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Watching Jessie (at the hotel)

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Watching Jessie (at the hotel)
This is a continuation of the story Watching Jessie (glory hole).
By the time I got Jessie dressed to leave the glory hole booth another cock appeared through the hole in the wall. Jessie wasn’t about to leave it there. Jessie promised that she just wanted to practice her sucking skills. Jessie knelt down in front of the cock and began kissing and stroking it. As the cock began to grow Jessie stroked it more and licked it all over paying special attention to the head. When the cock was fully hard Jessie took it into her mouth. I watched as Jessie bobbed her head back and forth on the rather long cock. Jessie was making a slurping sound as she worked on the cock. Jessie stopping for a moment when she gagged but went right back to deep throating the cock.
I needed to get my cock in Jessie’s pussy. Watching was amazing but I was ready for me to have my turn. I ran my hand up between Jessie’s legs pushing them apart. I easily moved Jessie’s thong aside and slipped two fingers into her sopping pussy. Jessie wiggled a little to try and get me to stop but she was focused more on the cock in her mouth then what I was doing. Even though I didn’t have a condom I was going to try and slid my cock into Jessie’s loose wet pussy. I had my cock in my hand as I knelt between Jessie’s legs. I pushed my cock between Jessie’s legs. I could feel the heat from Jessie’s pussy on my cock. I slid my rock hard cock back and forth against Jessie’s pussy. It felt amazing and even though I couldn’t get my cock inside of Jessie’s pussy the way she was positioned I was still about to explode. I stopped stroking my cock against Jessie’s pussy not wanting to cum yet. Jessie was still sucking voraciously on the cock from next door. I had pulled my cock out from between Jessie’s legs to cool down some. I could hear the guy moaning through the wall as Jessie gobbled his cock. I repositioned myself and pushed my cock back between Jessie’s legs. This time my doc was pointing upwards more. I felt the heat from Jessie’s pussy on my cock once again. Then it happened, my bare cock entered Jessie’s pussy. Jessie’s pussy was hot and wet even though it was unusually loose I dared not move for fear of cumming inside of her. Jessie was swallowing hard as the guy shot his cum in the back of her throat. Jessie pushed back against me her pussy seemed to convulse on my cock. It was too much I pulled my cock out of Jessie’s pussy shooting my cum as I did. Most of my cum was on Jessie’s pussy but some was inside of her and some on the floor.
Jessie finished cleaning the guy’s cock then wiped her mouth off with a paper towel. Jessie said let’s go as she looked at me and my still hard cock. Jessie opened the door. I quickly tucked my cock away and tried to suggest to Jessie that she might want to wipe my cum off her pussy. Jessie paid no attention to what I was saying. Jessie walked proudly back out through the store. Jessie’s phone was going off again. Jessie stopped long enough to pull it out of her purse. Jessie commented that she didn’t know who it was as she proceeded toward the door. Once outside Jessie checked her calls and messages. Jessie had missed two calls from the same number and had a voicemail and also a text from the same number this is Frank. Jessie listened to the voicemail as we walked back to her car. Jessie suggested that we get a hotel room for the night. I thought that we had already decided to do that. I inquired about her voicemail and Jessie said that it was Frank and he wanted to get together.
Jessie was unsure if she wanted to see Frank. Jessie reasoned that he was probably ugly and it would spoil her memory of how good his cock had felt. Jessie asked if I thought I could drive to the hotel. It was only 3 blocks away I said I think I can handle it. Jessie texted on her phone as I drove. Once at the hotel Jessie wanted me to go in and get the room. Jessie would pay me back but she couldn’t bring herself to go to the desk reeking of sex. When I got back in the car Jessie was talking on the phone with Frank. I parked the car and got the bag we packed just in case out of the trunk. Jessie finally got off the phone and got out of the car.
As Jessie and I walked to the room she told me about Frank. Seems that Frank is married. Frank’s wife was out of town with their two teenage girls. Frank had heard about the adult bookstore and that you could get a blowjob there for next to nothing. Frank’s wife hadn’t sucked on his cock in years and he missed it. I opened the door to our room. Jessie didn’t say anything as we walked into the room. Once i shut the door, Jessie put arms around my neck and kissed me I could taste the cum she had swallowed as she ran her tongue into my mouth. Jessie whispered I want you to fuck me. That sounded good to me. I started to take Jessie’s clothes off. Once I freed Jessie’s breasts I started to suck and kiss them. Jessie whispered when you’re done I want Frank to come over. Was I ready for Jessie to take it to this level. It had been teasing up until tonight. Even the glory hole was without contact with the other person just purely sex. How could I tell Jessie no. I was the reason Jessie had come out of her sheltered lifestyle. Besides I wasn’t sure if I wanted Jessie to stop.
Jessie didn’t seem to be asking me any way. Jessie dropped to her knees and pulled down my shorts. Jessie lifted my cock out of the way and started sucking on my balls. Jessie began stroking my cock with her hand as I started getting harder. Once my cock was fully hard Jessie moved her mouth from my balls to my cock. Jessie had sucked my cock before but nothing like she was doing now. Jessie had her hands clutching my ass pulling me to her and forcing my cock down her throat. Thoughts of fucking Jessie’s pussy left my mind. All I could think about now is Jessie milking my cum from my balls and sucking it out of my cock. I could hear Jessie gagging occasionally as she took all of my cock into her mouth. I couldn’t hold back anymore and I shot my cum down Jessie’s throat. Jessie made a gurgling noise as she swallowed my cum. Jessie sucked and swallowed all of my cum before getting up. I collapsed on to the bed. Jessie went in the bathroom.
I heard the shower turn on. After a few minutes I turned on the TV and scrolled through the channels. Jessie finally came out of the bathroom wearing a see through nighty she had bought for my Birthday. I was admiring Jessie’s large but still perky breasts through the thin fabric. Jessie pulled back the covers and sat on the edge of the bed. My hands were roaming over Jessie’s body as we gently kissed each other. I wanted to take my shower and make out some more with Jessie. However Jessie kept pulling me back for another kiss. I was startled by a knock on the door. Jessie seeing my surprise said that’ll be Frank, do you want to let him in.
So this was it, Jessie had invited Frank to our room. Jessie wanted me to let him in there by consenting, I suppose. I got up and went slowly to the door as Frank knocked again louder this time. I peeked through the door. A rather large older looking black guy was there by himself. I opened the door. Frank stepped inside and grabbed my hand shaking it and thanking me for letting him come over. Frank made a rather imposing figure at over six feet tall and broad. Frank looked to be in his forties and appeared to have a bit of a belly. As quickly as Frank had grabbed my hand he let it go. Frank seeing Jessie standing by the bed in her see through nighty left me by the door.
Frank was telling Jessie how beautiful she was as I shut the door. Frank continued praising Jessie and thanking her for inviting him. Frank couldn’t believe that Jessie had invited him. Frank had Jessie turn around so he could admire her from behind as well. Frank moved in close behind Jessie and put his arms around her. Jessie leaned back güvenilir bahis siteleri against Frank. Frank moved his hands up and began fondling and caressing Jessie’s breasts. I was watching Jessie and Jessie kept looking at me. Frank leaned down and started kissing Jessie on the neck. Jessie titled her head back and closed her eyes. I took a seat in the chair to watch the show. Jessie opened her eyes to peek at me then shut them again. Frank moved his right hand from Jessie’s breast and slid it down across her stomach. Frank’s hand moved down and he pushed his fingers between Jessie’s legs. Jessie opened her eyes for a moment to look at me. I was still sitting watching. Jessie closed her eyes again and tilted her head back further. Jessie’s lips parting as she started to moan softly. Frank was now rubbing his big hand against Jessie’s pelvis. Jessie reached her hand behind her to feel Frank’s cock through his clothes. I saw Jessie peek at me again as she felt of Frank’s cock. Frank leaned down and put his lips on Jessie’s mouth kissing her gently. Jessie rubbed Frank’s cock and kissed him back. Frank pulled Jessie’s nighty up so his hand was on her bare pelvis. Frank pushed his finger into Jessie’s pussy. I could see Frank’s finger glistening with Jessie’s pussy juice. Jessie had stopped rubbing Frank’s cock which was straining against his pants and pushing against Jessie’s ass. Jessie broke the kiss gasping from pleasure. Frank continued kissing Jessie’s neck and fingering her pussy until she came.
Jessie after cumming on Frank’s finger turned around to face him. Jessie pressed herself against Frank and kissed him hard on the mouth. Frank’s reached down and pushed Jessie’s nighty up and grabbed her ass with both hands. Jessie had her arms around Frank’s neck. Frank and Jessie continued kissing Frank’s erect cock sandwiched between them as Frank’s big hands groped Jessie’s ass. Then Frank picked Jessie up. Jessie wrapped her legs around Frank. Frank was rubbing Jessie’s pussy and ass with his fingers as well as his big cock which was straining against his clothes pressing against Jessie’s pussy. Jessie broke the kiss moaning and asked Frank if he was ready for a blow job. Frank said not yet. Frank sat Jessie on the bed and pulled her nighty off over her head. Jessie’s nipples were hard already. Frank had Jessie move further onto the bed as he climbed on the bed, kneeling between Jessie’s legs.
Frank put his hands on Jessie’s breasts and massaged them. Frank then leaned forward and kissed and sucked on Jessie’s breasts for several minutes. Jessie after a short time pulled Frank’s shirt up. Frank took a break from Jessie’s breasts just long enough to finish pulling his shirt off. Jessie’s hands look tiny against Frank’s large black body as she ran her hand up and down his side. Jessie was moaning either from Frank’s attention to her breasts or his large cock rubbing and pressing against her pussy. Jessie slipped her hands between her and Frank and unfastened his pants. Frank raised his hips up still sucking and kissing on Jessie’s breasts. Jessie worked Frank’s pants down until his huge black cock sprang free. Jessie ran her hands over Frank’s cock.
I was shaking from the sight as Frank removed his pants lowered his hips back down his bare black cock disappearing between Jessie’s legs. I hadn’t expected Jessie to let Frank put his cock in bare. I was scared, nervous and excited all mixed together. Jessie had her arms around Frank moaning loudly as he continued sucking and massaging her breasts. Trembling I moved around to see better between Jessie’s legs. All I could see through was Frank’s big black balls resting on the bed. It looked like Frank was too far down for his cock to be inside of Jessie. Frank raised up off of Jessie enough for me to see that the tip of his cock was pressed between the lips of Jessie’s pussy. It was a relief but I thought that Frank was going to push his cock into Jessie’s pussy now. Frank then asked me if I was okay I guess because I was standing so close shaking. I shook my head. I finally managed to ask Frank if he needed a condom. Frank didn’t answer for a moment apparently thinking about how to respond. Frank finally said that it was up to Jessie.
Frank raised up off of Jessie kneeling between her legs. Frank stroked Jessie’s pussy with his hands and rubbed his cock all over her pussy. I got the package of condoms out of my bag and put them on the bed. Frank moved down and he began kissing Jessie’s belly. Frank worked his way down. Jessie gripped the sheets as Frank’s tongue flicked across her clitoris. Frank continued licking, kissing and sucking on Jessie’s pussy. Frank reached up and caressed Jessie’s breasts while he feasted on her pussy. Jessie was moaning like crazy and was letting out a bunch of ohhhh oh ohhhh fffu ohhhh ffuck ohhh ohh fu ohh fuck yeah. Hearing Jessie had my cock getting hard again and I’m sure it was having the same effect on Frank.
Jessie finally unable to take anymore said I need you inside me now. Frank raised his face up from Jessie’s pussy. Frank was kneeling between Jessie’s legs and I handed him a condom. I could hardly believe the size of Frank’s cock or balls. Frank’s cock must have been close to a foot long and thick as a soda bottle. Frank nodded to me in acknowledgment as he took the condom. Frank worked the condom on to his cock as far as it would go. Frank eased forward and rubbed his cock against Jessie’s pussy. Jessie was moaning as Frank rubbed his cock between the lips of Jessie’s pussy spreading them apart. Jessie’s juice was coating Frank’s condom covered cock. Frank pushed his cock into Jessie’s pussy making Jessie gasp. Frank slowly pushed his cock farther and farther with each stroke. In a matter of minutes Frank put Jessie’s legs on his shoulders. Frank humped his cock rapidly into Jessie’s pussy his big balls slapping against Jessie’s ass with every stroke. I listened to the smacking sounds and the sloppy suctioning sound as Frank pounded into Jessie. Jessie cried out in pleasure over and over as Frank fucked her hard for a long time. Frank’s back was wet from sweat when he finally announced that he was going to cum. Frank grunted as he rammed deep into Jessie’s pussy. Jessie yelled out oh fuck as Frank ejaculated.
Frank leaned down and kissed Jessie tenderly on the mouth for several minutes. I realized that I had a big wet spot on my shorts though I hadn’t even touched myself. Jessie told Frank that was amazing. Frank said I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Jessie insisted that she had enjoyed it more than Frank did. Frank finally pulled his cock out and rolled off of Jessie. Jessie said damn, that could get addicting. Frank smiled then said I hope so. Frank played with Jessie’s nipples a little then gave her a kiss as he got up to go in the bathroom.
Jessie was excited as she said to me oh my God that was amazing…can I keep him. I smiled back at Jessie and said I guess you liked it. Jessie asked is that okay? Yeah I replied. I sat on the bed next to Jessie and gave her a kiss while I fondled her breast. Then I had to see Jessie’s pussy. I moved down between Jessie’s legs and checked her out. Jessie’s pussy looked very different it was opened up so I could see inside and very red in color the lips were puffy. Frank came back out of the bathroom while I was checking out Jessie’s pussy.
Frank walked back to the bed and picked his pants up off the floor. Jessie asked you aren’t leaving? No, just picking my clothes up…why said Frank. Jessie said I don’t want you to leave yet. Frank laughed and said I can’t leave you promised me a blow job. Jessie laughed and said oh really that the only reason you’re staying. Frank said hec no you are sexy as hell. Jessie smiled at the compliment. Jessie then asked when do you have to leave. Frank asked are you trying to get rid of me? perabet giriş No Jessie said. Frank said he didn’t have to be home until tomorrow afternoon. Jessie then getting excited said you can spend the night. Frank said sure.
I went in the bathroom to shower, since it seemed that Frank was going to spend the night. Jessie and Frank talked while I was in the shower. I found out later what about. Frank and Jessie talked about where Jessie and I worked. What Frank did for work. Frank’s relationship with his wife. Our relationship. Frank’s wife was very suspicious of him not because he cheated on her but because he could. Frank was the CEO of the company his wife’s father had started. Frank’s wife Terry was always checking out who Frank hired at the company. If it was a female employee Terry wanted to see them and know what they were hired for. Frank told Jessie that he could have a well paid position for me if we were interested.
When I came out of the bathroom Jessie and Frank were laying on the bed together still talking. Jessie seeing me said I looked refreshed. Frank started running his hands over Jessie’s body. Jessie in turn started running her hands over Frank’s body. Frank kissed Jessie tenderly. Maybe it was just me but Frank seemed to want to make out with Jessie more when he was sure that I was watching. It didn’t matter Frank was a married man and Jessie was going home with me tomorrow and would at best rarely see him again. I got in the other bed but sitting up to see what Frank and Jessie did.
Frank whispered something to Jessie. Jessie nodded. Frank turned crossways the bed his feet towards me. I soon realized what Frank must have whispered. Jessie moved and put her head on Frank’s round stomach and massaged his balls in her hands. Jessie soon moved her mouth to Frank’s balls. Jessie had to suck on Frank’s big balls one at a time. Jessie spent a long time sucking on Frank’s balls eventually Jessie began to slowly stroke Frank’s cock as it began to grow. All I could think of is that it looked like Jessie was making love to Frank’s cock and balls. Jessie finally moved her mouth to Frank’s cock. Jessie licked Frank’s cock lovingly and caressed his balls. Jessie then knelt on the bed her ass to me as she sucked Frank’s cock her hands stroking his cock and caressing his balls.
I could plainly see Jessie’s pussy still opened from Frank’s huge black cock. Thinking about how Frank had just Fucked Jessie had my cock hard. I quietly got off the bed and carefully got the condoms off the other bed as I walked to the bathroom. In the bathroom I opened a condom and rolled it onto my cock. I returned to my bed. Jessie was still kneeling leaning over sucking Frank’s cock. I stood behind Jessie and lined my cock up with her pussy. With one stroke I buried my cock into Jessie’s stretched pussy. Jessie let out a little ooh of surprise. I grasped Jessie’s hips and pumped into her for only two or three minutes before I came. Jessie never stopped sucking Frank’s cock except to give her jaw a break. Jessie sucked on Frank’s cock for between a half an hour and an hour before she finally gave up unable to make him cum.
Frank assured Jessie that it was fine. Frank excused himself to take a shower. Jessie got into bed with me. Jessie told me what her and Frank had talked about. Jessie wanted to know if I was interested in the job possibility. Of course I was interested but I would have to know what it was and how much it paid. Jessie asked if I was willing to move. Yeah if the right opportunity is there. Jessie said then let’s ask him about it. I agreed.
Frank returned from the bathroom wearing a towel. Frank sat down on the other bed and Jessie instantly joined him. Jessie said I was telling him what you said about maybe having a job. Frank looked at me waiting for me to say something. I didn’t know how to start. Finally I just asked do you really have a job if so what would I be doing and how well would it pay. Frank said it’s more of a concept position but if everything worked out could be a six figure salary. Wow I thought that’s almost four times what I make I wouldn’t have to kill anyone I asked. Frank assured me that it was nothing i*****l I’d be his executive assistant. I said it sounds good to me. Frank said Jessie probably wouldn’t be able to work. This sounded a little unusual I looked at Jessie to see what her reaction was. Jessie said I think that I could do that. Frank went on about what he expected. It soon became clear that Frank wanted to be able to see Jessie on a regular basis and that I would be a decoy for Terry. Frank though added that I would be groomed to take his place one day. So there was another carrot. I would have to share Jessie with Frank though. I couldn’t do that. Jessie said I don’t mind being with you both. I said I need to think about it. Frank said that’s understandable. Jessie then said to Frank can you give us a minute. Frank nodded and went into the bathroom. Jessie said are you nuts this is a chance of a lifetime. I nodded in agreement. Jessie said I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you but I know now that I want to have someone like Frank on a regular basis. I asked what if I say no. Jessie said I don’t know I guess I’d have to find someone else to make me feel like Frank can. I said okay I’ll take the job. Jessie kissed me then went and got Frank to tell him the news.
Frank came and shook my hand and said welcome aboard I think that we’ll all like working together. Frank shucked his towel and got in bed. Jessie turned off the lights and slipped naked into bed with Frank. I got in the other bed and lay there unable to sleep at all with all that just happened. I laid there awake and alone and realized that this maybe the norm if I take the position. I watched Frank and Jessie asleep in the bed next to me. I’d been laying there for three hours when I noticed some movement in the bed next to me. Frank and Jessie were kissing. Jessie disappeared under the covers. I pretty much knew what was going on. I heard Frank groan quietly and heard a sucking sound. The sheet began moving up and down before Frank pulled it off. Jessie had her head between Frank’s legs sucking his balls while she stroked his cock. I lay still pretending to be asleep barely peeking. Jessie shortly moved her mouth to Frank’s cock and sucked on it for several minutes while he fingered her pussy. Frank then whispered I want in your pussy. Jessie laid back down next to Frank. Frank rolled onto Jessie his big cock sliding between Jessie’s legs. Jessie whispered for Frank to get a condom. Frank whispered not any more. Jessie whispered no. Frank whispered it’s the terms of the job. Jessie didn’t say anything. Frank whispered you ready to seal our deal? Jessie nodded her head slowly. Frank whispered good girl I’ll have to give you a nice bonus. Frank raised up and Jessie gasped as he pushed forward. Frank laid on top of Jessie and whispered this is so much better. I noticed Jessie was starting to moan. I then saw that Frank was not just laying on top of Jessie but was slowly thrusting his pelvis into Jessie. It was obvious that Frank was trying not to wake me so I continued to pretend to be asleep. I watched silently as Frank’s thrusting continued picking up the pace as time passed. Jessie was doing her best to be quiet. I could hear the bed moving now. Frank groaned and I heard a clap as Jessie grabbed Frank’s ass pulling him to her. Jessie was moaning loudly now. I turned over in the bed to let Frank and Jessie know that I was awake now. Frank lifted Jessie’s legs onto his shoulders fucked her hard. Frank kept going until Jessie came. Frank pulled his cock out of Jessie’s pussy and laid down and pulled the sheet over himself. Jessie laid there with her knees up for a minute before getting up and going into the bathroom.
Jessie came back and slipped perabet güvenilir mi naked into bed with me. Jessie started to play with my cock. Jessie then pulled my hand towards her pussy. I obliged her desire and began fingering Jessie’s pussy. Jessie’s pussy was wet and loose, I could have with little effort put my hand inside I thought. Jessie was wetter than I’d ever felt before. I kissed Jessie and whispered you must really like his cock. Jessie finally whispered back that’s not all me. If I hadn’t known already I might have been confused or shocked. Instead I rubbed Jessie’s pussy until she came again.
Frank was obviously asleep by now. Jessie whispering to me said that Frank wasn’t going to wear condoms anymore, she would get on birth control as soon as she could. Frank was going to give me a bonus for getting fuck her raw. Jessie wanted to know if I was okay with Frank cumming in her pussy. I told her no. Jessie whispered so you don’t want the job. I honestly didn’t know how could Jessie and I have a life and family if Frank insisted on fucking her bareback regularly. I whispered I don’t know how this is going to work out. Jessie whispered we’ll figure it out. I nodded but in the back of my mind I thought that I may end up without Jessie in a worst case scenario. Jessie cuddled up against me I finally must have dosed off.
It was 9:30 when I woke up Jessie was still asleep next to me. Frank was sitting at the desk writing something. I still wondered if he was for real. I said good morning boss. Frank turned towards me and said come and read this. I pulled my shorts on and went to the desk. Frank handed me two pieces of paper. I was shocked as I read the first paper. It was a contract the money amount was $8000.00/ month plus performance bonuses. I would be obligated to perform any legal tasks that Frank asked of me. The second piece of paper was a sign on paper. It had the date, time and location I was to report to and I was to receive an $8,000.00 sign on bonus. Signed by Frank Johnson. I could hardly believe it but tomorrow morning at 9 am my life would change if I showed up. Frank said if the terms are acceptable sign that paper and put your name on the second one. Frank got up from the chair and gestured for me to sit down. I sat down and immediately signed the contract. Frank patted me on the back. I was writing my name on the second paper when Frank walked away.
Jessie had woken up while Frank and I talked and was sitting up listening to our conversation. Frank walked over to Jessie pulling his pants down and said good morning beautiful. Jessie said good morning. Frank said we’re going to get to see a lot of each other. Frank sat down on the bed next to Jessie his cock was already getting hard. Frank pulled the sheet back from Jessie exposing her naked body. Frank said now that business is out of the way let’s have some fun. Frank began sucking on Jessie’s nipples. Frank stopped and said come over here and pay some attention to your girl. I got on the bed on the other side of Jessie. Frank wanted me to suck Jessie’s nipple and Jessie to stroke our cocks. Jessie sat between Frank and me stroking both of our cocks while we each sucked a nipple. Frank asked if Jessie’s pussy looked any different today. I didn’t know whether to say yes or no. Frank put his hand between Jessie’s legs and ran his fingers between her pussy lips. Frank said feels looser I think. Frank wanted me to feel Jessie’s pussy which I did. Frank asked doesn’t it feel looser. I nodded in agreement. Frank and I continued sucking Jessie’s nipples and Frank rubbed Jessie’s clitoris. Jessie was stroking our cocks until she started to moan then she just gripped tightly. It only took a minute for Jessie to orgasm with both of her nipples being sucked on and Frank playing with her pussy. Frank asked you ready for a cock. Jessie was surprised by the abruptness of Frank’s question. When Jessie didn’t answer Frank said no need to be shy, do you want my big cock or Tommy’s little cock. Jessie still didn’t answer. Frank made the decision for Jessie he said let me see you too fuck my balls could use a tongue bath anyway. Frank got up off the bed. I thought that he was pissed off at first. Frank got the condoms off the night stand and handed one to Jessie saying put this on him. Jessie and I both had a stunned look. Jessie spoke up why would I have Thomas wear a condom if you’re not. Frank said because I’m going to be sticking my cock in you when he’s done and I don’t want to feel his mess. That satisfied Jessie, she opened the condom and rolled it onto my cock. I still had my doubts about Frank’s motive. I still thought that maybe Frank wanted Jessie to get pregnant by him.
I moved between Jessie’s legs but with Frank standing there watching I could feel my cock start to lose firmness. Jessie raised her knees up and I quickly shoved my cock into her loose wet pussy. The heat from being inside of Jessie helped my erection grow back. I was just getting into a good rhythm when Frank moved over Jessie’s face for her to suck his balls. Jessie knew what was expected and began licking then sucking on Frank’s balls. Frank grabbed a hold of Jessie’s breasts and Jessie managed to get her hands on his cock. I was having trouble fucking Jessie with Frank’s big black cock stuck in my face. I had to close my eyes and think about how much Jessie had enjoyed all the sex she had last night. I concentrated on how much Jessie had moaned. I was almost there I was exhausted but I couldn’t stop now. Frank’s going to fill Jessie up with his big black cock and his cum when I’m done. That was it ohhh finally I came. I started to collapse onto Jessie but ran into Frank’s cock. I pulled back and rolled over next to Jessie. I wasn’t sure how long it had taken me I knew it was much longer than usual. Jessie had soaked Frank’s balls with her saliva. Frank’s cock was oozing precum he was so turned on.
Frank got up and said my turn. Frank moved Jessie to the edge of the bed and stuffed a pillow under her ass. Frank nudged my leg and said come watch this. I sat up Frank pointed at Jessie’s pussy as he stood on the floor holding Jessie’s legs up. Once I was watching Frank rubbed the head of his huge bare uncut black cock between Jessie’s pussy lips. Jessie’s pussy lips stretched around the thick black cock as it now pushed into her. Jessie gasped as Frank’s cock pushed halfway into her. Frank pulled back and Jessie’s pussy appeared to be hugging his thick black cock as he pulled back the contrast was amazing. Frank pushed into Jessie again. Jessie shrieked as all of Frank’s cock disappeared into her pussy. Frank pulled Jessie back to the edge of the bed and pushed fully into her again. Frank held his cock fully in Jessie and pointed to the bulge up near Jessie’s belly button. I watched as Frank jiggled his cock slightly making the bulge move. Frank said to me feel that shit. Jessie was moaning already. When I didn’t move Frank pointed to Jessie’s belly and said put your hand there. I did as Frank asked. Frank then started thrusting into Jessie. I could feel his cock as it moved back and forth in Jessie’s abdomen. Jessie was moaning loudly now as she orgasmed. Frank asked you on birth control? I blurted out no. Frank quickened his pace and began to grunt as he said good. Jessie was stringing together a bunch of ohhhh fuck shit God damn. Frank thrust a final time almost knocking my hand off Jessie’s belly. Jessie yelled out ahhhh shit ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I could feel Frank’s cock twitching for a minute as he pumped his cum into Jessie.
I took my hand off Jessie’s belly and sat down on the bed. Frank and Jessie were still entwined. Frank leaned down and kissed Jessie. I was rather surprised that she kissed Frank back. Several minutes passed as Frank and Jessie relished the experience they just had. Frank nudged me to watch as he pulled his still thick cum covered cock out of Jessie’s pussy. As Frank slowly withdrew his cock he said to me that’s how you make a baby. Jessie moaned in disappointment as Frank’s cock left her pussy.
So there was no doubt that Frank’s intentions were to put his baby in Jessie.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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