do.” Her eyes well with tears, though none spill from those mesmerizing eyes.

I just stand there, stupid. Something, somewhere, kicks me in the head & I open the door wider.

“Come in, please, & use the phone. Is there someone you can call?”

“No, I am on my way to South Dakota & don’t know anyone around here.”

“Triple A?”


“Ooookay. Look, I know a very good mechanic, but I don’t know if I can get him to come out at this time of night. I’ll gladly call him & try, but I can’t guarantee anything.”

“Oh, I will pay anything if he would!”

“Ok, I’ll try him. Make yourself comfortable & I’ll give Rick a ring.”

She smiles & nods & walks into the living room as I get the phone book out. casino şirketleri I call Rick & get his machine.

“Damn,” I say under my breath as I wait for the beep. “Rick, it’s Ollie. I have an emergency. Gimme a call, ok? Thanks, friend.” I hang up & walk into the living room.

“Rick is out, so I left…” I stop as soon as I enter. The TV is still on & the DVD is showing some nice high quality porn. She seems to be quite enthralled with what is being shown. I quickly grab a remote & turn off the tube.

“Hey! I was watching that!” she says.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t want to upset you.” I turn the TV back on. “May I get you a drink? Something to eat?”

“A glass of wine would be nice, if you have any.”

“Wine it is. Be back in a second.” I leave the living room & go to the kitchen. As I pour her wine, my mind goes crazy. There is this gorgeous woman, watching porn, avidly, in my living room. And, since Rick is probably out for the night, she will have to stay here over night! Is this a dream come true, or what? I go back to the living room & almost drop the wine when I enter. She has opened her blouse & is pinching her nipples, while her other hand is rubbing her crotch through her pants. There is a small wet spot on her pants. My cock, which had softened slightly, now blooms. The head pokes out of my robe. I don’t care. If she is going to do that to herself, why should I care if she sees my casino firmaları cock?

I cough. She looks up & smiles.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she says. “You told me to get comfortable, after all.”

“Yes, I did. Do you mind if I get comfortable?”

“Not at all! It’s your home,” she says, as I hand her the glass of wine. I open my robe & sit beside her on the couch. My cock sticks straight out, throbbing slightly. She glances at my cock. “I’m sorry, but we can’t fuck. I am engaged & it is important to me to stay faithful to him.”

“Oh. Oh, well, that’s ok. No problem.”

“Though I am very horny. Jim & I haven’t been with each other in months.” She seems to think a moment as we watch the DVD. “Tell you what. As long as you don’t try to stick that lovely cock into my pussy, we can do anything else.”

I counter with, “Or how about this? We don’t touch each other. We get completely naked, watch the DVD, & fondle ourselves. Maybe a kiss or two, but no touching the other.”

She smiles broadly. “That sounds like a rather large challenge. I would love to have that cock in my mouth.”

“Let’s try it my way, first.”

In response, she stands & practically rips her clothes off. She stands in front of me, showing me her voluptuous body, posing for me, as she cups her tits & rubs her nipples. I don’t touch my cock yet, for I want this to last. I spit on my fingers & rub my own nipples. güvenilir casino She smiles lewdly & moves one hand down, trailing a finger over her belly, flipping around her pussy. “I like a man that likes nipples,” she says huskily. She sits down across from me & spreads her legs wide. She is gorgeous. She uses one hand to spread her pussy lips open, showing me the sweet gash between her legs. I see the cunt juices flowing. She keeps an eye on my cock as she dips a finger into her wet slit & trails it up to her clit. I can see it just poking out of its hood. She rubs it gently & I take my cock into my hand. I stroke my very swollen cock up & down, as she rubs her clit harder. She has her other hand on her nipples, pinching & pulling her very hard nipples. I moan slightly. She smiles wickedly & dips a finger into her wet pussy, getting more of her love juice on it. Back to the clit she goes, giving her very stiff clitty a nice work out. I reach under my cock & fondle my balls.

“That is a wonderful sight,” I moan.

“And if feels so good,” she moans, letting her other hand leave her tits & ramming it into her pussy hole.

“Oh, goodness, I’m gonna cum,” I gasp, feeling the cum boil in my balls. She nods & works her pussy harder.

“Oooo, yeah, me too, stud,” she sighs, as my cum blows out of my cock, flying high & landing on my belly. She gasps & cums with me, neither of us taking our eyes off the other.

“That was wonderful,” she says, sitting up, though still gently playing with her pussy. “I think I may have to taste that cock of yours.”

And that she did, & more, as we spent the next two days together. Rick never did call me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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