Haziran 14, 2020

A night out just for me

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A night out just for me
That week had been long and hard at work.
On Friday I was really looking forward to going out with the girls from the office for happy hour. All of them were funny girls, but they were so much younger than me. And they have been trying to get me to go out with them for months. Finally my lovely husband agreed to stay home as I would go out with my girlfriends…

The girls had told me to wear something nice and sexy.
I went that Friday dressed as usual to the office; but I packed another sexy outfit to change into after work at Maura’s apartment.

After work, I went over to Maura’s flat to change, I got dressed and came out of the bathroom; Maura said my outfit was perfect…
I had chosen a short black dress, matching with a sexy pair of black stilettos. My friend asked me to lift the hem of the dress, until she saw my firm buttocks, barely covered by a tiny black thong.
Then finally Maura smiled satisfied, showing thumbs up…

The dress was really thigh and so my round boobs were squeezed together and they looked tremendous. I also was showing so much cleavage. As I looked into the mirror, I saw a bitch in heat…

Maura finished her makeup and we went to meet the other girls.

When we got there they all were already sitting at a table.
We had dinner, some drinks and chatted a lot.
Before midnight I called Victor, telling him I was having a good time with the office girls. He knew some of them and warned me to be careful with all those bitches. But I replied that we were just having fun and a good time talking girl’s stuff…

Then I told him that I would ask Maura to spend the rest of the night at her flat; since it was closer to the bar and my loving hubby said it was fine for him.
When I hang the phone, some of the girls were heading home but Maura, Pat and Roseanne wanted me to go with them to a new hotel bar they usually used to visit on Saturdays.

We got there and found the place was fully crowded. But we found a spot and ordered a round of drinks. Over the canlı bahis şirketleri next two hours, finally Roseanne and Pat went home; leaving Maura and me alone.

We both were having a good time.
While we chatted some guys came over and tried to flirt with us.
I felt flattered, because all of them were just in their early twenties.

I did not know what would come over but I began to flirt back.
The guys bought us a few shots and I was feeling so sexy. Suddenly Maura’s boyfriend showed up and came over to us. As he and my girlfriend hugged and kissed, the other guys backed away.

After a while Maura told me that she was leaving with her boyfriend and offered me a ride home. I felt a bit embarrassed, because I had forgotten to ask her if I could stay over at her flat. Then I said I would stay a short while and call a cab. Then we kissed goodbye…

As I sat at the bar, I felt really good, although now I was alone.
I was starting to feel aroused and horny, watching many single young handsome guys around me. My loving Victor had not fucked me in an entire week and I was hotter than a bitch in heat…

As I sat there watching around and finishing my drink, a young guy came over and sat down next to me. He introduced himself as Danny. Then I told him I was horny because my husband had not fucked me as I deserved for some days…

Danny was so sweet; he hugged me and said not to worry. He told me he would stay with me as long as I liked. He added he was staying at that same hotel.

Then we sat and chatted for a long while. He told me how sexy and beautiful I looked. I loved his attention. I was also a bit tipsy after so many drinks and I started to flirt with this handsome young guy.

I was getting aroused seeing the desire in his bright eyes and could not help but notice the bulge growing in his trousers…

It was getting late and the bar called for last call. Danny got us a last margarita and he looked me straight in my eyes as he told me he wanted to fuck me…

I just stared at süperbahis him. Then Danny He took me by the waist and leaned into my ear and whispered again he wanted to fuck me…

He kissed my ear and neck. A wave of heat rushed between my thighs. I sensed my pussy lips going wet
I was so turned on hearing him say that I suddenly came…

I did my best to avoid screaming that quick sudden orgasm.
Danny continued to kiss my neck and made his way to my lips.
Then I felt his tongue enter my mouth as I knew my horny cunt was starting to get on fire.

I stood up and Danny dragged me by the hand.
We made out all the way to the elevator.
I felt his strong but gentle hands running up my waist. He squeezed my boobs and I lowered my hand to feel his huge bulge.
As we entered the elevator, I unzipped his pants, reached inside and pulled out his cock; beginning to stroke it. It was really hard.
I fell down to my knees. His cock was hard as a rock and glistening with pre cum. I held him tightly at the base and squeezed up toward the tip. I licked at it with my tongue. He tasted salty and delicious…

I sucked and licked his cock intensely as the elevator door opened. Then I stopped for a moment but no one entered.
I went back to sucking and stroking him.
When the doors finally opened on his floor, Danny unleashed a huge stream of cum into my mouth. I gagged a bit as I felt him spray the back of my throat, but I managed to swallow all semen.

I stood up and Danny took me by the hand and we made our way to his room. I felt soaking wet between my pussy lips and horny…

We went inside and I pulled him to the bed on top of me. He slowly lifted my tight dress to my waist and then I felt his hands caressing my boobs and touching my hardened nipples.
My damp wet cunt was throbbing.

He licked his way down my belly and slowly tugged down my tiny thong. As I spread my legs, I could feel his breath on my clit.

I tried to push my hips up to meet his mouth but he held me down with his hands süperbahis güvenilir mi pinning me to the bed as his tongue slowly made its way through the folds of my labia…
I was so close to have an orgasm, when he stopped and crawled up my body, whispering I should not cum yet…

Danny moved back down between my legs but this time he spread me wide and began licking and fingering me.
I was so wet that his fingers easily slide deep inside me.
This time as I got closer to come, he quickened his pace.
His tongue was flickering all around my clitoris as his fingers were sliding in and out of my moist cunt.
All of a sudden, a finger slid into my very tight asshole…
Danny fingered my anus as he licked my wet horny cunt.
Within moments I came all over his face…

I rolled on my side totally satisfied and exhausted.
Danny put his arms around me and I could feel his hard cock rubbing up and down my backside. He continued to rub his cock across my pussy lips…

I was so wet he slid right inside me. He pumped me several times before pulling me to my knees, to fuck me from behind.
Danny held my hips and fucked me hard and fast.

I felt a wave of heat take over my body and shuddered as I had another intense orgasm. I collapsed onto the bed, but he kept slide slowly in and out of me. I was so tired and satisfied, that I felt myself drifting off to pass out soon.

But then I felt his cock slid out of me. I drifted for a moment and woke slightly as I felt him push into my ass just a little, then slid out.
Danny repeated this over and over each time going a little deeper.

I tried to say no but I was totally exhausted to resist his advance.
He continued pressing his cock in and out until I felt a flow of hot semen filling my tight anus.
Then Danny collapsed on top of me and I drifted off again.

Through the night, I was awakened several times as I felt Danny’s cock pumping in and out of me, only to drift off a wile later.

When I woke in the morning, the guy was snoring by my side.
I had a bad hangover and my cunt was so sore. I quickly and quietly got dressed. I stood at the door a moment looking at his sexy and strong naked body.
I smiled as I took out a pen to write down my e-mail address.
Then I called my hubby, telling him to get ready my breakfast…

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