Mayıs 29, 2021

Vince and Jess

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My names Louise I am thirty six years old and have never before written for Literotica. I am a regular reader and I have often thought some scenarios to be far fetched. I have been spurred into writing by something that occurred a couple of weeks ago, and I still can’t get over it.

I work for a publishing company which has many international offices. I have been dealing with our Barcelona office, on a project, for the past six months. The office director Vince, originally from the States, has visited the U.K on several occasions. Over this time we have got to know each other well and he has bedded me numerous times. I am married but my husband knows nothing of these encounters.

About three weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to Barcelona and Vince suggested that we arrange the work either side of a week-end, so we could have Saturday and Sunday at leisure. He also suggested taking my husband with me. At the last minute however Roger, my husband couldn’t make it so I took Jessica (Jess) my eighteen year old daughter along as all the tickets had been booked.

We arrived on Thursday morning and I worked Thursday afternoon and all day Friday. On Saturday we were both invited to spend the day with Vince and his wife Morgan on the company’s boat, a forty five metre sports cruiser. Vince met us at the marina and introduced us to Morgan. It was a glorious hot day as Vince negotiated us from the marina and out to sea. After about three quarters of an hours cruising Morgan asked if I’d like to have a go at the controls. I volunteered immediately; I had always wanted to see what it was like to drive such a craft. Morgan and I were now inside the cabin at the controls and Vince joined Jess who was already sunning herself on the deck in front of the bridge. We couldn’t hear what was being said outside but we could see clearly through the smoked glass screen.

Vince had been sitting for about ten minutes when he got to his knees next to Jess. She was lying on her stomach. Vince undid the clasp of Jess’s bikini top, he then took a bottle of sun tan cream and sprayed a liberal quantity of lotion on to Jess’s back. He then began to rub and massage the liquid into her back and her shoulders. After some time he sprayed lotion on to her legs and once again massaged it into her body. After completing this and having worked his way up her last leg he sprayed lotion at the base of her back. He massaged this once again but I could now clearly see that his hands had ventured inside her bikini bottoms and he was now kneading and massaging her buttocks. I knew that Morgan was watching what I was witnessing but we said nothing. Morgan moved closer to me and I felt her hand and arm resting on my lower back. We were both in our bikinis and her skin was next to mine. Vince removed his hands and tapped Jess on the shoulder. With this she rolled over to lie on her back. Vince gave the same treatment to the front of Jess’s legs as he had done the backs. Once this was completed he reached up and slowly slid Jess’s bikini top off revealing her small perky young breasts. He sprayed lotion onto her stomach and across her boobs. He began massaging it into her breasts, squeezing them gently and rolling her tiny little nipples between his fingers and thumbs. Morgan and I had still not spoken but I felt her hand stroking gently across my back. Vince moved on to the cream on Jess’s stomach working it in gently across the flat young skin. I could see the fingers of his right hand slipping into the waistband of Jess’s bikini bottoms as I could feel Morgan’s hand slipping inside mine with her finger tracing the line of my anal crack. Vince’s hand was now firmly between Jess’s legs. I was becoming quite aroused by the sight in front of me and as a natural reaction and without thought I parted my legs which gave a signal to Morgan who pushed her finger lower until it curled up and into my moist love hole. illegal bahis Vince was obviously working Jess up and soon withdrew his hand and smelt then licked his fingers. He leant forward and seemed to whisper in Jess’s ear. His hands moved down her body tugging at her bikini bottoms as he eased them off her. She was now completely naked with her perfectly trimmed snatch in full view. Vince stood up put his hand out and helped Jess to her feet. They walked along the side of the boat and we soon heard them descending the steps to the cabin area. Morgan withdrew her finger which was right inside me and her hand from within my bottoms. She slowed the boat, lowered the anchor, reversed to tension it then switching the engine off took my hand and led me towards the steps leading to the cabins. We entered a beautiful room with two single bed / sofas running down both sides. There were no covers on the beds only cushions.

Morgan broke the silence that had existed through out. She whispered in a low voice “We’ll be able to hear Vince fucking Jess from in here and we can give each other some mutual satisfaction I’m sure. Let’s get stripped off and comfortable.” I was left speechless and stunned by what was happening. My daughter was about to be done by my lover and I was going to listen in. I should have been shocked but in a funny way I was excited. Morgan had already started the process and I wanted more as well as starting to want some of Morgan’s hairy muff.

Vince is forty five years old and Morgan is forty two. I have since found out that they both enjoy partners outside of their marriage and that Morgan is very bi. Morgan is a red-head with a firm, natural ample bosom and her muff is as red as her shoulder length hair. Vince is quite athletic for his age, his body is toned from workouts at the gym and he has a really nice uncut cock which has a good length and girth.

Morgan was the first out of her bikini. I’d removed my top and Morgan removed my bottoms for me. We both sat uneasily on the edge of separate beds until Morgan got up approached me, lowered her head and kissed me fully and deeply probing her tongue into my mouth to which I responded in the same vain. Morgan pushed me on to my back and lay down next to me. We were both listening intently to see if anything could be heard from next door. There was little noise then.

“What about Morgan and my mum?”

“Don’t worry that’s no problem. They’ll be too busy sunning themselves on deck.”

It was quiet again for a while.

“Mmmm that’s nice.”

“Do you like having your pussy licked.”


“It tastes so good. You’re lovely and moist already.”

I was getting quite excited. I knew exactly what Vince was doing and how good it felt, he has a masterly tongue. Morgan also knew and was also getting worked up. She eased my legs apart with her hand and inserted her finger where it had been previously. It slid in easily and I knew I was getting wet. I moved my hand to Morgan’s muff and worked my fingers through her hairy mound, parting her lips and sliding my finger up into her. We gently diddled each other quietly.

“I want to taste your cock.”

There was rustling from next door as they were obviously changing position in order to satisfy Jess’s request.

“Jess that’s so warm and soft, you’ll soon have me hard. Does it taste good?”

A muffled sound of approval could be heard. This was probably as a result of her mouth being full. The muffled sounds and sighs continued and were slowly increasing in volume.

“That’s it Jess, don’t hold back come for me baby.”

Jess’s moans and sighs of pleasure were now more distinct. She’d clearly ceased her oral teasing of Vince.

“Oh yes, yes, yes Vince I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Mmmmmmmmmmm.”

Instinctively both Morgan and I clamped ourselves tight around the fingers inside us sharing in Jess’s pleasure but not cumming illegal bahis siteleri ourselves.

“Wow! Jess that was fantastic you’re cum really filled my mouth and you produced so much. You taste so good. Suck me hard again I want to be ready to fuck that tight, wet, little hole of yours.”

Jess obviously obliged.

“That’s good I’m rock hard. How would you like to start?”

“Will you do me in standing doggy, I like it like that.”

There was more rustling and movement from the other cabin.

“That’s right, face the bed. Spread your legs nice and wide. Get yourself comfortable; yes place your hands on the bed for support.”

“You won’t spurt inside me will you?”

“Not if you don’t want it.”

Morgan removed her finger from up me and moved my hand withdrawing mine from up her. She quietly changed position and we were soon able to get our heads between each others legs, top and tailing side by side. There was a lovely strong musky smell enveloping my nose. I do enjoy eating pussy and I hoped Morgan tasted as good as she smelt. I wasn’t to be disappointed as my tongue licked its way along her love slit. I could feel myself being opened up as Morgan returned the favour.

“Oh yes stroke me long and deep.”

Vince had penetrated Jess and you knew when each inward stroke was completed by the sound of Vince’s body slapping against her bum cheeks. I was certainly painting a vivid picture of my daughter being fucked by Vince. His pace was slow and steady and he was making Jess moan quietly. Morgan was becoming very wet and I knew that my pussy was juicing up under Morgan’s tonguing. Jess was becoming more vocal as her moans grew in intensity. The slapping against bum cheeks was now louder and more frequent and Vince was giving Jess a hard fast fucking.

“Oh God! I’m cumming again Vince. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Morgan and I seemed to jointly give a quiet but odd sort of sigh of relief as we heard Jess climaxing again.

“I’m still nice and hard Jess, come here and sit on my cock. That’s it face me so I can play with your little tits.”

Movement could be heard again.

“Ooooh! It’s so deep inside me.”

“It’s so good, you’re lovely and tight. Just ride me at your own pace.”

I felt movement from Morgan as she adjusted herself. She allowed a finger to stroke along my anal crack and finding my puckered bum hole she pushed it up inside. She then inserted her thumb into my cunt. I wanted to return the favour and soon had two fingers up her arse. It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep quiet in this situation. It was totally different for those next door. Jess was releasing a short moan in a rhythmic way. I imagined it to be on the completion of the downward stroke as she rode Vince’s cock at a steady pace. She seemed to ride him for a considerable time.

“Turn round baby, I want to get at your clit…That’s it lower yourself down again. Mmmmmm tight and wet. Start riding but lean back a little.”

Jess’s moans continued again.

“Go quicker and harder now.”

Jess obviously responded as her sighs became quicker and louder.

“Quicker! Quicker! Make yourself come again.”

“Mmmmm! Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Oh God! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh.”

Jess had come again with another fantastic climax by the sound of it. We could hear both of them breathing heavily with small sighs until it went quiet for a while.

“Vince your cock’s still so hard.”

“Do you think you can take some more of it?”

“Uh Hu.”

“Right lie on your back just here.”

More movement could be heard.

“O.K lets have those legs right back.”

Moments later Jess was moaning and groaning quietly once again as it was clear that Vince was pumping her with his cock once again. Morgan had not stopped her attentions on me and I was having to bite my lip to keep quiet. I kept my fingers working canlı bahis siteleri inside her and along her slit. Attention on her clit was infrequent so as to avoid her moaning too loud.

“Roll over on your front.”

“I don’t do anal.”

“That’s O.K. No keep your legs together I’ll squeeze my cock into your cunt like that…………………….”

“Mmmmm that’s good, fuck me hard, please!”

Vince responded and we could hear his grunts as he began what I could only imagine was a very heavy pounding of Jess’s love hole. Jess began to moan louder and louder in time with his grunting they were obviously both giving it everything.

“Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Oh shit! Yes! I’m cumming again! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes!”

Both followed with a great deal of panting and sighing as they regained they’re composure.

“Vince you’re insatiable.”

“Are you complaining?”

“No. Ive never been done like that before. It was incredible.”

“Earlier you didn’t want me to spurt inside you. Does that go for that gorgeous little mouth of yours?”


“Good because I think I’ve worked up quite a load and I’d love to shoot all my hot spunk into your mouth for you to taste and swallow. Come and kneel in front of me………………………..That’s good nice and slow to start. Mmmmm suck it……………………………………………..”

“Vince cum for me I’m ready for you.”

We could hear Vince’s breathing and moaning increasing in intensity.

“Oh yes hear it comes……………Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!…….Aghhhhhhhhhh!………….Aghhhhh!”

Vince had clearly let his load go into Jess’s mouth.

“Mmmmmm that was quite a load, thick, hot and tasty.”

“Have you swallowed it all?”

“Every last drop.”

“Good girl. Let’s rest for a moment or two to get our breath back. We can then join the ladies sunbathing on deck. I hope this won’t be the last time I get to play with you?”

“I hope so too.”

Morgan and I untangled ourselves, we had not been fully satisfied but we quickly collected our bits and went quietly upstairs. There was no time to put our bikinis back on as we could sense movement from below. We both lay on our fronts, nude, and pretended to be dozing.

“Are you two going to join us for a swim?” Vince shouted from the back of the boat where he and Jess had entered the water from the bathing platform.

“You two weren’t here when we dropped anchor and came on deck.” Morgan replied a little while later after we had strolled lazily to the stern.

“No we’d gone below for a cold drink; it was too hot on deck. We’ve been swimming since.”

“I don’t think I want to swim.” Morgan went on.

“Nor me.” I added.

“Why don’t you join us in a cool drink, I’m sure we could all do with one.” Morgan suggested as she went below to fetch them. Vince and Jess got out of the sea totally nude. Jess’s bikini was on deck where Vince had removed it and his shorts were resting over the rail at the rear. Nobody said anything, as nobody could, being as we were all dressed in our ‘birthday suits’.

We enjoyed our drink and chatted before setting off to see a little more of the coast before returning to the marina. We all got dressed just before the waters became too crowded with people on our return.

We met up with Morgan and Vince that evening for an excellent meal. No one mentioned anything about what had happened during the day, although both Morgan and Vince stroked my legs under the table with theirs, playing footsie.

We had a lazy day on Sunday and I worked again Monday before catching an evening flight home.

I have not spoken of what occurred with Jess and she has said nothing to me, although we have a very close and open relationship.

I must admit I was extremely excited when listening to Jess and Vince together and can clearly understand how some men would get a thrill from watching their wife being taken by another man and conversely to some degree a woman watching her husband take another woman.

Sadly in my marriage that will never happen and I have to rely on getting my enjoyment without my husbands knowledge.

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