Şubat 22, 2021

At The Club

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It was Saturday night. You had been living with me for eight months, long enough that we were comfortable, but not so long that we’d stopped being all over each other at any chance we got.

But, you finally made a break. You said that a friend was in town, and that you wanted to go out with just her. I watched you dress, nothing fancy, jeans, a white sheer top, black lace bra and a black shirt tied over your waist.

I gave you a kiss and saw you out the door. After I’d whipped up some dinner, I plopped in front of the TV, and poured a glass of wine. Bill had called and said he’d be over and that we’d go out. But, not long after you left, he bailed, claiming his wife needed him around.

I shrugged inwardly. Nothing for me to do tonight. Nothing on the tube, nothing going on at the video store. “What the hell,” I said to nobody in particular. I put the top down on my Jeep, and went the extra half hour down to Philly. I hadn’t seen Rick since we did some work for the Cabaret Association almost two years ago.

Rick’s is the best strip joint in Philly, and famous around the area. I walked in and Rick greeted me with a warm handshake. Bastard has double motives, since I know that he knows I’m a good tipper.

He pulled me down to a table right in the front. “You’re going to love my newest addition, Jeff,” he said with a wicked smile.

Just then, she came out. Dressed in a black leather catsuit, one piece, zipper all the way down the front, her brown hair very short, and a black leather mask covering her face.

I just looked over at Rick and nodded approvingly. I could tell instantly that she wasn’t one of the typical stripper type. She had a firm, round ass, shapely legs, and I could see her strong arms in the skin tight leather.

I watched this dancer, seeing her wrap herself around the pole and was completely aroused. As she unzipped, I could see the red silk bra and thong that she was wearing, slowly being revealed.

The way her hips moved to the music, and the way her entire body was lost in the moment was completely engrossing me. Then, suddenly, there was a little catch in her dance as she looked over at me. I wrote it off to her seeing the boss up close and personal.

She tossed the leather outfit into bahis firmaları my lap, pointedly noticing the growing bulge in my shorts. I smiled back up at her, wondering when she’d remove the mask.

As my mind wandered, and my eyes drank in the perfect look of her amazing body, all other ideas left my mind. This woman was amazing. Completely fit and toned, her stomach showing the utterly erotic creases of muscle that I love.

I held up a $20, and watched as she came over, and I tucked it into her thong. It was then that it suddenly hit me. “Girls night out” was more than just that. It was you, coming down here to show off.

I know that we had discussed that you should show your body more, but this was MILES from what I had in mind. As I watched you, I made sure that you saw it in my eyes. You could see the arousal every time you looked over at me. You could see how much I wanted you.

I looked over at Rick, and he laughed, “She’s an awesome one, isn’t she?”

I just glared. “Yeah, she is. She lives with me. I know it well,” was my playful response.

He barked out a quick “Bullshit…” the word dying on his lips as he saw you look at me.

“She should meet me somewhere especially private,” I said to him. He tossed me a key, and said that I could use his office.

I laughed and said, “the stop button for the recorder is still in the upper left hand drawer?” His disappointment was totally visible.

As I watched, you took the thong off, and slowly showed the entire club your lovely pussy. The thin strip of hair above it was perfectly trimmed, as always. As you bent over, that amazing ass of yours high in the air, I could see you scanning the entire crowd between your legs.

I smiled at you warmly, and continued to drink in your show. The bra came flying across the stage, landing at the feet of another guy at the stag. I watched the men staring at you, not able to get enough of you. I knew what they were thinking.

Each of these guys was utterly silent. I knew some of them by sight, and they weren’t the quiet types. They usually were hooting and hollering and cheering. Wolf whistles abounded, but not this night. Not at this moment. They were totally under your spell.

After an eternity of waiting, kaçak iddaa the song finally ended. It wasn’t until the last few strains that I realised that you’d chosen one of the songs that I had first sent to you, those many years ago. I smiled at the thought, and hummed along to the last few notes of Santana’s “Smooth.”

I walked back to the office, and waited for you. When you walked back in, you had only put on the thong and bra. I simply watched you and smiled warmly. I motioned to my lap and you came running to it in relief. I think you expected me to be upset with you, but I was too much in awe that you were doing this.

I pulled you in close to me, and slowly kissed your strong, exposed shoulder. I licked my way down, taking in every inch of your firm arm. Each tease worked me up a little more, and I could feel your arousal growing.

I slowly sucked one finger into my mouth, working my tongue around it, savouring the feel of you, feeling you squirm on my lap. I slipped my tongue down your finger, slowly releasing it, and pushing your hand down to the silken front of your thong.

I rubbed your clit with your hand, slowly guiding your arousal to another level. I softly leaned into you, and smiled at you. “I love that you’ve done this. I wish you’d have told me, and I could have come here intentionally,” I say with a breathy whisper.

I slide my hands over your back, slowly pulling your red silk bra off. My fingers dancing slowly across you, as I use my other hand to guide your fingers over your clit.

I kiss you warmly, drinking in the taste of your lips, tasting the wine that a customer must have bought you. I let my tongue dance across yours. With a little smile, I pull away from you, smiling softly.

I pull your bra down your stunning shoulders, kissing each nipple tenderly. My lips just brush across it, slowly teasing you. I suck it softly into my mouth, teasing you with my tongue as I hold it between my teeth.

My hand pushes yours away, finding your clit nicely swollen. I push my fingers under your thong, slowly working my way to find your pussy already wet. I part your beautiful lips, that were just on display for the club, and slide my finger all the way into you.

I work my finger in and out of you, kaçak bahis pushing on your clit, with my thumb. Adding a second finger, I probe for your gspot. I can feel that I find it when your teeth lock over my earlobe. You tease it with your tongue, holding it firmly between your teeth. My fingers are dancing over your clit, and inside you. I can feel the walls of your pussy begin to tens.

I feel you push against my hard cock, your toned body pressing against me. I lean back for a moment, and look you up and down, totally mesmerized by your stunning body.

I watch you stand up, pushing your thong down and kicking it across the tiny office. You push me back against the leather chair, and slowly unbutton my green silk shirt. Your fingers, then your lips trace across my chest, teasing my nipples.

I watch as you slide your hands down, pulling at the button on my shorts, quickly pulling them off. I feel you pulling on my arms, standing me up. You pull my silk boxers off, and look me up and down, smiling. I return the lust-filled grin.

I know that you have something in mind, so I simply drink in the sight of you. With your customary grace, you lean over the desk, parting your legs, and showing off your amazing ass, and shapely legs. I walk over to you, letting my body wrap over yours. My cock pushes against the crack of your ass, teasing you with how close I am.

I slide my cock down, slowly teasing you as I finally enter your pussy from behind. My lust driven wild seeing you here, your body, and having watched you show off for all those men.

My pace picks up, sliding in and out of you, faster and faster. Filling you up, feeling your desire growing with each thrust. Your pussy begins to tense around my cock as I slide easily in and out of you, your moans grow louder with each moment.

With a shout, I tense inside you and begin to cum. I can feel you cum in reaction to me filling you up. My body covers yours, folding you over the desk, holding myself inside you.

We collapse onto the desk, my arms wrapped tightly around you. I hold you close, and whisper into your ear, “I that was wonderful, dearest. We should do this again.”

You look at me over your shoulder, kissing me warmly. “Sure. I’m back on stage in 20 minutes,” is your playful response.

I simply laugh, and help you pull on your bra and thong. With a soft kiss, slowly brusing across your lips, I hold you close, simply savouring you, your mind, your body and you in my arms.

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