Mayıs 29, 2021

Waiting Line

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Her neck stretched, the muscles pulled taut as he wrapped his hand solidly in her hair. That damned ticking clock in the background provided the only other noise besides his breath. Air left her lungs in a hitched and halting way. His breath solid and furious.

Tick, tick.

From the corner of her eye, she could only make out the shape of his mouth as it paused but inches from her face. The closeness of him forced her stomach to roll, but after years of practice, she had learned to ignore the feeling. This proximity only signaled his rage and hatred; it was a signal of some punishment to be meted. From her head’s twisted vantage point, she kept her eyes averted, looking towards the ceiling. Eye contact was strictly forbidden. To fight or struggle in his grasp would only bring a more intense pain during whatever punishment he had concocted for some imaginary crime. Then again, any crime she was accused of committing came back to one premise. She lived, she breathed, and this made her the source of all evil and derision.

Tick, tick.


Grace spun around, looking for the man who was holding her. He was not there. She gulped air as deeply as she could, and there was no problem drawing in the breath. Her head swam in confusion, trying to understand what had just taken place.


She twisted around to see the source of her spoken name. White room, white chairs. People sitting in pairs. Where am I?


Grace spotted a man at a table by himself; he was motioning to her to have a seat. Confused, she half stumbled to the chair and then fell into it. Her thoughts did not make sense. There were flashes of fear sent shots of adrenaline straight to her heart. Her heart beating too quickly, Grace felt flushed and light-headed. New flashes appeared behind her eyes. She saw this man’s face and felt his hand wrapped in her hair. He was pushing himself into her, and she was close to an orgasm.


She popped back out of her visions, and focused on the real man sitting across the table from her. Even sitting, he was a tall man. His large hands rested on the table, playing with a cup of coffee. Her eyes focused on those hands because her mind brought forward erotic feelings of him pressuring her clit with small strokes.

“Who are you?” Grace coughed. She fidgeted in her seat, knowing she was extremely aroused by the images rolling through her mind. They weren’t even just images, but the actual erotic sensations. That is when the mechanical voicecame over the speaker in the room.

“9885, the deck is cleared. Two minutes until engagement.”

The other people in the room glanced at Grace and then back at their table partners. Totally uncomfortable, Grace began looking for ways to escape the room. When she spotted a door, she scrambled towards it. She needed to get out of this bland room. She needed to get away from the man who was causing arousing images in her head. She needed to find out what the hell was going on. Upon reaching the door, Grace tugged and wretched the handle, willing it to open as forcefully as she physically worked to open it.


Grace spun around to address the male and his alluring voice.

“Grace, we don’t have much time until you are pulled for your engagement. You have to remember.”

“Remember what? Where am I? Who the hell are you? What the fuck is an engagement? Open this door! Open it right fucking now!” Grace’s voice had not only risen in volume, but her pitch was almost a squeal. Suddenly, she was struck by a feeling of weightlessness. She looked down to see if she was actually floating, but her feet were on the ground.

Panicked, Grace’s eyes met her mysterious man.

“Help me!”

The man spoke into his wrist and nodded. The world disintegrated for Grace.


“I would like to formally introduce my brood mare. Actually, people call her the queen.”

Davis looked the king with trepidation. He was not sure why he had been called into the royal chambers. The king stood before him with a cruel look on his face, with his royal eyes glancing over the waiting queen as if she were a ghost. The woman stood in the middle of the room, head down. Her entire demeanor was a tribute to a meek disposition. She was purposely trying to make her presence smaller and as unnoticeable as possible.

“I can barely stand to touch her. Even holding her hand for those hellish displays in the main court is disgusting to me. But as we both know, the country demands bedava bahis an heir to the throne. I can’t bring myself to put my dick in her again. Once was enough. So you, Davis, will be the one to do the touching for me. By the next full moon, you must impregnate her. This is not a matter of conversation with me or anyone else. Simply get it done.”

Before Davis could say a word, the king moved towards the door. As he moved through the entryway and started to close the door behind him, the king said, “Fuck her any way you can. The fates know it will be a chore to touch such a repulsive thing like her. If she is with child by her next moon cycle, you will be rewarded handsomely.”

The door closed with a click, leaving Davis and the queen alone. Davis looked back to the door, waiting for the king to enter with some further explanation; however, seconds ticked by, and the door never opened again. It was only when Davis saw a flicker of movement from the corner of his eye that he was brought back to the reality that had been placed before him. Davis’ head swiveled to watch the movement. The queen had moved towards the bed. Without ceremony, she slid the shoulder straps of her wrap down her arms. After a breath tuft of air, the wrap hit the floor. Her head hung low, allowing her hair to create a shield of her features.

Immediately, his mind and body were torn. His body recognized her nakedness and hardened at the sight of her fullness and curves. The woman was endowed with large breasts that hung with a delicious gravity. A flash of imagination crossed Davis’ mind, seeing himself weigh those breasts in his hands while his thumbs caressed the pert nipples. Then again, he brain was not able to completely comprehend the situation before him. The king just told him to fuck the queen. Not only was he told to fuck the queen, he was explicitly instructedto fill her with his seed and future child. Not your future child. It would be the king’s future child.

Before his eyes could drop any lower on the queen’s body, she turned back to the bed and leaned over its edge. She shifted her hips to move her legs into a wider stance. The movement caused her breasts to sway. Davis could barely breathe. If this was any other woman, he would be behind her holding one shoulder and one hip as he drove himself deeply into her sheath. This is the queen. The click of the door snapped attention to the Councilor standing in the entry way.

“The king has other duties, but he did want it stated that you are to fill her at least two times this evening. The doctor will examine the queen when you are finished. If you fail in this quest for the king, consequences will follow.” With those words, the Councilor shut the door, and Davis was alone with the naked queen again. Davis, like so many of the other people, were familiar with the typical consequences doled out by the king. It was not uncommon for extreme pain within the king’s torture rooms to be one of the more simple consequences. This elevated the task at hand.

Davis tentatively moved towards the bed. He couldn’t just shove himself into her. David noticed the shudder that overcame her frame. Instinctively, he laid his hand on her shoulder. The shudder running through her body turned to a full, blown series of shakes and twitches. She lifted and turned her head to see Davis over her shoulder. He contained the gasp that wanted to escape his lungs. This woman is exquisite! He was mesmerized by the soft brown eyes that gazed at him. The fullness of her lips made visions of kissing her dance in his groin. It was the shaking of her body that reminded him of her fear.

“Please do this,” she stuttered. And with that, she dropped her head again. Davis could not move. He could not muster the idea of fucking the queen. Instead, his instincts said he should protect her and soothe her, so the shaking would stop. So the defeated look in her eyes would disappear.

She quickly pushed back from the bed and dropped to her knees in front of him. Her hands scrambled to unlatch the belt at his waist. David was stunned. His body refused to move. She clumsily freed the belt, yet efficiently pulled the fabric down his hips, exposing his cock. Without warning, she lowered her head and took the head of his cock in her mouth. Her tongue bathed his head and shaft, leaving Davis’ head swimming. Rational thought left his mind when one of her hands cupped his testicles. Her other hand gripped his shaft and moved in rhythm with her mouth. Davis’ head fell back and reveled in the pleasure bedava bonus behind the sensations. Each stroke, each squeeze, each tonging increased the pressure in his loins. He continued to harden in her mouth. Davis pulled his head forward to look down at the act being performed upon him. Those lips he imagined kissing worked their way up and down his shaft. Seeing and feeling her movements brought out a wave of lust and desire. Davis pulled her up from her knees and kissed her fully, completely. At first her mouth remained closed to him. Pressing with his kiss and the darting of his tongue, Davis needed to know her taste.

Snaking a hand across her neck to the back of her hair, he pulled her head gently back. A gasp came from her mouth, and David took this cue to deepen his kiss. Hesitantly, she responded with a flick of her tongue. Davis’ body further hardened.

The queen jerked back from the kiss and resumed her previous position. Davis stepped in behind her. His hand dropped between her legs to test for wetness and felt it between her folds. Holding her folds open with one hand, he grabbed her hip with the other and guided himself into her. The queen gasped as his tip stretched her opening. She tried to pull away, but Davis continued his push. Even with her natural wetness, she was too tight for his size. Davis stopped his movements, leaving his cock barely inside of her. He shifted his hand from her lips to the tiny nub above her opening.

At first touch, the queen lunged away from him. David encircled her waist with his entire arm. This hold kept her from pulling away and gave Davis leverage to manipulate her body. Rhythmically, he stroked the sensitive spot, slowly increasing pressure as he explored. The queen began panting, her hips turned against him. The movements antagonized his cock, and Davis gritted his teeth. If she continued to move like that, he would surely explode within her. Her panting became a series of low moans, and her muscles pulsed around him. Davis increased the speed he used to rub her, and the queen began breathlessly begging.

“Please!” she mewled.

Davis pinched her nub, and the queen’s muscles clamped down firmly around his shaft. A flush of wetness soaked him, and he continued rubbing. To escape the intensity of his stroke, the queen instinctively tried to wiggle away from his hand, but this only helped his cock slip further into her. Her groans filled the room as his girth and length gave her no respite. Pushing himself forward, she was such a tight fit, but now the natural lubrication guided his away. He pulled her hips back until he was completely seated inside of her. Her muscles continued to spasm lightly around him.

Nature took over, and Davis started to pull out of her. The queen whimpered and pushed back, but Davis used both hands on her hips to hold her in place. The slow withdrawal was killing him, but he had to give her a chance to know his size.Otherwise, she would not last for a second round. Before he renewed his insertion, he reached around the front of thequeen and found her nub again. A few breath strokes had her body wracked with a new orgasm, and David used this to push more fully into her. With a few more strokes of this nature, Davis could feel she was ready to really accept his sizeand movement. His onslaught began with speed and rhythm increasing the pressure inside of him too.

She continually moaned and whimpered, grabbing the sheets of the bed to stabilize herself under his pushes and pulls. Davis gritted his teeth, holding onto his control and resolve. The last thing he needed was to pop off like a fledgling during his first time. It was when the queen threw back her head that Davis could no longer hold on. The sight of her hair flying, the feel of her breasts swaying, her inner muscles stroking him, her lips stretched around the base of his cock, and her full-throated moan sent him over the edge. Hitting the end her sheath, he held her still and emptied his seed into her.

Only seconds later, he began to move his hips again. Instead of softening, his cock remained hard, and the queen whimpered as the movements intensified her sensitivity. Using his hands, Davis pulled her upper body from the bed until she was standing in front of him. His hands cupped her breasts; he savored the weight of them. His mind flashed to tonguing a nipple as he drove into her. The thought made his cock twitch in anticipation.

Breathing into her ear, “I want you on your back.” She shook her head emphatically. Davis let go of one deneme bonusu breast to return his fingers to rubbing her nub. The queen squeaked and writhed.

“Your back,” Davis insisted, punctuating his request as he pushed her hips deeper into hers. The queen continued to shake her head. Davis did not like the idea of no. While he rubbed her nub faster, his other hand locked on her breast. His finger pulled lightly on her nipple. The queen responded with a rush of wetness.

“Do you like that?” Davis whispered in her ear. The queen twisted her head further away from him. Davis pinched her nipple and nub at the same time, and the queen’s muscles responded with a set of spasms. She panted and writhed in his grasp. Davis quickly pulled his cock from between her legs, bringing a shocked gasp from her lips. He spun her, so she faced him. Her hands pushed at his chest, trying to keep distance between them. Davis’ strength was too much for her, and he pulled her forward, claiming her mouth with a kiss. The queen turned her head away from him, but Davis caught her lips and nibbled on them. Groans rubbled in her chest as she continued to try to push away.

Davis wrapped his arms around her body and lifted her. Without her feet on the ground, fear caused the queen to grab onto him for balance and security. Davis swung her towards the credenza seated next to the wall by the bed. He edged her bottom onto the credenza and let her go. When he took one step back, his gaze drank in the sight of her body. Flushed with the color of her orgasms, the queen was panting. A shyness became her demeanor. She closed her legs and tried to cover her breasts with her arms. Her head dropped, leaving a veil of hair to hide her face.

Davis stepped forward again, lifting her chin. He smoothed strands of hair away from her face, but the queen would not make eye contact with him. Her eyes focused on something across the room, making him feel as if she wasn’t really there.

“Please look at me” pleaded Davis as he turned her head, trying to meet his gaze. The queen shifted her eyes to focus on some other random object. Trying a different approach, Davis lowered his head and pressed his lips to hers. She still remained hesitant to even meet his touch. Davis growled and grabbed her knees. The queen tried to scoot further away from him but there was only Davis and the wall. Davis was definitely more forgiving. Davis pulled her knees apart and stepped between her legs. Grabbing her hips, he yanked her to the edge of the credenza where the head of his cock waited.

He barely eased into her slick folds, and her head fell back. The queen grabbed both the wall and the credenza to steady herself. Davis increased the pace of his shallow thrusts and focused on the sound of the queen’s breathing. As her pants became faster and faster, the spasms inside of her became stronger and stronger. Still everything happened with her eyes closed. David bunched his right hand in her hair and used the other to pinch her nipple. The queen’s body became electrified, and her eyes popped open. Even though they were glazed with lust, Davis could see she recognized him. That was when he pushed completely into her, holding her head and gaze. The queen let out a brief scream, and her muscles froze in a contraction. Davis pumped his hips, forcing further friction into her orgasm, and the queen bit down on her lip.

“Stay with me, beautiful,” Davis whispered as he increased his pace. The queen’s eyes locked on his. Her eyes had further softened as she whimpered with each of his thrusts. Her left hand grabbed on his right wrist, locking his grip of her hair and head in place. Davis wanted to be deeper when he filled her the second time. His free hand lifted her leg at the knee, and he pushed in until he felt the bottom of her womb. The queen cried out, and Davis started he short, shallow thrusts, continually bumping the deepest part of her. When he could hold on no longer, Davis unloaded himself with a growl. His eyes never left hers.

There wasn’t much time for anything else. A few short moments later the Councilor and the king entered the room. Davis stepped back from the queen only to have the Councilor throw his clothes at him. He was being ushered from the room as he tried to dress. From the corner of his eye, he watched as the queen slide off the credenza, dropping her gaze. The king approached her, and a vicious slap rocked her head to the side. When her head returned to its original position, Davis could see the split lip and blood oozing down her chin. Another blow sent her stumbling towards the bed.

“How dare you waste his seed! ” the king screamed. “Get on the floor and don’t move you slug!”

The queen has slumped to the floor and curled herself into a fetal position just as Davis was exited from the room.

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