Haziran 10, 2020

Another bar pick up

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Another bar pick up
That summer weekend we drove to the coast and checked into our hotel; where we would stay for a couple days.
On the first evening, after a delicious dinner, Ana and I decided to have some drinks at a near bar.

So my sexy wife began her preparations while I went down to the lobby bar for a drink. When I got back to our room, Ana had showered and was in the process of hair and makeup. Standing there nude, her stunning boobs and her round ass cheeks were getting me hard. I fought the urge to strip and grope her body from behind.

Ana blew me a quick kiss and got dressed for the evening.
I could not resist grabbing her and nibbling on her nipples until they were hard. But she smiled pulling me away, slipping her long tanned legs into a tiny black thong…She was ready now.

We walked to the club and she let me enter first to check the crowd. Ana would enter a couple minutes after me and we would join at the bar to have a quick drink.

My sensual babe looked beautiful as she entered and surveyed the crowd to find me sitting at a tall table against the wall with a view of the bar and the dance floor.
Then Ana swayed her nice hips walking quickly to a chair near the end of the bar, directly in my sight and next to three young men.

She ordered a drink and began a chatting with the nearest one.
The guy was immediately drawn to her cleavage and soon was in deep conversation with her. I saw Ana sliding her hand up his thigh.

Soon I could see her stroking his cock.
He shifted in his chair as she was obviously having an effect on him. He ordered them both another drink and as he stood to reach his wallet, I saw my wife begin to stroke his cock; which was now out of his trousers.
Then he reached between her thighs and began canlı bahis şirketleri to finger her slit. Anita spread her legs ever so slightly to grant him better access…
I watched closely as she had a mini orgasm and took a deep breath to compose herself. Then she grabbed her stud by the hand and pulled him to the dance floor.

Both of them slithered against each other to the rhythm of the beat. As the lights went dim, I saw my wife melting in his arms…
Then she reached between his legs and pulled his cock out through his fly. As they danced, she shifted and impaled herself on his cock through the opening in her wrap skirt.

As they swayed slowly, I watched as she tensed and reached another orgasm, leaning her head on his chest. I could notice that the guy could feel her pussy clamp down on his cock and he lifted her slightly, driving deep into her. She leaned back away from him as he shot his load into her hungry cunt. As the song ended she tucked his cock back away and then she headed for the ladies’ room with a shiny trail of cum leaking down her tanned leg.

As Ana returned to her chair, she invited him to our room.
I saw the guy smiling, but then Ana dropped the bombshell: her husband would be there, watching everything…

But she continued telling him that I would not interfere with the action. I wanted just to watch a big cock satisfying my sexy wife…

I hurried back to our room, as part of the plan was for my wife to receive them there. As they entered, Ana excused herself to freshen up and I invited her new friend to enjoy a drink with me.
As my sexy returned, I gestured for him to go to her.

Ana unbuttoned his shirt and exposed his broad chest and abs.

Then she took his hand and made him feel her cunt through canlı bahis the slit in her dress. She ran her hand over his chest and reached through his trousers to dig his cock out and stroke it.
I stepped behind her and began to unwrap her black dress while licking and kissing her neck.
Anita was a mess as his fingers worked her swollen clit.
I slipped finally her dress down to her ankles and she stood practically nude in front of us.

Then she fell to her knees and greedily sucked that huge hard cock into her mouth. The guy was hard as steel…

After a couple minutes, he guided her onto the bed on her hands and knees. As he entered her from behind, she could feel every inch as it filled her.
I watched Ana moaning with pleasure, as her cunt quickly clenched down and she came hard, collapsing on the bed. This left him unfulfilled but she begged for time to recover.
He rolled her onto her back, rose up and began to stroke his erection between her amazing boobs.
As his large cock slid between her round tits, he told her to open her mouth and then Ana began to lick his cock on the upstroke. They continued this for a short time while she was recovering and then he sensed my slutty wife was ready for more action.

He moved between her legs and positioned the head of his cock at the opening of her glistening pussy. With a single shove, he drove all the way into Ana, deeper than he had been yet.

I noticed he was relentless on the attack on her cunt and soon the little bastard had her squirming as he continued to piston into her. Ana began to orgasm again and the tightness in her cunt was too much for him; because soon he spilled another load of his seed into her waiting snatch. He slipped out and we headed for another drink.

Anita bahis siteleri was leaking fluids and appeared totally exhausted as she weakly motioned me over. I kissed her and said I loved her.
She smiled as she knew I was enjoying the show immensely…

She whispered that the guy would be ready for more in a minute; so she wanted him to play with her tight asshole…
I asked her if she was sure and Ana just said that at this point she could not deny him anything…

Then I asked her if she wanted me to send him away, but my horny wife insisted she wanted some anal action with this lucky guy…

But then she changed her mind, saying his cock was too huge and she wanted me to take her asshole before him. I would use my own cock to open her up and lubricate her before she took his big dick.

Then she got on all fours again and I quickly pushed my hard cock into her pussy to get the lubrication of their combined juices. Her nice ass crack was already drenched. I lined my cock up with her anal pucker and slowly entered her sweet tight sphincter.
Ana cried in pain and I knew I could not last long after all the action I had watched. I pumped her nice sweet asshole as I watched her new friend was starting to find a renewed vigor.

Soon I unleashed a huge load of warm semen into her bowels.
As I withdrew my softening cock, I looked behind me to see another fully erect thing ready for some more anal action.

The guy smiled at me and he slid into Ana’s her anus, filling her.
I noticed her tightness was a blessing and caused him to finish more quickly than any of us thought was possible.
Ana was leaking out of both holes and looked totally satisfied.

The guy was finally also done.
He went to the bathroom and soon he was dressed to go.

Ana moved over me to give me a nice hug.
She told me how sore she was and that there was no way she could have any more sex tonight with me…
I kissed her and she said that she would be fine for the next night.

Still we had another three bars to go…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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