Mayıs 28, 2021

Valentine’s Day Surprise

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This Is Dedicated To: Desiree… With Love, Mike

I asked Victoria to write this for you, from me.

February 14, Valentine’s Day. It had always been a very special day for Mike and Desiree.

As Des walked out to her car… she hoped tonight was going to prove no exception. It had begun snowing as she walked from the office to her car… a 2002 Subaru, which had been a present from her parents when she graduated from Law School.

Des was so deep in thought about the case she was working on, and the motions requesting a continuance she had sent by courier to the judge, that she hadn’t heard the voice of her co-worker Natalie calling to her from the elevator. She had just taken her keys from her purse, when a hand shot out and grabbed her arm, spinning her around to face the trim woman behind her.

“Damn Des,” Natalie swore under her breath. “Where were you just now? I’ve been calling to you since you left the office.”

“Walk with me the rest of the way to my car, Nat. I’ll explain as we walk.” The trim five foot, five inch Brunette fell in step with the equally trim five foot, three inch Brunette beside her and a lively conversation ensued.

“I’m sorry, Nat… I have this court case on my mind, and the new motions, based on the results of the discovery, are just giving me fits! Something is very wrong… I have a gut instinct, and gongs going off in my head each time the Plaintiff steps into my office. Add to that, it’s Valentine’s Day.

“It’s a good thing I went home at lunch to change the bed and put on the set of Hell’s Red Satin Sheets I got last week. This snow will make it slow driving. Here’s my car. Get in and I’ll drive you over to yours.” The girls quickly get into Des’ Metallic Green Subaru, and buckle up as the engine leapt into life and the heater clicked on.

“I wish I could help you out with that one, Des. I must admit though, if the Plaintiff is the one I saw walking out of your office about two hours ago, I don’t know whether I’d find him in contempt for looking so handsome; or find him guilty.” Both girls cast a quick look at each other and burst into the easy laughter of long-time friends.

Desiree dropped Natalie at her car. Natalie got out, keys in hand, with a promise to call Desiree in a few hours. Des waited while Nat opened the driver’s door and turned the key in the ignition, locked the door and her automatic seat belt slid into place, and then drove home.

When she got home, she was in for yet another disappointment… one that would put a damper on her entire evening. She had just walked into the kitchen from the side porch, where she’d taken off her boots and hung her coat, as the phone rang and she reached for it.

“Hello?” her soft, cultured voice rang down the mouthpiece. “Desiree Perth-Robbins here.” She immediately heard soft male laughter on the other end of the receiver and realized it was her husband, Mike.

“Hello darling!” She smiled at the word. “Sorry about the way I answered. It’s an occupational hazard at times. Where are you? I thought you were off tonight. I only just now got home. This snow is snarling up traffic everywhere!”

“Honey?” He began… “That’s why I’m calling. They called me in tonight, short notice. The lieutenant called, and I couldn’t say no. I’m sorry baby… I know what today is… and I know how we were looking forward to tonight.”

Desiree’s cry of frustration cut into what Mike was saying. “Oh Mike! You promised me you wouldn’t work tonight!” It was a good thing that Mike couldn’t see his wife’s face right now; for at his words, it had just crumbled and her eyes were brimming with unshed tears. She barely heard the rest of what her husband had to say, and she hung up the phone a few minutes later.

She slowly walked up the stairs to the bedroom she and Mike shared, and walked across the carpet, headed for the bathroom and a nice steamy shower. She was going to try and salvage this night somehow. She stopped at the table next to the bed and picked up the phone and began dialing Natalie’s number. Her friend answered on the second ring.

“Hello?” the husky voice said.

“Nat? It’s Des. What are you doing right now?”

“Not much sweetie… what’s wrong? You sound as if you’ve been crying.”

“Oh, it’s Mike! He got called in to work Chief’s OT cause of the storm, and it shot our plans all to hell. I’m just majorly disappointed, that’s all. Have you had dinner yet? Or even started it? If not, why don’t you come and join me. I could use the company. Sound appealing?”

Natalie couldn’t suppress the small laugh that bubbled to the surface at her best friend’s tone, and she replied that she’d be more than happy to come over and spend the evening. The girls talked for a few minutes more, and then hung up. Desiree went on to take her shower and Natalie decided to do the same. She began hatching a plan to lift Des’ spirits as soon as she hung up the phone.

Natalie was bi-sexual and had managed to keep this hidden from her best friend since their college years. And when her friend had met bahis firmaları and married Mike, a cop with a promising career, she’d never found the right time to tell her friend. Tonight, she was going to. She was also going to bridge that unseen gap… and see if Des would be receptive to her advances. She quickly opened the bottom drawer of her nightstand, and withdrew her newest toy; a 12-inch strap-on cock. She quickly tore open the package and headed for the shower. Desiree was in for a surprise this Valentine’s night!

Half an hour later Natalie was walking up the snow covered driveway to her friend’s house. She had a key to the side door, so she opened the door, shed her boots and coat; hanging it up next to where Des hung hers, picked up her purse and small carry bag and entered into the warm kitchen, calling out as she headed through the dimly-lit, still rooms.

“I’m upstairs Nat,” her friend called out. Natalie took in the scene in the bedroom as she entered, and was almost instantly aroused. There, in the middle of the king-size bed, sat Desiree. She was wearing a hot little set of red satin bra and panties, with garters in which she had attached a pair of red hose. Her black stripper-style heels are next to the bed. Also next to the bedside table, was a champagne bucket, with a towel draped bottle, ready for pouring. Glasses sat on a tray on the dresser.

Natalie quickly crossed from the door to the bed, dropping her purse and bag next to Desiree’s shoes. She immediately wrapped her arms around her friend and pulled her against her as she began to make small circles on her back as she comforted her friend, who was in obvious pain as yet again, her husband wasn’t home.

“Aww, honey,” Natalie began as she started to smooth Desiree’s hair back. “What can I do for you? I hate to see you in such pain. Can’t Mike try and get off early? Come here and cuddle up. We’ll just sit here.”

The gentleness of Natalie’s ministrations was having the desired effect on Desiree. As Natalie began running her hands over the slender arms of her friend, she began to softly touch her body, wanting so much to share her love and tenderness with her friend. She’d wanted to make love to Desiree since college and then into Law School; but she just wasn’t sure how her best friend would react when she told her.

She brought her hand inward just a little and began to caress Desiree’s breast, feeling how heavy it was getting and knew her friend was becoming aroused. She moved her hand up along the column of the slim neck to her friend’s chin and lifted her head so she could see her friend’s eyes. What she saw surprised her, but only a little.

Des was receptive! She hadn’t moved away in shock nor had she moved away in shame at having been touched so lovingly by another woman. Des’ eyes darted back and forth across Nat’s face, drinking in the features of her best friend.

“Des? I have something to tell you. A secret that I should have told you back in college… but just never got the nerve to… until tonight. But you need to know, not that you don’t, or haven’t guessed on your own… I’m bi-sexual. And, more importantly, I want to make love to you tonight. You are so beautiful in this outfit. Will you let me? I brought along a new toy if you’d like to get fucked. Do you want to see it?”

At Desiree’s nod, Natalie bent over the side of the bed and picked up the small bag in which she’d placed the 12-inch strap on cock. She opened the bag and pulled it out, letting Des see it for the first time.

“It’s huge Natalie! How long is it?” The eyes of the petite woman were saucer-huge as she gazed at the strap-on dildo. Natalie couldn’t help but laugh, she just laughed softly and shyly. She didn’t want to startle Des; or to have Des suddenly change her mind.

“It’s 12-inches of pure fucking delight! I strap it on and it’s like I’ve got the cock. I’ll fuck you with it any way you want. Take your panties off, or you can leave them on; just pull them to the side so I can put this in your pussy. You decide.”

While Desiree debated if she was going to take the panties off or leave them on, Natalie stood up and slipped out of her panties and then stepped into the strap-on, adjusting the straps until the fit was snug and tight. The dildo stuck out from her body just like Mike’s hard cock did. Seeing the cock, Desiree decided to take her panties off.

“How do you want me, Nat?” Des asked, more than a bit nervous. “Will this feel like Mike’s cock when you fuck me? Oh! Just seeing this on you is making me hot. Tell me where or how you want me Natalie… quickly.”

“Get up here in the middle of the bed, on your hands and knees. I’m going to fuck you doggie style. Lay your head down on the pillows, spread your legs wide, and keep your ass in the air.” Natalie had been rubbing the head of the dildo against the slit of Des’ pussy as she gave her friend directions on how to lie and the best position to be in.

As Natalie began to feed the dildo into the wet pussy of her friend, she was getting more and more turned kaçak iddaa on by the little noises Desiree was making. Natalie was about half way into Des’s pussy when she was struck with an idea.

“Des? Des! Do you want to get really turned on? If so, turn over onto your back; and put your feet on my shoulders… as if I was Mike. I want you to watch as I fuck you with my cock. But… and here’s the twist; I’m not taking the dildo out. I’m going to leave it in your pussy as you change your position.”

Quickly Des did as Natalie suggested, feeling deliciously wanton as she felt her pussy rotating over the 6-inches already stuffed inside her. When she finally lay on her back and could look up into Nat’s face, she looked down to Natalie’s groin and saw her friend and co-worker begin to move her hips in a fucking motion and felt the dildo begin to slip further into her.

As Des watched the cock slip in and out of her pussy, slipping deeper on each inward thrust, she was unable to keep her hips still. Her moans and groans came from deep in her throat now, and they were punctuated with little high-pitched whimpers, and her breath came in labored gasps, ending in unintelligible sounds.

As Des saw Natalie pushing the last few inches of the strap-on cock into her pussy, she looked at her friend through lust-glazed eyes. She watched herself move her hands down her body, now warmed by Natalie’s loving; and placing a hand on each side of her fucked-swollen pussy lips… she removed her feet from Natalie’s shoulders, and spreading them wide… spread-wide her pussy as her friend continued to fuck her. The scent of Desiree’s sex filled the room, and her pussy was so full of juice… that the only sound, besides the labored breathing of both women, was the tell-tale squish as Natalie drove the cock fully into Desiree and slowly pulled all but the last two inches out, then slid the 12-inches back into her friend’s pussy.

“Oohh Natalie… fuck me! Fuck me as if you were Mike! Oohh yes… just like that. Hard! Harder! Oh yessss!” Desiree’s voice rose higher and higher as Natalie fucked her deeper and deeper, harder and harder. Neither one saw the figure standing in the doorway of the bedroom, until he called out.

“What… the… Fuck! Oh My Fucking God!” The male voice bellowed from the doorway… totally startling both women.

Desiree lay beneath Natalie, her eyes as round as saucers; her 34C breasts heaving, the red satin teddy raised above her breasts, the matching panties missing. Natalie had frozen in mid-fuck, the dildo still imbedded between the swollen lips of Desiree’s pussy; her 34B breasts were still nipple-to-nipple with Desiree’s.

Natalie quickly pulled the strap-on from the pussy of her friend and lowered the red satin teddy as she moved from between Desiree’s spread legs. Her face was suffused with stain upon her cheeks; her blue eyes still glazed with lust.

“I – I – I’m sorry Mike,” Natalie stammered.

“I’ll get dressed and leave.” She made as if to move from the bed, but Mike’s voice stopped her in mid-step.

“Like fucking hell you will! You’re beautiful without any clothes on Natalie. Get back up there and continue fucking my wife. I want to watch you while I get out of my clothes… then we’re all going to fuck. No! No words from either of you! Just do! Do as I say!”

Natalie and Desiree exchanged confused looks, but did as Mike instructed. This time though, Des took the red satin teddy completely off. Now she was as naked as Natalie. Des let her eyes rove from Natalie’s face to that of her husband, who stood at the side of the bed, undoing the buttons of his shirt, reaching to unbuckle his belt, and then unzip his pants. The room was filled with his audible sigh as his 9-inch cock was released from the confines of his pants and shorts.

He pulled his pants and shorts off his rear and sat down on the bed and bent to undo his shoes and then take his shoes and socks off. When he stood up to remove his shirt and t-shirt, his cock stood out from his body, fully engorged and hard. He caught his wife’s eyes on him, smiled softly at her, blowing her a kiss and then moved a hand down to slowly stroke his raging erection… before climbing onto the bed behind Natalie.

“Take that dildo off, Natalie. I want to fuck you, just not yet. I know you’re wet, don’t tell me you’re not. How you could fuck my wife with that thing on, and not be wet for her… would be beyond me.” Mike slapped Natalie’s ass soundly, and then rubbed the firm cheeks as she struggled to get the buckles undone. Finally, they gave way and the straps and cock slid from her hips, exposing her shaved pussy for Mike’s view.

His hand immediately shot out to touch the lips, and he felt the evidence that bore out his earlier statement. She was sopping! He looked down at her slightly parted legs and ran his hand up until it felt the slickness on the inside of her thigh.

“Oh you Slut! Fucking my wife makes you horny, hmm? Well we’ll see just how horny you are when I’m done with you.”

Mike looked down at his kaçak bahis wife and saw her eyes were still fairly wide. He reached a hand down between her spread legs and found her pussy was still dripping wet. He ran a finger teasingly up and down her slit, smiling in satisfaction when he heard the squishing noise of her pussy and the small groan that emitted from her throat. He made certain to stop his stroke just short of her now protruding clit.

“On your hands and knees, my pretty… with your ass high in the air. Now! Natalie? Lay down on your back in front of Des. Make sure she can reach your pussy with her mouth.” Mike gently caressed the ass of his wife, raised high before him. He reached between her legs, caressing the slit of her pussy with his cock and began easing into her. Once the head of his cock was deeply imbedded within his wife’s pussy… he began to stroke his cock in and out of her… driving hard.

He placed the palm of his left hand against the small of his wife’s back, leaned down low on her back until his head was just inches from her ear, and spoke softly against it.

“Lower your mouth to her pussy, Des. Let me hear you eat her while I fuck you. I’m going to fuck you so hard. I’m going to give you the fuck of your life tonight. Oh! And Des? You can’t cum while I fuck you, not until I say. Natalie can cum… cause while you eat her… I am going to finger-fuck her pussy.” With that said, he let his right hand snake between the spread legs of his wife and began making circles on her clit, while he began to fuck her… driving his fully engorged, cum-filled 9-inch cock deep into her pussy.

Soon the room was filled with Mike’s grunts and the wet sounds of fucking… with the muffled moans and groans as one woman ate the other one and Mike finger-fucked Natalie. There was sounds of heavy breathing and high-pitched whimpers… laced with the staccato of sighs and a few “oh yes’s” and “oh yeah’s”.

The threesome took their time and enjoyed each other to the fullest. Natalie had switched from letting Desiree eat her while Mike fingered her, to where she was now between the spread legs of both Mike and Desiree. Her tongue bathed Mike’s balls, gently sucking on first one and then the other while she could feel his cock piston in and out of his wife’s pussy.

“Oh Fuck! Natalie! Damn! Oohh… that is so fucking hot. You make me so much harder when you do that. You want me to fuck you harder Des?” Mike’s voice was thin and raspy with his efforts to hold off cuming.

“Ah! Mike… let me cum honey. Please! You’re fucking me so good, so hard… so deep. Can’t I cum yet? Please?” Des was looking over her shoulder as her husband continued to pound her pussy. She looked down at Natalie and saw that her friend was enjoying licking Mike’s cock each time he withdrew it from her pussy and then either slid it slowly in, or rammed it back in.

He’s so hard tonight, she thought. I can’t recall when he’s been this hard or this hot! He’s a real fuck machine tonight, her thought continued.

She felt Mike suddenly pull his cock out of her pussy and place it on the small of her back as the first hot ribbons of his first cum landed along her spine. Mike’s groan, from somewhere deep in his throat, filled the room.

“Oohh, Shit! Shit! Fuck!” Still the hot ribbons continued to land on Des’ back. As Mike’s cock continued to pump cum onto the back of his wife, Natalie continued to run her tongue over his now tender balls.

Mike pushed his wife’s ass in a downward motion and felt Natalie’s mouth open and slide down his still hard cock. He quickly slid two fingers into the sopping wet pussy of the woman who held his cock in her mouth. Slowly he began to fuck Natalie’s mouth and pussy simultaneously… sliding in of one and out of the other.

Back and forth; in and out; he moved fast and then slow making the woman beneath him writhe beneath his ministrations. She was in heaven. She’d always wanted to fuck Mike… and to be fucked by him; she’d just never had the courage to tell either him or her best friend.

“Oh yeah… take my cock, baby… all of it. Nice and slow now… steady. Suck me good.” Mike began to move faster in Nat’s mouth now… his cock hard once more. He suddenly pushed his two fingers deep into Natalie’s pussy just as he came again. He felt the hot cum shoot into Nat’s mouth and felt her throat convulse as she took it all. The whimper of the woman who lay prone beneath him and his groan filled the room as they came together. Mike was so spent he almost collapsed against the cum-covered back of his petite wife.

“Oh fuck! That was so hot you two! I didn’t know you’ve wanted to fuck my husband Natalie. Isn’t he just the best?” Looking at the pair on the bed, Desiree felt the residue of her husband’s cum beginning to dry on her back and thought about suggesting a shower.

“Anyone else ready for a shower? I’m going to go down and do some quick snacks and I’ll be right back up.” She bent and kissed her husband, deeply; then moved off to give her friend a soft, tender kiss and caressed her cheek as she moved toward the door. Curious as to whether Nat would take the opportunity to fuck her husband while she was gone… she quickly retraced her steps to the door and peeked round the frame.

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