Mart 16, 2021

World of Warcraft Fantasy: Elvish graces.

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The panther stalked…hiding in the bushes. What was it waiting for? It sat so still with a silent grace. It’s eyes glowed in the dark like it was something more…

The owl hooted softly, gliding through the trees. It saw the great black cat seated below and descended. It perched itself on the branch nearby the panther. The panther looked at it with it’s flashing eyes, and nodded in acknowledgement. Some silent word passed, but no one knew. Suddenly, the panther growled in a reassuring way, turned, and pounced through the trees, it’s shadow growing fainter as it approached the jagged line giving away the huts hidden in the trees.

Teylyn burst through the clearing, morphing out of panther form in midair, landed, and sprung almost cat-like to the still form of a male night elf, lying by the cozy fire outside of their sentinel hut. They were the watchers, the sentinels assigned to this remote section of the expansive realm of Duskwood.

“It’s cold tonight” said the husky voice of Kael.

Teylyn purred catlike, and lay down in his lap.

“You’re warm enough for the both of us..” she soft kissed his neck and chin, savoring the hearty warmth of his body.

She wrapped her long, slender arms around his scarcely covered torso, and embraced him, locking her luscious lips in his in an unending battle.

“Take off that heavy armor, it’s uncomfortable”. Kael motioned at the armor that swirled in elaborate curls around her torso, and at the mail shoulderpads, reminders of the harsh reality of the war.

“Come on, lets get back into the barrow den, it’s getting cold out.”

Sure enough, the gentle, delicate snow flakes, blown adrift from Khaz Modan, was starting to settle across the beautiful orange night sky.

The two of them morphed into the panthers, and headed their way down a dirt path. The path led to what could be described, basically, as a hole in the ground, though it was blessed and protected with many ancient magics.

They stalked into a quiet place within, the area inside looked reminiscent of the trees and nature outside. The walls were earthen, and vines enframed every small window or door. There was little, crude furniture, and the beds were low, piled skins of different animals. These served well enough, as they were soldiers of the Night Elven army. In the next room, a small segment of underground river wooshed merrily through the barrow den, acting as a watersource, before it disappeared further along the den, till it came rushing out in a waterfall outside, there was a small, pool of cool, clear river water. This served as their bath. These night elves were druids, and preferred to stay as close to nature as possible. They had the abilities to transform into different animals at will, the main specialization of the druids in the Night Elf Army. Teylyn, was a druid of the claw, and specialized in the catform. She was stealthy, swift, agile, and, in desperate situations, could kill an enemy so quick and swift, that she won renown throughout the low ranking night elves. In her elven form she was tall, slender, and extremely graceful in movement. Her hair was green, like her eyes, and skin light purple, as was the common night-elven hue. Her armor consisted of delicate, entwining metal plates, and they never really covered most of her body. As she preferred speed and agility, this was essential in her fighting styles and allowed her free movement. This ofcourse, also, drew the eyes of many men. She had learnt to keep her grace however, and was loyal only to Kael.

Kael, was a druid of a claw, and specialized in the bear form, he on the other hand, was strong, mighty, often killing enemies in a single blow. His elven form was presuggestedly, tall, and broad shouldered. His chest and torso was muscularly built, and his hands too were strong and muscular. His torso was thinner and leaner towards his navel, and this accentuated his height. He was a powerful druid, and had won the heart of Teylyn bahis firmaları as he saved her one day, from an undead abomination, as it sought to rip her apart, screaming, as she was wounded from a poisonous arrow.

These two night elves had an extremely strong bond of love, and together served as sentinels in the realm of Duskwood.

“I’m going to take a bath, before we sleep.” Announced Teylyn.

Kael eyed her suggestively, and they both smiled, knowing what would come later in the night.

She turned, and stepped into the bathing chamber, stopping to remove her clothing behind a thin, cloth screen.

Kael looked at her beautiful graceful form hungrily, as she carefully stripped the armor from her body. She began with her hair trusses, releasing them and letting her hair fall in a long, graceful flow down her back. Next, came her shoulder pads, the small, metallic plates hiding most of her alluring arms. She stripped them, and placed them next to her chest plate, which she took off next.

Her silhouetted form turned sideways, so Kael could see the shapely form of her breasts, protruding where they had been hidden from the prisoning armor. Next, came her leg guards, and with these off, revealed her luscius, elegant legs and feet. Kael fidgeted, as he saw the bright light of her eyes , catch his own, as she turned her silhoutted head towards his direction, behind the screen. Kael couldn’t help but smile.

Teylyn stripped the encumbering armor off her body, and caught Kael’s eyes through the screen. She was tired from the day of patroling, but her mind flickered back to last night.. the hugs..the kisses..and eventually..the act of deepeset love. She smiled coyly at the memory, and stepped into the cool, welcoming water.

Teylyn walked into the sleeping chamber , wrapped in a towel. It was tight, so Kael could see her appealing body, hugged by the towel, taunting him. He could feel his manhood stiffening. Teylyn came and lay slowly, and graciously down next to him. They locked in a deep, passionate kiss. Teylyn, was positioned under him, and his arm was supporting his weight as he leaned over her, across her chest.

“My, you sure are ready to go tonight, my love.”

Her lithe body writhed against his, and he felt her thighs brush against his already-hard cock. He growled, a deep, bear-like growl.

Smiling, Teylyn’s slender hand began to reach under the blanket skins, where it came to a halt, on the tented fabric of his animal -hide pants.

“ dirty girl…mm… really want to get it hard tonight…”

“Work hard, play hard, my handsome druid.”

Her hand began inching, almost teasingly, every-so-slowly, down, and she slowly undressed his pants, the only clothes on his body.His cock sprang up, unrestricted by the thick fabric.

“mmhehehe..” Teylyn chuckled coyly, feeling his hard manhood. Her hand wrapped around it, her fingers towards the base of his shaft, and she started moving his hand teasingly around his cock.

“Sssss!” Kael hissed, in delight. He felt the fire in his groins start to glow..
He brought his hands to unwrap the towel wrapped against the taunting body that lay against him. He put his fingers at where the towel was clasped, right down her cleavage, causing her to draw a sudden breath and tighten her grip against his manhood.

“Ughh! ughh..oh.. he grunted, in sudden pleasure.”

His two hands found their way to her breasts, and he flicked her nipples before moving the towels aside, to reveal her shapely breasts. Her breasts were medium sized, not too small that they were no fun, nor too big that they looked fat, but somewhere in the middle. He cupped them in his hand, causing her breathing to shallow into short pants of air. She breathed against him, and started to move her hands up and down against his thick, long shaft.

Kael lowered his head to one of her light, purple elven nipples, and rubbed his lips against it. kaçak iddaa They hardened , erotically , almost immediately. He drew his thumb and forefinger and pinched it, ever so lightly.

“Ohh! ohh!!! Harder! That turns me on so much kael!”

Obligingly, he hardened his pinch on her nipples and twisted his hand slightly, causing her to shriek out in ecstacy.

“Ahhhh yes!.. ahh!” she groaned.

Teylyn began to quicken the pace on his hard, aroused cock, and he too cried out in turn. At this point Kael noticed a wetness rubbing against his leg…the perverted thoughts in his mind finally took control, and he could with hold no longer. He gave her nipples one last, hard suck, which got an immediate response from her, then pulled open her legs, revealing her addicting pussy.

Pulling her hands off his cock, he inserted 2 fingers in her vagina, and felt the erotic wetness of her body.

“ahhohhhhh..Kael!” she hissed his name, in perverse ecstacy.

Kael then began circling her vagina with his fingers, teasing her, occasionally crossing her clitoris. Each cross of her cherry generated a high pitched “uh!” from her, helping to maintain the stiffness of his cock.

“Kael! kael! Make me cum! Please! I can’t hold it any longer!”.

Kael obliged, and positioned his thumb and forefinger so that he gripped her clitoris between them. He started to slowly rub, the clitoris between his thumb and forefinger.

“OHHH AHHH!!!!!! AH UH!!!!!!!!!!” Teylyn exploded with pain and pleasure, her clitoris was so sensitive between his fingers, rubbed in such a way. She was writhing in in agony and pleasure, her lithe little body breaking out in a cruel sweat. She had started yelping and screaming.

“AHHH UHHHHHHH!!!! OHH!!! AHH!!..” This carried on until..” MY LOVE, I”M CUMING!!!!”

Kael took this message to hart and ground his fingers together mercilessly, increasing the friction on her clitoris far more.

“OH ! OH !AHH!!! AH!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suddenly, Kael felt the convulsions in her pussy, as her orgasm wracked her tortured body. Her pussy convulsed and contracted around his fingers, turning him on so badly. His fingers was still in her pussy as she came incredibly hard, her eyes squeezing shut in complete ecstacy. She clenced her fists and arched her back as she came, so intense was the orgasm. His fingers were in her pussy the whole time, and felt like they were being milked.

“uhh…ohh… huhh…” her groans subsided.

Kael looked at her spent body. She had passed out! He removed his fingers from her pussy and wiped her slick juices on his animal – skin blanket. He picked up the towel and started to mop her head with it, her brow was soaked in sweat. He lovingly dried her off, and held her to his chest, until she came to.

“Oh…oh.. Kael, what did you do?! That was incredible! You naughty boy, you made me cum until i passed out! You really know how to torture me Kael! “

” Kael smiled back, “You asked for it, you dirty girl.” he said.

“Now it’s time for me to cum. Are you ready?”

Teylyn replied , ” Oh no no Kael i don’t think my poor body can handle much more! Please dont do that again! I’ll die!” Teylyn begged.

Kael smiled cunningly. He wanted his share of the action!. Suddenly, he flipped her over on her stomach.

“Kael ! What are you doing! No! No!! Stop! Ahh…ohhh.. Kael that feels so good..”

Kael smiled at the little slut! He couldn’t imagine that she would accept what he was doing to her.
Kael had his lubed up finger in her ass. He probed deeper, and twisted his fingers, moving them in and out. Each generated a increasingly loud moaning, groaning noise from Teylyn.

“Kael! Kael you dirty druid! What are you doing to my ass? Ohh ohh ohh!”

Kael knew full well that she loved what he was doing to her..
He used his fingers to explore her bowels, feeling the interior walls of her asshole. Teylyn continued kaçak bahis groaning.

He did this for a few minutes, but then with sudden inspiration, he inserted his other hand into her abused pussy.

“Oh! Kael! Not again! I can’t take that again!” She begged. She had no idea that he give her an even stronger orgasm than the first..

Kael chuckled. “Just watch my love, everything will be fine.” he said.

Kael reached deep into her pussy with his finger, feeling her pussy walls, and at the same time, feeling the interior walls of her ass. Finally, his fingers met, seperated by a thin wall of her flesh.

“OHH! What is that! It feels so..god! Ohhh! Uh! UH!!! Make me cum again love! Make me cum!” she wheedled and whined, as she realized that his fingers were rubbing against the seperating wall of flesh between them.

Kael started to move his fingers more vigorously, in and out, in and out. He finger banged her until he could feel her asshole was ready for what was about to come. When all was ready, he removed his finger from his butt, but inserted all four fingers into her pussy hole.

He positioned his cock outside her asshole, then slowly pushed forward. He could feel the walls of her anus slowly close around his thick cock.

“Ohhh ahh! That feels so goood KAAAEEEL!!!!” She moaned , once again in ecstacy.

When her butt cheeks touched the base of his cock, he stopped, and held her there for a moment. Then, using his fingers, he felt the walls of her pussy until..he could feel his cock on the other side of her flesh. Then, he started rubbing and contorting his fingers, always in the direction of his cock.

“OH !! OH!! OH!! KAEL!!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!!” Came her desperate response. He slowly started to move his cock in and out of her tight little asshole, making a sloppping, erotic sound from all the sex juices used to lubricate it.

UH ! UH! UH!!!! She grunted almost obscenely, as both his cock and his hands walked her pussy and asshole. Her butt was slapping rhythematically on his groin, and he started to fuck her mercilessly now.

“OH!! OH! OH! OGHHH!!!! She started to grunt obscenely, and Kael soon joined in, till they were both grunting and groaning, almost degrading themselves into their animal forms.

Kael felt his balls warm up, and knew he could not hold it any longer.



Kael could not cope with the extreme friction on his cock much longer, using his other hand, he grabbed her clit between his thumb and forefinger and started rubbing it directly again, while his other hand fucked her pussy.


It was like a drug, finally , the pleasure and pain was too great, that Teylyn could no longer speak, she was moaning like a wild animal, lost to her baser instincts. She started squeezing her own nipples as hard as she could! How obscene!

By now she was leaning her whole body weight on his cock, as her arm support had gone.

Letting out a roar of complete energy, Kael unleashed the power of the bear , that had been waiting to explode, from his muscular body.

“RARRGHHH!!!!!””” His voice turned bear-like, as he roared his content, his baser instincts taking over, as he momentarily degraded into a animal, fucking Teylyn mercilessly, pleasuring her and paining her and fucking her till she was impaled on his cock. She too, let out a cry of complete pleasure, as she was lost in her base memories and animal instincts.

“OH! OH! AH! OH! UGH!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH UGHHHH!!!!!!!!” They both roared and screamed in unison, as the mighty bear spirit of Kael exploded it’s load into Teylyn’s small, abused, and thoroughly spent body. Cum gushed out in thick streams from his cock, and blasted deep straight into Teylyn’s bowels. Spurt after spurt came, until at last, they were both spent, and lay, collapsed, under the canopy of the moon.

Far away, an owl hooted, and took off into the night sky.

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