Mayıs 29, 2021

Vicki Loves – Ch. 04: Celia, Part 2

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Chapter 4 – Celia

Part Two

…wherein a tour is held, a bed sees better days, and a return home raises questions.

Celia—her entire body still dripping heavy globs of pearly cum on the ground behind her—shakily led Vicki through the door into her home, refusing to let go of the beautiful teenage girl’s warm little hand once it had been offered a few minutes ago to help her up from the patio chair she had been lying down on, breathlessly attempting to recover from a barrage of orgasms that had ripped through her entire body like lightning strikes.

Vicki—her tiny stomach overflowing and stretched to its breaking point with load after load of Celia’s soupy, delicious semen—hungrily watched every sway and bounce of her best friend’s pert, round buns, her full, soccer-ball-sized breasts, and her two thick, mouthwatering cocks as the two naked, cum-splattered beauties made their way from Celia’s backyard into her living room. Vicki briefly thought back to walking through it on her way outside earlier in the evening to what she thought would be full-fledged pool party, and not a planned and private confession orchestrated by her lovestruck high school principal.

The two girls soon found themselves standing side by side, hand in hand, next to Celia’s couch. Both looked around at the smattering of tacky, tropical-themed decorations Celia had peppered the downstairs with to sell the idea to her young guest that the big party she had been invited to would be just that. With a kitchen and living room full of loud guests and upbeat music, the pineapple balloons, the oversized pink and yellow paper lanterns, and the colorful banner that cheerfully exclaimed “A L O H A!!!” wouldn’t have seemed out of place for an instant. But now, accompanied only by the low hum of the air conditioning, the ridiculousness of the scene before them caused both Vicki and Celia to grin and wince, respectively.

Vicki looked up at Celia’s face and noticed her friend’s palpable embarrassment at the effort she had gone through prior to Vicki’s arrival. Not wanting to see one more second of it, she raised their joined hands up to her plump, wet lips and planted a silent kiss on each of Celia’s fingers.

“I can’t believe you did this all for me,” Vicki smiled.

“…I can’t believe I did all this, period!” exclaimed Celia, as she briskly flickered her free hand around in front of her towards the kitschy display.

She let out a deep breath, barely accented by a nervous quiver. She turned to face Vicki, and the high-schooler likewise inhaled in contentment as Celia’s sticky, warm body pressed against her own. For all the time the two had just spent outside, stroking, kissing, and slurping away at the busty redhead’s gushing cocks, they hadn’t actually spent that much time enjoying the feeling of each other’s marvelous bodies mashed together, outside of that incredible, unexpected kiss that had forever changed everything between them.

Vicki’s senses exploded as her incredibly naked best friend, nearly every inch of her snowy white skin still slick and saturated with sweat and semen, fearlessly rubbed against her similarly nude young body, clearly relishing the experience of finally feeling Vicki’s unclothed, massive tits bounce and slide against hers.

“I can’t believe… a lot of things right now, to be honest… nnnggh…” cooed Celia as she wrapped her free arm around Vicki’s tiny waist to hold the busty teenager even tighter, flattening her palm against Vicki’s perfectly smooth lower back, every inch of her hand fighting to caress and grope every part of Vicki’s spectacular body that it could. Vicki herself delicately placed her left hand on Celia’s hip, and slowly grazed the ivory skin she found there as she again felt Celia’s two beautiful penises, both thick shafts currently soft and dangling between their legs, twitch and bounce against the sopping wet pink folds of her pussy as the girls maintained their familiar embrace. Vicki could think only of how wonderful Celia’s meaty girlcocks had felt between her lips, inside her mouth, and down her throat, and as she felt their repeated, hardening throbs batting against her warm, dripping cunt, she smiled knowing it would only be a matter of time before she got to play with them again, in all new ways.

“So…” whispered Celia. She looked into the deep blue eyes of the ravishing high school senior she had desperately fallen in love with, and her huge, cum-streaked boobs playfully jostled between Vicki’s much larger breasts, leaving countless gooey strands of Celia’s semen to stretch and shrink between their respective racks.

“So!” giggled Vicki. This night had so far gone nothing like she had expected ever since she arrived at Celia’s home, and, as far as she was concerned, in the best possible way. After agreeing to come over, she had figured this late-notice pool party would turn out to be a somewhat awkward affair, having to meet all of Celia’s adult friends for bahis firmaları the first time and hoping that the festive atmosphere would distract from the sight of her enormous tits squeezed into a bikini top and bulging beneath a ready-to-snap, tight black t-shirt. Finding out she was the only invited guest and that her best friend had only ever wanted her, and just her, alone, to be with tonight… her heart rocketed once again at the thought.

The two busty beauties held each other in silence, both of them frantically running through flashes of their own favorite memories of the last few years that led them to this point–naked, covered in ropes of fresh spunk, and looking forward to a weekend together that had just started. Vicki had rarely ever felt more comfortable in her entire life than she did at that moment, with her entire body entwined with Celia’s, her bare toes caressing Celia’s inner ankles, her plump nipples flicking back and forth against Celia’s robust titmeat…

“You know, I think I’d be happy if we just stayed like this for the rest of the weekend,” purred the voluptuous redhead, her hand on Vicki’s back no longer able to resist from sliding down to brush the firm, top curves of the teenager’s round bubble butt.

Vicki squeezed Celia’s body towards hers even more, flattening their massive chests together, and letting her noticeably swollen, cum-filled tummy bump against Celia’s flat, perfect midriff.

“…Do you like our hugs less… or more, when there’s no clothes in the way?”

“Oh, are we not wearing anything? I hadn’t noticed!” Celia grinned with a beaming smile that made Vicki blush, knowing her friend’s radiant happiness, as well as her noticeably increasing lust pressed against her dripping pussy lips, was focused directly, and singularly, at her.

“Sorry, I thought you knew! How embarrassing!” Vicki laughed, her obnoxiously oversized mammaries jiggling up and down against Celia’s skin with every shake of her body.

Celia stole a tiny kiss on Vicki’s forehead.

“How unbecoming of a school principal! I must have skipped the part in the rulebook that said ‘Do Not Invite Students To Your Home And Undress In Front Of Them’…”

“…Mmm… what about the part that says ‘Students Are For Teaching, Not For Sucking Your Hard, Yummy Cock’?

“…Oooh… I definitely didn’t read that section! Mostly because I have hard, yummy cocks, plural! Didn’t think it applied to me!”

“Lucky me!”

“…Lucky me, too… God, I mean that, you know.”

Celia brought her face towards Vicki’s and kissed her again, but this time not sweetly and quickly above her eyes, but full and square on her lips. The huge-breasted high-schooler returned the slippery kiss in full, and for the next three minutes, the two best friends made love with only their mouths, finally continuing what had started outside almost a lifetime ago. Undulating tongues and rivers of saliva passed between them, and both Vicki and Celia fed off each other’s feral moans and guttural sighs, as they rolled their hungry lips together over and over and over, as they rubbed each other’s writhing tongues together inside one mouth and then the other, and as they relished in the exquisite taste of each other’s flavored lipsticks and warm, sloppy spit. Again and again they mashed their slick and swollen lips together in ferocious battles of pouty red and pink flesh, streams of their thick, mixed saliva liberally dripping down from their chins to splash upon the wide crests of their huge tits directly below, where the slimy, savory brew streamed down to collect deep inside their sweaty cleavage.

As Vicki and Celia’s dripping, swollen lips dueled, as their roving tongues caressed and danced together, as their brazen hands explored their naked bodies, Celia’s two beautiful, lickable, suckable penises hardened and swelled in size. Their pale, smooth shafts bounced against Vicki’s smooth, soaked pussy, and each pump of blood that traveled down their growing shafts rippled through her pink, swollen labia, causing no end of fresh high school girl pussy juice to rush down their thickening lengths. Feeling every pulsing throb of Celia’s cocks against her sopping young cunt, and knowing that her body was in the way from keeping them from launching upright where they could grow and grow, all for her, she briefly stepped away from her big-titted principal, and gave those twin fleshy lollipops the room they needed. Immediately, once clear of the downward pressure of Vicki’s wet pussy above them, they sprung up between the two lip-locked girls, accompanied by a long, deep groan from Celia, clearly relishing in the sudden pleasure of her two engorged cocks having the freedom to become fully, and magnificently, erect.

“…Ahhh!!” cried Celia as her stiffening cocks jerked free, reluctantly separating her mouth from the incredible teenage girl trying to force her tongue into the back of her throat.

“…Er… sorry, Ms. Taylor… I loved how they felt, sliding kaçak iddaa up and down my pussy, but I didn’t want to hurt them… they were getting so hard, the poor babies! I promise to make it up to them later with lots of big kisses!”

“You are the best student my school has ever had, I just want to make that clear.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet…”

Both girls took a few seconds to enjoy the feeling of Celia’s two cocks firming up and lengthening between their bodies, both knowing they were going to be quite the center of attention for the next few days.

Shaking herself from the exquisite feeling of her juicy cocks rapidly getting nice and hard as their tender tips nuzzled Vicki’s semen-filled belly, Celia sputtered, “Would… would you like a quick tour? It’s not much, but if you’re really going to spend the night… god… and tomorrow night… whew… well, you should know where everything is, in case, you know, need to… um… stock the pantry or something…”

“…Stock the pantry?”

“I… uhm… let me just show you around…?”

“You’re not stalling, are you?”

“What, no, Vicki, I just… I want this, ALL this, to be special, and… well, the living room, surrounded by inflatable smiling pineapples… is not special.”

“So, you’re asking me if I’d like to come upstairs… away from the smiling pineapples.”

“…Yes, god, I can’t believe I bought those.”

“I mean, their sunglasses are pretty cool… are you sure you don’t want them watching? That one over there is definitely up for anything. I see you!”

“As your principal, I… um, order you to follow me…?”

“Okay, if you’re resorting to… that, I guess I have no choice,” smiled the overly-endowed teen, her arms still firmly wrapped around her friend’s waist.

“Sigh, why couldn’t I fall in love with NOT a smart-aleck teen?” Celia sarcastically intoned.

“It’s not my fault I’m so adorable.”

“I knew I shouldn’t have invited you over… c’mon, follow me, Ms. Tate.”

“Yes, Prin-ci-pal Tay-lor!” responded Vicki in the most cloying sing-song voice she could muster.

Smiling behind a barely-but-purposefully audible “…killmenow…”, Celia regretfully untangled her body from Vicki’s, and retook Vicki’s left hand in her right, steering her towards the stairs leading to the second floor. Once more finding herself happily led by Celia to another part of her home, Vicki again took the opportunity to gawk at the remarkable body of the amazing woman she called her best friend.

As if seeing her nude figure for the first time, Vicki’s gaze absorbed every phenomenal detail that she was allowed: Celia’s flawless, alabaster skin; her long, toned legs; her unruly waterfall of cardinal red hair; her supple, kissable thighs; her perfect apple bottom; her beautiful, slinky back; her thin, slightly-muscled arms; her high, honeydew-sized breasts, each topped by a enticingly suckable, pale pink nipple; her cute, smooth pussy that made a brief appearance with Celia’s every step; her huge, creamy, spunk-filled testicles that Vicki so wanted to lap at with her little tongue for as long as her friend would let her; and of course, the parts of Celia’s body that Vicki had already become intimately familiar with out by the pool, her twin eleven-inch girlcocks that rose up like two meaty treats in front of her trim navel, one above the other, whose darling rubicund tips begged to be kissed and suckled from at all times. Vicki did not know what she did to deserve such a privileged relationship with this fertile, scarlet-maned goddess, but she would do anything she could to hold onto it.

“This, young one, is the staircase…” Celia announced in her best overly-pompous voice, one both girls utilized when making fun of Vicki’s blonde nightmare of a nemesis, Kimmy Lustergaard.

“Oo-OOH, fan-cy!”

Vicki’s view of Celia’s body as they walked up the stairs was one she would not soon forget. Each graceful raise of a foot brought the perfect curves and firm bounce of Celia’s stunning derrière into the limelight as her hips swayed and backside jutted with each step. Once again Vicki regretted that she and Celia had not made their feelings known to each other much earlier, as their lunches would have been much more satisfying if Vicki had been allowed to spend that time planting kisses all over those creamy white buns and running her tongue up and down between those succulent cheeks.

Vicki also couldn’t help but notice that, and licked her lips at the sight of, Celia’s two massive cocks, which had not gotten any softer as they made their way up to the second floor, and were as hard and mouthwateringly inviting as they were when Vicki first made their acquaintance outside. The high school senior stared transfixed as their thoroughly rigid shafts lightly bobbed towards and away from Celia’s abdomen as she walked, and every time the prodigious lengths of her friend’s two luscious, heavy penises touched with a barely audible ‘thap’, Vicki kaçak bahis felt her clit quake with lust for those gorgeous girldicks. By the time they reached the upper floor, the huge-breasted teen’s extra-sensitive pussy-pearl was trembling with desire and poking out almost a quarter-inch from Vicki’s soaking wet lower lips, and it took every ounce of concentration the young girl possessed to not stroke it, encircle it, and slowly glide the tip of her finger up from its base to its hood to savor that familiar ‘thump’ that always felt so good as it rippled through her fuckable young body.

Doing her best to ignore her engorged, twitching clit as it begged for attention, Vicki quickly shook her head as Celia continued to lead her down the upstairs hall. As she re-opened her eyes, she found herself looking right down her expansive bust towards her jutting, bloated, four-inch-long nipples. Instinctively, she parted her extra-kissable lips at the sight of their pink, bulging shafts sticking out before her, capping the enormous, magnificent swells of her heavy teenage melons.

It was only a day ago that she had tried to bribe Celia with the opportunity to molest her huge tits however she wanted, and now here she was, being led by her principal’s tiny hand towards… well, that was still to be seen, but Vicki was confident that if she knew her friend at all, Celia’s mind was swarming with ideas and thoughts and plans on what she would ultimately do with Vicki’s tender, mouth-filling sucklers when the time came. She briefly thought back to the night before, and how her beautiful mom had over and over again latched her greedy lips around her gasping daughter’s chewy, distended young nipples, wrapping her tongue around their pounding stalks to stroke them deep inside her mouth, and digging her front teeth into their meaty tips to keep them in place as she nursed her baby girl to countless messy orgasms throughout the night.

“So, uh, here’s the, um, bathroom…” motioned Celia, to what was clearly… the bathroom.

Honestly curious to see Celia’s most private space, Vicki bounced forward—two very hard, and very long nipples leading the way—and peered inside.

“It’s not much, but, well, I don’t have a lot of expenses, and I figured, you know, might as well…”

“ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING?! This is the most beautiful bathroom I’ve ever seen!”

It was true, Vicki had never seen seen so much luxury in one place. Crowding for the spotlight was a completely transparent clawfoot tub, five floor-to-ceiling mirrors placed around the surprisingly spacious room, a massive ivory vessel sink that as far as Vicki could tell didn’t possess any visible faucets, a mini-chandelier hanging from the gorgeous tin ceiling, and taking up the entire back wall, a vast grey and white marble tile shower complete with two rain shower heads and extra jets all along the enclosure.

“I, er, do spend a lot of time in here, so I figured, well, it should be nice… you don’t think it’s too much, do you?”

Vicki mentally flipped back and forth between visions of her home’s single, dingy undersized fiberglass shower and the majestic vista spread before her.

“It’s not too much at all… it’s simply everything! Promise me you’ll let me use it!”

“Well, maybe, but… only with close adult supervision.”

Vicki’s hand energetically squeezed Celia’s.

“I would love that.”


“…But only because I don’t think I’ll be able to find my way back out!”

“You are definitely going to be punished later.”

“But I’m so cute!”

“So, so punished.”

“…Mmm… I hope you weren’t thinking just a few swats on my bare bottom.”

“…Hmmm… maybe we’ll just start with that and go from there. We… are nearing the end of the tour, my dear. If you can tear your eyes away from that gaudy display, our last stop… is, well… um, here.”

French doors opened to reveal a room at ground zero of a Valentine’s Day explosion.

The two stunningly naked friends, each one fighting and quickly losing to their own respective throbbing, lewd arousals, passed through the doorway into Celia’s bed chamber, almost every surface covered with bouquets of red and pink and white roses and tulips and daisies. Dozens of candles of all sizes lit the scene before them, bathing the entirety of the room, as well as the glistening bodies of the two girls, in a blazing flicker of dancing light and shadow.

The busty redhead, at long last, released Vicki’s hand and stood before the exceptionally well-endowed, much younger brunette, her hands clasped delicately behind her back, her waist turned slightly to the side, and her knees bent together at an angle. Vicki again wanted nothing to do more than just look at Celia’s demurely-posed body, bare and fully exposed before her. Celia’s two smooth, succulent girl-dicks jerked and twitched before her, both of them fully engorged and at their full, impressive lengths of nearly twelve inches each. The increasingly cock-hungry teen’s heart raced and her already shallow breath quickened when she noticed that Celia’s orange-sized testicles appeared to be even more swollen with fresh, delicious spunk than ever before.

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