Mart 19, 2021

Wild Child Ch. 06

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In less than thirty minutes, the three of us were headed out of town. I had made a stop at the market and bought supplies while the girls waited in the truck. I returned to find them wrestling around on the seat and giggling. I laughed as I put the stuff in the back of the truck.

When I got in, I asked, “Ok, what have you two been up to?”

“Nothing Uncle Rick.” Rita replied sweetly as Mary nodded sharply and giggled. “We were just messing around.”

I started the truck and backed out of the parking space. As I pulled out onto the street I asked, “Then what was the wrestling all about?”

“She flashed me and then started to flash a guy in the parking lot. I grabbed her before she could and then you showed up,” Rita whispered.

“I was joking around with her,” Mary shot back. “I was just kidding.”

“Uh huh,” I said as I pulled into the Chicken Shack parking lot.

I ordered a family pack to go and then sat back looking at the two of them. They looked at each other and out the window but not at me. I pulled up and paid for the chicken and then pulled up to wait for it.

By the time the kid in the window passed me the chicken, both girls were squirming around in the seat and nervous looking. I pulled out onto the road and headed south.

“Ok now, what were you two up to? And this time, I want the whole story.” They exchanged glances and then broke up giggling. “This aught to be good,” I said more to myself than to them.

“I flashed her first, Uncle Rick. Then she flashed me back. That had us both laughing as we had seen each other naked already and wasn’t all that thrilling, but funny all the same. Then we got to daring each other to flash people walking by. Well, this guy that Mary knows walked by and she got to talking to him. She told him that she was naked under her tee shirt and he told her to prove it. She got up on her knees like she was going to. I grabbed her before she could and he walked off laughing like it was a joke. She got mad and we were wrestling when you showed up,” Rita said in a rush.

“I was pulling her leg, I wouldn’t have done it, really I wouldn’t,” Mary said her eyes going wide before she dropped them to the floor.

“Uh huh,” I said softly. After a moment or two, I went on, “Do you know how much trouble you could have caused if you had and someone saw you. My ass would be in a sling with everyone and you two would both be dead, when your parents found out.”

“I’m sorry Uncle Rick, it won’t happen again, I promise,” Mary whispered. “I just figured, he’d pay more attention to me if I blew his mind; he’d think I was some kind of cool. Anyway, I wanted to get one up on Rita. I didn’t really think beyond that.”

“Uh huh. This is no contest; just remember that. Anyway, I seem to remember hearing that you flashed or was that streaked a boy’s gym class,” I said and then drove on in silence.

Mary’s eyes flashed to Rita and I heard her mutter under her breath, “Big mouth.”

Rita grinned at her and shrugged.


About the time we were on the highway out of town, Mary climbed across Rite’s lap and kissed me on the cheek. “Ok, Uncle Rick, I’ll behave.” Suddenly, she let out a sharp yelp and attacked Rita.

I noticed that Rita’s hand was under Mary’s tee shirt and trapped up near her breasts. Mary had Rita down flat on her back on the seat; both of their shirts were up around their waists. As they wrestled around, Mary lifted her ass up. With a grin, I goosed her in the ass. She yelled and jerked forward and to the side in surprise, ending up on the floor with Rita on top of her. Both of them were giggling their asses off.

Now Rita’s ass was sticking up, so I figured what was good for one was good for the other, so I goosed her. She yelled but had nowhere to go as she struggled to get up out of the floor. My finger zeroed in on the tight pucker of her asshole, which made her yell again and wiggle her ass around. This just made the finger slip inside the tight ring of muscles. This brought a loud groan from her lips.

Mary’s legs were still up on the seat and as she tried to get Rita off of her, she spread them, placing one against the seat back for leverage. Her small sex was spread wide before my eyes and I couldn’t resist; I flicked a fingertip against her large exposed clit. She jerked and sucked in a sharp breath. I flicked it again with the same response.

I raised the finger and dipped it into Rita’s wet opening, which brought a soft moan from her. I moved back to Mary’s clit and gave it a flick. I alternated back and forth for a few moments as I drove down a straight stretch of road. Mary would give a short sharp gasp and Rita would moan softly. Then it got quiet and I realized that they were kissing each other. I thought that was interesting.

There was a turn coming up, so I turned my full attention to my driving. As I made the turn, Rita lifted her head and looked up at me, a big grin on her face. “You think you’re something else, don’t you?” She asked as she struggled to get up. bahis firmaları

I got the truck lined out on the new road and smacked her sharply on her raised bare ass. She gave a sharp yell. “I am something else.” I replied with a chuckle.

She finally got a grip on the dash and pulled herself up to kneel on the seat. Mary was laying on the floor laughing as Rita rubbed her ass cheek.

“That ain’t funny,” Rita said and reached down to pinch Mary’s nipple.

Mary batted her hand aside and said, “Quit, that’s how we ended up on the floor to start with.” Rita laughed and Mary joined in.

I chuckled and shook my head. “I wonder what the people we passed on the road thought of your wrestling match.” That brought a quick, sharp end to their laughing.

“Oh shit,” Rita whispered. “I hadn’t thought of that.”

“Me either,” Mary added and struggle to get up on the seat. Rita gave her a hand. Once she was seated, she said to me, “Like you were helping us get up, right.”

“More like, helping himself,” Rita said with a chuckle.

“I didn’t want it to be a boring drive.” I replied with a chuckle of my own.

“For who? Us or you?” Mary asked sharply.

I laughed and replied, “Both.” I paused a moment and then asked, “What was the kissing all about?”

The girls looked at each other for a second and then looked away. They didn’t look at me and they didn’t answer the question. I just grinned and let it go for the time being.


Another ten minutes and I was driving down a narrow track across a pasture, towards an old fishing cabin nestled in the trees, not a hundred yards from the high bluff of the riverbank. As we pulled to a stop, I told the girls, “You can take the tee shirts off and run around naked all you want, there is no one down here but us, and the gates are locked.”

Rita and Mary looked at each other for a second and then Rita asked with a grin, “Does that mean that you’ll be naked too?”

I looked at her and Mary for a second and had to chuckle at their expectant expressions. “Well, I guess it does, doesn’t it.”

“Yahoo!” the girls yelled together and then laughed.

“Now, let me point out one thing, nothing has changed, I’m still the adult here and you two will have to behave. I know, the rocks in my head are rattling again. Fun will be fun, but I don’t want things getting out of control. When I say enough, then enough is what I mean. Do you both understand what I’m saying?” I said with a stern expression.

Mary and Rita looked at each other and then they both nodded.

“Good. We are out here because it is private and it’s a good place for me to let you run wild without the possibility of someone getting to nosey. Now, out of the truck and have fun. Just stay close to the cabin and away from the river for now. We’ll check things out around here, in a bit.”

The girls looked at each other and then scrambled out of the truck as tee shirts flew over their heads. I headed for the back of the truck and started to unload the food and drinks. For all their excitement on getting out of the truck, they hadn’t left the shelter of the side of the cab and the door.

I looked around that side of the truck and asked, “Is there a problem? I figured you two would be running around like a pair of wild Indians.”

Mary replied softly, “It’s so open here.”

“Yeah.” Rita added, “It’s not like being naked in the truck or at home. I was excited yesterday when we were in the woods and this morning on the patio but this is different.”

I grinned and nodded. “You don’t know this place and yes it’s open, but no one is around for a couple of miles. Trust me on this. Come on and help me unload this stuff into the cabin, once you look around a little, I think you’ll like it here.”

The girls moved back to the rear of the truck shyly. I handed them the sacks from the store and the chicken as I grabbed the ice chest. We headed for the cabin, with me bringing up the rear. I was enjoying the pair of rears in front of me as we made our way across the open area between the truck and the low fence around the cabin.

Rita opened the gate and held it as Mary and I went through. As I passed by, Rita giggled and said, “I think Uncle Rick likes looking at our asses, Mary.”

Mary stopped and looked questioningly back at Rita. She saw the direction Rita was looking and looked that way. I heard her giggle as she saw the bulge in the front of my shorts. I grinned as I sat the chest down and reached above the door for the key. I unlocked the door and stepped aside to let the girls pass into the glassed in porch. As they went by, I smacked each of them on the ass.

Rita yelled and giggled. Mary yelled and asked, “What was that for?”

“No reason other than I wanted to,” I answered with a chuckle. “And yes, I do enjoy looking at your asses. They are both beautiful and sexy.”

I scooted the ice chest inside, got the key to the main door from its hiding place, and opened that door. I reached in and flipped kaçak iddaa the light switch and motioned for them to go on in. Rita turned a little sideways as she passed and then giggled as I frowned and lowered my hand. Mary watched me closely and then started through the door, her ass turned slightly towards me. I popped her on the butt. When I did she yelled and looked back over her shoulder with a big grin on her face. I filed that away for later.


The cabin is small. The main room is the living room, dinning room, and kitchen, all in twenty by thirty five feet. The kitchen is separated from the living room/dinning room by a wide counter. Windows line the front wall and the wall facing onto the porch. There is a fireplace on the left wall and a door leading to the small single bedroom.

We were putting things away when Mary asked, “Uh, Uncle Rick, where is the bathroom?”

“Through the bedroom door and to the left,” I answered.

A while later, I heard her call to Rita, “Hey, come check this out.”

I was sitting on the couch as they returned to the living room. “There’s only one bedroom and one bed,” Mary said to me with a big grin. “Where are you going to sleep?”

I shrugged and replied, “There is the couch here in the living room.”

“Oh no, you can sleep with us in the bed,” Rita said.

I chuckled. “Who said I was sleeping on the couch?” I said stressing the word I.

Both girls looked at me sharply for a moment and then they laughed. I chuckled again and said, “We’ll figure out the sleeping arrangement when we have to. Right now, let’s get out and have some fun.

The next thing I knew, I had two warm, wiggling, giggling, girls on top of me, trying to get my shirt and shorts off. I resisted for a moment and then allowed them to get the shirt off.

The struggle for the shorts had us all on the floor and laughing hard. Rita was on my feet and legs pulling on the shorts as Mary tried to wrestle my hands off the waist band. Mary got one hand loose and laughed as she pulled it away. I pulled the wrist up and then out. Mary followed the arm up onto her knees and across my body; then she slipped and ended up sitting on my face.

My tongue flicked out as if it had a mind of its own and took a lick right up the middle of her slit. She gave a sharp yell as a shiver and shudder ran up her body. Her ass jerked up and then slowly lowered back to where it was. I figured in for a penny, in for a pound, and took another lick.

The tip of my tongue found the large nub of her clit and flicked it back and forth sharply. Mary groaned deeply as her hips fluttered in time with my tongue. Rita was still pulling my shorts down and had them down around my knees before she realized what was going on with Mary.

I heard her whisper, “Oh shit.” Then she giggled and I felt her hot wet mouth surrounding the head of my manhood. Her dancing tongue brought a groan to my lips in only a few seconds.

About the same time, Mary exploded all over my face. She slammed her little pussy down again, almost hard enough to break my nose. I grabbed her hips and held on, my tongue burying itself in her hot wet opening, feasting on the abundant flow coming from it.

She was yelling, “Yes, yes, yes!” over and over again as she ground her sex tightly against my mouth.

I finally had to lift her up so I could get a breath. When I did, I glanced down under her and saw Rita with both hands wrapped around my shaft as she sucked and licked at the head. I groaned at the sight, which made her glance up to lock eyes with me. She released me from her mouth and grinned. Mary leaned forward and blocked my view, breaking the spell.

I turned my head slightly and licked along the inside of Mary’s thigh. She groaned softly and then giggled as she rose to her knees. Looking down at me, she grinned and whispered, “I think I got my licking, didn’t I. I told you I would.”

“I’m going to give you a licking all right. Right on that cute little ass of yours. You did that on purpose.”

Mary wiggled her ass from side to side as she continued to grin at me. “Promises, promises,” she said.

When I raised my hand to swat her on the ass, she scrambled away and up onto the couch. “That’s twice now, give me one more reason and I am going to spank you,” I said in mock seriousness.

Rita giggled and asked, “Can I watch?”

I looked down at her; she still had both hands on my dick, and leaned over to lick the head with a soft fluttering of her tongue. “If you don’t quit that, you’re going to get your head blown off and then I’m going to spank you to. That is, if I live through it,” I said with a smile.

She grinned and replied, “Getting my head blown off might not be so bad; at least I’d find out whether I’d spit or swallow.” She paused to giggle. “But I’ll pass on the spanking for now, okay. That’s more along Mary’s line. She told me once, that she almost had an orgasm when her dad spanked her.”

“Shut up big mouth,” Mary said sharply.

“Uh huh,” kaçak bahis I said, looking over at Mary. “In that case, I won’t spank you; you’d enjoy it to much. I’ll have to find another way of punishing you. Maybe I’ll make you stand with your nose in the corner or something.”

“I’ve got a place you can put her nose while you spank her. Then I can get my cookies and so can she,” Rita said with a giggle as she sat up.

“Hey, don’t be giving him any ideas now. I ain’t no lesbo and you know it,” Mary said, turning toward Rita.

“I sure couldn’t tell it from the way you two were kissing, earlier,” I said teasingly.

“Oh Uncle Rick, that wasn’t the first time we’ve kissed,” Rita said shyly with a grin.

“Oh yeah,” I replied.

Mary giggled and whispered, “How do you think we learned to kiss? We practiced on each other before we ever even dated a boy.”

“Is that all you practiced on each other?” I asked with a grin. Mary and Rita exchanged quick glances and Mary blushed deeply. “Oh, so there is more to this then?”

Neither girl answered me so I said, “Well?”

“Oh Uncle Rick, it wasn’t anything bad, it was just normal curiosity. We touched each other’s clit and pussy, just to see if it felt any different from touch it ourselves,” Rita said in a voice just above a whisper. She glanced at me and then at Mary before adding, “I did taste my finger once, just to see if she tasted different from me. I think she did too.”

“Rita!” Mary said sharply.

“I can’t keep secrets from Uncle Rick,” Rita said back.

“Does she taste different?” I asked.

Rita giggled and replied, “I really couldn’t tell.” She looked at me a second and asked, “Can you tell the difference or a difference?”

I thought a moment and shrugged, “I really hadn’t thought about it.”

Mary’s eyes locked onto my hard shaft and she licked her lips. “I would like to try a taste of that, though I’ve never done it before and….”

She let the sentence trail off for a second as she glanced at Rita. “You seem to know how to do it. Is there something you haven’t told me about?”

Rita chuckled and shook her head. “Nope, I just read about it in a book and practiced what it said on a banana.” Rita glanced at me and grinned. “I did get a little practice on the real thing earlier.”

Mary moved off the couch and down by my hip. “That ain’t no fair, you’re always getting to do things that I don’t.”

She reached out, wrapped her fingers around my shaft, and lifted it up. She ran her hand up and down along its length and then gave it a gentle squeeze as she glanced up at me.

I chuckled and grinned at her. “Don’t look at me, you were talking to Rita. I’m just going to lay here and be the practice dummy; that is if Rita wants to show you what she knows. Just remember, that thing is loaded and it’s a hell of a lot more dangerous than a gun ever thought about being. It won’t kill you but it sure as hell can screw up your life, if you’re not careful.”

Mary grinned and said, “Not if I keep it on this end of my body and out of my pussy. I’m a virgin and I plan to stay that way for a long time. I was stupid when I thought I could get what I wanted with my ex boyfriend by giving it up to him. I know better now.”

She paused a moment to giggle and added, “Of course, there is that thing about my ass that has nothing to do with my virginity anywhere else.” She glanced over at Rita and grinned. “Okay girlfriend, show me what to do and I want to read that book as soon as we get the time. You have been holding out on me.”

Rita grinned at her and leaned forward to lick the flare below the head of my dick. Her warm moist tongue gliding over the sensitive flesh felt so good that I groaned softly.

“Let me try,” Mary whispered.

“Lick it like you would a drippy ice cream cone,” Rita whispered back.

Mary took a shy jerky lick and Rita laughed. “Doing it like that, your ice cream will be running down your arm. Do it like this.” Rita ran her tongue around and over the head in a long slow spiral.

I groaned softly again and whispered, “Doing it that way is going to make a mess on the ceiling if you’re not careful.” She grinned and did it again. Again I groaned, only louder and longer this time.

“Now, you try it,” Rita said to Mary.

Mary took a deep breath and slowly ran her tongue around the head and down under the flare. When I gave a soft groan, she grinned up at Rita and did it again, with more confidence. By the time she finished, my hips were quivering.

“How was that?” She asked, grinning at me.

I blew out a noise breath and muttered, “You’re getting the hang of it.”

Mary giggled and replied, “It ain’t hanging; if anything, it’s harder than ever.”

She bent her head down to lick again and I stopped her with my hand against her forehead. “Whoa! Time out! Just a minute! Give me a minute or two or there really is going to be a mess,” I said quickly.

Both girls giggled and dove for my dick at the same time. I stopped Mary but Rita got in a lick or two before I twisted away. “Ok, enough!” I said sharply. More sharply than I meant to. Both girls moved back and looked at me with wide eyes. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

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