Mayıs 29, 2021

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I heard the front door close and knew she had returned from the meeting with her agent. The distinctive clip-clop of heels on the hardwood floor was all it took to generate the first gentle glow in my groin.

As she entered the spacious kitchen I met her beautiful, mahogany eyes with mine and could tell it had been a successful day. The smile I found there was mirrored by the gentle upward curve of her full lips, glinting softly with the glossy lipstick that I longed for her to leave on me.

Her shoulder length brunette hair had a natural bounce due to its soft curls giving tantalizing glimpses of a wide choker adorning her slender neck. As I widened my gaze I was struck by the fine cut of the smart but sexy suit she was wearing as it emphasized her womanly curves. I couldn’t help but follow the seductive line that led down from a full chest dipping in as it clung to her small waist then out over curvaceous hips that swayed hypnotically as she walked towards me. Having always had something of a soft spot for the way heels enhanced her already shapely legs I struggled to take my eyes from the feminine, sexy stilettos. As my gaze followed those beautiful legs I couldn’t help but wonder just far how far the pale, high sheen nylon that encased them extended. After all it is surely one of the horniest things in the world for a woman to wear stockings in an everyday situation.

As she approached me I gently took her face in my hands and drew her to me. We exchanged the kind of soft, lingering kiss that spoke volumes of love, trust and passion.

Having put a little Al Green on the stereo I poured us both a healthy glass of perfectly chilled, bone dry Chablis and we toasted her success.

As we sat on a pair of stools at the breakfast bar and discussed the meeting she slowly unbuttoned and removed the suit jacket. Revealed beneath was a fitted black satin blouse. Cut perfectly to show just enough cleavage to give clear impression of the smooth curve of her firm breasts as they rose and fell with each breath, the glossy material pulled tight enough to show hints of the magnificent nipples I knew crowned them.

As I sat opposite her I found myself helplessly distracted each time she crossed her legs causing the hem of her skirt to rise just enough to show a faint but tantalizing darker line of nylon indicating stocking tops.

She caught me looking and rebuked me, telling me it was rude to stare. However the purring tone of her voice and the fact that her own casino siteleri eyes were fixed on the burgeoning bulge in my crotch told me she didn’t actually mind one little bit.

I put down my glass and stood. Moving to the side of her stool I reached down and folded my hands around her waist. I could feel the seams of her lingerie through the silky satin of her blouse as I reached down to hungrily kiss the lips that were straining up to meet mine.

Pushing me back she started to place a line of soft kisses down my neck, occasionally using her teeth to gently nibble on my flesh. She continued to kiss down to my chest, undoing the buttons of my white shirt one by one and following her nimble fingers with her mouth as she teased the cotton apart.

Looking up at me with those big brown eyes and a wicked little grin she began to stroke the bulging line of my cock as it strained against my jeans, eliciting from me a long sigh and soft, deep moan of pleasure.

Pulled to her feet I turned her around so she was facing away from me. With one hand I lifted her hair so I could kiss the back of her neck whilst the other wrapped around her waist and pulled her to me so that our bodies were locked tight together, my cock pressed firmly against that delicious backside. As she pushed back into me I continued my kisses around the delicate skin of her neck, my hands following down the curve of her sexy waist, gripping tight and pulling her grinding hips into me.

Dropping to my knees I let my hands continue their journey downwards. I could just make out the line of her panties and suspenders as I caressed and gently squeezed her magnificent buttocks. I paused briefly to enjoy the margin between the hem of her skirt and those beautiful legs. I just loved the way the pale, sheer nylon made her legs look and feel, and starting from the bottom, I spent some time gradually stroking her ankles, then the calves that were gorgeously defined by her stylish heels. Working my way further up I once again reached the hemline and slowly began lifting her skirt to reveal more sumptuous leg to my roving, stroking fingers and hungry eyes. As I pulled the skirt further up, helped on by her feet inching apart, I began to get a glimpse of the beguiling stretch the skin between the lacey tops of her stockings and virtually see-through black material of her panties stretched across that incredible arse. I love kissing that exposed patch of soft flesh and took my time, following the lines canlı casino at its borders before slowly turning her around so I came face to face with the tantalising triangle of her neatly trimmed bush pointing downwards to the enticing shadow of her pussy just visible through her panties.

As I ran my tongue down one side I slowly pulled at the fabric exposing the fleshy, recently shaved, bulge that framed her pussy to my mouth and eliciting from her a series of short intakes of breath. She moved one foot onto the rung of her stool and leaned back onto the breakfast bar. A clear indication that she wanted me to have better access. I happily obliged, pulling her knickers fully aside to reveal her already swollen lips to my probing flickering tongue. As I moved it in slow circles from her clitoris down to her vagina those fantastic lips parted for me until I was pushing up into her, savouring the sweet, heady taste of her already flowing juices. She reached down and wrapped her hands round the back of my head, pulling me back to her clit and pushing into my mouth as I teased her with fast, flicking motions from my tongue.

As I slowly inserted my index finger into her hot, wet vagina a shiver ran through her body. Spurring me on to push further into her I curled my finger forward to tickle gently at her g-spot while my mouth pressed firmly around her clit as the point of my tongue flicked at the swollen love button. I could tell by the frequency and volume of her moans that she was not far from cumming and because I wanted to cum with her, my cock deep inside, I pulled back and stood to face her again. The kiss we exchanged had an urgent, feverish quality, her tongue pushing into my mouth to taste her own juices in me.

Our mouths locked together her nimble fingers quickly undid first my belt then the button and zip of my jeans allowing her to reach around and firmly fondle my slim, tight bum through the snugly fitting fabric of my underwear.

Kissing down my neck she ran her tongue in a line down my lightly haired chest between the open flaps of my white shirt, sinking slowly to her knees in front of me. Hooking her lithe fingers into my waistband one swift, well practiced movement pushed my jeans and underwear to the floor and off my feet. She ran her hands up my thighs until they found my hardening cock and held it up against my belly. Moving her mouth forward she began to lick and nibble up my length, starting at the root and gradually teasing her way upward. kaçak casino As her flickering tongue found my banjo string she wrapped a hand around the base and expertly pulled my foreskin back to reveal the bulbous, shiny head. Parting her soft, full lips she took the tip of my manhood in her mouth, all the time her tongue moving in slow circles around the sensitive ridge where it joined the shaft. Gently cupping my balls with her free hand she began slowly fucking me with her mouth. With each lingering stroke she took more of me into her mouth until she was taking my entire length, the end of my cock pushing down her throat. Each deep stroke caused a pulse of excitement to move through me causing me to harden a little more.

She released me and stood. “Bend me over” she ordered and I was more than ready to do whatever she asked. Moving to the large oak table she turned away from me. I moved up close and pulled her solidly to me, our bodies held tight together, my mouth nibbling at the taught neck flesh as she threw back her head. I gripped at her panties and pulled them down till she could step out of them, moving her feet apart as she did so. With my hand in the small of her back I pushed her down until her chest pressed against the table, her ass pushing out and exposing her swollen, glistening pussy, lifted to just the right height by her sexy heels. I began to run the head of my cock up and down those moist lips until it too was glinting with her love juice and satisfactorily lubed. Finding the entrance I pushed slowly into her pussy, initially with shallow, teasing strokes timed to coincide with her deepening pants of excitement. Gradually I deepened each thrust until I was pushing against that sexy, firm ass, her cries getting louder as my throbbing cock filled her deeper.

Wanting her to feel the whole of my engorged member pump into her pussy I lifted one bestockinged leg till she had one knee up on the table, giving not only a great view but access to her innermost crevices. I thrust fully into her in one swift movement. She squealed with pleasure and a little pain as the tip of my cock bumped up against her cervix. I slowly pulled out before plunging in again and again building a rhythm with her own pushing back against me. The tempo grew with our excitement until I began to feel the pulsing contractions of her pussy muscles that told me she was teetering on the brink of orgasm. This tipped me over the edge and gipping her hips I pushed deep into her as my cock began to throb with mighty pulses.

“Oh… my…. god… I’m…. cumming…. so…. hard!” she screamed as I shot load after load of hot cum into her, each surge causing her to quiver and yelp as orgasmic aftershocks rocked her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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