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A meeting in Leather – Part 13.

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A meeting in Leather – Part 13.
“Spit roasted on the breakfast table.”

#English translation
– A sequel to: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-12-945472
– Or start at the beginning: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-1-925923

Dave and I drove around the area. It was a beautiful summer day, but you could tell that the summer was slowing down. So I was happy that I was wearing my new Leather Motor Jacket over a white shirt with long sleeves. And we had Leather Jeans on, a Jock strap and cowboy boots. Dave was wearing about the same. He only wore a harness under his Motor Jacket and his Motor boots with kinky straps.

We drove to the harbor for an alcohol-free beer and some fish and chips. And enjoyed each other and the Motor ride. After eating and drinking, Dave said he wanted to show me a gay cruising area along the highway before we went to his favorite club later that evening. He said he had an open relationship with a nice guy for some time now. This relationship was the reason why he and Mike were no longer together. Mike had been angry about that, Dave said.

We walked back together to the bike and Dave said, “You drive, Robby! It’s the parking lot on the highway near the ‘Riversforest’ park”. I answered that I was not ready to ride on the highway on his motorbike. And so I climbed on the buddy seat behind Dave. Via a few inside roads we ended up on the highway and Dave pulled the gas throttle open a little too far. In the distance I saw a car standing on the roadside and warned Dave to slow down. It was indeed an inconspicuous police car. Dave gave a few approving taps on my thigh when we passed. I was glad I didn’t drive.

We soon entered a parking space. Various cars were parked there. Most were empty. But there were also a few where some of the men were jerking off while they were watching what happened in those cars. Dave and I tried to watch it from a distance. But because we could not see it properly, we drove away a little later, and went on a forest path towards the river. We saw a few older men use a younger man in the forest. Parked a little further and walked back to the group via a detour. It was quite ‘busy’ in the forest. But there was not much action to be found.

The 5 men, between 40 and 60 years old, had placed a young biker over a fallen tree and tied him to it. His colored Biker overall had a zipper from front to back and he was beaten hard, while they were fucking him one by one. One of the men stood on the other side of the tree and he was skull fucked hard by him. We have been watching for a while.

But I didn’t feel completely at ease. I said to Dave, “If you want to join in, then just go ahead. But I’ll take a little walk.”,
“No, it is good Rob. I’d rather keep my seed in my balls for tonight.”, Dave said with a smile. I answered Dave looking at the biker; “Leather should be black, as far as I am concerned. What he is wearing may be nice. But I like classic.”, I joked.

Once back at the parking lot we drove back to the highway, and continued our journey towards the provincial capital. Dave parked his bike on the lowest level of an underground parking garage in the city center. There were more bikers and a few of them had their cocks parked in a pair of skinheads. It was very rough down there. And they were not surprised at all that we were walking there. “Keep your helmet on Robby!”, warned Dave. “Otherwise you’ll be standing there in place of those skinheads”, he said with a dirty grin.

We took the elevator upstairs and arrived in a side street of the big entertainment area. Dave pushed me ahead of him and took me to a Gay Leather and Sex Shop. He greeted the staff behind the counter. Apparently he came here more often. We walked through the shop and he took me down a flight of stairs and we arrived in the basement where they were selling SM stuff. And apparently there were also regular SM sessions there, because the sex furniture seemed to be used. The photos on the wall left nothing to be desired. On one of those photos I recognized Dave in SM gear. But I didn’t let him know that I recognized him in that photo. “Kinky, Dave… Nice shop.”, I said. One of the sellers had followed us down. “Hey DJ,… Who did you bring this afternoon?”, He asked with a heavy English accent.

“Hi Ian, This is my brother, Robby. I wanted to show him what kind of stuff you have for sale.”, said Dave, pushing me forward. “Hello Ian, Nice shop you have here. I recently converted to being a Leather Lover.”, I said with a grin. “Your a bit young, aren’t you?”, he told me. “Despite his age, he is very experienced and knows exactly what he likes and dislikes. Leather is really his thing, Ian!”, said Dave enthusiastically. “Okay, feel free to take a look around Robby, or try some on if you want. Dave can help you if needed.”, the salesman said and left again. Dave showed me some paddles and whips. He was clearly assuming I had never seen it before.

We have looked at everything and Dave gave me some extra explanation on various objects. Upstairs we walked past the clothing racks and looked at everything. I took a Leather Kilt from the rack and held it up to Dave. “This is so funny,… this will look great on you Dave. Nice and airy.”. Tom, the owner of the shop, had come to stand behind us and he was smiling broadly. “Hey Yeah, I’ve always wanted to see DJ in it. But he doesn’t want to.”, he said laughing. “Just tackle him. Tie him down and put it on him. I think he’ll be fine…”, I joked to him. And Dave said immediately; “No!… Oh god no… I would not want to be caught dead in it.”, And we all laughed loudly.

My eye fell on the display case with the fisting dildos. One even bigger than the other. “Do people really use these, Tom.”, I asked in my best English. “Only those who train their cunts well. These aren’t for beginners, boy.”, he said with a grin. “Yes, I will stick to my own little dildos for now…”, I replied with awe for the beautiful things I saw in the shop. “Nice shop you have here, I’ll have to ask Dave to take me here more often.”, I told them while winking at Dave. “That can be arranged, little brother.”, said Dave enthusiastically.

We greeted the men and walked out. “Come on, let me show you some nice bars. The gay scene is well represented here.”, said Dave. “Great, David. On a pub crawl with my own brother. Already a nice evening!,” I yelled.
We went to about 5 bars and clubs. We drank a beer or a soft drink here and there. And Dave also showed me the backrooms and darkrooms of those establishments. Despite my age I was able to get inside there with all of them. I don’t know if it was because of the Leather outfit, because I was with Dave, or whether the access policy there was always so relaxed. But they were all fun. From a bar with young students to a rough club with punks, skinheads and bikers.

The last establishment we went to that evening was a real Leather club. The doorman saw Dave coming, and released the chain from the queue line. The university students waiting dressed in Jeans became rebellious. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri “Hey! Why can he go on in and we have to wait?”, they cried. “Make sure the next time you wear Leather. Maybe then you can come in too, sissies.”, barked the doorman at them.

However, before I could walk in behind Dave, he had already closed the chain again. “I am with him!”, I said startled, and Dave looked back. “Oh yes, Robby is my brother. I’m taking him tonight to meet Carl.”, Dave told the doorman. “Ah, okay then. Have fun then tonight, Robby!”, Once inside the club we ordered a drink at the bar. The bartender poured them in and Dave bent over the counter and kissed the bartender full on his mouth. He was not avers to that and kissed him back lustily. I was watching the couple in surprise but laughing. “Robby, this is Carl! My boyfriend…”, said Dave. “He is the owner of this club.”

“Ah… Nice to finally meet you Carl.”, I said and gave him a high five. “Carl darling… this is Robby.”, said Dave. “Hey, yummy thing… You look a lot different than the description I got from your brother.”, Carl answered in disbelief. “Hey DJ, you didn’t tell me that he also wears Leather. Not to mention that you forgot to tell me that he looks this nice.”, Carl told Dave.
“Hey, thank you Carl. You have a nice club here. I understand why David calls this his favorite club. You look divine… or am I going too far with that?”, I asked Carl while I playfully looked at Dave and grinned. “Man what a nice muscular body caught in Leather you have Carl…”. I almost drooled. Carl was around 23 or 24 years old, and had hard muscles in all the right places. His green eyes looked straight into your heart. And his bleached spiky hair and stubble beard made him a dream boy.

“You have a new fan…”, Dave told Carl. “Down boy… Keep it in your pants, little brother! This one is mine!”, said Dave and laughed loudly as he gave Carl a box. “Come on, boys, I’ll show you the club!”, Carl said enthusiastically.
He came from behind the bar and was wearing black leather jeans with a double zipper. Behind that flap had to be a huge cock because his bulge was huge. The black denim blouse that was open to the navel had metal points on its collar. It was reminiscent of a western shirt. Underneath he wore a tight harness of metal chains. “Hey Robby, You have the same necklace as me. Look.”, said Carl, placing his hand on my chest and looking closely at my necklace. “You look pretty tough, boy.”, he said excitedly.

I trembled at his touch. His hand shot under my Biker Jacket and he squeezed my chest playfully. He leaned forward and glanced briefly at Dave. He nodded approvingly. Then he looked at me and he grabbed my lower lip with his lips. And sucked on it. Because I let him do it, and I opened my mouth a little, and I moaned softly. He went for it and tongued me. And before I knew it, we were very busy. Dave had come to stand behind my ass and pushed me closer to Carl. He grabbed both of us, and Carl’s hand grabbed Dave’s lower back. I was sandwiched between these two pretty tough hunks. I showed that I actually thought it was pretty horny by turning my hips. So that I felt the semi hard dicks of Carl and Dave press against me.

I looked back and gave Dave a kiss. Dave grabbed me by my throat and said, “Open your mouth!”, a little surprised I did what he asked, and opened my mouth a little further. I expected Dave’s tongue. But instead he spit in it. He turned my head back to Carl, who grabbed me with two hands and stuck out his tongue as he pressed my face to his. He started to make love again and with his tongue he licked up the saliva of Dave and me. This was much more intense than I expected. I enjoyed it, but at the same time I was very surprised. All the while we were right in front of the bar. And the rest of the fairly young crowd there was enjoying our free show. Suddenly I felt very watched and a bit uncomfortable. Carl and Dave quickly noticed that.

“Don’t worry, Robby! Crazier things are happening in this club.”, said Carl. And we walked to the dance floor. It was more like a disco than at the club of André. And the music was clearly aimed at a younger crowd. But the amount of leathers the boys were wearing was no less. The fit young dudes all wore Leather gear and Jeans. But some of them had nothing more on than just a Leather string or Jock strap. The dancing was exuberant. I noticed that some of them had chains with padlocks or even dog leashes on. And yet the whole atmosphere was very relaxed and cozy. The three of us danced a little and drank some strong alcohol at the small bar near the dance floor.

“Okay, we also have a nice basement and a cruiser area in the attic. Come on, Robby, and I’ll show you that too! My new little brother will be able to have a good time there too, I think!”, Carl said to me lovingly.
“First, let me see the john… I have to go and I have a bit of an upset stomach. I think that the fish and chips we had this afternoon want to go swimming again.”, I said, a bit pale. Carl pointed me to the staff toilets and said they would wait for me in the VIP room.

After my visit to the toilet, I came back relieved and refreshed. And went looking for the men. The club layout was quite large and a bit unclear to me. And I therefore went to the bar to ask where exactly the VIP room was. I ordered an ice water and a Rum Coke for Dave. And I asked the bartender what Carl normally drank. “Carl does like a beer and a whiskey chaser.”, said the bartender. And gave me a large pint with a shot glass of whiskey. He showed me the VIP room halfway through the club. And I asked for a tray for the drinks. I settled the bill and picked up the tray.

“Are you sure you will get it to Carl that way? Shall I bring them to you?”, he asked. “I have done this before.”, I told him, taking the tray on one hand high above my head and maneuvering me smoothly through the busy club to the VIP area. The bartender watched me and Carl and Dave had also seen me come over with the drinks. They were very impressed with my skills as a waiter. When I was at the VIP room I looked back towards the bar and received a thumbs-up from the bartender and an approving nod.
“You do understand that I would hire you right away, Robby! Not many can do that without spilling the drinks in a busy club like this.”, said Carl impressed by my skills.

We drank the drinks and Carl told about his club and about his relationship with Dave. That he likes rough sex games and SM. Dave said that he trusted Carl completely and they sometimes did bondage and SM or role-playing games. “Yes, it sounds pretty exciting… personally, I’m not that far yet. But I hope I can try it out later with someone I can fully trust.”, I said, telling Carl that I wasn’t a fan of pain. And that I only recently knew that I was gay and, moreover, had just been deflowered by Mike.

“I really don’t like that guy. I warn you, of course you have to decide for your self, but that guy is nothing but dirty games and problems.”, Carl said güvenilir bahis şirketleri madly. “Yes, I already had that experience with him too.”, I told Carl quietly. “But I was ahead of them each step of their plan.”, I told Carl what Master André and Mike had planned, and how I had pushed Mike into the house and pulled him up by his balls and tied him up to screw him over. “Carl was stupidly surprised and visibly impressed. “You’r Beautiful, Smart and Kicked ass!”, he said. “And don’t forget, I also like to wear Leather!”, I said while I pressed my head against Carl for a moment. He grabbed me and gave me a strong hug. I’ve always wanted to have a little brother like you! Robby, I love you already…”, he whispered in my ear. Dave gave him a punch on his shoulder and said; “he is my brother too!”. And pulled me to him. “Hey Boys!, there’s enough Robby for both of you!… And I’ve always wanted to have a threesome…”, I said with a dirty grin.

Dave pulled me quickly up from the Leather couch and walked ahead to the club’s basement. If possible it was even busier down there than upstairs. Carl grabbed my hips and pushed me forward in front of him. The smell in this dungeon seemed familiar to me. I had smelled this before. Carl stopped me and grabbed me from behind, halfway down a long corridor in the dungeon. With one hand on my forehead, he pressed my head firmly to his chest. He pushed a bottle under my nose. And closed the other nostril. “Now breathe deeply in through your nose, boy!”, Carl said while I looked at Dave with wide eyes. He nodded. I breathed in. “Hold it in. Don’t exhale… Hold it!”, he said. And I did what he said. “Breathe out now! Boy. These poppers make you horny!”. he said, releasing my nose. But immediately he repeated it with the other nostril. “Breathe deeply… Hold it.”, he commanded, while Dave had crawled between my legs to lick my leather bulge.

The smell of those poppers was new to me. It drove me crazy. It made me feel hot and I liked Carl’s rough touch. A third man had joined Dave and Carl. He pushed Dave’s head harder against my dick. Carl did not like that and slapped his chest and told him to leave us alone. Carl let me breathe just a few times and then grabbed me tightly again. And gave me a second shot of poppers. It made me dizzy.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, Robby!”. he whispered hornily in my ear. “I’m going to stretch your butt open all the way… And cum all over you!”, He said threateningly. He had opened both the zippers of his Leather pants and rubbed his cock and balls against my still Leather-clad ass. He wanted to give me a third shot of poppers, but I pushed his arm away. I looked down for a moment and saw how Dave had taken my young gentleman out of my pants and was about to suck me.

“You can’t resist, horny fagot… We’re going to fill your ass!”, Carl said, pushing the poppers bottle under my nose again. “Breathe deeply… Deeper… You’re getting nice and hot… I can feel it on you!… Hold it in… I’m going to fuck you in your ass!… Hold on even longer.”, he ordered me. This was so new that it made me horny, dizzy, scared, and excited.

It became too much for me and I pulled away from Carl and Dave. And spontaneously puked my guts out. The men stood next to me anxiously and took me upstairs a little later. “Are you okay, darling?”, Carl asked me when I came to my senses again. “Yes sorry about that, I still think that is the damn fish and chips from this afternoon. It was rough, but very nice down there. I liked it very much. But I think I should go home. Because I don’t feel well at the moment.”, I said.

“I’ll take you to the station in a moment, new brother of mine… You look pretty pale. Sorry about earlier.”, Carl said with some anxiety. “I’ll drop Dave off in the parking garage. He’ll pick you up from the station at home.”, No dude. It is not necessary. Dave can stay here. He wants to empty his balls tonight. And I think I’ll be fine.”, I told Carl and Dave.

“Nonsense! I’ll drive you to the station.”, Carl said, putting a loving arm around me as we walked to his car. I went home by train while Dave went on the bike. At the station, Xiam was waiting for me in his Corvette. “Dave called me to take you home. Are you a little sickly, friend?”, He asked worriedly as he caught me. “Yeah, I think I ate something wrong.”, I said and crawled into the car next to Xiam. At home, Doctor Jonathan was already waiting for us. Xiam picked up a pot of soup from the car while Carl and Dave brought me inside. I don’t remember how I got to the top of the stairs. I only heard how the Doc said to the boys, “With some medication and that Chinese chicken noodle soup from Xi, he will quickly get back on top. Make sure he keeps drinking enough.”

That Monday I was looked after by Carl and Dave. The Chinese Chicken Noodle soup was a real miracle cure, because I quickly felt much better again. But I was still extremely tired and spent the rest of the day in bed. Dreaming of Carl’s cock.

Later that evening I woke up from the heavy breathing and moans coming from Dave’s room. I stood up and looked inside Dave’s room, and saw how he and Carl were playing doctor. A moment later Carl walked into the shower behind me. “Oh sorry, I didn’t know you were out of bed, Robby.”, he said frightened, as he stopped to look at me while I was pissing. “Doesn’t matter Carl. Have you been busy?…”, I asked. “Yes, your brother is a b**st. Just need to wash my cock… or should I come back in a minute?”, he asked. “No man, you do not have anything that I have not seen before…”, I said with a grin looking at his divine naked body. “Feel free to go ahead and play with your cock, and sorry for all the hassle of last night.”, I apologized to him

I walked out of the shower and went to the kitchen to make me some toast and warmed up a cup of Chinese chicken noodle soup in the microwave. Because I had not eaten anything all day, I enjoyed it. And even took a second bowl of soup. Went to the couch with a fleece blanket to watch some TV. And woke up because Dave and Carl were sitting down naked against me. “Hey, lovely thing. Shouldn’t you be in bed?”, Carl asked as he ran a hand through my hair. “I think I’ve slept all day. But watching TV was more tiring than I thought.”, I said. “Have you eaten anything?”, Dave asked playing with his dick. “Yes, I had the delicious chicken soup from Xi with some bread. So I don’t need that nice cock of yours now…”, I said to Dave with a horny grin. And Carl got weak with laughter at that comment. “Do you want mine then?”, he asked naughty. And let his hard 23 centimeter cock jab in his hand. “Wow… That is a nice toy!… Man, what a giant…”, I said with admiration. “But maybe later. I have been a little sickly you see…?”, I joked, grabbing both men by the cock.

Dave pressed a Gay Porn in the video recorder. And they got close to me again. We fraternally sat watching the porn together under the fleece blanket playing with each others cocks. Until I got up and said that I would go back to bed. canlı bahis şirketleri I woke up early the next morning. Stepped under a hot shower and dressed in some light clothes. I already felt 110% better than the days before. Downstairs I warmed up the last leftover soup and after the early breakfast I kept messing around in the kitchen. Turned on the coffee pot and when it had run through, Dave and Carl came down in their Leather underwear and harnesses. “Oh man,… that smells good Robby! Exactly what I need now.”, said Carl. “Yes, leave that to Robert. He knows what a man needs in the early morning!”, Dave said playfully.

I poured the coffee for them and put some bread in the toaster. Prepared a few breakfast plates for them together with some bread toppings. Carl enjoyed watching me. “How are you feeling now, Robby!”, He said. “Great… well, a lot better than Sunday. Thank you for asking.”, I said. “I still can’t believe you’re a couple… You fit well together.”, I said.
“You see, Carl. He really likes you.”, said Dave. “Look at him David! Who doesn’t like that! I can only dream that I will hitch such a nice guy someday!”, I replied. Horny Carl didn’t waist any time and pulled me onto his lap. “Fuck man,… What a big cock!… Dave you can be happy with so many goodies to play with.”, I laughed as I rubbed my butt against Carl’s Leather shorts. He gave me a very big hug and kissed me briefly.

Then Carl pushed me down from his lap and pulled that huge long dick out of his kinky Leather shorts. I took his shiny cock head between my lips and licked it fiercely. Carl rolled with his eyes as I sucked him off. Dave was now standing next to us and I pulled his fat cock out of his Jock strap and he moaned loudly as I sucked him in. I alternated between Carl’s tall and Dave’s fat cocks. I took Carl’s 23 centimeters deep in my throat. That resulted in a heavy shudder from him. And Dave pushed my head over the pole of his lover and he held me tightly there. I gurgled and gagged while making strong swallowing movements. Dave let me rise for a moment for some air. But Carl soon pushed me down again. I had his half stiff dick all the way down my throat.

“OH GOD! Robby… I have never been deep throated… I am up to my balls in your horny mouth… If you continue like this, I will squirt you completely full!… Suck my fucking cock!”, he moaned loudly.
Dave lifted my butt and crawled between my legs. He loosened the jogging shorts and pulled my cock from the black jock strap, crawled underneath me and sucked me off hard. I blew Carl with dedication. And wanted nothing more than that this feeling never go away. Blowing and being sucked at the same time. That was so damn tasty. Carl leaned forward a little and he hit my ass hard.

I trembled and spontaneously sucked him deeper into my mouth. He sat up again and lifted my head. He put two fingers in my mouth and I sucked on them. “Get them nice and wet, baby. I’m going to prepare that ass of yours for my cock!”. he gasped. I wet them and he made them both disappear into my butt hole. “Oh fuck yes… Man nice tight ass… We’re going to have fun DJ!… We will fill you up completely…”, moaned Carl horny. I was very excited how he talked to me. And I couldn’t wait to get fucked by him. I spit on his throbbing cock and wet it well. And felt how Dave started rimming me. “Yes make his cunt nice and wet DJ!. I’m going to fuck him the rest of the day!”, he said roaring.

Dave spit on my boy cunt a few times and he fingered me open. Carl pulled me up and pushed me across the kitchen table on my stomach. “Are you ready?… I’m putting it in… I’m going to fuck you, Robby!”, Carl moaned. Dave stood with his rock hard cock in front of my mouth and grabbed me under the chin. Raised my head slightly. “Are you ready for the best threesome of your life? You horny devil!… You’re ours today!”, he grunted, pushing his fat dick into my mouth.

There I lay. Bouncing my cock against the bottom of the kitchen table. With my belly on the cold slices of cheese and sandwich sausage. One cock in my mouth, and another that was about to fuck my ass deeply. I kicked the jogging shorts off my ankles and spread my legs wider apart. “Oh Yeah… open that cunt for me!… Man what a nice sight.”, Carl panted as he lubed his cock with some saliva. “Here I come… Put that ass back. I am now going to fuck your nice cunt. Robby.”, he said, and I could only gurgle that I wanted him.

I grabbed behind me and grabbed Carl’s cock and guided him to my opening. I was completely ready for him. In a slow, smooth motion, Carl pressed his cock through my sphincter. “Open your cunt… Let me in… I want you… I’ll take you now!”, He groaned, panting as he let my ass get used to its size. Dave pulled his cock out of my mouth. Because he knew that Carl always started fucking roughly. That was indeed no different this time. He pushed himself inside with a firm punch. “Damn… what a tight ass you have… Oh fuck… I fuck you!… I will push it all the way in.”. He also let me get used to it again. This time to the length of his cock. I had tears in my eyes and moaned and panted loudly, but the men didn’t care.

“DJ, push your cock down his throat!”, Carl cried. He started pumping me in a steady pace in my ass. And Dave picked up the pace and fucked my mouth. I had to get used to this spit-roast of my new heroes. But as soon as I got the hang of it, I drove myself over Carl’s cock. I got several taps from him on my ass. It soon turned fire red and started to burn. But the feeling was more like pleasure than pain. “You like that, don’t you, Robby? A cock in your wet mouth and one in your hot ass.”, Dave moaned horny. “Yes and you are not finished yet!… This hole is being completely filled today!”, Carl cried.

I pushed Dave away from me for a moment and looked back at how Carl was fucking me hard. “Squirt it inside me… I want to feel both of you in my cunt… Ram that cock in my ass… Carl fuck me deep!”, I moaned. Carl stiffened by those words and drove himself hard into me. And moaned loudly. “I’m gonna cum inside you… I’ll squirt you full… I’ll pump it deep into that nice ass of yours!… Take me… Oh Fuck… Yeah Boy… nice pussy… I cum!… Do you feel it?… I will fuck it all in you. Aargh… Oh fuck… FUCK!”. And injected a huge warm load inside. Slipped out of me and Dave quickly ran to my cunt to see how Carl had filled my ass. “Now me!”, he yelled.

“Dave smoothly rammed his fat dick into my butt hole. It was gaping open because of the hard fucking Carl had just given me. The seed dripped out as Dave worked his way in. He immediately started screwing me at full power.”, Oh god… Yes nice and smooth pussy, Robby… “, he moaned while Carl fed me his cock. “Lick my cock clean, boy. Soon we will continue with round 2. You are not ready yet, boy!”, he said, panting heavily. Dave came quickly. And his load of sticky seed also disappeared deep into my ass. After they had both finished, they sat down behind me and took turns likking their spunk out off my cramping boy cunt, as they rimmed my ass for a while.

“Lets have some breakfast first, boys. Later on I want you in Leather… I want to empty my balls in you too!”, I said laughingly to the men. I got a kiss from both and we ate something together. No, this Tuesday morning could not have started any hornier.

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