Haziran 9, 2020

A boy named Stacy (my best friend)

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A boy named Stacy (my best friend)
I grew up with a k** named Stacy. He always was bullied and picked on cause of his name. He was a good friend of mine, as we entered middle school. He was my best friend. He was only 5’ 4” and he had a weird build. He was skinny from the waist up, but he had hips and ass . The other guys use to call him “ bitch hips “ it really was the perfect name for him as he was built like a girl. I took care of him though and fought his battles. If anyone would of took the time to get to know him, they would have seen what I seen. A true friend.

Once we got to high school nothing changed. Bitch hips still had the same figure and people still picked on him. But I was always there for him. He never had a girlfriend. All through high school he grew into a depression. I tried everything to help him.

It wasn’t until after we graduated that he snapped out of it. I planned a week long getaway for him and I at this place in the mountains. Stacy loved to fish, so I figured some trout fishing would make him happy.

My folks were very well off, they gave me a allowance that would shock you. The trip was my treat to my best friend. When we arrived it was a quaint little cottage on a nice stream. 2 bedroom 1 bath, living room and kitchen. Sure my parents were rich but I didn’t live that way. We threw our gear in the house and started fishing. We caught a few and cooked them for dinner. We sat under the stars drinking a few beers.

Can I tell you a secret? Stacy says
Yeah bud of course!
Have you ever heard of transgender?
(It was 1996 ) no what’s that?
Well my ther****t thinks I may be transgender. A female born in a man body…
Half a man body I laughed
He laughed .
Ok so what do you do about it?
Well he said you get hormone replacement therapy, breast implants and they can turn my dick into a vagina!
Why the fuck? Do you want a vagina?
No not really…

Awkward silence…

Stacy do you think you should be a girl? Yeah
Are you going to let men fuck you? Probably
Well are you gay? Idk
There’s nothing wrong with being gay! I said
You don’t care? No man your my friend

So are you going through with it? Yeah I already started on the hormones! Been on them a while. Any changes ? Yeah a got small titts and puffy nipples he laughed.

Let me see? He took off his shirt and he had tiny titts. Omg I reached out and grabbed them. They felt nice. Umm what are you doing he asked.
I laughed I see titts I grab them !

Ok ok so your a girl now? Sort of
I wanna help you! Really?
Yeah I got loads of cash saved, what do you need? Real titts!

We were turning in to go to sleep, I had one more question.
Hey Stacy? Yes
Are you wearing panties?
He laughed yep!
I laughed.

The next morning we were sitting outside drinking coffee. Hey do you care if I wear girl clothes today? No do what makes you happy.

I was fishing for about a hour, Stacy walked up to me, her hair was already long to about her shoulders , full face of makeup. She had a tight pink tank top I could see her black lace bra through. She had clevage. Her shirt was cut short, showing her thin belly, she wore a low cut white skirt that went to her feet, her nails and toes painted pink and she had flip flops on.
I’d be lying güvenilir bahis siteleri if I said I wasn’t attracted to her.
Damn ! I said
You are hot ? No I’m not
Yeah you are! Shut up and give me my pole.
We fished for a few hours ,I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I imagined her with big fake titts and I got hard. Fuck man she’s your best friend and she has a Dick! I thought to myself .

The entire week she shocked me when she dressed in the morning. Wednesday was out relax day. I was sitting outside enjoying my coffee and Stacy walked out her hair and makeup done . She was only wearing a tight tank top belly shirt, I could see her hard puffy nipples right through it. She had on light pink almost see through cotton pajama pants on , the waist folded down right above her pubic area. With the top of her ass crack showing. Her pubic hair was gone. It looks so soft. The head of her cock pressed against the cotton pants. I could see the outline. I had on basketball shorts, I felt my cock growing as I watched her walk around, quickly I adjusted myself so she didn’t see.

Her ass perfect and round, her titts small but defined. Omg her nipples puffy and hard. Her lips soft and pouty, glossy pink. My cock grew intensely hard as I tried to cover it. I imagined how big her Dick was. I wanted to see it.

So what size titts should I get. ? She asked
Idk that’s up to you! Well your paying so you choose she smiled.
Nice big C-cup! Ok settled she giggled.
Her cock grew under her pants. I watched it pushing her pants away from her body. Her hands slid up her shirt grabbed her titts. Mmmm she moaned I can’t wait. Smiling at me.
Want some more coffee she asked as she grabbed my cup. Yes sure.
Ok brb she smiles.
Me and my erection sat there waiting.
She called out I’m gonna change real quick. Ok
She walked out in a pink bikini top and tight pink shorts. Unzipped they were so tight again her ass crack out the top. They were tight around her thick smooth thighs. Unzipped all the way all I could see was skin no cock, it must have been tucked between her cheeks. She stood in front of me folding the waist band down as far as she could. Her thick thighs stretched the fabric to its max threshold. Following her thighs to her crotch to her belly to her titts I finally reached her beautiful face. She stood there biting her bottom lip holding my coffee, here ya go! As she handed it to me. My enraged boner between my legs.

She sat down, so what should we do today?
In my mind I was like ANAL were doing anal lol but my voice said idk what do you wanna do?
Mmmmm Idk she smiled.
She bit her lip again…

I jumped up that’s it! I can’t take anymore your a fucking tease. Prancing around in your tight little clothes! My boner flung out when I stood up.
She was licking her lips staring at my cock. I didn’t know what to do so I dropped my shorts and moved it closer to her face. She looks me in the eyes and started to talk and I slid it in between her lips. She opened her mouth. And I slid it in till she gagged.
Suck me Stacy!
She started sucking stairing into my eyes. I grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her mouth then deeper into her throat. She was laying back in the chair , her perabet giriş hands pulled her bikini down and she was rubbing her titts. I straddle the chair fucking her pouty lips. She gagged the moaned. Saliva ran down her chin to her chest and she rubbed it into her titts. When I was satisfied I pulled out. OMG! That was hot.
Get up ! I pulled her to her feet and pushed down her shorts as she wiggle her ass. I position her on the chair on her knees, pushing her torso down so she arched her round ass. I kneeled down and spread her cheeks and started licking her smooth asshole. She moaned as I pushed my tongue inside her. I made sure to leave a ton of saliva on and in her hole. I spit on my cock and pressed it against her asshole. She moaned as I entered her. I’m a virgin.., take me she moaned. My cock slid balls deep and I started pounding her back side, her thick flaccid cock slapping her belly with each thrust As she moaned softly yes baby use me. My cock erupted filled her hole…

Something was shaking me I opened my eyes to see Stacy standing over me in her white tank top and rolled pajama pants. I went to get your coffee I came back and you were sound asleep she laughed. And you have a boner she giggled. I looked down my cock rock hard. I looked up at her tiny titts. Then her smiling face.
That’s for you!
What ? My hard cock!
I took her hands and made her sit on my lap. My cock poking her asshole. She grinned.
We’re best friends you really wanna fuck me? It could change everything!

My hands slid up her ribs and underneath her shirt to her titts… ohhh she moaned as I tweaked her nipples.
We can’t she says as she hops off my lap. She walked into the house. I jumped up and ran after her. She was in her room getting changed.
Your a girl and I’m a guy, yes we’re best friends that’s the beauty in it. Let’s share each other!
No! We can’t ! She turned her tiny titts hard in the brisk air. I moved closer rubbing her titts I move in and softly kissed her lips. Mmmm she moaned as my tongue entered her mouth. I dropped my shorts and pushed her pants to her feet, my cock pressed against her belly, her hard cock hits me in the balls. My hands cup her ass, her nails digging in my back as we made out.
She pushed me back no we can’t we shouldn’t. I looked down her 6.5” Dick hard, look you wanna! Your hard just like me…

Oh I do wanna but I don’t want to ruin what we have! Enough! I yelled. I shoved her back on the bed and climbed on top of her. Sucking and licking her nipples, she moaned then started fighting to get away, I kissed down her belly and sucked on her thighs. She held my hair and directed my head towards her cock. I took her in my mouth and started sucking as she moaned. I rolled her over and ate her asshole just like in my dream. She moaned and twerked her fat ass around my tongue . Laying on her back I pressed my cock on her asshole. OMG she screamed as my head popped in her butthole. Stop she cried! My cock slid in further. Stop! Please stop. I stopped when I was balls deep. She was slapping the bed and pulling at the sheets.
My cock sat idle in her hole.
“You asshole I’ve never had anything in my ass before! Omg it hurt! “ it will feel better I promise…. perabet güvenilir mi fuck you! Get it out!
No I’m fucking you till I cum!
Slowly back and forth I fucked her virgin hole. She pushed her cock back between her legs . My hands fondeling her titty and I kissed and sucked her neck, whispered in her ear your a woman now! My cock slid in and out, she moaned I’m yours now …
Yes you are… you like that?
Yes… mmmm she moaned harder, I began throwing my hips my balls slapping hers. My cock slamming in and out. Yes daddy she moaned. Fuck your wife! Fuck me hard! Cum in me! I couldn’t take anymore, my cock erupted into her ass. She moaned mmmmm as she felt my seed rush in. My cock fell from her hole and I rolled off of her.
She sat up on her arms, smiling I hope it was worth it! She stood up and got dressed walking out.

I got dressed and headed outside. About a hour later Stacy came out. She handed me a piece of paper with a play by play of what happened . The words STOP written really big. Then she handed me another piece of paper. Basically a list of demands.
1. She’s my wife now
2. Half my allowance
3. Titts
5. Wardrobe
6. Laser hair removal
7. Makeup
8. I can’t fuck anyone else
9. I have to suck her cock 3x week
10. She fucks me 1x week

Wtf is this? Blackmail! You forced into me!
Wife? Yes I’m your wife!
Uh ok I guess…

I agreed to her terms. Later that night I was heavily drinking. Stacy was laying on her stomach on the couch watching tv. She had a bikini on . I walked in, hey honey she laughed. Do you prefer honey or babe? She giggled. I pulled out my cock I prefer daddy. I lunged towards her ripping her bottoms off. Pressed my cock again her cum leaking asshole. No stop! She demanded
I laughed and shoved my cock inside her. She cried out please daddy! I stopped please lube me she reached back handing me a bottle I squirted it in her ass, then shoved in. Fucking her listening to her cries mixed with moans, I pulled out and rolled her over, shoving her feet over her head. My cock slammed deep. Yes daddy hurt me. She moaned. I pounded hard , wrapping my hand around her throat. Her eyes puddle with tears. I released my grip and stopped fucking. My cock still in her she started balling crying. I pulled my cock out and fell back onto the couch. She sat up putting her head on my chest crying.

Why? Why did you have to ruin our friendship? Why did you have to force it? Why? She looked at me with tears pouring down her cheeks.

I love you, I just wanted to be with you, when you told me you were a girl I thought perfect she likes cock too, I’m fucking gay! I’ve always loved you!

She sat back. Your gay?
Yeah I kept it a secret
But you fucked girls ! Yeah to fit it plus I love the way girls look, I just love cock more. So your perfect for me!
She laid in my lap and we fell asleep. The next morning she woke me up. She was wearing a white see through short night shirt. Baby wake up I made breakfast.

I got up and we ate, she pulled out her documents and ripped them up .
I’ll still do it all I said
After breakfast I got up and infront of her dropped to my knees taking her cock into my mouth. I sucked her until she came down my throat. Mmmm baby that was hot thankies !

That night after fishing she pounded my ass for what seemed like hours. Watching a hot chick fuck your butt, nothing hotter.

When we return to civilization we ended up getting a place a few towns over where nobody knew us. She got her tittys and anything else she wanted.

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