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A gay summer Holiday – Part 3

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A gay summer Holiday – Part 3

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Chapter 3
An introduction to leather.

When Chris woke up Jelmer was already gone. He thought to himself that his holiday could not have started any better. He got dressed in some loose fitting clothes and flip flops and proceeded to the campground shower buildings. He walked past a few tents and saw the Leather guy playing with his pierced cock. Chris greeted the guy with a simple nod. And the guy gestured to Chris to come play with him for a while. Chris’s head shook no and he showed him his shower stuff.

After a quick wank and a cold shower he went to talk with his uncle Ben about the work that needed to be done. They agreed that Chris would take a close look at the holiday lets first. Measure stuff up. And come up with a plan. Ben told him that he did not have a chance to clean the rooms up yet, from the kinky gay party guests they had the weekend before. Chris said that he would do the cleaning as well as collect the kitchen utensils and smaller stuff. The plan was to tackle one of the 2 blocks of 12 cabins first. And that he expected that they would be done in about 5 weeks or so. His uncle told him that the first guest would not arrive until 12 weeks from now. But that the sooner the work was done, the quicker he could rent out the rooms.

Chris walked back and changed his clothes for something less touristy. He wanted to fit in with the island population. His grandmother told him a few years back how to recognize the islanders among the tourists. ‘In the heat of summer the islanders still wore long sleeved shirts, whilst the tourist wore nothing at all…’, she had joked. That saying had stuck with Chris. He wanted nothing more but to fit in with the locals. He knew that he was an outsider, but he never considered himself a tourist either. And he behaved himself accordingly. His father was born on the island. And his mother worked all her younger years there too. They met on the island and fell in love there. Thinking of love Chris smiled. Was he going to fall in love with an islander too? Why the hell not. It is not as if he and Jelmer where directly related.

He got his bags and went shopping for the stuff Jelmer forgot and for some fresh bread, and for supper that evening.
At the bakery he was greeted warmly. “Hey Christopher! Back on the island again for a holiday?”, the bakers son asked in joy. “Hi Sipke! Yes and No. I am here to work for 4 months. I was asked by Ben to fix up the bunkers”, said Chris happy with the recognition. “Ah… Cool… Let me know if you guys want a hand… I would be happy to fool around with you lot again”, said Sipke. “I may hold you to that. In fact we may want to turn it into a demolition party. I will let you know.”, Chris replied.

“What can I get for you Chris?”, Sipke asked. Immediately he got angry looks from the tourists waiting in line before Christopher. Sipke ignored them and Chris handed him his shopping note. He quickly collected the breads and cake’s and told Chris; “I will put it on your tab, Chris.”. And to the tourists he said. “We always take care of our own first. But my mother will help you shortly.”. Chris gave him a wink and handed him the 50 euro note he had gotten from the ferry captain the day before. “Lets fill the tab with that shell we?”, Christopher joked. “Will do bro. Say hi to your grandmother from me.”, he said as Chris walked out the door happy.

Chris shopped some more at the local convenience store and he got everything he needed for the next couple of days. When he walked past a local gym he quickly stopped off to ask if they had room for him to work out in the mornings. Chris wanted to get in shape and he loved to lift some weights and run. The gym assistant said that they only excepted islanders. But that, seeing Chris was practically living there, it would not be a problem.

He looked at Chris and said; “You could go see Lieuwe too. He would love to cut your hair. Man you look nice!”, said the guy. Chris knew Lieuwe. He was the miracle hairdresser on the island. He was a very talented guy. Christopher thanked the gym assistant for the kind words and promised that he would see Lieuwe when he had time, as he signed up for a 3 month membership. “See you tomorrow…”, said Chris. Now grinning from ear to ear. On the way back he saw his aunt Dianna enjoying the early morning sun. He waved and she called him over. “Got time for a coffee, Chris?”, she called.

He visited with his aunt Dianna and they talked some more about what Chris was going to do while he was here. “Don’t forget to enjoy yourself too.”, she said concerned. “If you have time on your hands you may want to give head office a call. They still would love some extra hands on deck in the weekends. They did take your suggestions as well. A few out-of-work waiters and a couple of interns are already recruited. And this is your ‘recruitment bonus’.”, she said. Handing Chris a 100 Euro bill. “Well, I will see what I can do. I’d love to help out in a weekend or two. But it depends how much work I can get done on the bunkers. It’s a big project.”, said Chris. “If you need a hand I can send over my boys!”, said aunt Dianna. “I will give you a call or you can send them by tomorrow. I’ll find something or other to do for them.”, said Chris.

“I will have to get my shopping home now. See you later aunty Dia.”. Jan-Thijs en Pieter walked up the garden path as Chris was leaving. He was greeted very warmly by his cousins. “Careful boys… your mom is trying to put you to work canlı bahis şirketleri with me… “, Chris joked. “We heard from Jesse that you three are going to fix up the bunkers. Very cool. We’d love to help out.”, said Jan-Thijs. “In that case drop by tomorrow JT. I could use a hand clearing out the furniture of 1 block of rooms.”. Chris thanked the guys for volunteering and went back to his cabin.

He stowed away his shopping and put on his work clothes. He wanted to get a head start cleaning the rooms. So he walked over to the first room on the list and unlocked the cabin with the master key. The stench was unbearable. He quickly opened up all the doors and windows. And saw that the used condoms and other traces of the kinky guests had left their mark. He opened up the other rooms as well and he already saw that some people had ‘forgotten’ more stuff.

He found cowboy boots, sex toys, bondage gear and even a complete sex sling in the rooms. Chris got horny looking at the stuff and remembered the group of kinky guys he met when he boarded the ferry. He thought to himself that they must have had a few wild days here.
Christopher quickly noted what he had found in what room and moved the mostly dirty stuff to his own cabin. “I’ll give them a good clean later. If no one comes forth to claim lost baggage I will see what I can use myself.”, he thought horny.

Christopher went through every cabin room by room. Removing the bed linens and flipping the mattresses up on their side to air them out. Under one of the beds he found a pair of Leather Jeans in his size. Now Chris had to stop working. His cock was so hard at the sight of these pants that he needed to beat his dick down quickly.
Yeah Chris turned out to be a genuine leather lover. He quickly unzipped his pants and had to put on the leather jeans. Again that strange feeling of the leather had gotten a hold over our young Chris. He watched himself wank off in the mirror of the toilet. And he came hard in no time flat. “Some one up there is trying to tell me something. First a leather jacket, now a cool pair of leather jeans… God I fucking love this holiday!”. thought Chris.

Chris removed the fucking hot leather jeans and put on his cargo work shorts again. When he had put it in his cabin, he heard Jelmer calling. “Hey Chris. Where are you?”.
“Over here stud…”, said Chris as he walked up to meet him. “Just going through the bunkers now. I’ll give them a general clean. But I think we need not bother to much. If it’s up to me, we strip the place and completely renovate it.”

Chris showed Jelmer the extend of the work that needed to be done. “The roof needs a high pressure steam clean and probably a new layer of concrete. Most of the kitchenettes are rotted through. The outside needs plastering and the insides are in need of an updated paint scheme. Oh… and the floors need a new durable epoxy coat.”, sighed Chris. “You know the budget. Do you think we can do all that?”, asked Jelmer worried. “Actually yeah. But only if we can get some free labor. And if you can call in some favors from the local builders.”, said Christopher optimistically.

“Okay. You go work up a plan for all of that. Then I will put Jesse to work on getting the help you need. And I can start ordering the materials.”, answered Jelmer. “Hmmm,… Can you arrange a large van? It may be cheaper if we drive to IKEA on the mainland ourselves, rather than them having to ship it all the way over here.”, proposed Chris. “That’s for sure… And a lot quicker too… Good plan, bro!… I will ask dad about it.”, said Jelmer, sort of relieved that Chris was minding the budget too.

The bed linens from all the cabins where collected by Jesse. Chris collected all the kitchen utensils and other smaller stuff that dressed up the rooms. He called his uncle Sjors if he could use the hotels dishwashers to give the stuff a proper cleaning. His uncle was glad to help out and told to bring all the stuff over. He would meet him at the hotel back entrance around noon. Chris asked Jelmer to drive the Jeep over and they both took the crates of cleanable stuff to his uncles work place.

“Jesse has arranged about 8 or 10 more guys and girls to come help clean out the cabins tomorrow.”, said Jelmer to Chris on the way back to the campgrounds. Cool… I will work up a detailed budget for your father to approve tonight. “No need. I have the money to spend. He gave me full control over the budget. And if we need more we only need to ask.”, said Jelmer. “Ah… Cool that sounds like more then enough. And I know a few tricks and some places to get stuff cheaply without losing quality.”, said Chris confident.

Christopher asked Jelmer to drop him off at the local builder. And he said hi to the guys there. His uncle Burt worked there too as foreman. Chris told the boss and his uncle the plan he had. And the vision of what he was trying to achieve. “Cool plan Chris! What’s the size of roof you have up there? We will order the concrete and the rebar you will need.”, said the builder enthusiastically. “It’s time that place got an update. Your the perfect guy to do that, or so your uncle told me.”.

Chris gave the men the details and the rough time line he was planning along. And told them that he would keep them updated as he got more stuff put on paper. He asked if he could borrow a small excavator and a motorized wheel barrow for a couple of day’s. His uncle Burt joked; “Sure,… as long as you put them back with a full tank of fuel…”. They all laughed hard. Chris walked canlı casino siteleri back to the campground and set to work making lists, drawings and putting stuff on paper. Later that evening his uncle called to come pick up the cleaned kitchen utensils. The stuff was looking brand spanking new. It was all sorted into plastic bags. Easy to divide over the cabins later on.

Jelmer and Jesse invited Chris over to dinner at their parents place. Chris enjoyed the meal very much, as they discussed the general goings on in the camping business. Also the plans for the cabin updates were discussed. He got the green light to go ahead. Chris was also informed that a van was arranged for later that week for the guys to go shopping on the mainland. “I love it when a plan comes together…”, exclaimed Christopher. The boys did hear something else. And all they could do was think back on the night before when ‘they came’ all together…

Christopher walked home alone. He closed up the bunkers and went to bed early. He had a full day of work under his belt. In his cabin he looked at the leather gear that he had found earlier in the day. He cleaned the stuff as good as he could and tried most of it on. He undressed and put on a full leather outfit. The cock strap from the biker on the ferry. A kinky half body harness. Leather wrist band and upper arm band. The leather jeans and the biker jacket he had found on the ferry. Lastly he put on the cowboy boots. That fit him wonderfully well. And he took a selfie of him in this outfit. He send one of the photo’s to Jelmer. “Bloody heck,… I want you Sir!… Please punish me hard… I have been a really bad boy… Sir.”, texted Jelmer him. “I only fuck boys wearing their leathers! Sweet dreams stud… Busy day tomorrow!… Going to the gym at 7 am. Be here about 8-ish”, texted Christopher back. “How the hell do you propose I am going to sleep after seeing you like that!… LOL”, replied Jelmer.

At 6:30 Christopher was awoken by a motor bike revving it’s engine in front of his cabin. He got out of bed naked and ripped open the curtains in anger. But it was Jelmer in a set of black Leather motor overalls. His dick resting on the gas tank. Chris opened up the French doors and Jelmer raced in. Breaking just before he bumped into Christopher. “You like?…”, he asked playing with his dick. The sun glistens on the drops of oozing pre-cum. “Fucking hell yeah… Get your ass in here… I am going to rip you in two. You bad boy!”, exclaimed Chris. Slapping his own dick hard in his hand. He quickly put on the leather jeans and the jacket. “Get your ass in that sling.”, he order Jelmer as he pulled open the curtain of the second bed room. Jelmer was amazed at seeing that thing.

“Oh fuck yeah… Sir I’d love to… Sir…”, said Jelmer horny. He let himself in the sling and put up his motor boots against the chains. Chris was so fucking horny, at the sight of Jelmer’s naked butt caught in his Leathers, that he forgot to put on a rubber or lube Jelmer’s ass. He shoved his cock in raw. Jelmer screamed but Chris did not care. “Fucking hell… Chris… Oh god this feels so damn nice… I love to be fucked raw by you!… Pump your morning load deep in me… Fill me up… Shoot it all in my cunt…”, exclaimed Jelmer being fucked raw by his leather master. “God you look so fucking hot in your leather gear Jel. I love it… When we are on the mainland we do need to get you some more!”, told Chris while fucking his friend very hard. His balls slapping against Jelmer’s butt cheeks. The sound the two where making probably woke op a few campers. But they did not care.

Chris handed Jelmer his phone. “Get some action shots to remember me by, babe…”, moaned Chris. Jelmer took some nice photo’s and Chris made a hot video as he pounded Jelmer’s ass raw, hard and very deeply. The sex crazed guys did not hold back. The cum was shoved deep into Jelmer’s ass as he blew a huge load over their Leathers. Chris panted; “Lets make some whipped cream! You dirty horny fuck…”. As he kept on pounding Jelmer’s filled ass. After 15 minutes he removed his spend cock from Jelmer’s hole. And he rimmed him clean. Then stood beside his boy and ordered a full room cleaning service.

Jelmer licked and sucked every last remaining drop of spunk from the cock and the Leathers of Christopher. Chris dropped his leather jeans as he bent over Jelmer’s cool cross motor. “Your turn… Let see if you can fill me up too… Ride me hard stud…”, exclaimed Chris as he pulled his ass cheeks wide apart pressing his hot hole out. Jelmer pumped his rock hard man meat in Christopher’s cunt. Giving as good as he got. Blowing a load deep inside Chris then licking his bum clean again. “Man what a morning work out!…”, panted Jelmer, slapping Chris’s butt hard. “ha ha ha… this way I don’t need to go to the gym… Will you cum by and pump me full every morning?”, asked Chris hornily. “Only if you do the same for me too… God… I fucking love your huge cock in my hole… And raw it feels even better…”, said Jelmer hugging Chris extremely tightly. They kissed and tongued.

“We need to get ready for work. The rest of the guys can be here any moment. Did you bring a change of clothes? Or are you going to work naked…”, winked Chris at Jelmer.
They both exchanged their leather gear for work clothes and ate a quick breakfast together. At 8 o’clock the rest of the group arrived and Christopher handed out the work assignments. A group quickly moved out all the furniture while another group set about kaçak casino stripping the kitchens and some of the trim. The extend of the work became quickly clear. But soon all 12 cabins where bare and the steam cleaner was put to good use. At the end of the first day the cabins where ready to get their makeovers.

The next day and after an early morning workout at the gym with Jelmer and Jesse Chris went to the builders yard. He picked up the excavator and some other tools. He dropped off a list of goods that he needed to get started on the roof. And the guys and girls set to work digging out the back of the half buried bunkers. So new drainage could be put in. The rest set to work stripping the roofs of 70 plus years of gunk and dirt.

Chris put Jan-Thijs en Pieter to work on the inside with industrial power sanders. The walls and floors took a good going over. Ready to be prepped for new paint. The three of them where properly worse for wear after a days hard graft. They walked over to the camping showers and used the air compressor to blow off the worst of the dust. Then proceeded to the communal mens showers.

The boys where amazed when they looked at Chris’s leather cock strap. Their boy cocks quickly became fully hard. Chris stood between them. “Need a hand washing those too guys?”, he said as he soaped up his hands. “Sure why the fuck not…”, sighed Jan-Thijs in horny anticipation. Chris soaped the boys up good. And their 16 and 18 cm cocks blew a huge load against the shower wall. Jan-Thijs was 2 and a half years older then his 16 year old brother Pieter. But they experimented around with Jesse a lot. Or so Jesse wrote to Chris in his private letters. And now Christopher saw what a good looking pair these two had grown into already.

“Okay guys… drop by anytime you like. Maybe the three of us can play with Jesse and Jelmer together some times too.”, whispered Chris. “I’d love that…”, panted little peet. It was not Pieters size manhood, but his skinny body that gave him that unfortunate nickname. Jan-Thijs slipt a finger into Christopher’s butt hole. Rather then pulling away Chris arched his back and let him in deeply. “Peet go get dressed. Tell your mom Jan-Thijs and I will have some more work and he may stay over it my place for the night…”, winked Chris at Pieter. Pieter knew enough, but he was very disappointed. “Maybe next year cuz. I don’t want to get you into any trouble…”, said Chris as he rubbed his cheeks. Chris shoved Jan-Thijs into a shower cubicle and closed the door behind them. They kissed passionately. And JT got sucked off for a while before Chris pulled a rubber over his cock. Jan-Thijs had never fucked a guy before. But he clearly wanted to try badly. “Let me teach you a thing or two JT”, panted Chris. “Shove that huge dick in my hole. Split me in two…”.

Chris turned around and pressed his chest against the wall and rotated his ass to JT. Grabbed his rubbered dick and guided him inside. JT grabbed Christopher’s hips and slowly pushed his godly self in even deeper. “Fuck me JT… Do me good…”, whispered Chris. Chris bent over even more and grabbed his ankles. And JT went to town on Chris’s hot ass. Pounding him with long hard strokes. Both guys panted loudly. Chris felt that JT was getting close. He pulled himself of Jan-Thijs’s cock and dropped to his knees. Ripped the condom off and sucked him deep into his mouth. “Fill me up dude… I want to taste you.”, Chris said, wanking JT off fast and licking the sensitive bottom of his cock head. Chris deep throated the guy and Jan-Thijs lost it… He dumped his sticky load into Chris’s yearning mouth and over his face. They washed each other off again and Chris asked; “Do you want to spend the night with me? I am sure there is more where that came from. Hot stuff.”.

“I will have to ask Jelmer if he is okay with it… But I think tonight is your lucky night, bro!”, said Christopher. “Are you and Jel a thing?”, asked JT surprised. “Sort of. I guess.”, said Chris joyfully. “Cool. Give him a call, for all I care he may join us.”, gasped Jan-Thijs.
On the way back Chris texted Jelmer. “Is it okay if JT spends the night with me? I’d love to show him the tricks you taught me. honey.”, Chris showed the text to JT and then pressed send. “Now we can only wait… We can at least have dinner together tonight… Right?”, suggested Chris to JT. “Oh god yes. I could go for some Chinees!”, said JT hungry. “What? you suck off Chinese guys too?”, joked Chris. Jan-Thijs laughed hard and through an arm around Christopher.

Then the phone rang. “Got your text, you horny faggot you!”. it was Jelmer. Chris put Jelmer on speaker phone. “Hey stud… Either get your ass over here and help me do JT or I will pump him full tonight…”, joked Chris. “Hey bud, I thought I would share in the joy. Jelmer, I promise to do him safely…”, said Jan-Thijs. “We are going for dinner and a movie first… Well, we may skip the movie… Lot of work to be done with this boy…”, laughed Chris. “Sure guys… I was worked raw today… I need my beauty sleep… Enjoy… Don’t stay up to late!”, said Jelmer. Jelmer knew that JT was no threat to his love for Chris. “Thanks bud… See you tomorrow.”, said Chris while he made a wet sloppy kissing sound. He quickly got one back.

JT and Chris walked to the Chinees restaurant and ate a big meal. “I am too fat to fuck…”, exclaimed Jan-Thijs after dinner… “We will see about that…”, said Chris. Call your parents to let them know you will stay over at my place. Chris handed him his phone and Jan-Thijs called his mom. He got the green light and she wished him a good night. After he ended the call he said; “I am sure it will be a fucking great night!”. Chris fucked him three ways from Sunday. And they woke up the next day in each others arms.

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