Mart 29, 2021

Vicki’s Viewpoint Ch. 03

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I like being in charge. In fact, I need to be in control. Therefore it was extremely hard for me to sit out on the veranda, enjoy the spring morning sun, sip wine and examine the scenery while Jim upgraded my website. Each time I heard him grumble or even curse, I wanted to storm into the kitchen and rip the mouse and keyboard from his hands. I tried to wash down my anxiety with a second glass of wine. Stretching out on the lounger, I allowed the sun to beat down on me. I felt the sun’s rays through my blue jeans and thin cotton blouse. The heat warmed my bra-less breasts. I closed my eyes and willed myself to relax. My apprehension had almost disappeared, when Jim beckoned me into the house.

I grabbed my glass and the wine bottle and headed into the kitchen. The screen saver occupied the monitor. As Jim helped me into the stool before the computer, I sarcastically said, “Well, I was hoping for a little more than that!”

“Patience, sweet Victoria,” Jim replied as he topped up my glass. He touched the mouse and my site sprang across the screen. I was completely speechless. At first, I didn’t recognize the picture on the home page as me. The picture was soft and stylish. It looked like it should be in a glamor magazine. “The picture is beautiful!” I squealed. Then I read the words on the page.

Anger flashed across my eyes. I tensed and then felt his hand on my shoulder. He must have sensed my reaction and silently willed me to read them again. I did. They were my words only in a softer more elegant order. I relaxed a little and proceeded through the rest of the website pages.

When I had finished looking at all of the pages, my head was swimming in euphoria. I gabbed Jim by the head and planted a deep erotic kiss on his mouth. When I stopped kissing him, I exclaimed. “The site is fantastic! You are the most magnificent man! You are incredible! You must become my manager!” I didn’t wait for his reply I just began kissing him again.

Jim broke away and gently stroked my cheek. “I can’t be your manager, sweetie, but I can be your friend and help you with your site whenever you need it. Shall we finish creating your photo album?” His cool manner subdued my enthusiasm, but I continued to hug him. I burrowed into his chest and allowed him to cup my breasts while we started to select the photos for the album.

Nearly two hours later, a second bottle of wine was almost empty and the fifteen photos were now in the website album. I was more than a little tipsy and very, very horny. I needed sex. Jim seemed to have read my mind. He closed down the web page editor while I hurriedly bundled up all the papers and disks he had brought with him and placed them in a messy pile behind the computer. Then I grabbed Jim by the shirt and started to draw him towards the bedroom. “Whoa there Miss Vickie!” he chided. “You just packed up my donation envelope with all of that other stuff. I don’t want to go down that pathway again,” Jim laughed.

Though the alcoholic haze, I remembered when some months before I had accused him of leaving a thin envelope. It had been a mutual misunderstanding. While he had been the perfect gentleman, the situation embarrassed me. I did not want those circumstances to repeat. I quickly rummaged through the pile and found the envelope in the middle of all the disks. “How much is here?” I inquired.

“An hour…”

“When do you have to be back in the city?” I asked.

“Not until five…”

“Well then my love, we have lots of time.” My loud, wine driven, singsong voice rang in my ears. Jim laughed. He realized that I was slightly inebriated. “You deserve a little extra reward for all your hard work.” I continued slightly slurring my words. “Now you head off and get ready, while I go to the bathroom.” Jim grabbed the wine bottle and glasses, turned, and walked towards the bedroom. I patted the envelope and took a peak inside. I shouted down the hall after him, “Tell me how you like my new bedroom decorations. The duvet cover, I just bought, along this the pillow shams. I finally hung the picture over the bed. I think it sets off the headboard nicely.” He didn’t reply. I didn’t really care since I was using the noise of my voice to cover the sounds of squirreling away his donation in the ice cream tub in the freezer.

I entered the bedroom and smiled. Jim lay naked on his side in the middle of the bed. He had dutifully covered the new duvet with a sheet from the basket by the bedside table, which contained fresh cover sheets and hand towels. He was a thoughtful man.

I stood at the end of the bed and slowly stretched. With my arms raised over my head, I leisurely and sensually rotated my hips. Naked, except for my blouse, I enjoyed the look on Jim’s face when my muff peaked out below the edge of my blouse. That morning, in the shower, I shaped my pubic hair into a neat landing strip, which accented my pouting pussy lips.

“Oh my God,” he whispered. “You are so sexy. Come avcılar elit escort here, I need to kiss you.”

I climbed up on the bed and stood over him. I pushed away his outreached arms and began a slow striptease. Button by button, I revealed by breasts and tummy. All the while, I twisted my hips and teased him by letting him have peaks at my now very wet pussy. I worked the cotton garment back and worth across my ass like a towel. Then I sent the blouse flying across the room with a final set of hip gyrations. Jim’s cock was now rampant. However, I needed something else.

I dropped to my knees pinning his arms with my shins. My dripping pussy was now over his face. I pushed down. His nose rubbed against my clit and he began to lap at my vaginal opening. The feelings his attentions generated were incredible. He was doing just what I needed. I moaned and squirmed. I ground my pussy against his mouth. His tongue penetrated me and I shuddered with my first orgasm.

Jim’s teeth grated across my engorged nub. Electric shocks went straight to my nipples. I screamed. His tongue then vibrated back and forth across my throbbing button. I tensed and exploded. My head alternately swam in blackness, stars, and colors. Wave after wave of pleasure flooded over me. I fell into an erotic trance. Then reality beckoned. Pain and discomfort radiated from by breasts. I felt a cold smoothness against my cheek. I was startled to find myself with my face pressed against the glass of the picture over the bed while I was forcibly grinding my chest against the heavy wooden headboard. “Oh shit Jim, stop!” I screamed, when I realized that the picture was about to fall. I grabbed it and fell backwards onto the bed.

Gales of laughter poured out from the tangle of body parts now covered with the picture. Jim tried to help by grabbing an edge of the frame. His hands struggled to steady the painting while I turned on my side to guide it to the floor. However, my ass and pussy remained spread in front of him. As I leaned the frame against the bed, I felt Jim’s burning breath against my hot, wet slit. It did not take long for his tongue to bring me to another powerful orgasm and the picture and I slowly slide onto the floor.

We joked and teased one another as we returned the picture to its rightful place on the wall. Then we cuddled on the bed. Jim nuzzled my neck while I stroked his chest and abdomen. I traced my fingertips along the scar in the crease of his groin. The nerves damaged during the operation to repair the muscles torn playing hockey, did not always allow him to respond to my touches. However, this time everything was working perfectly. My fingers found drops of precum on the end of his hard cock. I massaged the slippery essence into his cock head and Jim moaned loudly.

The feel of Jim’s dick against the roof of my mouth and tongue increased my passion. My wetness was growing and I could feel it against my inner thighs. I greedily sucked on his penis and enjoyed his taste as my fingers worked a condom from its wrapper. I leaned back and prepared to roll the rubber over his erection. Jim lay on the bed in a state of rapture with his eyes closed.

I straddled him and slipped his covered hardness deep into my sopping opening. The feeing as his cock head passed between my outer pussy lips was thrilling. I was soon panting and screaming as I rocked back and forth and ground my pussy against his pelvis. It only took a few gyrations before I felt Jim’s body tense and shake. I felt his throb inside me.

I did not let him off easily. I managed to coax another cum out of him before I pushed him, a tired and wasted man, out the door at 5:20. He was going to be late for whatever appointment he had, but I did not care. It had been a great day for me. I had a new and fantastic website. I had been sexually satisfied and I had added to my ice cream fund. What more could a woman ask for from a day?

The website completely changed my life over the next few months. I mentioned it in my advertising. The website contained an email option and I was pleasantly surprised by the number of clients who contacted me that way. However, what surprised and flattered me the most were the number of compliments I received about the site. Constantly found in the email texts were words such as elegant, classy, and sophisticated. It was flattering to think that the writers also thought I would have the same attributes.

Having a website, pricked my curiosity about the websites of other working girls. In my own mind, I rated mine as one of the best. I liked my layout and I liked my pictures. However, as I critically examined the photos on the other websites I re-awakened an old fantasy. I wanted to be with a woman. The more I looked, the greater the urgency of the fantasy grew. After a month of trying to suppress the urge, I had to act.

A quiet downtown restaurant bar was the location, which avcılar escort I chose for my hunt. I chose it for two reasons. The first was that it attracted a younger crowd that included many female office workers and nurses from the nearby hospital. Secondly, and more importantly, it was a bar that I had never used for a client meeting.

I quickly realized while I was prowling, just how lucky I had been. I had been able to live out my heterosexual sexual fantasies in a no commitment, liberal environment. When I approached women at the bar, I could sense their unease. I was a stranger. This was their stomping ground. Friends and known faces surrounded them. These were judgmental people and this would not allow the women that I approached the freedom to explore sexual taboos.

It’s not easy to take what I have gained as a working girl and apply that outside of the trade. I had spent so much time surrounded by people that accept and enjoy my sexuality that I had almost forgotten what the atmosphere in this bar was like. It had its own rules and expectations.

I wanted to just walk into the bar and leave with a woman. It seemed like a simple objective; something that I could easily accomplish. Nevertheless, while I did manage to get a kiss from one or two I left the bar each night, womanless. I tasted the bitterness of rejection at a personal level and it hurt.

As a child, my mother always reminded me that everything comes to those who wait. However, patience was never one of my virtues. Yet, as my anxiety around my female fantasy grew with each rebuff, I did not see fulfillment coming from an entirely different direction. One night, after a brutal rejection, I sat before my computer with a glass of wine and dabbed my eyes with Kleenex. I was feeling particularly down and hurt since a playful nurse, who only the night before, had allowed me to kiss her and brush my fingers over her breast, told me bluntly, “…Get lost, bitch!” I quickly fled the bar in tears. Now the only thing I nursed was a lonely glass of Merlot and my bruised ego. Out of frustration, I opened my site email manager to find a unique message.

The message title was simple: “Couple Request.” Normally I just open couple request message and reply with a thank you but no thanks. However, this one was different. Their first words were… “It is important to us that you have a good time. If you enjoy yourself, we will surely enjoy ourselves too.” Their email hooked my fantasies and captured my interest. As I re-read it, my imagination began to run wild.

Over the next two weeks, I exchanged numerous emails and phone calls with the couple. The expectations and rules of engagement were established. The donation offered was more than double my regular extended evening rate. The date was set and the countdown began. This was the most difficult part for me. I hate waiting. It really sucks! It’s like waiting for Christmas morning, just three more sleeps; just two more sleeps; …but the anticipation only heightened the entire experience. Each night I read and re-read their emails and my notes. Images swam in my mind as I wondered what they would be like to play with and fantasized about the time we would spend together.

The motions of the butterflies in my stomach matched the whir of the elevator’s electric motor. The doors opened at the 12th floor and I headed to room 1204. Before I could even knock, the door swung open. I walked into the room to see a beautiful woman smiling at me. Her smile excited me. She was dressed erotically in a very simple black see-through camisole. Simple sounds boring, but for me it had exactly the opposite effect. It spoke volumes about the type of woman she was. She was not simple but confident and sensual. She did not feel the need to dress up in garters, or leather straps, nor in ribbon and lace to impress her husband or me. She looked calm and natural. I love that look on a woman.

She held out her arms, stepped forward, and gave me a hug. “So glad to finally meet you Vicki,” she said with a smile. “I’m Jasmine and this is my husband Ron.” Her husband stepped forward and kissed me on the cheek. A wave of relief spread over me. I felt accepted.

Ron poured me a drink and we sat on the bed chatting about nothing really. It wasn’t awkward chat, just “getting to know you” conversation. Ron was in his late forties and a computer programmer. He was dressed in one of the hotel’s terry robes and as he sat on the bed, it gapped slightly to reveal his chest. He had chiseled features and when he smiled his blue eyes danced. Jasmine was a senior flight attendant. She had a trim, tight figure and her short brunette hair accented her face and smooth olive-brown complexion. However, it was her eyes, which truly excited me. They were a deep chocolate brown and literally danced with excitement when she smiled.

The room was a penthouse suite with large floor to ceiling windows that overlooked avcılar eve gelen escort the city. In front of the windows was a large raised Jacuzzi tub. The sun was beginning to set behind the mountains and the city lights outlined a fairy-like pattern of roads and houses. It was truly a romantic backdrop. The tub had been filled before my arrival. It now tempted us to soak away our remaining inhibitions, sip our drinks, and enjoy the view. We stripped down and stepped into the warm inviting waters. Jasmine and I sat next to each other. Ron was at the foot of the tub.

It wasn’t long before Jasmine’s hand brushed against my thigh. The tub was warm but an electric chill ran through by body. We continued to chat as I watched her hand caress my leg. I wanted to kiss her and to touch her. I wanted it to all happen immediately. Nevertheless, I suppressed my urges and found myself being content to enjoy the feel of her touch. I tried to file these sensations in a place within my mind from where I hoped I could retrieve and replay them repeatedly. I repositioned my legs hoping to encourage her. Instead, my foot brushed against Ron’s thigh and fell into his grasp. He began to rub my calf and the ball of my foot. I was in heaven.

Finally, I could be passive no longer. I moved my hand to touch Jasmine’s wrist. We turned and looked at one another. I swear I could feel her desire. My trembling hand slipped away from her arm and traveled, as if it had a mind of its own. My fingertips traced circular patterns on her thighs. Then they stopped and hovered just above her mound. I could feel the heat radiating from her womanhood. Jasmine took a deep breath and looked at me. Her eyes invited me to kiss her. The kiss was soft and gentle, both of us holding back our passions. Together we savored the moment. It was another snapshot to file away.

It was Ron, who suggested that it was time to carry this to the bed only few steps away. We playfully dried each other with the large, soft terry towels. Tentative and curious touches titillated our erotic zeal. Jasmine let her towel fall to the floor and laid herself upon the bed and I instinctively followed.

What happened from there is still impossible for me to chart in chronological order. It has become a random collage of sensual events, which I can call upon in moments or erotic boredom or late night loneliness. During our short time together, we explored so many erotic moments and touched upon so many of my fantasies, nevertheless tasting her was perhaps the most vivid.

The sweet scent of her musk lured me. Her prefect mound with its pink, pouting lips became my all-consuming focus. Her taste was exquisite While I explored her pussy with my mouth, I glanced up to see Jasmine’s head roll back as she let out a soft moan. The feel of her throbbing pearl against my tongue was incredible. Ron would not let us forget his presence. That would not happen. He had curled himself around the two of us. Like the circle of life, we fed on one another. He tasted how wet she was making me. His tongue and lips pleasured me while I pleasured her. Jasmine in turn sucked deeply on Ron’s cock. We all came together for the first of many times that night.

Ron entered me while I lapped at Jasmine’s sopping pussy. His rapid thrusts encouraged me to ravish her delicious slit. My tongue teased her clit while my fingers worked in and out of her tight little pussy. Jasmine’s breath now came in short pants. She arched her back and her vagina muscles squeezed down on my fingers. I massaged her G-spot. She emitted a shuddering scream and came, showering my greedy mouth with her sweet essence. Ron withdrew from me. Then I felt him shower my back and bum with his hot, sticky sperm.

Ron now took a break to sit and watch. This left the two of us alone on the bed. I crawled up Jasmine’s body to kiss her. We embraced. Our tongues intertwined. Our bodies seem to meld together. Jasmine’s hands massaged my back rubbing Ron’s cum into my skin and down the crack of my ass.

Jasmine rolled me onto my back and then knelt at my side straddling my left leg. Our eyes locked. “Watch and do as I do,” she whispered in a husky voice. Her hands moved first to her breasts and then slid slowly down her abdomen to her mound. I mimicked her actions. She spread her pussy lips. I spread mine. Jasmine lowered herself and her clit pressed against mine. Instantly, I felt several strong muscle spasms, which ripped through my body and electrified my mind. The contractions were so strong they hurt but they felt so damn good at the same time. The orgasm was incredible. I had ached to cum like this.

I pressed my shoulders into the mattress and arched my back. She remained upright on the bed. We thrust our pussies against each other. Our clits rubbed together, our juices mixed, and I watched in awe as she pressed harder and harder into my pussy. Writhing, moaning, kissing and touching we smothered one another with passion. This was the first time I had ever been one on one with a woman. My dream had come true and it was better than I had imagined. It was overwhelming. I had fantasized about a moment like this many times before and have thought about it many times since, but never have I had sex with anyone in such an intense way.

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