Mayıs 20, 2021

Workout Partners

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Revised from the original. Very little is different. A few spelling and grammar errors were fixed. The setting is no longer Lincoln, Nebraska, but merely any midwestern city or town the reader wants to create.

Monday June 25

Twenty-three year old brunette Emily Petros looked at herself in the mirror of her bathroom. She was an attractive young lady, but after high school she gained over thirty pounds and wasn’t happy with her appearance. She stood 5’7″ tall and weighed about 180 pounds. This was still a healthy weight, but Emily felt it was time for a change.

Her skin was nearly flawless, although her recent diet would leave her with an occasional blemish. She had a medium olive complexion brought on by her Mediterranean roots. Her face was between round and oval shaped and her big blue eyes looked back at her in the mirror. She was completely naked and squeezed her round C cup breasts. Her quarter sized areola were a light brown and her nipples nearly filled them.

While analyzing her body she noticed her legs could use a shave. She hadn’t been dating because she was so busy with class during her college finals. So not only were her long legs a bit hairy, but her vagina sported her hairiest bush in a while.

Sometimes she enjoyed the au-natural look, but preferred to have very little hair on her vagina. She pulled out a small electric trimmer from a vanity drawer and began to manicure her nether region. She trimmed herself over a small waste basket on the floor. Most of the longer pubic hairs were trimmed quite short and her caramel vagina was revealed. It was slightly darker than the rest of her olive skin.

She brushed away some loose hairs and briefly ran her finger over her clitoris. It protruded a bit from her pink opening. The vibration from the trimmer aroused her a little. She smiled and gently ran the electric razor over her legs. She was filling the tub with water and decided she’d finish detailing her pubic region in the tub. The water felt great as she carefully shaved her legs with a blade. She worked her way to shaving her genitals. Shaving her pussy usually made her horny, but she didn’t have time to cum. So her focus stayed on finishing the task at hand.

Her younger brother, Kirby, was coming back from his restaurant apprenticeship in Spain and she needed to pick him up from the airport. It was strangely erotic that he slipped into her head while her fingers met her pussy.

She was about to leave from her family’s two story Colonial home. They lived in a midwestern suburb. She’d been staying at home since her last semester of college. She’d graduated in the spring and would be there until she found an apartment in the city.

She threw on a yellow t shirt and some khaki shorts over her blue bra and panties. She exited her home and it was a beautiful, early summer morning. She hopped in her vehicle and turned on the radio and became excited about seeing her brother. He’d spent over a year in Spain. They hadn’t gotten to see each other much before he left either. Kirby was sharing the same excitement as his plane touched down.

Emily arrived at the terminal and could see her brother exiting the plane. He carried a large, blue duffel bag and wore a backpack.

He was a twenty year old who stood about six foot tall and shared some similar features with his sister. He was clean shaven with dark, shaggy hair that rested at ear level. She noticed he seemed to be dealing with some weight issues as well. He left looking much more athletic, but it seemed working in a restaurant might’ve made him fat.

He must’ve weighed about 230 pounds and it wasn’t due to muscle. He was still handsome, but looked little like the man his sister saw last. Nonetheless, she ran over and gave her brother a hug. They squeezed each other tight and smiled ear to ear. They shared some common greetings and walked toward the baggage carousel.

The airport wasn’t very big, so Kirby was able to retrieve his bags quickly. He brought a few souvenirs back, so Emily needed to help with the extra luggage. The car wasn’t very far away, but the heavy bags made the quarter mile journey seem pretty far.

They loaded up the trunk with his bags and threw a couple more things in the back seat. They jumped into the Honda and began talking about the last year of their lives while driving away from the airport. Emily asked, “Did you meet a girlfriend when you were over there in Spain?”

“No, I was at the restaurant the entire time. Hardly got to see any sites. But it was nice that the apprenticeship paid me well. Some don’t offer a paycheck at all. I worked long days and barely left the loft. I was also being pretty lazy though. Used work as a convenient excuse to lay around,” he explained.

She agreed. “I know what you mean. I’m the same way with school. I took a few extra credits so I could graduate last semester and it really caught up with me.”

“Congratulations, by the way. I can’t wait to give you your presents bahis firmaları when you get back.”

“That’s so sweet, lil’ bro. You didn’t have to get me anything. But I’m glad you did.”

“My pleasure, sis. So I take it you aren’t dating anyone right now. It’s been a little while since you and Bobby broke up.”

“I’m still single. I’ve moved on from Bobby, but haven’t met anyone else yet.” She’d dated Bobby for about two years, but they broke up when she found out he cheated on her. She took it really hard at first. Kirby helped her cope with the incident, although he felt she was a bit dramatic about the situation. Perhaps it was because committed relationships didn’t interest him much.

“I think I’ll try to get back out there. Before I start my new job in the fall, I really want to take care of myself better. I’m going to be working a part time job at Jean’s Floral Shop until I start at the accounting firm. It’s only like twelve hours a week. I start next week. With the rest of my free time I’m going to lose twenty pounds.” She’d quickly awakened the elephant in the room. The siblings each noticed each others’ weight gain immediately. Emily was always a straight shooter, so he wasn’t surprised by her approach.

“Yeah. I think I need to lose closer to fifty. I used to swim everyday. Now I’m afraid to be seen in my swimsuit. I probably need the exercise. At least you look good heavier.

I know I look terrible.”

“Hey! You need to be nicer to yourself. Negativity isn’t going to get you anywhere. Get excited because you just became my workout partner, bro! With some hard work we can really turn things around. Tomorrow, we start our training. Tonight, you’re going to put those cooking skills to work.”

The two carried on their conversation as they rode through the countryside and suburbia. Emily talked about her university accounting program. The school helped her line up a job downtown. Now she needed help finding an apartment.

Kirby spoke some about the culinary program he was considering and where he’d travel to next. The conversation made the 45 minute drive feel short. It was 2:30 in the afternoon when the siblings arrived home.

Kirby had three big duffel bags that were packed full, his carry-on duffel and his backpack. They each grabbed some luggage and made their way into the two-story house.

There were stairs in front of the entryway that led to their bedrooms. He couldn’t help but look at his sister’s nice round butt on the way in. They carried the bags upstairs. He felt a bit guilty for staring at her ass walking up the stairs, but it was hard to resist. Besides, he was only peeking.

Kirby felt a bit winded once all his luggage was in his room. “Thanks for the help. I’m pretty jet lagged. I really need to lay down for a while. I’ll wake up when mom and dad get home. Then I can give you your gifts and we can go grocery shopping for this feast you want.” He mumbled at the end.

“You make it sound like a chore. You know you’ll love cooking for us,” she nudged his arm and walked out the door. He peeked at her ass one more time. He undressed down to his boxer shorts and looked at his heavy, hairless belly hanging over the waistband of his drawers. He sighed before he quickly fell asleep under the covers.

It was about 5:30 at night when he heard a knock on the door. “Honey, can I come in?” His mother spoke through the door.

Stella stood about 5’4″ and looked quite a bit like her daughter She was a tad thinner and less curvaceous. Her Spanish and Italian background was evident. She was still a fit woman at age 45 and was quite proud of her body. Her long, straight, black hair hung halfway down her back. Her oval shaped face was accented by her glowing blue eyes. Her smile radiated as she waited for her son’s response.

Kirby threw on a t-shirt and yelled “okay” as he got out of bed. He was half asleep when she smiled wide and went to hug her son. He was still dreary and neither one noticed his erection until it was poking into his mother’s torso.

“Oh sorry, mom. I just woke up. You know how it is sometimes. I guess it just happens so much I didn’t notice,” he stuttered and stammered.

“Oh, it’s okay sweetheart. Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but I’m actually quite impressed. How about you wait for that to go down? Then put some pants on and come downstairs.” she responded in a loving tone. He looked at her ass as she walked out the door. It seemed being away from his family was bringing out some repressed feelings. He hadn’t had many sexual feelings toward his relatives in the past.

Normally his erection would go away almost immediately after waking up, but his mom looked so nice in her tight yoga pants and tank top. Her body put a strain on his cock. His hard-on finally softened and he went downstairs. Hugging his mother again was awkward, but at least his dick wasn’t hard.

He greeted his father, Jack, with a hug. He was a fairly handsome Greek man in his early fifties. kaçak iddaa His hair was mostly dark with some gray poking through. His jawline was still mostly firm, but showed some sagging. He was in better shape than most men his age.

He chatted briefly with his son before Emily chimed in. “So where are those gifts, bro?”

“Oh yeah. I’ll be right back,” he answered and ran to his room. He quickly returned with gifts for everyone. They were mostly impressed by the Paella dish he bought. He brought back some other Spanish cuisine necessities. Emily loved her Real Madrid jersey. She excelled at soccer in high school. Kirby never cared for the sport, but he knew she’d like the shirt.

“So let’s get to the grocery store. It’ll be a late dinner. Just like in Spain.” Emily encouraged Kirby to hurry. He wanted to talk to his parents a bit more, but she shook his arm.

“Okay. What should I make?” he asked.

“How about paella? You can put the new pan to use,” his mom answered encouragingly.

“Okay, but that’s gonna take awhile. Emily is gonna have to put some prep time in,” he joked and both siblings walked out the front door, waving goodbye.

They jumped into her Honda Civic and took off. Five minutes later they were at the local grocery store. Kirby made so much paella in Spain that he didn’t need a list. There wasn’t much conversation between the two as they walked up and down the aisles. They separated after he asked his sister to grab a couple items before they met up near the checkout registers. Soon they were back on the road.

They brought their three bags of groceries to the door. It was nearly 6:30PM when they returned. “I hope you know what you got yourself into here, sous chef,” he kidded her. “You’re going to get a lesson in fine cuisine tonight. So take notes.”

Their parents helped unload some groceries and Kirby began getting his utensils ready. He gave instructions to his sister and told his parents to relax. The siblings would take care of everything. Besides there wasn’t enough room in the kitchen for four people to participate in cooking.

The family took glimpses at each other in new ways. Mom couldn’t help but think about her son’s thick cock pressed against her body. Meanwhile, Dad had been taking peeks at his daughter ever since she moved back in, but knew not to act on his devious desires. Their was some tension, but they still felt pretty natural.

Great smells filled the air and the family was certainly impressed by Kirby’s work. “It looks like culinary school is already paying off,” his dad proudly stated. Emily mixed up some ingredients, while Kirby continued to show off his knife skills. Dinner was really coming together.

“I hope you find a woman to cook this great food for soon. Looks like you’ve been eating for two there, big boy,” Stella teased her son.

He didn’t take it too personally. They were always joking around and he also knew it was her way of motivating him. He responded calmly. “I know, mom. I need to hit the gym. I still have some equipment out in the garage. Emily and I were talking about getting in shape together. I think I’ll move some stuff into the empty room in the basement. Then our training will start.”

“Well. I’m glad you kids are taking fitness seriously. Look at what yoga is doing for your mom,” Jack smiled at his wife. He was in pretty good shape too, but had added a few pounds himself. “Now enough talk about exercise. When do we eat?”

“Just a few more minutes,” answered Kirby.

Soon the family was partaking in a delicious feast. Everyone complimented Kirby continuously. The paella was a colorful piece of art. The kids filled their plates because they knew their diets would start the next day.

They all caught up with each other, but the food was so magnificent that the focus drifted to the paella. Soon they were stuffed. It was a late meal and they said “goodnight” and went to bed.

Tuesday June 26

Emily’s parents were gone when she woke up the next morning. She was wearing a white spaghetti string tank top and a pair of light blue cotton panties. She pulled on a pair of yoga pants she hadn’t worn in months. They felt pretty tight and wondered how they looked. She knocked on Kirby’s bedroom door to ask. He opened the door.

“Hey sis. What’s up? Are you ready to get in shape? I’ve been thinking about it since mom poked fun at me last night.”

“She does have a strange way of motivating us. Um, this is a bit embarrassing. But these pants are too tight now and not much else fits. Want to go to Target to buy some new clothes with me? Then we’ll start our workout. I promise.”

“Actually, that sounds like a great idea. All I have are these sweatpants and the spare room gets hot sometimes. The AC is not as good in there.” Kirby agreed to go with her and was ready in just a few minutes. The pants might’ve felt tight on his sister, but looked nice to him. She quickly changed out of her yoga pants into shorts and the kaçak bahis journey to Target began. Soon they entered the front door.

“How about you go to the men’s department and I will go to the women’s. I’ll meet you at the dressing rooms in about twenty minutes.” Emily knew that wasn’t much time, but her brother was a fast shopper and she didn’t want to keep him waiting. She also knew the longer she spent away from the house the less likely she was to exercise.

Kirby picked out a pair of gym shorts and a couple tank tops to try on. Normally he wore a large size. Now he was choosing between XL and XXL. He tried on the clothing and decided to buy one XXL shirt and two size XL. He hoped he could fit into the XL quick enough. The shorts fit fine. He went out to look for more clothing when Emily arrived at the dressing room. She’d picked out quite a few items in a short amount of time.

She spoke to her brother excitedly. “I found some good deals. I’ll try to be fast. Did you find what you wanted?”

“Mostly. I’m going to look around a bit more. ” She looked at him with surprise. She didn’t expect him to actually put much thought into his purchases. She proceeded to the dressing room and tried on clothes in her new size. She decided she was buying most of the shorts, yoga pants, and sports bras she tried on. The last two items in her cart made her nervous.

She stripped to her underwear and looked herself over in the mirror. She was about to try on a bikini and hoped she could get the right fit over her bra and thong. She put one on and felt very self-conscious. She was attending a beach party at the beginning of August and didn’t know if she could pull off a bikini. She decided to get some advice.

Emily sent a text message to her brother. He reached into his pocket for his phone and read: “Can you come into the dressing room?” on the screen. He didn’t think much of it when he walked in.

“What’s up?’ he asked.

“I want your honest opinion about my swimsuit.” She stepped out of the dressing room stall and her brother stopped in his tracks. “How do I look?”

“Wow sis. You look really nice. Once we start training you’re going to look amazing. Too bad you won’t be able to wear that suit for long. We’re starting P90X today.” They both laughed, but were secretly dreading the workout. He had a hard time looking away from his sister’s breasts. He turned around and began walking out. He raised his voice over his shoulder, “Let’s get outta here. See you out there.”

Their P90X exercises would be high intensity and the sessions would usually last about forty minutes to an hour. They were both nervous about starting a ninety day fitness routine, but excited for the change.

Kirby was already attracted to his sister. Imagining her in shape became a fantasy. He didn’t really even take the time to see how well the swimsuit looked because he felt his shorts tighten. He didn’t want his cock to get stiffer and have his sister notice. He was wearing gym shorts and didn’t want to leave anything to chance. Luckily, his hardness was minimal and subsided fast.

The siblings purchased their new clothes, along with some sports drinks and protein bars. They got home a bit after ten o’clock that morning. They put on their new workout clothes and met in the spare room in the basement.

“We’re going to earn our lunch today. A big workout and a healthy meal. We can do the modified version of these exercises.” he explained. “I’m not sure we can handle the real deal.”

They walked downstairs to the basement. There was a large living space that measured about almost twenty feet in each direction. There was a big television, but the furniture was in the way of a workout. In the corner there was a door leading to a bedroom connected to a bathroom. It measured about twelve by ten feet and would be the perfect space for them.

In the bedroom, there was smaller television accompanied by a love seat. They were able to push it into the corner. The room didn’t get much use and sometimes was just for storage. They adjusted the room accordingly and brought in some of the equipment they’d need.

He connected his computer to the television and the siblings were warming up in no time. He wore his new tank top and gym shorts. His sister looked over and noticed his cock bounce while running in place. He noticed her booty jiggle. She wore leggings underneath some mid-cut running shorts. The workout became more intense and their focus’ strictly moved to the television.

Sweat poured off their bodies as they jumped rigorously and ran in place. Soon they were throwing kicks and punches and their bones felt the impact almost immediately.

They both tried to keep up with the regular workout, but he had to modify his workout rather soon. She kept up for a few more minutes, but they each began to hit the wall. Each participant also showed determination despite their weakening states. Sweat continued to drip off their bodies and hit the floor. Kirby couldn’t help but be aroused by the fluid running down to his sister’s breasts.

They chugged water and sports drinks between their sets. Time crept by, but soon their 45 minute workout was over.

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