Mart 30, 2021

Winner’s Prize

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


This story came from my twisted mind. I have the ultimate gangbang fantasy, and I decided to twist it into including my brother’s friends. Their names have been changed for privacy. None of this situation is real as it is just a fantasy. All characters are consenting adults and are eighteen. Enjoy the story! Let me know if you want more!


I was lying in bed breathless from the hard orgasm I just recovered from. I switched the vibrator off and pulled the toy from my pussy which had a grip on it. I threw the toy into my nightstand and pulled my thong back into its place. It was summertime and I was enjoying my two weeks off before my flight to Texas was scheduled. I nestled into my stuffed animals scrolling through my social media. There was a slight knock on my door, and I called them in. My brother stood in my doorway and stared at me. I hope he couldn’t smell my arousal that was wafting throughout my room.

“Will you come smoke with me? You know I hate smoking by myself, and I want to get all of my sister before you leave,” he asked with his pouty eyes.

I rolled my eyes and sat up replying, “I don’t wanna smoke tonight. I’m too exhausted.”

“Please? You’re fun to hang out with when you’re high. You leave soon and you won’t be able to have fun like this.” He begged as he sat across from me.

“Fine, how much do you have?” I replied giving in reluctantly.

“I have two grams and rolling papers. We are gonna have fun tonight!” He exclaimed as he winked at me.

Jesse, my brother, went to work on popping the screen out of my window. I got ready dressing in leggings and a crop top since it was starting to get warm out. Slipping my tennis shoes on, Jesse was successful in popping the screen out. After we both sneaked out of the window, we started walking down to the empty houses that were in the midst of being built.

We slipped into the master bathroom and sat on the counter as Jesse rolled the weed into a packed blunt. He started it as I watched him inhale and exhale. He handed the lit blunt to me as I took a large hit. I preferred to take long and large hits rather than small and many hits. The high was achieved faster with the larger hits. About fifteen minutes later, we were both stoned as the blunt was finished. We walked down the stairs giggling as we finally left the house. A car pulled up as a window rolled down. Jesse leaned down and cracked jokes at the driver.

“Jesse, I wanna go home and work this high off!” I whined to him as he opened the door.

“Come on! Enjoy tonight, it’s summertime and we have no where to go tomorrow.” He pleaded as he motioned towards the car.

“There is only one seat left tho. Where am I supposed to sit?” I asked as I huffed and placed my hands on my hips.

“You can sit on Landon’s lap. I know how much you like him,” he whispered the last part in my ear.

I blushed and stepped towards the car. Landon grabbed my hips and sat me down on his lap as Jesse climbed in the front. I was in the back with his two friends as we drove to one of their houses. Landon ground his crotch against my ass as his hand caressed my thigh. I could feel my pussy tingle at the attention. I bit my lip and leaned my head against his shoulder. His hand went further up and rubbed my pussy through my leggings. I bucked against his hand silently begging for more. The car stopped as we arrived at the house. Landon removed his hands as I climbed out of his lap.

Jesse grabbed my hand and lead me into Mark’s house, the driver. We walked in the game room, and the boys played pool. I laid on the sofa scrolling through Instagram. I dozed off as my phone fell out of my hand. I was lying on my side sleeping peacefully.

I saw my sister’s sleeping body on the sofa as my friends talked about her ass. They were telling each other how they would fuck her if they had a chance. I ignored them as I lined up my next shot. I potted two balls at once and grinned as I lined up my winning shot. With one push of the cue, the eight-ball sunk declaring me a winner. Landon and Mark were up next in the new game.

Landon spoke up, “I say we make a bet; winner gets first dibs at beylikdüzü anal yapan escort your lovely sister over there. No penetration, touch only, and we get five minutes of her to ourselves.”

The guys agreed as they looked up to me for permission. I nodded my head slightly with a grimace. I knew how much my sister wanted to be used by a group of guys, but she probably never thought it would be my friends. As Landon was fixing to break, a moan could be heard in the room. We all looked and saw my sister laying on her stomach moaning in her sleep. One of her legs hung off the couch while her hands rested on her bare stomach. Her top rode up showing the underside of her breasts. The guys whistled and stroked their crotches at the sight of my sister.

Mark spoke up, “I have an idea, lets tie her up. My parents don’t know that I know about their ‘bedroom festivities’. They’ve got whips, chains, and rope.”

The guys agreed and I smirked knowing how kinky my sister was. Mark left while the guys and I lifted my sister up and held her. He came back down with rope and started tying it to a hook on the ceiling. He tied her wrists and hung her up until she was on her toes. He shoved a book underneath her to keep her stable while she slept. The guys continued a game while she moaned during her sleep. After a game, Mark won and snickered as he decided to snip off her shirt and bra. Her nipples stiffened at the sudden temperature change which caused her to moan and shift.

I woke slowly as I felt a warmness enclosed around my left nipple. I moaned and arched my back as my nipple was being licked and flicked. The mysterious mouth moved to my right nipple sucking it between its teeth and nibbling on it. I whimpered and shifted my feet. My wrists were pulled upwards and tied. I opened my eyes to find Mark feasting on my nipples as the other guys watched, rubbing their erections. Mark trailed kisses as he slipped my leggings down my legs.

My eyes widened at my situation and I struggled against the bonds as Mark kicked off the book making me stand on my tippy toes. My arms hurt from the sudden strain on them.

“Show her off, twirl her around Mark. I need to see that wonderful ass!” Landon exclaimed as his eyes raked over my body.

Mark twisted the rope twirling my body around showing me off. The guys whistled as they saw my ass and my black thong. Mark slapped my ass causing me to whimper at the pain. He ripped my thong off showing my bare pussy to the guys. Mark slapped my pussy making me howl in pain. He stuck two fingers in my pussy which made me moan and whimper.

“Damn guys, she’s already wet and ready for us. Jesse, I never knew how much of a slut your sister is for bondage.” Mark chuckled as he went back to the pool table.

Landon came up behind me and started to grind his hard cock against my ass. He took one hand and wrapped it around my throat while his other hand covered my pussy. He started to rub my clit causing my hips to push against his hand. He chuckled in my ear as his teeth nibbled at my earlobe, biting and suckling softly. He inserted a finger and bent it slightly rubbing my g-spot. Moans escaped at a rapid pace as I gripped the rope at my wrists. My body shuddered preparing for my orgasm when his hand around my throat squeezed. My body stilled and kicked as his grip around my throat remained tight. He finally let go and I fell against him shuddering as I rode out an orgasm.

Landon moved away as Daniel took his spot. Daniel pulled my hair back as he bit and sucked on my neck. He grabbed my right breast and squeezed it as he continued to nibble on my neck. He pulled and twisted my nipples making me whimper in pain. Daniel’s cock nestled in my ass as he kept his attention on my nipples. My orgasm was nearing again as the weed made my whole body tingle and made my nipples feel electrified.

“Cum for me, little whore,” Daniel whispered in my ear making me shudder.

A second orgasm ripped through my body as I squirmed against his body and pulled at the rope. Daniel pulled me down from the ceiling as I rubbed my wrist and worked blood back into my arms. He led me to the pool table where they tied me up against the legs. I could beylikdüzü balıketli escort feel the green felt rub against my nipples as I was forced to bend over the table with my ass in the air.

Mark grabbed a whip from the corner of the room. His eyes raked over my ass as he walked towards me. He touched my face with the whip as a whimper escaped my mouth. He chuckled and pulled my hair as the whip raked down my back. Letting go of my hair, he stood right behind me out of my sight. I was trembling but, not from fear, from arousal. The first hit was unexpected, and I howled at the pain. My right cheek stung and sent shivers throughout my whole body. He hit me again but on my right thigh. I gripped the rope and whimpered. He whipped me on my back multiple times in a row, causing my howls to turn into loud moans. The pain sent electricity to my pussy, and I knew that they could see my dripping pussy. He hit me one last time, straight onto my pussy. It stung and made me squirm in the restraints forcing my nipples to rub across the felt.

Mark came up beside me, fingering the folds of my pussy, and whispered, “You’re such a filthy whore. You’re loving all of this, aren’t you? Your pussy is soaked. What do you think Jesse is thinking, huh? I bet he can’t wait to take you home tonight and use his slutty sister for his own enjoyment.”

As soon as Mark said something about Jesse, I came hard, pushing my pussy against his hand. He chuckled and unzipped his pants. Mark grabbed my hair and pulled, arching my back, as he lined his cock up to my entrance.

“Is this what you want slut? Tell me how much you want my cock.” He demanded as he teases the head of his cock into my opening.

I gripped the rope and whispered, too ashamed to admit how much I wanted this. Mark slapped my ass and pulled me up against him, waiting.

“Please fuck me Mark! I need you to fill my pussy!” I exclaimed in frustration.

In one quick thrust, Mark filled me to the hilt with his cock. I gasped at how much he filled me. He didn’t wait for me to adapt at his size as he fucked me ruthlessly against his pool table. I could feel an orgasm building as his cock hit my cervix each time.

He smacked my ass repeatedly until I cried out, “please! Not so hard!”

He chuckled at my pleading and pulled out. The sudden emptiness made me whimper and whine like a puppy begging for food. I felt his breath hitting my pussy. He kneeled and started to suck on my clit as two fingers entered deep into my pussy. His tongue flicked my clit repeatedly until I came right in his mouth. I squirmed in the restraints and groaned as my eyes rolled back into my head. I laid on the pool table blissfully as I recovered from the mind blowing orgasm.

The guys watched me as I recovered and starting to look around. My mind was empty of anything else except for my arousal. All I could think about was cocks filling my pussy up. My pussy felt electrified as I squirmed and whimpered on the pool table.

I pulled at the ropes and begged, “Please let me go. I promise I will be a good girl! There’s no reason for me to be tied down!”

The guys chuckled and grin as they silently nodded no. Landon came up to and grabbed my chin. He wiped my tears and smoothed my wild hair back. As he climbed behind me, he smacked my ass and pulled my cheeks apart. He spit on my ass and pushed a finger against my forbidden hole. I squirmed at the pressure and whimpered. His other hand rubbed my clit making me relax. His finger was able to push through and into my ass. I moaned as my back arched. He pumped his finger as he rubbed my clit. The feelings of pleasure where driving me crazy as I felt another orgasm building. He unzipped his pants and grabbed his hard cock. He lined up his head to my ass. Removing his finger, he pushed his head in. My ass barely engulfed it as he tried again. He was finally able to get the head fully engulfed. A hand squeezed my throat as he plunged his hard cock into my ass. My screams were silenced as he choked me. He let go of his hand as I sucked in a huge breath. He was fucking my ass fast and hard. My moans were getting louder as he used my ass.

Landon leaned into my ear and whispered, “Look at yourself. beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş You’re helpless and being used. Your ass is loving my cock, and I bet your pussy is loving my cock in your ass. Should we check? You’re such a fucking whore. Are you gonna cum again? Only whores cum from being helpless and used.”

With a snarl, he pounded me deep and hard. I squeezed the ropes as another orgasm ripped through my body. I screamed in pleasure as my body shook in orgasmic waves. Landon pulled out of my ass and started working on untying the ropes. My body slumped against his as he picked me up in his arms. He walked over to the sofa and sat down.

“Ride me, whore.” He commanded as I slowly worked myself in his lap. He positioned his cock and pulled me down on him. I slumped forward and moaned in his ear as his cock sunk deep into my pussy. I felt another presence behind me as another cock lined up to my ass.

“No! Please! Don’t do this.” I pleaded as a second cock entered my abused ass.

I was filled to the brim. Both of my holes were stuffed, and my head was thrown back releasing a guttural moan. Both cocks fucked me at a rhythm. I was on cloud nine as an orgasm ripped through me. My pussy and ass clenched on both cocks as I gripped Landon’s shoulders. The cock in my ass left as Landon picked me up and dropped me on the floor. All three guys stood above me as they jerked their cocks.

“Kneel.” Landon commanded as I obeyed quickly.

All three guys stood in front of me. Landon grabbed my hair as he pulled my mouth towards his cock. I opened my mouth obediently as his head was pushed into my throat. Landon thrusted his cock deep into my throat making me gag and convulse. He stilled as I relaxed and took short breaths through my nose. Landon fucked my mouth ruthlessly as I kept my gaging under control.

“Fuck, Jesse. Your sister knows how to suck a cock. You have a great cockslut over here. I swear to god if you don’t fuck her everyday after tonight, I will.” Landon pulled out of my mouth after he made a remark to my brother.

Mark and Daniel took turns fucking my mouth as I stayed kneel. The three guys looked at each other as Landon started to cum. Ropes of his cum landed on my lips, neck, boobs, and nose. The two other guys came and painted my face with ropes of their cum.

They all dressed as I stayed kneeled looking down in shame and disappointment. Jesse left the room as I sank to my knees and cried. I enjoyed the treatment from his friends, but I wish Jesse wasn’t there to see my true nature. I left the room shuffling my feet from the weakness in my legs. I found the bathroom and Jesse walked out with a washrag. He jumped at my sudden appearance. He set the rag down and picked me up sitting me on the bathroom counter.

He washed my pussy softly as he cleaned my juices up. He ran the rag under warm water and washed it clean. He picked the rag up and washed my face clean of his friend’s cum. He left and I took the chance to use the bathroom. My pussy and ass were sore from the fucking they were given. For once in my life, I was completely satisfied after sex. He came into the bathroom with clean clothes and dressed me. He walked me out to the game room.

“Hey Mark, will you take us home. My sister needs some rest. Y’all really did a number on her.” He asked as he held me against him.

Mark nodded and grabbed his keys. We walked down to his car. A few minutes later, we were back at my window. My brother snuck in first and helped me through. He laid me in my bed and started to pop my screen back in and close my window. Afterwards, he went to my dresser and found my pajamas. He undressed me completely and put my pajamas on. He kissed me on my forehead. He tucked me in and sat down on my bed.

“I have to admit something. I read your diary and saw your desire to be used by a group of guys. I knew that the guys would be down. I got you high tonight because you would have said no if you knew I was going to be there. I’m really sorry. I hate lying to you.” He admitted as he played with my hair.

“Thank you brother. I needed that and it made me really happy. I just hate that you got to see my true nature.” I admitted as my cheeks blushed.

“Seeing you like that, it got me really hard. I loved seeing you helpless and aroused. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. I love you and knew you were safe with the guys. Let me know if you need anything. I enjoyed the sight of your face painted with their cum though.”

Jesse kissed my forehead and played with my hair until I fell asleep. That night, my dreams were all about my brother using me. I am such a whore.

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