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Aftermath fantasy

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Aftermath fantasy
Donna came to Dave’s office door, “Your wife is on Line One.”

Dave laughed, “Which one?”

“Oh, yeah. Alice.”

Dave picked up the phone and hit the right button to connect. “Hi darling. What’s up?”

Alice was laughing, “You ruined our temporary nanny.”

“Whoa! How’d I do that? I made love to her.”

“Ah, that’s the problem. You not only made love to her, you sent her to heaven. She really thinks you are a god, and that you took her on a fabulous journey all through the stars and the universe, showing her all your creations. I’ve never seen a person so star struck. Even Scarlett said she’s never seen her react to anybody even close to this.

“Shelby went to help out in the nursery with all the k**s today, and the only thing Taylor wanted to talk about was YOU! You warped that poor little girl’s mind. She is sure you walk on water and perform no end of miracles.”

“Well, you know I do,” Dave teased.

Alice laughed, “I just thought I’d make your day. Be prepared for some serious hero worship when you get home tonight, and I’d like to get my own reservation in for some time with you to make love. I’ve already taken the trip she went on last night, but tonight I’m content to just be in your arms. I think at least one other wife would like to join us.”

“It’s a date. Pick our partner. See you at home.”

Nancy came into Dave’s office unannounced a couple of hours later. She was laughing.

Dave looked up from his desk and his look posed the question.

“Your latest fan called a few minutes ago. She knows we work together and she wanted me to be sure that you lacked for nothing during your work day and that your life was harmonious and that you were happy.”

Dave shook his head, “Really? Taylor?”

“Yes, Taylor. Who else would it be at this point in time? You leveled that poor girl last night. I know what she’s going through. Moreover, I still feel that way about you, but at least I have it under control. She doesn’t just yet. We love you.”

“And I love you. Thank you Nancy. If she calls back tell her I am having a harmonious, happy, and fulfilling day, and that I am self-actualizing in a highly efficient and effective manner.” He waved her away as he laughed.

Donna had heard the exchange and came to his door. “You did it again, huh?”

“Taylor, our temporary nanny got The Experience last night. She really got into it. She thinks I’m a sex god.”

“You ARE a sex god. It’s all I can do to keep from stripping my clothes away and begging you to plunder my body on your executive desk.”

Dave looked askance at her, “Well, I’M certainly not keeping you from doing that. I might even like it. I do think we should shut the door, however. Your screams of lust and delight down the rest of executive row here at the utility might set a tough precedent for the other vice presidents to follow.”

Donna laughed and went back to her desk.

Dave, Donna, Nancy, and Sheri all rode together going home that night. Nancy and Donna regaled Sheri about Taylor’s calls. They all thought it was sweet, but waaaaaay over the top. Sheri allowed, “Except it is Dave, and we all know how special he is.”

Dave’s comment was that the B.S. was getting deep in the car.

Dave dropped the women off at the Townhouses, and then went home and changed into casual clothes. He girded myself for the onslaught from Taylor he thought might go with the morning call and her reaction the night before, and headed for the patio.

Murph and Ron were tending bar, and Cindy was again wearing her sexy little waitress or maid uniform with the very short skirt and nothing on beneath. Dave got a kiss from Cindy and his usual glass of white wine over ice and an intentional pussy flash.

Instead of waiting for Taylor to come to him, Dave went looking for her in the nursery. She was still tending a half-dozen k**s. Holly was with her helping to make the last of the diaper changes before the mothers came to collect their little darlings.

Taylor lit up, “DAVE! OH, I hope you had a great day. I did because I thought about you ALL DAY LONG.” The enthusiasm in her voice was unmistakable.

Holly rolled her eyes.

“I had nice thoughts about you, too. Did you talk to Holly about the Circle and about me, and what your expectations should be.” Dave was taking advantage of having an advocate for the Circle as a third party to the possible discussion.

Holly said, “It took about ten tellings, but I think she gets it. Maybe!” She turned to Taylor, “Do you get it – the Circle philosophy and the way things happen, especially in terms of making love and about possessiveness.”

Taylor nodded, “I think I do.” She turned to Dave. “I am in love with you, and that’s all right, but I also need to develop loving relationships with the other men and women in the Circle. I’ve never had sex with a woman, but Holly volunteered to show me a few things to get me started – maybe even tonight.”

Dave pushed a little, “And so you understand that I have other commitments kaçak iddaa and people I also need to make love with. Holly is one of them, too.”

“Oh, yes. I won’t be jealous or disappointed. Holly also promised to reintroduce me to Dale. The night we were testing Alec he was the other man I danced with and kissed beside you. I figure that might be a good next step and Holly agreed. She told me that Dale is also a great lover.”

Dave laughed, “I wouldn’t know, but I do hear good reports secondhand.”

Holly snickered off to the side of the two.

Dave raised his glass at the two women, “Thank you for helping Taylor understand this place.” He went and kissed Holly and then Taylor. “Cheers. I’ll be out near the bar, as usual. Come on out when all the babes have been claimed.”

Taylor volunteered, “Julie took Johnny a couple of hours ago. She was going to feed him and take him for a walk around the neighborhood, maybe even going down to the airport. She said that Owen’s plane was due back around this time and she hoped to meet it.”

Dave waved over his shoulder and went out to the patio. Ashley’s music was playing over the speakers again, and she was also the topic of conversation. Kat had seen her new video for Burning Angelon MTV and she’d recorded it so that the rest of us could watch it. She had it teed up and playing in a loop on the large TV set in the media room. People would drift off, watch the six-minute music video, and then come back out full of praise and positive comments about her work.

Dave paused and thought about Ashley. She had been fully integrated into the Circle while she went to college and had made love with everybody in the Circle over and over again. He couldn’t begin to count the number of times they’d been together. Now, she was a star, and everyone was cheering her on, but it wasn’t the same as if she were a simple neighbor they happened to know. There were deeper feelings of joy and support over her burgeoning career. Ashley was still very loved by the Circle.

Alice arrived home from Knightsbridge Manufacturing looking gorgeous and professional as usual. She hadn’t changed but greeted everyone and then went to see the MTV video and change her clothes.

She was especially affectionate with her husband, taking time to tell him how much she loved him and counted on him being in her life for the rest of time. Dave spoke similar words back to her before she left to change. He thought she seemed especially needy of affection from him.

When Dave turned around Carolyn was suddenly in his arms with a long kiss. “Do you have any space on your dance card this evening?”

Dave gave her a sad look, “I have lots of commitments already made. I’m sorry Carolyn. Can you be here on Friday or Saturday evening? That seems to be the time when the more active sharing goes on, not that I let that limit my activities.”

“It’s a date,” she beamed. “Wolf promised Joan that he’d see her one of those nights, too. She’s so nice. We heard about her ex-husband from someone. I can’t believe he was that diabolical about someone so nice, and now she’s completely forgiven the ‘other woman’ and helped bring her into the Circle. That’s an amazing story of love and compassion.”

Carolyn drifted off, and in her place Scarlett came and claimed her kiss. She whispered in a sexy tone, “I love you. Thank you for being who you are.”

Dave held her, “The feeling is very mutual. I love you. I’m glad you can stay with us for a while.”

Scarlett said, “I spent four hours today working with Jack about a house on the street where the others are being built. We have a really great layout, space for everything and everybody, some playground area in the yard, a pool, and more. This is so great. He’s also such a sweet man.”

“I agree. You do know that he designed all of this – our homes, the core, the Circle, roads, airport, and everything.”

Scarlett said, “I do, and he’s very modest about it. He told me that you and Owen had most of the ideas, and that all he did was sketch them up on paper to be sure the sizes worked right and such. He also expects to build Townhouse 3 starting pretty soon. He said we have so many people that want to live her, near everybody. I understand that completely.”

Dave said, “If you hear of anybody that wants to do that, but feels they can’t swing it financially for some reason, please let me know. We have ways to make their dreams come true. I want anybody that wants to be with us here. I’m in the happiness business.”

Scarlett smiled, “In a way, we all are.”

“What’s the word on Road Trip?”

“I talked to the studio today. The film editors had already started several weeks ago, so they have a jump on things. That’s the only activity going on about the movie right now. The marketing types are off doing their plotting and scheming about the best time to release the movie, who should be at the premier, and all of that kind of stuff. I’ll let you know. Would you canlı casino siteleri come to the premier with me?”

“I’d be delighted. You do recall that you thought we’d start all sorts of rumors, right? You’ll be vilified in the press for dating a married man, and I’ll become the subject of great scrutiny.”

“I’m getting to the ‘Fuck It’ stage as far as the paparazzi. I’ll live my life the way I want, and if people don’t like it they can stuff it. I’ve been very guarded about my private life. I see no reason to change. If my best friend and lover attends an event with me, I don’t think I need to explain further. When asked questions about who you are all I need to say is ‘No Comment’.”

Dave laughed, “That approach works for me. If they ask me, I’ll tell them I’m a guy that you picked up at some party. You could always take Owen; he’s already been seen with you by a lot of the Hollywood types.”

“I’d much rather be with you.” She kissed his cheek in a loving way. “You’re one of my specializations.” Dave thought that was an interesting word.

Scarlett got her glass of wine and went off to talk with Cricket and some of the younger men in the Circle. Dave liked how she spread her charm around without even thinking about it. She liked everyone so much, and everyone was careful not to impose on her.

Rose and Matthew appeared together. Close behind was Athena and then Taylor carrying two of the toddlers that were squirming in her arms for release.

Dave went over and took Sarah Lynn in his arms, the baby he’d had with Nancy. He knew Nancy would be over to the patio momentarily after she changed into casual and considerably more sexy clothes than she’d had on at the office.

Sarah was just ten months old and raring to go. She looked at her father and said, “Daaaaaah!” and gave him a wonderful smile. He kissed her on the forehead. He jostled her around a little to her delight, even putting her up on his shoulders.

Taylor said, “Oh, Dave. I have a favor to ask of you.”

Dave went back in girded mode.

She went on, “You’ve met Athena. She told me about finding you and the others all making love here on the patio a few nights ago.” She whispered, “She said fucking.” Her voice returned to normal, “She’s very scared of sex, and I’ve had some long talks with her about it. I would like you to give her the experience that you gave me. You changed me so much for the better, and it was a colossal and beautiful experience in my life; the best event I’ve ever had. I want that for her, too. She’s a real friend and needs it.”

They both turned to Athena, who had already blushed up a brilliant scarlet color. Athena said, “I think I’d like what you did to Taylor. We’ve become best friends and I trust her.”

Dave tried to hold a neutral expression, but was chuckling under his façade. “Did you talk to Scarlett about doing this?”

“Errr, no. Do you think I should?”

“Yes, by all means. I don’t want to be the source of some upset in the balance of relationships that you have with her. You know that she and I have been intimate together, and will be in the future. If she prefers that we not consummate any kind of relationship, then I defer to her thinking on the matter.”

Athena was looking down at the ground and shuffling her feet. “I’ll talk to her. I know she also has my best interests at heart. I also trust her more than anybody.”

He asked, “Where did you grow up? What was your life like?”

Without looking at him, Athena answered, “I’m an orphan. I grew up in five foster homes, graduated from Costa Mesa High School, and got a scholarship to go to Orange County Community College. I studied c***d psychology. Like Taylor, I love c***dren. They’re safe. I don’t trust most adults. They’re often after me for something.”

Dave lightly touched the young girl’s shoulder. “Athena, you are a beautiful young woman. You can trust the people here to not take advantage of you. We pride ourselves on being caring and compassionate. Somehow you must have been with people that didn’t treat you that way.”

Athena volunteered, “My foster parents got money from the state for my care. Beyond that I got little affection or care from them. They made me work, too.”

“Did you date boys?”

“Rarely. They always wanted … to do things with me – sexual things. That scared me.”

Dave patted her, “I understand. Don’t allow Taylor to pressure you into doing something you’re not ready for. Making love can be a major decision for someone like you; honor yourself and your own concerns.”

The two girls went off together. Athena seemed calmer after the brief exchange of words.

Tali appeared and lifted Sarah Lynn from Dave’s arms. “I love c***dren,” she announced. “Who’s this?”

Sarah liked the new woman who held her. Her little hands came up and explored Tali’s face and long blonde hair. Dave gave a brief history of the tot. Nancy appeared, but let Tali continue to hold her daughter as the two of them talked. casino şirketleri Dave went and got his glass of wine, adding additional ice cubes to the drink that was already watered down.

Across the patio he could see Taylor and Athena talking to Scarlett. Scarlett was smiling and nodding. They were gesturing occasionally in Dave’s direction. He rolled his eyes and had that feeling that he was being set up by some of the females in the Circle.

Bridget appeared in her work clothes, which were really just pink sneakers, shorts, and a t-shirt. She worked outdoors, and the peak afternoon temperatures were already in the high eighties. She had her long blonde hair back in a ponytail. Overall, she looked cute and sexy.

Bridget bounded over to Dave and kissed him. “I love you,” she crooned as she looked up into his eyes and leaned in for a kiss.

“I love you, too. How’s the job going?”

“It’s fun. I got to be in the tank with some stingrays. I petted them, fed them, and everything. They were so docile, and actually played with me. They liked me. I was actually measuring their growth. The ones I was with were on a special diet to see if the labs could make a hardier species. They’re going extinct right now.”

“I’ve seen them under some of the bridges when we run out towards St. Armands Key. They seem to swim in groups of ten or twenty,” Dave observed.

“They do stick together. They like to hide in the sand and wait for their prey to come by. Fortunately, they don’t care for humans. They weren’t aggressive at all. I just had to be careful not to step on one in our tank.”

Bridget went off to change into her monokini. She had adapted to the partial nudity of the Circle women during the cocktail and dinner hours with ease, and would have probably been happier completely naked if that were the norm. She was stacked and firm, and a major attraction for all the men.

As promised, that evening Dave was unusually attentive to Alice. To his surprise, she had Scarlett join them. They sat together at dinner, danced together afterwards, and then slipped away early so the three of them could make love the rest of the night in the huge bed in the Prentiss’ master bedroom.

Alice was especially loving with her husband and without prompting brought Scarlett into the same state of mind. By the end of their two hours of sexual enjoyment, the three were covered in each other’s sexual juices and emissions, and truly sated with love and pleasure.

Scarlett teased Dave by pretending to be Athena, with all her innocence coming to the fore. ‘Oh, Mr. Prentiss, your thing is so big … how will you ever be able to fit that inside me … Oh,God, you did. That feels …’ She was good.

Scarlett told him, “Athena, at Taylor’s urging, asked for permission to have you make love to her. She’s psyched up for it according to Taylor, but there’s some real peer pressure there. Please see if you can make her happy. I love my au pair, and she does need to get laid. I think the sex will help transform her personality. It’s as though she’s missing out on a large chunk of life.”

Pam, Heather, Cricket, and Julie joined them around eleven o’clock and they all slept snugged up against each other. As the others joined them in bed, Alice, Scarlett, and Dave noted that they weren’t the only ones emitting sexual odors and aromas from the evening’s lovemaking. Dave thought about the subject of pheromones, the subject that Wolf had planted in his head, specifically that he emitted male aromas about who he was, how sexual he was, and how he loved to mate. He wondered if that was true.

Dave recalled that Cricket and some of the other women had told him about auras. Each person had an aura that extended outward sometimes great distances from their body. Other people could sense the aura with their own, drawing in huge amounts of information about the person’s true nature, and even their spiritual underpinnings. He could understand that better than the idea of pheromones.

Alice snuggled in beside him on his right, and Scarlett on his left. Somehow, Cricket squiggled up his body so she could sleep on him. She loved him so and that was her favorite overnight position – their naked bodies pressed together.

* * * * *

The week and weekend flew by. About the only noteworthy point for Dave was that all five of his wives and Scarlett were with him every night. That didn’t mean they didn’t indulge with some of the other men earlier in the evenings, but they came to him to end their evenings and express their love for him.

Of course, he was also surprised by the honor they accorded Scarlett by having her there with them as a family group. Scarlett had easily slipped into the role of being a sixth wife. She loved the others and they loved her. There was no hesitation by any of them about entering into some sexual act with each other, or at the other extreme simply giving a simple kiss and saying ‘I love you’ to one another.

Watching the shapely and sexy movie star interacting with one of his wives was a huge turn on for Dave. Even if he’d just completed having sex with someone and gone into his refractory period, he’d see the two women interacting and be hard again in seconds.

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