Mart 30, 2021

What’s A Friend For?

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Lana is a 27 year old virgin. That’s her state because of her background and more than a mild case of generalized social anxiety disorder. She was an only child whose parents died when she was 10. Fortunately – or maybe unfortunately because it allowed her to shelter herself – her parents were wealthy and left their money to her in a trust administered by her father’s long time trusted attorney, rather than her gold digging relatives. She lived with her Aunt and Uncle in a loveless home – they apparently were only interested in the money the trustee paid them for her care — until she turned 18, when her trust money started coming directly to her. Her Aunt and Uncle lived in a rural area, the school she went to was small and provided a poor education, and there were no social outlets for a shy girl.

While Lana was not unattractive she appeared to be excruciatingly plain; she never had anyone who paid much attention to her, or was truly interested in her as a person, after her parents died. She wore unattractive glasses, put her hair up in a bun, never wore makeup, and always wore conservative clothes, so she looked much older than she was. Her parents’ death, her natural shyness, the lack of love from her relatives, and her rural schooling were at the root of her disorder. Although she was very intelligent and well read, her phobia kept her from going to college.

When Lana turned 21 she moved to a relatively large city in the hopes that she could get treatment for her disorder – which she recognized when she read books about it in her late teens. Unfortunately her treatment up to just before her 27th birthday was only mildly successful. She had only one real friend, Kate, a woman her age who she met in therapy who was similarly situated with a trust fund so she did not have to work for money. Kate once had a milder form of the phobia that Lana had, but she overcame her social phobia by doing volunteer work and now for two years had been extremely social and with a good sex life.

Lana had a real gift for writing grant proposals for charities and did great volunteer work in that area for three different worthy charities. But it was the type of work she did from her computer at home, and she had little personal contact, so it didn’t help cure her disorder.

Kate had gotten Lana in touch with a new therapist in the last two months, and Lana seemed to be making actual progress for the first time. Kate also talked her into getting contacts (although the optometrist had to come to Lana’s house). But she was still too anxious to let Kate take her out to a restaurant and dancing on her 27th birthday.

Kate bought Lana a new outfit that was much more revealing than any Lana had in the past, and insisted that on her birthday Lana wear her auburn hair down as well as the new outfit while she and Kate baked a cake that they would use to celebrate that evening. While Lana was shocked at how revealing the outfit from Kate was she wore it because it would only be the two of them around the house – or so Lana thought. Kate had a real surprise for Lana’s birthday, however.

As Kate was doing the primary work in baking the cake, when Lana was out of the kitchen “somehow” the cake caught on fire and the smoke detector went off. When Lana got back to the kitchen, Kate was on the phone presumably talking to a 911 operator. Miraculously, in less than two minutes three firemen arrived, dressed in their conventional garb, and quickly put the fire out with a portable extinguisher.

Lana was shocked by how good looking the three firemen were; all about 6 feet 2 inches tall, well built, with handsome faces and big brown or blue eyes. One of them told Kate to go esenyurt otele gelen escort to the “fire truck” to fill out some paperwork since she had ostensibly called 911, while the three firemen led Lana into the living room to ask her a few questions.

Lana sat down on a living room couch trying as best she could to cover up since her outfit was way too revealing for her tastes, and she was sure that the 3 handsome young firefighters were judging her harshly. She was puzzled when one of them produced an iPod loaded with male stripper music and the 3 “firemen” started dancing. Lana started getting flustered when they started taking their clothes off and Kate was nowhere around to help her. But once they stripped to their jockstraps, and then naked, she became mesmerized.

Of course it is well known that male strippers don’t usually have average size 5-6 inch long dicks, and these three were not exceptions. They probably all had 8 inch long dicks, larger in diameter than normal too. Lana stared in awe as they danced around with their fire poles first flopping around and then hardening as they saw Lana unconsciously fondling her breasts, and moving her legs apart to showcase her thighs in her revealing outfit.

The moving male members were like snakes, and they put Lana in a trance, just like a King Cobra hypnotizes its prey. While Lana was in her wide-eyed stupor, the lead “fireman”, Jerry, grabbed her hand and started dancing with her. As he did his friends, Jay and Brian rubbed up against her, stroked her hair and ass, planted kisses on her neck, and occasionally touched a tit. To say that Lana’s senses were getting overloaded would be the understatement of the year.

When Jerry pulled her close to him and whispered “We want to see your beautiful body. We’re going to take your clothes off” she was incapable of opposing him. This was so far beyond her realm of experience, or even fantasy, that she was powerless to do anything but watch in an almost out-of-body experience as the three men took turns gently removing articles of her clothing.

When she was completely naked, all three men whispered to her that she was hotter than a three alarm fire – Lana had never been called “hot” before, let alone by three handsome naked young men. In actuality, they weren’t lying. Totally unexpected by the three men given what they had been told without her dowdy clothes, bunned hair, and ugly glasses, Lana was attractive, including having a very nice body. In fact, her ass was a true “bubble” ass, supported by sleek creamy thighs, and smoothly merging into a perfectly shaped pelvis. Her waist was slim, her hips prominent, and her snatch glorious. She had naturally very sparse and thin pubic hair, with a tiny slit defined by large inflated pussy lips, and a hooded clitoris. Her breasts were a perfect C cup, with large areola and puffy nipples that were now prominent hard nubs.

After she was twirled around, dancing with each of the three naked men, Jerry clutched her tight, his dick almost poking a hole in her stomach. He planted a passionate French kiss on her, and then whispered in her ear “You are unbelievably sexy; you are impossible to resist; unless you stop us, all three of us are going to fuck you right now,” as the men sandwiched her

She couldn’t believe her ears, or the sensations her body was sending to her brain. She had never fucked before, let alone with three men – and her phobia had always led her to believe that she was unattractive. Yet here were three gorgeous guys who she had made hard as rock, rubbing their hands all over her, and dying to have intercourse. It was impossible for her esenyurt rus escort to resist – she didn’t want to refrain – she couldn’t wait to see what would happen – all she had to do was comply! Her only, involuntary, response to Jerry’s “we’re going to fuck you” statement was to throw her lips at his – the first time she had initiated a sexual kiss in her life.

The first fuck Lana was going to get would be unsurpassable. The three laid her down on the thick carpeting of the living room, and placed cushions from the couch under her. While Jay fingered and ate her virgin cunt Brian sucked her puffy nipples and massaged her tits while Jerry stroked his snake over her eyes, nose, cheeks, and lips. Within two minutes this combination wracked Lana’s body with an overpowering orgasm, maybe the first in her life, but certainly the first at another’s hand, and so intense that were it an earthquake of the same intensity it would have leveled Los Angeles.

The guys then switched positions and continued their assault on her body parts. After a second mammoth orgasm, they switched positions again, and Brian stuck his dick in her mouth – the little of it he could get in – and she instinctively started sucking like a baby on its mother’s teat. What she lacked in experience she made up for in passion as she vigorously gummed the delicious tube moving down toward her throat. However, Brian was smart enough to move his cock away from her teeth as Jerry brought her to another overwhelming orgasm with his tongue on her clit, preventing her from involuntarily biting him.

After the third orgasm, at the hands and tongues of three different men, Lana was totally compliant – they could do with her what they wanted. She didn’t care what they did – she just didn’t want her pleasure to stop.

Jerry lay on his back on the couch cushions, and then lifted Lana above him. He aligned her virgin pussy with his rock hard shaft, and lowered her down on him. God was she snug. Jerry mumbled “Holy shit, she’s too tight”, but he wasn’t about to give up without giving it his best. Brian produced some lube for him, he coated his cock, and then gently but continuously and firmly pushed Lana down on top of him. She screamed in a combination of pain and pleasure until her cherry popped – after which her brain was flooded with nothing but endorphins as liquid leaked from her cunt.

After a few short pumps, and a few long hard ones, all 8+ inches of Jerry’s cock was in Lana’s fuck canal, and after another minute of moderate pumping both he and she were groaning like old pickup trucks going up a mountain. But Lana’s first fuck was not going to be this conventional – she was going to get a cock in each aperture!

Brian and Jay lifted up Jerry and Lana at their buttocks, and put another cushion underneath them to elevate Lana’ ass. Then Brian lubed up her rosebud and his cock and while Jerry lay still, Brian gingerly inserted his hog into her asshole. She whined for the first few inches, but never uttered anything resembling a protest, and once Brian was completely buried Lana was cooing. As Jerry and Brian started softly pumping their respective holes, after genuflection at his knees, Jay stuck his cock in Lana’s face and she eagerly, though inexpertly, took it in her mouth. Lana sucked Jay as best she could considering the two other monster tools working inside her virgin cunt and asshole, but once Jerry and Brian started pumping hard, she had to release Jay, much to his dismay.

The feeling inside Lana’s body was so far beyond her previous realty she again had an almost genuine out-of-body experience. “Who is that sexy woman being pummeled to esenyurt türbanlı escort utopia by those two gorgeous men, while the third has now moved from poking her face to massaging her tits? Holy shit, it’s me! No wonder I feel so good! No wonder my synapses are flooded!” she thought.

Most people go through their entire life without passing out from great sex. Lana became comatose in her first experience! But then who wouldn’t with two 8 inchers vigorously reciprocating and then exploding a gallon of cum in them, while their puffy nipples were being massaged?

Lana wasn’t the only one who enjoyed herself. Jerry and Brian had never fucked anyone so tight in their lives, and that combined with the fact that she obviously enjoyed it so much left them feeling this was a truly top notch fuck. However, neither Jerry nor Brian was as excited as Jay, who had almost been left out. He seemed to appreciate the appearance of Lana’s ass, the feel of her tits, and the lushness or her pussy even more than the other two. Therefore after Brian dismounted and Jerry rolled Lana off him, Jay snuggled up to her and kissed and nibbled her back to consciousness.

When Lana regained awareness, she got the biggest smile on her face at least since her 9th Christmas – perhaps ever. It was even sweeter that handsome Jay was cuddling her and paying rapt attention to her female parts. After Lana sweetly kissed Jay on the lips for a few minutes he said “I need a turn, Lana, badly. I’m about to explode.” With a new found sense of sexual humor Lana replied “Poor baby, we can’t have cum all over the place can we? Why don’t you fuck my brains out and put the cum in my pussy, where it belongs?”

Jay didn’t need any further encouragement. He licked Lana’s pussy for a couple of minutes, and then buried his long dip stick deep into her cunt with a single stab, while in the missionary position. Then he proceeded to pound the shit out of her as she wrapped her creamy thighs around his waist, continuously encouraged by her moans, yelps, and “Oh My God”s. He brought her to what had to be her 6th climax of the day, and then rocketed copious amounts of ejaculate into her, each pulse of cum eliciting a banshee scream from Lana, and a continuation of her already over-the-top orgasm.

Jay and Lana lay together, kissing, fondling, and cooing for another 10 minutes, with cum leaking down her thighs, before Jerry and Brian said “All right lover boy, all good things must end; and the station house is calling us. We have to leave.”

Jay dressed slowly as Lana lay naked on the cushions, smiling at him, with the expression on her face saying “my life has changed forever.” Jerry lifted her from her repose, gave her a sweet kiss on the lips and a squeeze of her ass and said “Kate – and I – say Happy Birthday!”. Brian also gave her a sweet kiss and squeeze of the ass and said “You’re fantastic Birthday girl.”

After the other two left Jay wasn’t satisfied with a sweet kiss – he gave her a lecherous kiss with his tongue apparently trying to remove her tonsils, stuck a finger in her sopping wet cunt, and said “I’ll fuck you anytime, anyplace, anyway,” as he slipped a card with his real name and cell phone number between her fingers. “Please call me whenever you’re horny,” and then slowly backpedaled out the door, blowing her kisses while saying “Happy Birthday babe”.

Lana collapsed on the couch with the most splendid feeling of her life, but afraid that it was all a dream, until a few minutes later Kate snuck into the living room with a Cheshire Cat grin on her face.

Kate smirked “Well, how was your Birthday, Lana?”

Lana now knew it was real, and that the last hour and a half did more to cure her anxiety that all the previous therapy sessions she had combined. Probably for the first time since her parents died she was truly happy and fulfilled. She had a first fuck session second to none in history, and had a fuck buddy for the first time ever in Jay.

“Not bad so far” she snickered, “but too bad you burned the cake.”

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