Haziran 9, 2020

2003: A Time Odyssey

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2003: A Time Odyssey
Hello, my name is Teagan, and I was born in 2008 with a special ability where I could teleport anywhere in time, and when I’m there, I’m invisible, but I can still see myself. I didn’t know about my “special powers” until I was ten when I had my first big jump to the year 2005. And that was when I saw him for the very first time. He was asleep with a towel around his waist as he had just taken a shower and was naked. And before I forget, there is just one thing. I have come to the realization that when I’m in the past, time stands still and I can move objects and things around any way I like. But this was my very first time tapping into my ability and this time things were different and nothing stood still in the days of future past.

So there I was, standing still in some bedroom in an apartment somewhere with a older man I’ve never seen before in my life, laying on his bed wrapped in a bath towel with his eyes closed. At this time I had no idea if I was invisible or not, but I suppose I would soon find out. As I continued to stand in the middle of the room feeling totally awkward and scared, his eyes opened. I soon realized right away that he knew I was there, but he never spoke a word. He continued to stare at me with his piercing eyes and I couldn’t look away. I felt as if I was frozen and that was when he opened his towel wide open.

It was at that moment when he reached for my arm and pulled me to his bed where I laid next to him. He was now totally naked before me. Seeing him canlı kaçak iddaa like this and everything that was happening so fast had made it hard for me to breathe. Prior to this “jump”, which is only a total of 3 times, I’ve never traveled without clothes, but this time it was different. I was totally naked, as I tried my best to cover myself with my hands and arms because the last moment I remembered before the teleportation was me taking a bath at home. Yet, I was not wet at all.

As he laid naked next to me in silence, he pulled my legs apart. I was so scared and frightened and I didn’t know what to do, so I began to pray for all this to just go away. I want to go back home now please, oh dear God! But it was too late and that was when I felt it.

He was licking and sucking each one of my legs and then moved up to my knees and continued moving up. Then he spoke for the very first time.

“I can taste the heat of your inner thighs, inflamed with burning desire.” he said softly, frozen once again, realizing that he couldn’t hear me, but he could see me.

“Noo . . . please stop Mister!” I said, trying not to cry from being so confused and scared. But he couldn’t hear me.

“Your little sweetness looks so inviting little girl.” he said softly once again.

“Like fresh morning honeydew inside a rose.” as he continued to lick and suck higher and higher.

He then pulled my lil girl sweetness open, and then began licking and sucking. He licked my sweetness until I squirted my juicy juice for the canlı kaçak bahis very first time. He sucked out all my juicy juice from my sweetness and swallowed it.

He then told me he wanted to fuck me next, but I didn’t want that because I never had sex before. I tried so hard to say no, and to stop, but he couldn’t hear me. I felt trapped and helpless as I laid there, feeling all these new sensations and feelings I never felt before.

He began licking up my belly and then licked and sucked each of my nipples. As he got to my mouth I could feel, the head of his cock touch me, just so. He pushed his hard older cock into my warm sweetness and began fucking me deep, long, and slow.

My sweetness was now hot, tight, and burning and it didn’t take long for him to explode. I felt his throbbing cock twitching and squirting, as he filled my lil girl sweetness with his hot and heavy load. He then whispered in my ear softly,

“It feels like my cock is in Heaven, little girl”, as he continued to lay on top of me.

He then pulled his cock out of me slowly, and I knew I had just paid the price. I just lost my virginity to an older strange man and there was nothing I could do about it, as the tears ran down my cheeks. And when I thought all this was all over, it happened!

He rolled me over onto my belly, as I could feel him staring at my tight lil bum-bum with his eyes. He caressed and licked each cheek, and pushed his tongue into my lil bum hole. He licked every inch inside my lil hole, as he tongue-fucked bahis siteleri canlı and licked my lil girl bum hole.

He told me that my little hole looked puffy, and ready, and I didn’t know what he was talking about until he slid up, and climbed onto my back. He was so heavy and I felt my whole body pinned down to the bed, as he pushed his hard older man cock into my lil girl virgin bum hole. As he pushed it in deep, all the way in I began screaming and crying, for it hurt so much, so much more pain then before, as I had a pool of blood underneath me now. I felt my lil bum hole squeezing him, as he was pushing all the way in. And then I felt his cock twitching again!

He then spread my cheeks open and pushed down even harder so his hot cum would squirt deep inside me. I felt his cock throbbing and squirting, as he moaned loudly that my ass felt so good. I just laid there in pain and cried!

“I want to leave, I want to leave!!!”, I cried.

Not sure if God heard me or if this strange man that just violated me heard me, but whatever it was, I was so grateful as I noticed him getting dressed. And it was right at that moment when I looked up, as he was now on the other side of the room fully dressed and looking in the mirror at himself, I saw his reflection. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This is all just a bad dream. This is not real! And then just like that, I teleport back to my bathtub in my home back in the year 2008.

“Teagan sweetie, you ok in there. . . you didn’t fall asleep in there and go to China did you?” said the voice from the other side of the bathroom door.

“Huhhh . . . . wtf????”, I said to myself.

“Ummmmmmmm . . . . . . nooo dad, I’m fine . . .I’m getting out now dad!!”, I yelled, laying in the bathtub full of crimson cold water.

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