Haziran 8, 2020

A few days later

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A few days later
Joe had returned from his trip and the first thing he asked me was how was my time with my old flame and his wife. I told him what had gone down and he looked at me,
“Did you enjoy it?” Joe asked
“It was fuckin’ great” I replied, remembering how Sherry and Carl abused me. We were in the bedroom and when I finished telling Joe he came over to me, slapped my face hard enough to send me a bit to one side,
“Get into your black corset, hose and heels” he demanded and while he went back into the living room, I dressed as he had ordered. When he returned,
“Get on the bed” h said and I climbed onto it. He then went into the dresser drawer where we keep our sex toys and pulled out two thigh restraints and threw them at me,
“Put them on whore” he ordered and I wrapped them around my thighs and watched as he came over and placed my arms in them, firmly holding them down.
“On your fuckin’ knees” he demanded and I got up and got in position, Several hard slaps to my face followed
“Fuckin’ whore” he said as he slapped me
“You like having this Carl and Sherry slap you around?” he asked,
“Yes I fuckin’ liked it” I answered back. For the next several minutes he slapped my face hard sending me nearly off my knees as the pain grew in my cheeks. He then reached over and pulling my corset top down exposing my tits, he grabbed hold of my nipples and pulled and twisted them hard as I cried out in pain,
“Fuckin’ like that whore?’ he asked
“It hurts baby” I replied. A couple more slaps to my face followed before he turned his attention to my tits and started to slap and punch on them. I cried out in pain and tried to move away and off to one side, but he grabbed my hair and pulled me back up in front of him,
“Going somewhere you fuckin’ shit’ he said. He reached down and took off his belt,
“Turn around” he ordered me and I slowly moved around on the bed until my back was to him.
“Let’s see how you like this you fuckin’ cunt” he said as the first stroke of his belt came across my back. I bent over in pain as he whipped my back and ass, the kaçak iddaa pain coursing through me and yet turning me on even more as I started to enjoy the lashing. He grabbed hold of my hair, pulled me back up, turned me around,
“Like that cunt?” he asked me
“Fuck yes” I replied as he now started to whip my tits. The pain was even more as he whipped my tits, especially when he nicked my nipples and I finally bent down in sheer pain. He grabbed my hair and pulled me back up and took his cock out and pulling me forward,
“Suck on my fuckin’ cock you fuckin’ cunt” he demanded as he drove his cock into my mouth. I was sucking his cock hard and fast when he started to whip my back again and between the two, I was getting so hot and so turned on it was incredible. After what seemed an eternity, Joe pulled me off his cock and ordered me to lie back down on the bed. He reached down and took my arms out of the straps and went over and pulled out a dildo, threw it to me,
“Suck on it whore” he demanded and into my mouth it went
“Play with your cunt” he then added and I reached down and began to caress my cunt and finally finger fuck myself. I was in this position when into the room came two of Joe’s male friends. Joe had gone out to the living room while I changed and had called them up to come over for them to abuse me while he watched. I stopped and took the dildo out of my mouth and stopped finger fucking my cunt when Joe greeted them and looked down at me.
“Who told you to stop you fuckin’ worthless cunt” he said to me and I knew I had to continue and went back to sucking on the dildo and finger fucking my cunt. I watched as Joe talked to the men and they undressed when Joe turned to me,
“Fuck your cunt with that cock whore” he ordered and I took the dildo out of my mouth and once in my cunt, I started to fuck myself hard and fast.
“Now that’s a fuckin’ whore” I heard one man say and I watched as both men came over to the bed and Joe went over and sat down in the chair.
“She’s all your guys” he told the men
“And she loves pain” Joe tipobet güvenilir mi added.
The first man climbed onto the bed near my head and grabbing my cheeks, turned my head towards him,
“Suck on my cock you fuckin’ shit whore” he demanded as he drove his hard cock into my mouth. Letting go of my cheeks, he grabbed my hair and now forcibly fucked my mouth hard and fast, driving his cock deep into my mouth and throat, gagging me repeatedly. Meanwhile his partner had climbed onto the bed and taking hold of my ankles, spread my legs apart and moved up close to my cunt. Bending down he now started to first lick my cunt and lips before he now started to suck on my cunt, lapping up my juices as he tongue fucked me and then really got into it by now biting hard on my cunt lips and clit. I could only let out a muffled cry of pain as I still had a hard cock fucking my mouth.
“Make the bitch cry” Joe cried out to the men. The man fucking my mouth started to slap my cheeks hard before turning to my tits and slapping and hitting them hard as well. The second man rose up and started to punch at my cunt sending even more pain waves through me before he finally stopped and move in and rammed his cock into my battered cunt and started to fuck me really hard. This went on forever it seemed as my whole body began to tremble, but yet I was slowly getting into it all and even now began to really start to enjoy it. I knew Joe would be jerking off his cock watching two men abuse his wife and thoroughly loving it and he later told me it was so hot he exploded a couple of times.
The first man finally pulled his cock out of my mouth and motioned to the second man and he too pulled out and I was pulled up by my hair and as the first man laid back on the bed, the second one ordered me to climb on top of his cock. I rose up and positioned myself over his hard cock and lowered my self down onto and it felt so fuckin’ good. I started to ride up and down on his cock when the second man moved up to my side, grabbed my hair and turning tipobet giriş my head towards him
“Open your fuckin’ mouth whore” and when I did, he rammed his cock into it and started fucking my mouth hard. The first man was able to reach around me and grab hold of my tits and squeeze them while he fucked me. For the next several minutes this was how things went until the second man took his cock out of my mouth,
“I wanna fuck her ass” he announced and the first man stopped me, ordered me off him and had me climb back onto his cock, this time facing him. I slid down on his cock again feeling it go deep in me and sending waves of lust through me, when he reached up and taking hold of my tits, pulled me down to him’
“Kiss me you fuckin’ slut” he ordered and I bent down and as we kissed, the second man spit into my hole and before I knew it, he slid his cock deep into my ass and the two men now started to fuck me hard. I was thoroughly enjoying kissing the first man while getting fucked when after a while Joe had come over and grabbing my hair,
“My turn you fuckin’ cunt” he said aloud and twisting me head up and over towards him, he now rammed his cock into my mouth,
“Suck that fuckin’ cock you fuckin’ piece of shit whore” he demanded and there I was, a cock in my mouth, a cock in my cunt and a cock in my ass; all three pounding away at me, sending me into a frenzy of pure lust as I relished the fucking’s I was taking. The first man came first, Joe came next and my ass got filled after that. As all three men pulled their cocks out of me I let myself fall onto the bed thoroughly exhausted, but in an incredible state of bliss. We all stayed there for a few minutes just resting when Joe finally spoke up.
“Well honey” he began
“Did you enjoy yourself?”
I looked up at him and then at the two men,
“Oh fuck baby” I said
“Did I ever”
We all rested for a while before I told Joe I wanted to suck the men off again and he watched as I sucked both men off, taking their cum in my mouth for a refreshing drink. I ended up kissing both men and letting them suck on my tits as they were about to leave and when they had left,
“Honey” I said softly
“That was so fuckin’ awesome” I added
“You’re such a wonderful husband and lover” I then added as I went down on my knees and sucked his cock one more time.

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